The Legend's Behind the Mask "Swordsman's Era"

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The Legend's Behind the Mask "Swordsman's Era"

By: Cj??? OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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It's about a legend that death couldn't even bring him down to his knees and feet. He was still standing when he dies and that made his enemy chill and fear for the rest of their lives. And it was not only that... They fear him even more because he left new legends that will continue his legacy.


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Chapter 1: The Start of a New Beginning
4 men and 1 woman were walking on a stone path while they looked around them. They were in the middle of the giant forest near the north. They were swordsmen and swordswomen. They walked bypassed a bush and a giant tree to their left. They noticed someone watching them and following them in the shadows. They were deadly serious and looked down while they have their katanas on their left waist. They're wearing a kimono and a coat outside of the kimono and a mask. It was a numbered mask. The leader Agatsuma Hit has the number 1 signed on its front mask. He's also wearing it. Hashibira Kosuke wearing the number 2 signed on its front mask and also wearing it. Katrina the third one has the number 3 signed on its front mask. It was a giant number on their front mask and the rest of it where white. The numbers were colored. The fourth one is Tsuyuri Shi has the number 4 signed on its front mask. His was different. It has a dark particle flowing in the number. The last one Hashibira Komot
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Chapter 2: The Man Behind the Mask
He reaches the head's room. He was outside. He was about to walk inside the room when all of a sudden the man sitting in the middle of the two stood up. The unknown Swordsman standing was behind the door and didn't notice Agatsuma Hit's presence. He walks in as the heads looked at him. There were a total of four people in the room and an unknown number of Shadow Shira Swordsman inside the room hiding in the shadow. It was a big room enough for 300 people to fit in. "We thought that a messenger swordsman would arrive in our village but we guess not... Get the hell out of here if it's not important or say it and just leave," the man said who stood up. "Hmm! Still no shame, or the shame! I thought you've changed yourself Warui Rou one of the heads!" he said furiously as he walks into the room and stop next to the door. "Huh! You got the nerves to say that to us? We are the heads of the north! We control them! And we don't care if they suffer!" Warui Rou said in a high voice. The main
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Chapter 3: The Battle Between Shira Swordsman and Dark Violet Shira Swordswoman 
He stands menacingly as he sees the unknown swordswoman throws the head of an unknown person to the side. She stops walking and stands menacingly. She smiles at him as she also pointed her blade menacingly. "We meet again, I cut his head off, wanna know why? Master Kiroshuku? It's so sad that every student you have died left and right," she said in a menacing voice as she sees him furious. "I'm not running this time!" he replied in a serious tone as he pointed his blade down. Suddenly he realized that it was the same swordswoman who blow up a while ago. "Can she provide clones on her own? Unbelievable! The Gakures are known to be the only ones who can do it since their bloodlines are unimaginable, from being just a normal kid turning into a legend, or even above it... But there is only a couple of Gakure's left on this world and they need to be protected," Kiroshuku thought as he step on his right foot and suddenly vanished.He suddenly appeared behind her and was about to swing do
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Chapter 4: The Messenger Swordsman
Kiroshuku arrived in front of a three-story house with Fudo Toka on his right side. It was still day and the sun was shining brightly up in the sky and the birds can be heard chirping. She was holding her teddy bear and hugging it tightly with her right hand as her left hand was holding Kiroshuku's right hand as she stares at the front gate in front of her. "Is he not here? Come on! I tho-" he said as he suddenly got interrupted and sees the door open in the distance. He sees a swordsman walking out of the house and suddenly has his eyes widened as he sees Kiroshuku "Kiroshuku! I didn't sense you sorry! I thought you were arriving later on!" the unknown man said as he quickly run towards the gate and opened it. "You're coat, what happened?" he asked as he opened the gate and step aside to give a way for them both. They walk in the grass and on a stone patterned path towards his house."The unknown that I fought didn't even faze, she's completely on another level but It seems that
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Chapter 5: The Dimensional Beings
Kiroshuku was walking toward Fudo Toka as he sees her playing with her teddy bear while smiling and laughing. She was happy alone as he turn around and heard the thunder grumbles in the clouds. "A perfect day for an ambushed or a war, thunderstorm," he said as he turn back again at Fudo Toka who is now looking at him. "Fudo you'll keep this sword of mine, later on, I remember you using it at the age of 4 now you're 6 you can do it! I'll find someone's sword and hold it! But for now, I'll hold it, we're evacuating!" he said as Fudo Toka let go of her teddy bear and hugs him, and all of a sudden the ground their standing on started to shake. "They're here!" he said in a surprised voice as Fudo Toka stops hugging him. He carries him with both of his hands and suddenly he jumped high in the air while carrying her. Suddenly they can see half of the village. She looked down and feels claustrophobic. She closes her eyes while hugging her teddy bear and Kiroshuku is holding her tightly as
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Chapter 6: The Real Deal!
"I'm shivering? What is this? Who is he? I'm shivering because of fear and I can't move! Is this a technique...? No this is an Aura that made me stop moving!" he thought as he glance and sees the Red Dark Shira Swordsman standing on a warp portal menacingly while showing a demon aura around him. "You! You defeated my soldier, you seemed not powerful huh! I can't believe such a human is born with great talented power like swordsmanship," the unknown said menacingly in a dark voice. "Who are you? What do you want?" he asked as he stand on his ground while his whole body shivers. Same as his hands and the wind that surrounded him suddenly got blown away a minute ago. "What do I want? And who I am? Well, I'm just a man named Red... And I want is to destroy this village at all cost," he answered as the warp portal his standing on suddenly closed, and he gently fells and landed on the ground. He's stepping on grass and he notices it."Destroy this village at all cost and what kind of ben
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Chapter 7: The Unknown Shadow
Domei and Blue have their eyes widened as they both stand. The sky has completely become dark but the sword on their left waist continues to glow light in the dark that they can see the shadows in the distance. "They suddenly appeared! What do we do? Do we fight?!" Domei asks in a calm voice. He was like whispering to Blue on his right side as he glance into the distance. He was still holding his sword in his right hand and that gives enough light to see the sudden shadow in the distance. "If we have no choice we do it," Blue answered in a calm voice as he glances and senses more incoming and was about to surround them if they stay longer than 15 minutes. Suddenly the shadow in the distance becomes a human form and shows a dark aura. It was a shadow that made a dark aura. They both see that they are not seeing a human it just looks like a human. "Maybe I'll take care of it and take Fudo Toka to the west and get the message," Domei said as that made Fudo Toka and Blue look at hi
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Chapter 8: Red Thunder
Agatsuma Hit was about to touch the ground when all of a sudden there was a giant wind blowing him from behind. He turns around and sees Kiroshuku make a giant gigantic monster fly above the clouds. That made him wow and shocked as he sees Kiroshuku standing menacing and has his wound stop bleeding. "Hmmm! Every master has a trump card and they don't stop there... They can have no limits if they're fighting for someone," Agatsuma Hit thought as he continues to fly up and head to the gate of the north wind village. Suddenly hundreds of Shurikens appeared in the distance and were coming towards him at great speeded and spinning in the air. He puts his sword in front of him and suddenly the air around him started to vibrate. "Red thunder!" he said as all of a sudden he vanished and turn into thunder and struck the hundreds of Shurikens down. He suddenly appeared on the ground stepping on the giant vines. He glances and sees 3 unknowns standing also on a giant vine while there have the
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Chapter 9: War
Agatsuma Hit and Katrina jumped up again and touches down the giant vine as they looked down and sees the giant gigantic terrifying monster rise from the ground to the top. Suddenly it destroyed the giant vine there standing. They both flew up and landed on a giant tree branch. They are both furious as they hold their swords in their right hand menacingly as they looked down."War has occurred! The fifth army and the fourth army are on the move to every exit or entrance inside the village! Thousands of civilians were also getting evacuated and we don't see the heads of the north wind!" she said as she looked down and suddenly the air started to vibrate around them. He looked to his right and sees Agatsuma Hit has his eyes closed and was about to fly down. All of a sudden it got interrupted when the wind blows at them both from behind.That made them both turn around in the middle of the air and see Kiroshuku and the Red Dark Shira Swordsmen fighting in the air and shoeing their glow
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Chapter 10: Out of League
Their blades are still colliding and the ground they standing on was getting destroyed and have massive cracks. They were standing on a dome. Kuraku was the one who was standing on it as flames were still bursting from the ground and surrounding them both. Suddenly Kuraku's blade where having cracks. He bowed more and suddenly warp down a portal and the flames that is surrounding them both extinguished. Kuraku suddenly disappeared same as the warp portal. Agatsuma Hit touches down and was furious again. "You coward! Are you scared that you're proplica twin blade might break?! Looked at me fighting you! Playing with you!" Agatsuma Hit said furiously as he looked around and don't sense Kuraku. Suddenly behind him, a warp portal appeared and Kuraku walk out of it. He notices it and that made him turn around and see something strange behind the warp portal. It was the clear sky of his world. "He warps back to my world?! Tsk...! I slip in there I would survive and get out from this
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