VLADIMIR: The Last Blood Mage

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VLADIMIR: The Last Blood Mage

By: Lord_eNIGMA OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The central continent is occupied by the vicious blood clan. Led by King Kozak; the light mages(ergomancers) who occupy the Eastern continent come together with the terramancers of the northern continent and the pyromancers of the southern continent. The water mages of the Western continent were still loyal to the blood King Kozak; the war began. The vampire tribe was wiped out and the water mages were almost extinct. Before the war began King Kozak gave his devil's heart to his Last wife Mia, a human, to bury it with her only son, VLADIMIR, in the western continent, the only safe place for the blood mage, after Mia leaves for the western continent, Palace is invaded, and king Kozak is killed as well as his many sons. The blood clan is extinguished, the ergomancers take over. Meanwhile, before Mia carried out her assignment, she was wrongly ambushed by nightcrawlers and killed. Vladimir is left alone with the devil's heart nowhere to be found. Vladimir is later found by an old woman who came into the forest to get herbs for her dying husband, who eventually dies//. I mean her husband. // As Vladimir grows, his attraction to the forest where the devil's heart was lost increases, one day he moves to the forest and finds the devil's heart, what will happen now? Two or three chapters would be released every Monday. Happy reading!!

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Meeting Lady Chelsea
I recall that day as if it were just yesterday... The earth felt cold, hard, and damp beneath me. I ached all over, and my eyes remained shut. Struggling to my feet, I forced my eyes open. My legs trembled unsteadily. Taking in my surroundings, I realized I was in the woods, with no memory of how I had arrived. The day hadn't yet faded into night, so I had decent visibility. Surveying myself, I found no injuries, which filled me with relief. Nearby, I spotted a gleaming black sphere on the ground. Upon picking it up and examining it, I noticed a red heart engraved on the ball, almost as if it were pulsating. In a sudden burst of light, the sphere quivered and shot out of my grasp, hovering in the air about 2 meters above the ground. A white light streamed out from the hovering sphere, and an elderly man cloaked in a red-embroidered black robe materialized from within the light. He exuded an air of regality, with his black hair and striking red eyes. "You have survived. Ah, there
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As I was preparing to rise from my position and stretch my legs, the sound of the door opening caught my attention. I remained still, keeping my eyes open, as Chelsea entered the room. She had changed into a stunning white dress, and the flickering candlelight illuminated her figure, creating an enchanting aura around her."I'm sorry for hitting you," she said, her voice like music to my ears. I couldn't help but smile as I replied, "Thank you for rescuing me.""It was nothing. By the way, I hope you recover soon. I would love to get to know you better. Please cooperate with Emelda, the nursing maid. She will take care of you until the family doctor returns from the healer's summit. He'll be back soon. Now, I must go and inform my father that you're here."With a warm smile, she left the room, leaving me to contemplate my next move. Lost in thought, I was startled when the door opened again, revealing a woman dressed in a black maid's uniform."Hello, young sir. I am Emelda, the nursin
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I dragged her body to the edge of the bed and tore her underwear as though it was a piece of paper. She spread her legs once again to expose her dripping wet honey pot. It looked Delicious I had to have a taste, so I leaned closer to have a taste. "No young sir, it's dirty, ahh ahh"she tried to resist, but it was futile as the waves of pleasure hit her like a tidal wave. My tongue explored her cave as deep as could. She held my hair and pulled me closer trying her best to make me go even deeper. We indulged in each other for a long while before she orgasmed. After she orgasmed, I pulled my head out of her thighs, licking my lips. "By the way my name is Vladimir".I wasn't sure if she heard me because she was still reminiscing about the sensation of the orgasm. I think for the first time in a long time. I could not resist such a sexy body any longer. Before Emelda could become conscious, I pulled her out of the bed and held her in such a way that her legs were in the air exposing
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The Outing
"What am I going to do today, I wonder if Chelsea would come to see me today?".I walked towards the window." It's a sunny day".I leaned on the frame of the window and looked outside. The servants were going about their respective errands. I guessed they were the pure humans who had no magic proficiency, the mortals. The black gate seemed to glimmer a mysterious black in the sunlight, and lord Marshall's stone statue in the center of the manor made everywhere look grandiose. The statue was holding a book, a book made of stone. I looked closer and it seemed to have words engraved on it. I wished to read what was written in the book, but my attention was drawn by the presence of someone at the door. Knock knock"It's Chelsea". Of course, I knew who it was. " I have good news".Recently my senses had heightened to a scary level, and sometimes I shocked myself with what I could do. "it's open". I moved from the window and sat down.The door opened to let Chelsea in. She was dressed in
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The Second Chance
"I am sorry about that, " I apologized."don't think much of it." After some time, I knew I had to do something. The awkward silence was becoming unbearable " So you haven't told me about the different academies.""Yes, that's true, but my food would get cold, after eating I will tell you about it, alright? " Chelsea picked up the cooked Phoenix flesh to put in her mouth after she had finished talking. "All alright then". I used the fork to stab the dead Phoenix, it smelled nice but not as nice as human blood. I began having difficulties in cutting the Phoenix up, and I became frustrated. The knives the bistro provided were not sharp. "Hahaha, Vladimir what are you doing?". I looked up to catch sight of Chelsea laughing hysterically. "What? The flesh is tough". I said playfully. Chelsea snapped her fingers, and a waitperson came running towards us. "Milady, what can I help you with?". the wait person bowed. "Could you take this meal and cut it up nicely?". Chelsea pointed at my p
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The Engagement
Chelsea had eye bags, heavy ones. I had never seen Chelsea look so tired and distraught. She had tear stains on her pink-but-not-so-pink-any-more cheeks. "Chelsea don't cry I am well now, let's fix your leg". I stood up from my lying position. "Vladimir, what are you trying to do?"."You'll see".I sat on the ground beside Chelsea. I didn't know what I was about to do, but I felt I could heal her. I placed her broken keg on top of my crossed legs to have a closer look at it. Lord did her leg look destroyed. "All this happened from one fall?". I asked Chelsea with a stupefied expression. Her leg looked shattered. It looked as though it had been pulverised by a huge sledgehammer from behind, causing her bone to break out of her skin tearing her muscles...ligaments and tendons. "Ahh, Vladimir, at least I am better. You just had a little cut to your head and torso, and you died. Don't you dare judge me". Chelsea looked as if she was about to cry or throw me a punch or both. "I wasn'
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Vladimir's Assessment
During the meeting with I and lord Marshall in his study, Gilbert being a pyromancer teleported into Chelsea's room without the knowledge of the 4th-ranked guard.A ring of fire appeared in the centre of Chelsea's room. Out of the fire, Gilbert stepped out of it and the ring of fire disappeared without any mark on the hardwood floor. "Chelsea my dear". Gilbert took a chair and sat down by Chelsea's bedside. "Gill-Gilbert is that you? " Chelsea had unexpectedly woken up. "Yes, milady, it is I, your loyal butler. I heard of what had happened and I came to see how you are faring"."Gilbert, I am sorry. " Chelsea tried to sit up on her bed. "No milady. You need your rest, please lay down. You need your rest".Chelsea laid back down. "if I wasn't so stubborn, I would not have made everyone worry"."milady do not despair. It was not your fault". Gilbert tried to console her before taking his leave. "Milady, you are safe now". he assured her. "Thank you" Chelsea smiled. "Milady, I'll t
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What have you done?
"THIS IS ENOUGH". I heard the familiar gruff elegant voice come out of my mouth. "How dare you insignificant pests disturb my slumber".At this point, the green specks of light that had gone out of my now-possessed body turned blue. "Boy, what is the meaning of this?". The familiar voice asked me. "This is a test, I didn't know it would turn out this way, by the way, who are you?". I responded still in shock. "Young boy I don't take tests; I am above that. you have forgotten me so soon. I am the one who brought you back to life, that's all you need to know about me"."It's no wonder you sound familiar. I still remember our deal. Just so you know, I still have to take this test"."Alright if you insist, take your test. I'll have to leave you now; I need to recover my strength". Then his voice died out. I shrugged and waved any thoughts I had aside, I still had the test to finish. After some time of walking, I stumbled into an enclosure. " welcome"I saw a strange old woman dressed
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I Am A Demon
Chelsea looked at me with shock in her eyes trying to catch her breath. I could not tell if she was blushing or still trying to catch her breath because her face was beet red. "Vladimir...". The ride was a long one. Longer than it was when we were heading to the academic bureau's land. Chelsea was quiet; sometimes she glanced at me but she would look away if I caught her staring then she would blush every time harder than the last. The carriage was silent and peaceful, too peaceful. ' where was the killing intent I felt the time we were going?'. I asked myself. AFTER SOME TIME... We got to the mansion, and immediately she was helped down by Gilbert whose eye contact with me was somewhat dreadful with a trace of shock. She disappeared into her chambers. Before I could enter the mansion a servant ran up to me and informed me. "My lord Marshall sends for you". "Now?"."Yes"."All alright then". I left the servant and walked into the mansion towards the study of which majestic engra
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Finding Out The Truth
The big book floated in the air glowing an eerie red light. My body, under the control of the deity walked towards the floating book." Yes, come to me".Chelsea on the other hand had already gotten tired of screaming my name. She stood at the end of the hall, I guess she was scared out of her wits. She was in a mess, I guess something had triggered something within her because she held her head and mumbled something while her body visibly shook.My body kept on walking towards the floating book. When I got close enough, the deity raised my hands to touch it "Yes, come to me".The book emitted a red blinding light, so bright that I could not see anything else. I felt blinded by the light. After a bit of time, I could no longer feel my eyes burning from the light.I was in a place so unfamiliar, it looked like I was in a garden a really beautiful garden, with two children around the ages of seven to ten years. The two boys, I think were brothers, but something was visibly off about one
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