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Rejected by everyone around him including his own family, Henry had only his rich girlfriend left. Unfortunately his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. He got into an accident and woke up in a hospital ten years later. he suddenly received a system with about a quintillion dollars! The rule is not to go a day without spending about a million dollars! Henry uses this opportunity to get a revenge on his family and rises to one of the most influential men in the world!

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“Mr. Alex, please don’t resist me. I love you so much, and I would love to spend a night with you.” Grace pleaded, her voice quivering as she walked closer to Alex, unbuttoning her shirt.Alex stepped back, his back pressed against the wall, feeling the intensity of the moment.“Mrs. Grace, I can’t do this with you. We’re the only ones left in the office, and my wife would be mad at me if she finds out I’m having an affair with another woman.” Alex replied, his voice trembling.Grace kept unbuttoning her shirt.“That doesn’t matter at all. I’m much better than your wife. Just take a look at my seductive..." Her shirt fell to the floor, revealing her bosoms.“Please stop, Mrs. Grace. This is unprofessional, and you already have a husband and kids too.” Alex covered his eyes with his hands.Mrs. Grace smirked.“I was going to take this lightly with you, but you’ve mentioned my husband. You keep talking about your wife like she cares about you!” Mrs. Grace shouted.Alex didn’t reply. He w
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“He is …” Isabella stuttered.“Isabella, answer me right now! Who is this miserable man on the floor right here?" Lucas gritted his teeth.Isabella stared at Alex. Her demeanor changed. She smirked.“Lucas, this is my miserable husband I told you about. "Heaven knows that I never wanted to get involved with him in any way!” Isabella sneered.“Isabella, you call me miserable?” Alex asked, pointing at himself as he gazed at her.“Yes, you are! You are a poor, wretched brat who has nothing to be proud of except his in-laws name.” Isabella scowled.Lucas turned to Alex. He stared at him from his head to his toe.“You are quite miserable," she said. I can’t believe you were able to get the opportunity to be with this amazing lady.” Lucas frowned.“I never wanted this marriage at first! He forced me into it! He even tried to rape me just so he could bear our family name. He is very....”“You have said a lot, Isabella, dear. Don’t worry, I’ll deal with him.” Lucas interrupted.Alex stood up f
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Alex stared around the room to confirm where the voice was coming from.“Who is that?” Alex muttered.Alex noticed the nurses and other patients couldn’t hear the voice. The patients were sleeping on their beds while the nurses were walking around the room.A hologram screen appeared on the wall with the description:Congratulations, Mr. Alex Patrick. You have unlocked the Super Wealth and Revenge system.“What is this sight, and how did they get to know my name?” Alex questioned.The description on the hologram changed:{Name: Alex Patrick Calvin}{Race: Human}{Age: Twenty-two}{Strength: Weak}{Skills: Zero}{Total task: zero}{Balance: 10,000,000,000}Alex was speechless. He kept rubbing his eyes to confirm that he was seeing clearly.The feminine voice, which sounded robotic, came once again:Congratulations, Mr. Alex. This wealth system allows you to withdraw any amount you like from your balance, but there are certain rules you must abide by.“This keeps getting weird. Ten trill
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“Ten of ten thousand dollars? You must be kidding. Aren’t you?” The cashier stared at Alex.Alex brought out his card from his pocket and dropped it in front of the cashier.“Here, withdraw the hundred million.” Alex said this with a stern look on his face.The cashier picked up the card. He entered it in his ATM machine.“Would you like to pay with your pin? Or…“I’ll pay with my fingerprint." Alex walked closer to the ATM machine. He placed his thumb on the machine.{Payment Processing}Alex stared at the ATM machine. It took quite a minute, and the payment was yet to be processed. Alex felt a little uneasy. It was his first time trying out the system, and he has already boasted to the cashier. He didn’t want to be humiliated.“What if this was fake? Was I hallucinating when I saw the balance in my account? I hope not,” Alex thought.The cashier gave Alex a mocking sneer. The look on the cashier’s face shows that he can’t wait to mock Alex when the payment fails.“This is taking quit
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The man didn’t stop at kissing and pressing himself against Isabella; he started unbuttoning her shirt.Alex couldn’t hide his anger; he frowned and looked very furious. He made an attempt to go to the car, but then he paused.He took a deep breath. He assured himself that this wasn’t the first time he had found her cheating. The first one was from the hotel room, the second one was inside the boutique, and now it's inside the car.Alex remembered how she treated him like an outcast. She gave him unforgettable scars on his body and also flogged him every time she was upset. (She actually gets upset every day.)“Maybe my feelings for her don’t matter; she actually wanted me dead. I think I should let her go. The only way I can make her pay for this is by taking everything that makes her happy and watching her fall on her knees, pleading for forgiveness.” Alex assured himselfAlex waved at a taxi. The taxi took him to a company that deals in cars. One of the most popular companies, which
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{Congratulations, Mr. Alex Cavil! You’ve succeeded in spending your wealth system bonus. Now, your first mission is to divorce Isabella}“Divorce Isabella? That’s too sudden. "It looks like the system knows everything about me.” Alex muttered as he stared at the screen.Alex heaved a deep sigh. He remembered that this was his first mission, and it would also help increase his point and balance. He thought about it for a few seconds. He had to sacrifice the little feeling he had for Isabella.{Your first mission should be completed in twenty-four hours.}The screen disappeared.“Twenty-four hours? This is too weird.” Alex sighed.He put off his tuxedo and shoes. He knew he had to act poor to make Isabella beg for their divorce. It’s actually a big ceremony. Noble men and ladies would be in attendance.Alex put on his torn trousers and tacky shirt, his delivery jacket, and then his old, worn-out sandals. He pretended to be a delivery guy, delivering an anniversary package to Mrs. Madison
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“Yes, Father. That would make me feel much better. I’m tired of Alex. He hates me a lot, and I don’t think I can do anything about that.” Isabella sniffed.Mr.Patrick was speechless. He had many things going through his mind. He has kept Alex trapped in his household by making him marry Isabella, and letting him go would require returning his inheritance to him.“Isabella, are you sure of this?” Johnson asked, staring at her.Isabella simply nodded her head. Johnson lifted his head to stare at his father. Their eyes met, and they understood what was going through each other's minds.Johnson glared at Alex, but Alex simply chuckled. Johnson found it weird. Alex felt much happier that Isabella had made the divorce process much easier for him. It was his first mission, and it went smoothly with Isabella’s help.“Patrick, why don’t you allow them to get a divorce? Your daughter has been suffering for several months by staying in this miserable marriage with Alex. I think it would be a grea
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{Name: Alex Patrick Calvin}{Race: Human}{Age: Twenty-two}{Strength: Normal}{Total task: 1}{Balance: 10,000,000}{Congratulations, Mr. Alex, on completing your first mission. Your second mission is on the way.}Alex’s face beamed with a smile as he realized that he had completed his first mission and had been awarded. Alex realized that the system was also helping him on his revenge journey. He thought it was just a wealth system, but he clearly didn’t read through it at first.Alex lay down on his bed as he stared at the ceiling. His official divorce with Isabella was the next day, and he would also be meeting the board of directors the next day. He wondered if Isabella would call off the divorce after the news outlet released the news of his appointment as CEO.He heaved a sigh of relief before dozing off.**THE NEXT DAY**Alex tossed around the bed before it dawned on him that he'd be meeting with the board of directors. He quickly got up from the bed.He took his bath and put o
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Henry stared at the little boy as tears flowed down his cheeks. He gently wiped it off with his handkerchief. He placed his hands on the little boy’s hair. “What’s your name?” He asked the little boy.The little boy stared at home without saying a word. He asked for the second time: “What’s your name? Little boy. ” The little boy continued staring at him. “Is he deaf and dumb?” Henry thought.He asked once again; “You can be comfortable around me. I won't hurt you, I'm your uncle. Okay?” Henry smiled.The little boy stared at him and smiled gently. “You smile? Why don't you talk?” Henry asked but got no reply either.The little boy’s smile made him cheer up. He can talk whenever he wants but at least he understands what he says. “I will take you home. Okay? No one's gonna hurt you again. Okay? You're safe with me.”The little boy nodded his head.Henry smiled. He was rest assured. He took the little boy to his home. He doesn't want Mrs. Cavil and her family, to
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Henry’s first day at work was really a tiresome one. He had to pay many bills and loans owed by the company. The loan was more than 200 million dollars, the former CEO mentioned earlier. He was much surprised to realise that the so-called multi-billionaire company that everyone envied is in a huge debt of half a billion dollars!Henry picked up his suitcase to leave the office. He needs to visit Max in the prison before heading to the school to pick Mike.He walked through the doorway. “Excuse me sir, please you need to sign this!” Clinton said walking faster towards Henry.Henry heaved a deep sigh before turning to him. “What’s that? It's getting late and I need to pick my son from school.” Henry sighed.Clinton stared at him in confusion. “When did he get a wife?” He wondered. “You have a son? How did that happen?” Clinton asked. “You don't need to know. My sister's son.” “Ohh, the deaf and dumb boy?!” Clinton laughed.Henry glared at him in annoyance. H
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