The Super Scandalous Liard

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The Super Scandalous Liard

By: Snowpinch Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Age is just a number. For Baron Cohen, in his late thirties, his world crumbled after he lost his mega-worth investment and family estate to a betting. Baron Cohen only meant to pay respect to his deceased friend on the Mainland and return home but he is made to marry his late friend's daughter to settle for his debt. At their feet, all hope is lost but wealth calls out to him again, on the cosy twilight he meets the loan sharks and a turn of events happens.  He is tempted to learn from his mistake of extravaganza or return to his old way as he spends in secrecy the wealth he amazes while the fate of his business and young Sierra lies in the choices he makes.  The prodigal heir is relentless and would do anything to get at those that made him forage with the dogs.    ~I'm not just a prodigal. I get what I want and seeing my enemy in discomfort doesn't faze me they reap what they deserve.~ Baron Cohen.


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7 chapters
1. Daring Cohen
The calm air of the night was so eerie and made the sight forebodingly long as Cohen stared into the pristine shingles of the wall. Thoughts from how frustrating he's been living and how he so long to be free of the eyes that pierced him were at the forefront of his mind. Looking over to the window the sky he's hoped that it has eased by the sun reflected, but that wasn't so, the door pulled open by a strong wind. Masculine hand at the hour of the nightingale. Cohen brawled down the stairs. Sweat dripped down the forehead as the mansion was flooding with visitors. About scouring, eyes were stripping him naked and glares were choking him like fumes. Turning to his left Cohen finds a figure standing beside him, he took in a long deep breath and then faked a smile. It was Evan, and Theresa, his wife. "That must be the son-in-law that had to leave everything to be here. I thought I wouldn't meet with you but it's actually a huge honour. Evan." The foreigner with a bashful
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2. Lion's den alone
"You can't say no, you of all people should know other than this nothing will save you, Cohen," Theresa whispered to his ear her smile was as cocky as ever. "Fine, I will take responsibility for this my own way." Sierra's voice echoed through the room and Cohen was abruptly cut silent by a snarl from Sierra's mother. She had thought of a better way to get herself to succeed in the position, but now Cohen's prescience has jeopardised everything straight for her. "And marry Cohen." The once decent air was still lingering as the woman stepped up to Cohen. "How dare you do this to Johnson! He is your friend." Nevada gritted. There was a snigger in the air. "That is what he is good at, isn't it? I have always warned him of Cohen that he is one speciality; taking advantage of others." Cohen gulped his hand rubbing the back of his neck and stepped forward. He looked at Sierra and then looked down they might not remember him but he saved Johnson from the taunting of thugs s
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3. Grudges at the last minute
Cohen moved forward and he felt his shirt jerked, He turned back infuriated and punch flied in the air across the man cheek. "I know that must hurt, no one cares what you do, this neignohirhoid know you're wasted." He chuckled and Cogen jerked him by the collar his weight lifted up. Cohen chest rose and fall his eyes the fury of ocean with do many untold emotions. "You shouldn't mess with me." Cohen warned. Sierra got dressed and Cohen showed up with her at the Carmen mansion, lights bright enough illuminated the beautiful pristine mansion. It was always go gleamed and polished to the eyes as the name meant it to be. "I wonder the length if your wealth Mr Carmen, this is too enchanting to be called an estate how about the wonders of the world." One if the elite liver up to Solomon Carmen. "That is why I named it Alpha. There us nothing compared to it." The man chuckled. "You're not completely right. With all this riches im still not the best in Vokas c
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4. Home visitation
"Oh, my God. Cohen!" The maid exclaimed as he stepped into the mansion. "What happened to you? Guess you weren't in your best moments when I called." She rubbed her hand on his elbow. "Listen, your father doesn't deserve all this I know. I have stayed for moments to just sit back and watch you go derail." "Where is father? What happened to him?" Cohen ignores her, his legs hitting the floor with the ultimate sustenance as if he's walking on glass. His head was in a symphony, he wished to turn back but then with a look at the picture on the wall he turned to his aide facing the maid, "I never recall that there." He ain't his finger at the wallpaper. She rolled her eyes to look at Cohen. "A Lot has changed. The chairman- you see have them made an enlargement." She looked at the man that was hovering about them, her leg stepped up the staircase and her tongue we're stuck to the wall of her mouth that she couldn't say anything. "Please Cohen, you don't have to bear gr
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5. Is not supplementary
Cohen walked to the mansion that was still booming with the party. Surely there could have been more than one person. They wouldn't have left him unchecked. He stared up and sighed. Rachel rushed to him. "Big for nothing! What have you been up to? The party couldn't have been this boring with you. Did you finally decide to leave?!" She let her hand fly across and swatted Cohen's shoulder. "Nothing, I was just walking the street." Cohen had a haggard look. But by the light that reflected before she could do anything he chuckled, his hand tracing to his mouth. "I could have let them close the gate, chain and lock it. I need to find out but to my dismay, you're nowhere else." He glanced around and blinked at Rachel. Cohen imagined Kevin creeping behind Rachel like some monstrous cat trying to get a rat, "This is absurd, take charge and go back to the gathering, get what suits you, is it that you're scared I might win her over?" Cohen's face switches into a devilish
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6. Nothing has changed
Cohen could feel the pangs and yet he couldn't do anything about it just yet. His sister-in-law walked up to him with a racket in his arm and hit Cohen with it. "You fool! You think we won't know what you're been up to these days chasing away investors with your actions that seem foolish but tactfully planned?" What is happening? That was how his impulses were reacting like a foreign reagent had been added, everyone was against him escorting the old woman. "Grandma, you should step aside, we can't let you deter your health by standing beside this maron." She crooked, raising her hand to her nose. This was it. The very reason Cohen decided to stay back. Cohen was locked in so that he could quickly not react but every attempt was like a string pulling his skin. "Cohen here is my son-in-law." Grandma stared into Cohen's eyes. Her hands were digging like shovels in the soil deep into Cohen's shoulder blades. "What are you doing mother, you can't just. . ." G
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#7. There is more to his comeback
The hot soun of the afternoon didn't spare Cohen, not was the turn of event as he planned. He let out a low growl, sweat like drop of rain formed at his back, his leg were tilted into the soil. With a morbid look he raised to a straight stand his right hand supporting his waist and he let out a low growl the one that practically tell he was stressed as a log from chopping the word. Not so kind was the giggle that made him to swivel around. Just as Tori said that little bitch saves no decency inviting everyone to watch Cohen like a child taking his first step, shame washed him down. Fingers were pointed at him. Cohen stroked the front of his head slightly soaking his hand in sweats. "Couldn't have fallen for him." Theresa whispered passing by. Tori giggled loud enough for Cohen to hear. Under the harsh sun Cohen was practically turned into the house boy. Everyone left except him and just a stop made him realize someone was standing over. Grandfather like the early bird
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