The Second Heir

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The Second Heir

By: Author NY CompletedUrban/Realistic

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"Well, how about this? You come back, and I announce you as the only heir to take over the family business. Deal?" A deal? Why not? He was his father’s real legitimate son after all! Griffin was just a bastard of a mistress who married his father after his mother died in an accident. Was it not for Griffin and that mistress, he wouldn’t have undergone so much injustice. "Deal!" said Greg briefly. He had no intention of refusing now. *** Being mistreated by his own family, Greg chooses to walk away and marry the love of his life, only to get another disappointment. Feeling both angry and devastated, Greg starts to believe that there’s no such thing as free love and decides to change his perspective. From now on, he would no longer be Greg, who was only seeking a better life, but he would become Greg, who everyone would bow their heads to.

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  • Diana


    great story i love it. keep it up!

    2023-06-11 17:11:14
  • b12170003


    wow, your book is interesting! Love how realistic the ML is. More chapter please

    2023-05-01 17:29:42
  • Author NY


    Hi guys :) I'm author NY, nice to meet you all! Thanks for anyone who visit and read The Second Heir... I hope you all have a good time and enjoy the story~

    2023-04-26 16:40:28
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171 chapters
Chapter 1
A tall, shabby-looking young man is seen having an argument in one of the grocery stores at the flea market."What do you mean you don't want to sell this meat to me and give it to someone else instead? I took it first!""I'm sorry Greg but I'm afraid I can't sell it to you. He's my regular customer, and you…" He stopped and looked Greg up and down. "You're not! You can barely afford it, you only come to my shop when my meat is 50% off!""Yeah, I know about that, but still, I'm a customer, and I saw it first. You can't do that to me, it's not fair!" said Greg, who still couldn't accept his treatment."Fair? Why did you suddenly ask about that?" asked the butcher, looking down on him. "Those without power must listen to those who do in order to survive. If only justice had ever existed...Then poor people like you wouldn't exist! Come on, just give up and buy half rotten vegetables at the next shop like other poor people!"The butcher's words made Greg's blood boil! How dare he say tha
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Chapter 2
"Hey George. Wow, nice blazers! You got a billionaire vibe there, buddy," said one of the guests to George."Why thank you, David, and of course I have to dress up properly. After all, it's my grandma's birthday. There's no way I'm going to wear an old grandpa blazer like the one over there," He said, pointing at Greg, who was eating fruit with Georgia beside him.Georgia, who knew that they were being insulted, immediately glared at Greg."Why did you use that old blazer? Can’t you wear something else?""Well, this blazer was a gift from your grandpa to me, wouldn't it look nice if I wore it for your grandma's birthday?" He asked."Huh. Why does Grandpa have a bad taste in everything?" She thought as she rubbed her temples.David, who saw them, immediately furrowed his brows."Is your sister still with that poor? Why didn't she divorce him? I mean, your grandfather is already dead!" He asked George."Well, grandma would say no, you know what the folks would say if they divorced, gran
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Chapter 3
"What did he just say?""The vase… it's fake …, how could it be?"1 minute... 2 minutes...There's still no answer from George.The man was sweating while others gossiped. How did this poor rat find out he bought a fake vase? He couldn’t let others suspect him, he had to deny it! Fast!"Hahahahaha!" George laughed really hard with a shaking voice."What did you just say? Fake? What does a loser like you know?" George said while swallowing hard, his mouth was dry."I bought it directly from the main shop, not a second- hand-shop like you!Plus, in case you forgot, I'm an antique collector and also an antique lover so, there's no way this vase is fake!Next time, try to use a better reason to accuse someone, okay?""Oh really? So you are an antique collector and antique lover, huh?" Greg paused for a moment before showing George the vase he was holding. "Can you tell me something about this vase?""Pfft!!! Well, that's a piece of cake! It is an antique vase that I bought from China, its
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Chapter 4
"Why did you drop the vase and push me?" George asked quietly, causing Greg's mouth to twitch. Of course, he didn't do that! But who would stand by his side? "You're the one who—" BRUK! Before he could say anything to defend himself, he heard the sound of something falling, and when he turned around, it was Granny Millen who had fallen! "Mother!" shouted Mrs. Millen, who looked panicked and tried to wake her mother-in-law but failed. The old woman still hadn't woken up. "Oh, no! Mother!!!" said Mr. Millen, who was no less panicked than his wife as he bent down and checked on his mother. The man immediately breathed a sigh of relief when he found out his mother had only passed out. The relief didn't last long when he noticed that people only surrounded him in shock without helping. "Hey… Why are you all just looking? Didn't you see that my mom just fainted?! Payton, come bring my mom to her room!" He says angrily to one of the servants. "Yes sir!" The servant, who had watche
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Chapter 5
Greg sat on the couch as he stared blankly at the divorce papers in his left hand. He hadn’t slept the whole night.Just when he finally decided to give in and stop battling with his father and accept his offer for Georgia’s sake … just when he finally decided to reveal his true identity to Georgia and take her back to his home and give her the glory she wanted … … she asked for a divorce!His mind started wandering to the conversation he had with his father-in-law a few hours ago."Can't you see how Georgia is always silent and lowers her head at every party?"Of course, he was aware of it. In fact, he did it on purpose at the beginning to test her because he didn't know her then! But that wasn’t his purpose in the long run.Greg and Georgia's marriage was arranged by Grandpa Millen, Georgia's grandfather, who accidentally encountered him a few years ago when he had just left Von Ritcher’s mansion because of his stupid step brother. The old man happened to know that he was the seco
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Chapter 6
“It’s a deal then,” said Mr. Von Ritcher firmly. “Alright, before I let you take over the company, I want to sign you on Vonicon as a test.Vonicon is a new subsidiary company that I recently bought. It’s located in Smart City, the town where you live right now.If you can perform well there, I will let you take over all of Von Ritcher’s company as the only heir. Do you think you can do that?”“Yes, Father. I can do that,” replied Greg confidently.Of course he feels confident. After all, it’s an easy task for him.His father just didn’t know that he was already experienced. The only one who knows how competent Greg was is his late grandfather. He was the one who also helped him hide his true capabilities from his father.Especially from his cunning stepmother."Okay. When will you be available so we can start immediately?" asked Mr. Von Ritcher."It’s up to you, I’m available to do it anytime," Greg said briefly. He knew his father was more eager for him to take action sooner than l
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Chapter 7
Greg wasn’t shocked when he saw Victor, as the latter was a rich guy who could afford coming here. However, he felt disgusted. He wondered why he would see shits like Victor again and again in such a short time. He didn’t want to waste his time on unimportant people, so he just walked away from him. But it seems Victor didn’t want to give up because now he’s started to block his way, leaving Greg with no choice but to respond to him. “What do you want?” asked Greg lazily. Seeing that, Victor just laughed contemptuously at him. “What do I want? Of course, I want to know what a rat like you do in this luxury shop!” replied Victor, pushing him. Greg, who was treated like that, just kept silent without intending to retaliate. He knew that Victor was purposely doing that to stir up his emotions, and Greg wasn’t going to get triggered by it. “What am I doing? Of course, I’m here to shop! Unlike you, who just came to the shop to mock me without buying anything,” Greg replied casually
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Chapter 8
Georgia, Victor, and the rude saleswoman just stared in disbelief when they heard Greg’s statement. Buying all of Louis Vuitton’s clothes? Is he crazy? Not even Victor has that much money to buy the whole store! Even the new saleswoman's jaw is dropping now. She had no idea that on her regular workday, she would receive such a large request! They all remain silent until Victor suddenly bursts out laughing, which is soon followed by Georgia and the rude saleswoman. "Well, what are you waiting for, Miss? Just take all Louis Vuitton’s clothes and pack it for him! Let’s see how he can pay for those clothes! I bet he used thousands of leaves as a payment!" "You can barely afford it. But why bother buying everything? Oh, I'm so glad that I chose to divorce you. Not only that you're poor in money, but you're also poor in mind! Even George can think better than you!" "Hey, make sure that you can pay for everything or I will call the security to kick you out! Tsk, poor this day, always u
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Chapter 9
TIT!The $20,000,000 payment transaction was successful.Thank you for shopping at Louis Vuitton.Have a nice day!Kritt..Kritt…Krittt.The machine light turns green as it starts to print the paper, indicating a successful transaction. This instantly made the laughter die down because now, everyone was staring in disbelief, especially Victor."No… How is that impossible? How can that happen?" muttered Victor as he watched the machine print the proof of transaction paper.CKREK!"Here is your proof of your transaction, sir. Thank you for already shopping at our shop. Have a nice day," said the saleswoman."Thank you," said Greg as he turned around and smirked toward Victor’s direction, showing off the transaction proof.Victor, who saw that, was very furious! He can't believe that poor people like Greg can pay for those clothes with a black card. Not unless he steals them.Steal them…Suddenly Victor’s eyes widened with that thought."Yes… Of course, that makes sense... There’s no way
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Chapter 10
After saying that out loud, Greg immediately threw Victor's body roughly, making him stagger. He gives him a ferocious glare before leaving the store. When Greg was already out of sight, only then did Georgia dared to rush over to Victor, whose face looked grim. "Victor! Are you okay? Oh my, you just peed—" The rest of Georgia’s words sounded muffled in Victor’s ears. The man was so consumed with rage and shame that he was unaware of his surroundings. All his life, Victor has always been treated like a prince. Nobody ever dared to make trouble with him considering he was the first heir of the Hills Company, whose wealth was ranked 10th in Cleveland! Everyone dreams of Victor's life, and Victor himself is very grateful for that. Two years ago, before Christmas to be exact,... Victor's life should be even happier because he will marry Georgia Millen, a stupid but pretty woman who was lucky because his family owns a land on CBD Street. Victor hoped that by marrying her, he could eas
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