The True Heir

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The True Heir

By: MoonlightOfure Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Sometimes in life, even the people we love the most turn their back against us. Even as the true Heir of the Lafayette household, he suffered a terrible deed before then. Roland didn't know what will become of him, after he was being cheated on by his girlfriend and not only that, his good deed was repaid with a bad one. There are some price that are not worth paying for. With all the humiliation he has encountered even in the hands of his girlfriend and her other lover. **** "Roland, you're just a loser and losers don't have a place here!" She used her index finger and point to her chest. **** Will he be able to conquer them? How will his girlfriend feel after knowing the true background of the man she neglected?


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45 chapters
"Tell me when you are going to pay the money you borrowed from us with interest?" A dark blurry man asked.The man was Vincent, a ruthless mafia in Candon city.A few days ago, Roland's girlfriend; Debbie collapsed and he needed money to send her to the hospital.Even though Debbie's family was rich, Roland didn't know her password so he was left with no option rather than borrowing an amount from Vincent, even though the interest rate was high.Roland sighed in frustration and anger. He r wasn't expecting them to ask for their money so fast.He glared at the mafia members angrily but they threw a death glare back after him.Only if he had known his girlfriend's password."You need to calm down man...I'm not gonna run away!" Roland said as calmly as possible.He didn't want to go say anything to anger these men. They would pull the trigger without hesitation."You lazy asshole, it is ten days now since you borrowed the money." One of the mafia members said, throwing the small lit cigar
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Young Master
A black car drove inside the warehouse, which took them unaware as the small boss and Roland were still in their position.The light from the headlamp shone brightly and they had to cover their eyes with the back of their palm to avoid the flashes of the light.The small boss still had a knife place of Roland's throat. They both looked in the direction of where the car was parked.A group of men came down from the car and they were all wearing fitted black suits and well-polished shoes. They were all holding a pistol, pointing it toward the direction of the gangsters.The small boss gulped harder, he dropped the knife and raised his hands in defeat. While the other gang members did likewise.From the look of things they weren't ordinary people, maybe some higher gangsters.Roland just stared at them curiously. With several thoughts in his head.His thought was cut off by the sound of the car door. One of the men in a black fitted suit rushed to open the door of the black Rolls-Royce.
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A Huge Sum
After the gangsters had left the warehouse, it was just Roland, the old man, and the men in a black tailored suits.Roland was still in shock, his mind kept on replaying the scene that occurred a few minutes ago. The way man's aura felt intimidating.The way small boss got humiliated and fortunately for him, these men cleared his debt."Thank you for saving me from the hands of those gangsters but who are you?" Roland forced himself to speak.These men especially the old man can't be anonymous. They must have a reason for being generous to him.A smile played on the old man's lips as he leaned forward, patting Roland's should before heaving a sigh of relief."Young Master, there's more than meet the eyes." The old man smiled sweetly at him. He creases his wrinkled eyes."I know you're old so can you do me a favor by explaining to me what is going on!", Roland spoke as gently as possible.He was indeed grateful to the old man but keeping him in suspense is actually what he doesn't like.
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Losers Don't Have Any Place In My Heart
Debbie and the man were both shocked to see Roland. The man hurried to get his briefs on while Debbie just stayed nonchalantly on the bed using the sheets to cover up.Both of them panicked for a while but later calmed their nerves. Roland on the other hand was furious. He furrowed his brows as he felt like exploding.His girlfriend was cheating on him in broad daylight. This was unacceptable and he has already had enough of all these."Debbie, what's going on here?" Roland snapped at her as he stared sternly at the duo."What do you think is going on here!?" Debbie retorted. She motioned the man to sit beside her on the bed and he did.Right in front of Roland's eyes, the man gave his girlfriend a peck on her forehead.Debbie sneered before shifting her gaze to Roland's direction. "What are you doing here?""What I am doing here? In my own house?" Roland found the question funny. He wanted to strangle the pairs that were acting intimately in front of him.But he restricted himself fro
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Old Time Crush
Roland turned around and saw a lady standing next to him.He studied her face properly despite how dark the place was. His vision was clear."Ha! It stopped raining!" She said before folding back the umbrella.The dark clouds drifted away slowly and the bright sky overtook the day.While the lady was busy folding the umbrella, Roland took the opportunity to scan her face but before he could recognize her she was already staring at him.Roland was stunned to discover that she was his old-time crush in high school."Surprised to see me, Roland." The lady had a bright smile plastered on her face. She was already smiling from ear to ear as it was our opportunity to come across a high school classmate."I'm surprised and happy as well to see you, Katherine." Roland sooner forgot about his problems immediately he gazed at her beautiful face and her pair of brown eyes.He couldn't help but scan her body with his eyes and was impressed. She had grown up to become a beautiful lady.Unlike that
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Sleeping Together
"I'm sorry for the cold attitude he gave to you but I just wanted to use you as an excuse to get rid of him!"Roland couldn't believe his ears, she did use him to get rid of the man.The way the man left obediently even after getting slapped was uncalled for.Katherine, on the other hand, was sorry for using Roland as an excuse.Roland just gave her a wry smile. "It's fine, since you've already apologized who I'm I to judge?"The lass was all smiles. "Thanks, Roland, would you like to have a sit in my house?" Katherine offered. She contemplated if he'll refuse her or not."Sure! I'd like to know where you're residing." Roland gave her a reassuring smile and they both left for Katherine's house.Unknown to them, the man that Katherine had sent away was hiding in a corner, watching them from afar as his eyes were fixed on Roland.He gave him a death glare with anger and envy clouding his heart. He became furious and walked away from his hiding place.When they both arrived at Katherine's
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Roland boarded a cab and showed the driver the address that was stated on the card that was given to him by the mysterious old man he encountered before."Here, I want you to follow this address!" Roland showed the card to the driver.The driver nodded in response. He ignited the engine of the car and rode off to Roland's destination.A few minutes later, Roland paid for the T-fare with ease. At least he got some money now unlike when he used to ride in his girlfriend's car.He checked the card if it was the exact location that he was and the card confirmed it.Roland didn't see any building but only a silver gate that looked like a mirror. He stared at his reflection, he haven't changed his clothes for the past three days.There was no difference between him and a pauper. Nevertheless, he still had to meet with the old man. He gave a slight knock on the gate and the gate happened to open by itself."Woah!" Roland left his words hanging as he exclaimed.He was welcomed by well-trimmed
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Immoral Person
"I'll make you pay for all the humiliations you've caused me!" Roland yelled.The bouncers were ready to take him out of the building when the Butler's words halted them."Where do you think you're taking him to?" His firm voice echoed.Everyone present stopped what they were doing. They bowed in respect of the Butler's entrance.This was because he was the personal assistant of the chairman, the chairman's butler.The bouncers halted their steps Roland sighed in relief immediately as he caught sight of the old man. He was surprised to see everyone bowing in respect to him.Even his girlfriend's lover bowed as well.The old man must have a high rank here. Roland thought.The old man hurried down the stairs, ignoring everyone's greetings as he ran towards Roland and saluted him."Young Master, welcome back home!" The words that came out from the old man's lips caused everyone's jaw to drop. Their eyes widened in surprise.His words caused everyone to murmur."Was this old man referring
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Impossible To Afford A Car
With the old man taking the lead, they got to the CEO's office.The Butler pushed the door open by using the doorknob. Roland was welcomed by a spacious area. The desk was made of fine wood, and one wouldn't even know that it was made from wood unless they were being told.A swivel chair was placed close to the table and on the large desk were some documents, a computer, and a flower.The office also had a large cupboard for storing some files and a sofa for visitors.Roland gasped and wondered how much money his family had."You see...nobody was allowed to enter this office because your father; the chairman believed his true heir will return home and take charge of the company!" The old man explained."So, you mean, this company belongs to me?" Roland said in shock. He used his palm to cover his mouth."Yes, we'll just have to wait for the chairman's arrival so we can know the next step to take!" The old man said with a proud smile on his face.Roland couldn't believe that he was bor
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Most Expensive Car In The Shop
Roland was so furious. Wasn't she tired of embarrassing him? Even as he was kicked out, he saw Debbie coming out as well."You're so poor to the extent you can't even change your clothes. I mean, aren't these cloth you're wearing up to a week now?" She chuckled."Debbie, what I've ever done to you?" Roland was forced to ask. A tear threatened to fall from his eyes but he was strong enough to fight it back.Debbie again laughed at his question. "The greatest mistake I have ever made was choosing you as a lover. You're damn poor that you couldn't pay for my hospital bills."Debbie emphasized the fact that Roland had to borrow some money to pay for her hospital bills and even come back to her, later on, to ask for the money.He couldn't even accommodate the rent."I was so dumb to stay with you under the roof that I pay for. I should have bought a house for myself and stayed there."Her words were a big slap to Roland's face he regretted confronting her in the first place."Enjoy your lif
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