The Useless Son In Law

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The Useless Son In Law

By: Blue white OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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People aren't always who they appeared to be. James Miller knows very well that he is not the Bailey family's first choice in a son in law. His haughty mother in law, especially, makes her dissatisfaction with the arrangement very clear by tormenting James on a daily basis. Facing the unemployed James, she constantly puts up a cold front and keeps her distance from him. In the eyes of the Bailey's and those around them, James is a black sheep and an embarrassment to the family. Little did they know he is the heir to a multinational companies around the world. How will his life and relationship with his family change once his true identity is revealed? Will Ava finally accept James as a worthy husband? Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction and any similarities in names and characters are purely coincidental


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CHAPTER 1: He's A Loser
It was Sunshine Community Hospital. Receiving the news that his wife got injured, James Miller rushed in worriedly. In the ward, Ava Miller, who had a bandage around her forehead, was sitting on the bed, pale-faced. "Ava, how are you doing? Are you alright?" Looking at James, who was panting and worried about her, Ava pushed him away in annoyance. "I'm fine." "And, take off your apron! It's embarrassing." "Okay." James untied the apron on him with embarrassment. He smiled awkwardly and said, "I... I was so anxious to hear about your injury that I couldn't hear about anything else." Ava was tall and curvy. Besides, she had an exquisite face, oval face. Her grandfather was the chairman of Bailey's group in Sunshine. However, unexpectedly, she had fallen in love with James and married him quite soon, though she was the campus belle at the university back then. Yet, life after their marriage was not easy. James often ran into snags in his job, and his career was not going well. N
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CHAPTER 2: He Was The Heir
Every time he met allen, Allen would think of ways to make things difficult for james, trying his best to belittle and humiliate him. "hi, Allen." james composed himself and walked up to greet him. "James." allen, in a decent suit, walked over. his voice filled with mockery and arrogance as he said, "if you are a man, go and beg your father-in-law. perhaps, ava's parents can help you with the medical fees. "that's not necessary. as for the hospital expenses, i'm gonna fix it soon." james forced a smile "alright. since you live a poor life, i'll do you a favor and pay it." after that allen took out a luxury brand wallet from his pocket, casually pulled out a card, and handed it to the nurse at the cashier desk "i'll pay with my card. unlike her attitude a few minutes ago, the nurse attended to the hospitalization procedures with a sweet smile James couldn't help but allow himself a wry smile inwardly. he thought, "do i have to be despised just because i'm poor? "let's go." Allen
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CHAPTER 3: He Was The Heir 2
Amelia said, neither you nor your talent was worse than Allen. What happened to you now was all because you went against your grandfather's wish." James, who was still outside the door, became nervous and his heart, beat rapidly when he heard that. "Mom," Ava said firmly, no matter what you say, I will never divorce James." "Ava, are you crazy? Why are you staying with that loser? Can't you give him up?" Amelia stood up angrily from the ground and grabbed Ava's shoulder, saying, "You're being sued now, but your grandfather doesn't care! You might go to jail." "Then so be it. I'm not afraid," Ava raised her head and said firmly. "That's insane! You're crazy..." Amelia shook her head with a bitter smile. She has always believed that her daughter wanted a divorce from James the most, but it turned out that she was wrong. James also felt his wife's firmness was unexpected. After their honeymoon phase was over, they had been living a hard life. And James had thought that he was a bur
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CHAPTER 4: The Receptionist
Soon, James took a taxi to the office building of Miller's organization. This building that towered over the clouds was known as the number one Skyscraper in Sunshine. Miller's organization and the other three listed companies were all among the international top 500 companies, and they were ranked in the top 10. Furthermore, the business of Miller's organization involved a wide range of industries, including real estate, logistics, film, clothing, and so on. The Miller family had owned or invested in most of the outstanding companies in this field. In short, this family was wealthy. As soon as James entered the hall, he saw a person that he was familiar with. It was Henry. He was James' best friend over these years. After they both quit their previous jobs, Henry joined a delivery company and became a delivery man. "Hen..." James was just about to call out to him when he saw a woman in a black suit dress reprimanding Henry. "You have messed up my order, and you dare to ask me
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CHAPTER 5: He Finally Agreed
"Leo, I was stopped by two watchdogs in your company. I'll give you two fucking minutes. Otherwise, I will leave." Hearing what James said on the phone, Sophia laughed even more exaggeratedly and said, "This idiot is so funny! He's good at acting, isn't he? Haha, I'm so amused!" Mr. Johnson could not be polite any longer. He lifted his chin at Sophia and signaled her to continue calling security. After all, Miller's organization was one of the top 500 companies in the world. The reception hall represented the image of the company. They could not allow such trash to appear and cause a scene. Soon, the security guards rushed over. Just as they were about to kick James out, a voice sounded from inside. "Stop it!" Leo ran out of the elevator with his secretary and shouted angrily. James was the only heir of the company. After much persuasion, he was finally willing to come home and inherit his family business. But these fools stopped him from coming in! "Let go of him!" Leo glared
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CHAPTER 6: He Had Some Money
Oliver Cooper sitting on a chair by Ava's bed. He and ava were talking and laughing, looking very close. Oliver was his classmate from university, and he always had feelings for Ava. Ever since James married Ava, he had become a thorn in Oliver's flesh. After Oliver graduated, he opened a cultural company with the fund provided by his father. He seemed to be doing quite well and always showed off his wealth on I*******m to express his superiority. "Oliver, what are you doing here?" James asked with displeasure. "I called him to come here," Ava said impatiently. "Ava, take care." James stood up from the chair and smiled at her, saying, "Don't worry! I'll take care of this issue about Cartier." As he turned around, Oliver's smile was different. It was filled with disdain and pride. "Oliver, thank you for helping me," Ava said politely as she watched him leave. James put the sandwich he had bought on the table and asked Ava with a dark face, "Why did you ask him for help?" "What
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CHAPTER 7: Buying The Company
"I'm just a fucking loser..." Henry sobbed as he mumbled. But James couldn't catch it at all. "Henry, where are you? I'll come over right now." Upon hearing that they seemed to be something, wrong with Henry, James was worried that he would do something stupid. Following the location that Henry had sent him, James soon arrived at Blue ring. Henry was sitting on the stairs with beer cans scattered all around him. It seemed like he already drank quite a lot. "James, I'm so glad that you finally came." Henry was half drunk, his eyes red from crying. It was said that men would not cry unless something big happened to them. When James saw Henry in such depression, he knew something big must have happened. "James... I'm such a fucking coward!" As he spoke, Henry slapped himself on his face. Seeing this, James grabbed his hand and said solemnly, "Hey, bro, just tell me what exactly happened. I'm gonna help you!" "You..." Henry paused for a moment, then quickly shook his head and said,
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CHAPTER 8: I'm Backing You Up
"Mr. Miller, I'm sorry to keep you waiting," Mr. Ruben lowered his head and bowed, and said with a smile. Mr. Miller? Why did Mr. Ruben call James that way? And why was he so respectful to him? What was going on? Not only was Lucas shocked, but Henry was also taken aback. "Mr. Ruben," James snorted and said, "Looks like these people are doubting my identity. In this case, I think you'll have to explain it." "Who dares to doubt you?" Mr. Ruben put on a solemn face and announced, I'm telling you, from now on, Mr. James Miller is the new boss of Learn intelligence." "Mr. Ruben, are you kidding me?" Lucas sneered as he pointed at James beside the motorcycle. He is just an employee who used to work in our company but was fired. Besides, he's living off his wife. How could he be our boss?" At first, Mr. Ruben did not believe it himself, let alone Lucas. However, Leo had seriously informed him over the phone that James was the heir of Miller's organization, and now he was also the bos
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CHAPTER 9: Ava's Cousin
Leo Meyer was the richest man in Sunshine. How could he and James know each other? How was that possible? Bella was Ava's Cousin and Allen's sister. Both Allen and Bella have similar personalities. They both like to flatter the rich and despised the poor. In addition, they both thought that James was a loser. In comparison with Allen, Bella was harsher when she insulted and mocked James. Every time she met James she would use the words such as "a loathsome freak, useless trash, good for nothing, loser, and something along the line to insult him." However, her useless cousin-in-law was currently talking to the richest man in Honor Grave. "Bella, who is he?" The man driving the car asked her curiously. "Drive the car over." Bella was curious as to what was happening. She decided to figure it out. "James, what are you doing?" Bella got out of the car and pretended to be shocked as she covered her mouth before saying, "Mr. Johnson, are you, Mr. Johnson? The Bailey family was at
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CHAPTER 10: The Birthday Gift
They didn't invite many people to the birthday party because of the lawsuit issue. They just invited their neighbors and close friends to have a meal in the private room. In the late afternoon, James brought the present to the private room with Ava. Her parents were talking with their friends. "Ava and her husband!" "He looks great! They are a perfect couple!" They greeted Ava and James politely. Amelia was a bit sullen and forced a smile. "Hello, everyone." Ava greeted them politely and hugged Amelia. "Mom, happy birthday. This is the present for you!" Amelia smiled. Her friends said that Ava was a great daughter. James handed Amelia the present too. "Happy birthday." But Amelia treated him differently. She put on a long face. "Put it here." "He is a good man! Mrs. Bailey, you are so lucky to have him as your son-in-law. My son-in-law did nothing for me on my birthday. He just made a call. They have no comparison." "Yeah! Mrs. Bailey, open the box and see what he has got for
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