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Rejected by everyone around him including his own family, Henry had only his rich girlfriend left. Unfortunately his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. He got into an accident and woke up in a hospital ten years later. he suddenly received a system with about a quintillion dollars! The rule is not to go a day without spending about a million dollars! Henry uses this opportunity to get a revenge on his family and rises to one of the most influential men in the world!


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“Break up with your girlfriend and be with me!” Linda said slowly as she held Henry’s tie.Henry pushed her away from him as he adjusted his tie.“Sorry, I can’t cheat on my girlfriend. I love her so much.” Henry replied attempting to walk out of the office.“Your girlfriend? The one cheating on you with your best friend?” Linda gave him a mocking sneer.Henry turned to her as he heard that.“What?”“You don’t know your girlfriend is cheating on you? Well, I’m sorry to let you know about it this way. Come to think of it, You should be grateful I want you! You aren't rich. You are just an ordinary delivery guy. You are just handsome. Your girlfriend is cheating on you with your best friend! I guess I’m only interested in you because you’re handsome” Linda gave him a mocking sneer.Henry stared at her.“I’m actually sorry to say it this way. You are hated by your own family right?, it really sucks to be an illegitimate child. Isn’t it?” Linda continued laughing.Henry heaved a
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[Congratulations! You have been awarded a wealth system which allows you to withdraw as much amount of money you want!] The voice said. It is a feminine voice.“A wealth system?! Did I wake up in a different world?!” Henry shouted as he read what was written on the hologram.Host’s name: Henry Cavil AndersonAge: 20+Body: WeakMind: NormalRace: HumanBalance: 1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 dollars.Henry became more confused as he read the balance. A quintillion is a huge amount of money![Welcome, Henry Cavil to the amazing wealth system which allows to withdraw as much money as you want.]“I can withdraw as much money as I want? This is definitely insane!” Henry shouted.He looked round the hospital, the nurses in his ward were busy and not paying attention to any hologram.It dawned on Henry that the hologram is only visible to him.[How to use the system: The host, Henry cavil is allowed to use his card. The card offered from the system. He is also allowed to pay through his
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Henry walked out of his ward. The nurses were giggling and gushing at the sight of him. They all want to be noticed by Henry.Henry found it a little weird that all eyes were on him. Including the nurses and the patients. Maybe, he got younger after ten years.Henry proceeded to the Doctor’s office. He knocked for a while.“Come in, the door is open.” A voice said. It was definitely the Doctor’s voice.“Good day.” Henry greeted as he walked in.The Doctor’s face beamed with smiles as he saw Henry looking healthy and fine. The Doctor is really proud of his work. Despite everything his step-mother and siblings did to make sure he is buried alive.“Good day, Mr. Henry. How are you doing?” The Doctor smiled pointing to a sit for Henry.“I’m doing great.” Henry replied taking a sit.“How is your health? I know very well that this ten years has been hell to you right?” The Doctor asked.“Time really flies. I can’t believe I’ve been asleep in the hospital for ten years. It’s crazy rig
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Henry left the hotel at exactly 7:30 AM the next morning. He has already wrote down the places he will visit today and the things he will buy first.“Good morning” the stewardess greeted him .He stared at the tray on her hands. He was certainly sure that it is his breakfast but he gave her a sign to leave with it.Henry walked straight to a boutique to get some clothes. It is a very expensive one. One of the most popular boutique in the city. It is believed that celebrities also shopped there.Henry didn’t think twice before going there because he was the wealth system is always with him and made him confident. He also had the rule in mind which is not to spend less than a million dollars that day.“What would you like?” The sales girl asked Henry as he walked in.“I would like a corporate suit.” Henry replied.“Okay, follow me.” The sales girl said.Henry walked directly behind her. He picked a couple of clothe and proceeded to pay for the things he bought.“A total of two mil
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Henry stared at the maid as she shouted. “Ghost? Did you see a ghost somewhere around here?” Henry asked.The maid continued screaming. “Mrs. Cavil said you're the dead and your body is yet to be incramated. So, what are you doing here?!” The maid trembled in fear.Henry chuckled softly. “Well, I am not dead and I would like you to believe that. I woke up after ten years.” “You woke up?!” The maid asked, walking down the stairs. “Yeah and from your face I can truly tell that you didn't believe your madam at first. Why will I be dead? I know very well that everyone wants me dead but I can't die so easily.” Henry laughed. “At least, when I'm yet to get my revenge…” Henry muttered. “Revenge?!” The maid asked. “Well, that's none of your business. I really need to know where they all are especially my sister; Doreen. I really need to meet her.” Henry replied.At the mention of Doreen, the expression on the maid’s face changed immediately. She knew what ha
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Evelyn covered Jack’s mouth with her hands as he said that.“Why should you let him know about that?” Evelyn asked in a hush voice.Henry was confused. He stared at them while the people present at the event kept taking picture’s of them.Henry can’t fathom what he just heard.“My sister is dead? What do you mean by that?!” Henry roared.“Oh my God! Are they about to fight?!” The crowd murmured as the flashlight from their phone’s kept increasing.Jack pushed Evelyn aside.“Yes, your sister is dead! What would you do about that? You’re nothing but a poor brat! Go back to where you belong! I wish you died ten years ago!” Jack shouted.Henry scoffed. He kept laughing loudly as tears rushed down his cheeks.“You mean my sister is dead?! we are not in April. Okay? If she’s truly dead, I swear I’ll kill you!” Henry gritted his teeth as he glared at him.Jack laughed.“What will you do? Hit me? You think I’m the one who killed her? If I wanted to kill her I would’ve done that when she
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Henry couldn't believe his ears. “Why would Max kill my sister?” Henry thought.Max used to treat Doreen like his own sister. He will always buy goodies for her and beat anyone who tries to bully her in school.Doreen always called Max “Big Bro”. It's impossible for Max to be the one behind her death. “You don't need to worry too much. She has been cremated and I can take you to her grave. You can go there and weep for her.” Mrs. Cavil laughed.The rest joined in laughing too. Henry stared at the little boy again. “What did my mother do to you to deserve all this wickedness?!” Henry shouted.Mrs. Cavil smirked. “She did so many things to me. Or maybe she didn't. She brought an illegitimate set of children to my home. How will I accept that? She's a cheat and a home wrecker! She doesn't deserve to live and I'm glad she's dead!” Mrs. Cavil smirked. “Mother, Don't say such a thing! How can you derive happiness from someone's death?!” Evelyn said, staring at Mrs.
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They couldn’t believe what Henry just said. “You bought the company? What a joke! I was there yesterday!” Jerry shouted.“You were there yesterday doesn't mean anything. I was also there this afternoon. I was called at the last minute. They offered me to be the CEO of their company and I sent the money to them as soon as possible.” Henry explained.“You gotta be joking! That’s impossible. You make it sound easy and we all know very well that such thing doesn’t happen! I know very well that you’re hallucinating!!!” Jack shouted.“Do you want to know the amount?I really didn’t want to brag about this but you guys are leaving me with no choice other than that. I actually bought the company for a 1trillion dollars!”“One trillion?!” They all shouted.Mrs. Cavill still refused to believe him.“You msut have scammed them! You are nothing but a delivery guy and that is what you will forever remain!” She gritted her teeth.“I have no business with you, Mrs. Murderer. We’ll meet in you
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Henry stared at the little boy as tears flowed down his cheeks. He gently wiped it off with his handkerchief. He placed his hands on the little boy’s hair. “What’s your name?” He asked the little boy.The little boy stared at home without saying a word. He asked for the second time: “What’s your name? Little boy. ” The little boy continued staring at him. “Is he deaf and dumb?” Henry thought.He asked once again; “You can be comfortable around me. I won't hurt you, I'm your uncle. Okay?” Henry smiled.The little boy stared at him and smiled gently. “You smile? Why don't you talk?” Henry asked but got no reply either.The little boy’s smile made him cheer up. He can talk whenever he wants but at least he understands what he says. “I will take you home. Okay? No one's gonna hurt you again. Okay? You're safe with me.”The little boy nodded his head.Henry smiled. He was rest assured. He took the little boy to his home. He doesn't want Mrs. Cavil and her family, to
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Henry’s first day at work was really a tiresome one. He had to pay many bills and loans owed by the company. The loan was more than 200 million dollars, the former CEO mentioned earlier. He was much surprised to realise that the so-called multi-billionaire company that everyone envied is in a huge debt of half a billion dollars!Henry picked up his suitcase to leave the office. He needs to visit Max in the prison before heading to the school to pick Mike.He walked through the doorway. “Excuse me sir, please you need to sign this!” Clinton said walking faster towards Henry.Henry heaved a deep sigh before turning to him. “What’s that? It's getting late and I need to pick my son from school.” Henry sighed.Clinton stared at him in confusion. “When did he get a wife?” He wondered. “You have a son? How did that happen?” Clinton asked. “You don't need to know. My sister's son.” “Ohh, the deaf and dumb boy?!” Clinton laughed.Henry glared at him in annoyance. H
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