The Unstoppable Son In Law

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The Unstoppable Son In Law

By: ChadGuy45 Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After having his own company stolen from him by his own in laws and wife, they also sent assassin's to murder him. But after a close encounter with death a message appeared on his phone, one that will change the course of his entire life. To change his life by completing missions.


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Chapter 1: Just Business
"You can't do this to me... All of you can't do this to me!! You know how much I sacrificed??? I worked day and night for 5 years with my brothers and father just to build up my company from nothing and now you want to take away everything away from me???" Alex shouted with tears slowly flowing from his face. "Alex, this is not personal. It's just business. I hope you understand." A man in a maroon suit with grey hair and thin moustache said. It was his father in law."But it's not business for me! It was never just business! It was always personal! My family, the Thornton family, we build everything!!!" Alex started pounding his chest as his shouts were getting louder."I did too. I am just as involved with your father in the mailing company." The father in law said as he gestured to Alex to calm down. "No!! Who do you think you are??? You left him and stole his money to build your own company, and now you want to say you are involved?? You should be kissing on his grave right now!
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Chapter 2: Stabbed
The TV that was placed right under the ceiling was and music was also playing while a bunch of men kept drinking.Alex was just sitting and eating a plate of apple pie to remember his mother, who made him apple pie when he was a little boy.Right beside him, was a young man crying and drinking a strong vodka. "I can't believe my girlfriend would leave me... What on earth did I do??? And why would she chose my brother over me.". Alex almost spit out his apple pie as he heard what the drunken young man said and forced himself to control himself.The drunken teen looked at Arthur with his face getting visibly red, "You think this is funny? Have you experienced what I experienced?" As he looked at Alex's clothes his mood didn't get better, "Ah, so you're rich. Rich people like you will never understand what I go through. You guys get whatever you want." Alex stood up and shook his head before leaving the bar, realizing that it wasn't the place for him. He had to go back home and get his
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Chapter 3: Hell
Alex laughed as he saw the notification. It came from an application that gives you free stuff to complete easy real life missions.He didn't complete the missions to get the gift but just enjoyed doing that at his free time, the freebies was merely something that just happened to come with the missions that he completed.'But I don't remember completing any mission lately,' He though as he looked at the notification. But as clicked on the notification in his phone, it redirected him to the app and it showed the mission that he had just completed and it made him even forget that his stomach was bleeding, "What the heck..." He said as he looked at the mission that supposedly completed._______________MISSION: HAVE SOMEONE STAB YOU WTH A KNIFEPRIZE: FREE TREATMENT IN A PRIVATE HOSPITAL_______________He looked at the mission and couldn't believe his eyes. No, he knew that he was hallucinating. But something in him told him that it w as s more than that. "If this is true... then I mi
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Chapter 4: My Weight To Bear
It took two whole days for Alex to arrive at his destination, make several stops at the gas stations, and eat nothing but the buns that he bought at the gas stations."Hey, we are here." The cab driver said before taking out a cigarette and getting out of the car before lighting it.Alex could feel the heat of the sun warming his face, but he stayed there as it felt comfortable."Hey, wake up! I need to drive back. I've got more customers waiting for me man!" The cab driver shouted before hitting the door, waking Alex up."Yeah, I'm awake," Alex muttered before getting out of the car and stretching his back.As he opened his eyes and rubbed them, he saw a restaurant. It looked like a burger restaurant. He turned back to the cab driver, wanting to ask if he was at the right location, but it was too late, and the cab driver had just driven away."Dang it." He said before kicking the sand off the ground.But at that moment, he felt a buzz in his pocket. It was his phone and as he
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Chapter 5: Bilderberg
Alex drove the car slowly and surprisingly even though the road he took seemed to have a lot of vehicles driving there, the experience was smooth. He started realizing that he hadn't been stopped by a red traffic light.He continued looking at all sides and noticed something weird, 'I was the only driver with a Rolls-Royce an hour ago... But now, there are five around me.' He thought as he looked at the Rolls-Royce near him.They were being driven by a chauffeur that had similar clothing as him, which meant that there was a big possibility that they were going to the same place.As he continued driving he passed by a sign, it read, "Welcome to California!" with a picture of a yellow flower beside it."California?" He asked himself. "What could we be doing in California?" He whispered as he looked at the Rothchild siblings behind him through the glass window.They were taking notes down and a few newspapers on the small table while drinking what it seems to be lemonade.He brushe
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