The Dream Weaver

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The Dream Weaver

By: Eternal_Ruler_ OngoingFantasy

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A dreadful war waged centuries ago. Between the 'other worlders' and the natives of the world 'Eziavar'. Nobody suspected anything when they first arrived. Nobody suspected anything when they started trading and nobody suspected anything when they started to handle state matters. That is until they began to show their true colors. A war for dominance, a war for peace. When all of the native species of Eziavar, band together to fight against a common enemy, they found secrets that were lost in the world Daemon, a young boy with the power of dream put aside the mantle of 'prodigy among prodigies' to unravel the mysteries of the world through his power of the dream.


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The Dreamer
On a stormy night, Daemon was sleeping in his room. He was sweating profoundly, squirming in his bed. He was having a dream, a nightmare at that. In his dream, he saw a portal opening in the sky. Through the portal came pouring silhouettes of beings whose bodies and faces were a blur. The beings started to act nicely to the people of the world 'Eziavar,' but soon enough when given enough time they began to oppress the givers and started to rule over the world. Wars broke out everywhere, and millions of people began to die. There he saw his family's cold bodies in dark and abandoned. Daemon startled and jolted awake in his bed. Sweat trickled down on the bed through his body. Panting heavily and wiping off sweat from his forehead Daemon looked at the clock. It was 2 in the morning. The storm outside was heavy and thunderous, so he pushed his blanket aside and climbed down off the bed. He slid into his slippers and walked to the windows. The storm was heavy. Lighting crackled the sky
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The Visit
After breakfast, Daemon quickly left for his room for packing essential stuff for the journey. They might have to live on the High Castle for about a week or so since all of the Kings and their entourage have to travel from distant kingdoms. Even though they have portals.Daemon quickly packed some books and dresses he needs for the journey. He knows some people would mock him for him being not so warrior likes his family. They won't miss a chance to belittle his family. He felt sorry for his father for dragging his family name on the ground but his father also knows about this matter. if the duke himself doesn't concern about the matter, then it doesn't matter to Daemon too. He put his things on the dimensional ring and left the room.Outside Aeron and Reiner were already waiting for him. They have already packed all the things since they were already ready for departure. 4 commanders were also coming with them. The commanders were top warriors of the Duchy. Since the duke himself
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The Dragonborn
The duke of Glanchester duchy has three children. Among them, the eldest is the nastiest and meanest person Daemon has ever seen. Since childhood, Daemon know about the Dragonborns. As they are one of the largest and have one of the oldest blood lineages of all. The name Dragonborn, as the name suggests is said to contain dragon's blood. The history behind them is said that the dragons, the legendary mythical creatures which rule over the kingdom of Eimver, once bonded with a human and that resulted in the Dragonborn lineage. Though how much of that is true is not proven as the Dragons of Eimver barred off visitors centuries ago. Centuries before even the Braharis arrival. It's almost like the great dragons foresaw their coming and instantly barred their entire kingdom. After that nobody saw any dragons anymore. With time they were forgotten. After a couple of generations, people started to believe they were just myths from the old tales and songs, that even the Eimver kingdom doesn't
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The Suspicious One
THE MEETING ROOM – INSIDE THE ROYAL PALACEThe atmosphere was very tense in the meeting room. There were six people inside the room sitting at the round table. The meeting room is a special room exclusively built for any emergencies like this. The meeting room has equal importance as the throne room for the king since he conducts all the meetings in this room and all of the other things like vassal meetings are conducted in the throne room.Six peoples were there. The two dukes; duke Reinheart and duke Dragonborn, Dristan Eskeal, the crown prince of the kingdom, the king's two trusted advisors, and the king, Conrad Eskeal himself.Contrary to the black hair of Reinhearts, the Eskeal projected snow-white hair and blue eyes which like the Eskeals, the current generation of Reinhearts have, courtesy of their mother Elisa, except for Daemon who sport crimson eyes like his father.The throne room was silent. Uneasiness clung to the meeting room like never going plague. The meeting was s
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The Royal Archive
Walk to the royal archive was presumably faster since 'the maid' Esther was the one to lead the way. The maid was beautiful… it's obvious she is from a noble family. Like all the other royal maids. That also explains her skills. He wondered if all of the maids and workers in the palace are like this. Mages and warriors.The interior of the palace was extremely well crafted and carved. The palace was white. Many carved runes ran along the walls in a series. Some walls had pictures on them, the pictures were hung on the walls in sequential order. A half-naked man gave an apple to another man who knelt on the ground. Daemon knew they were depicting the stories of Braharis and the King of Naendis. In the next picture the same half-naked man along with some of his kind was feasting with Naendis people. They were smiling in the picture. In the next picture the king was sitting on his throne, and half of his soldiers were replaced by the Braharis. the next one depicted the king clutching on
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The Dinner
After skimming through all the needed books in the shelf, Daemon walked towards the front desk. The Oldman was still scribbling down something from the ancient books. He didn't notice Daemon at all. So, Daemon cleared his throat in an effort to call the Oldman. But it was of no use as the Oldman still wasn't ready to give up his attention from the books."Hey, old man." He called out to the him. Still no response. Daemon started to feel annoyed. He didn't had time to rest since he left his castle this morning. He felt exhausted due to the prolonged use of his ability 'Eidetic memory.' He very much needs some sleep before their departure to the High Castle tomorrow.Feeling irritated Daemon slammed his fist on the table very hardly, that it shook the entire table. The Oldman jolted up in wariness from the sudden sound of something slamming on his desk. What he saw when he looked over was Daemon's snickering face. Oldman's face contracted like a ripe tomato with anger."What?" He sho
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The Departure
When Morning came, they were all ready for the departure. All of them had already packed all the necessary stuff needed for the stay in the castle. They weren't entirely sure how many days they may have to stay in the castle as the meeting was called as an emergency one. If it was as scheduled then the meeting usually last for four or five days.First day was for rest, as the leaders of the kingdoms may experience nausea from using the teleportation portal. The second day was used as the actual meeting day. If the content of the meeting was not finished during the second day, then the third day was also used for the meeting. Which only happened very few times. The day after that was for pleasantry exchanges and casual talks among the kings and the entourage. Sometimes a small party is arranged if anything particularly good happened which benefits the alliance. And the last day was the departure day.The entire crew was present in the portal room. Several guards were stationed outsid
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The Arrival
The Azure islet was located above the 'Bloody Forest.' The bloody forest protects the islet from any ground attack and since the Pegasus were an excellent clan of warriors, they were pretty much invisible on the islet. Unless, of course, if they are attacked by any horde of flying monsters like Dragons or unicorns or some other beasts. They were very graceful and peaceful creatures. Since, the Braharis are also a great threat for not only the lower realms but also for them too, they agreed for the High Council to be held on the Castle of MoonDust. The meeting was held 2 times a year as per the agreement.Daemon was looking through the window from the given guest suite. He was in complete awe when he first walked through the portal. After they were welcomed by the Pegasus, they also inquired about him since he wasn't one of the regulars. King conrad explained the situation and handled it pretty quickly. The portal was in a small open space were all the sides except for the one long pa
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