The darling son in-law of the fifth family.

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The darling son in-law of the fifth family.

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Nicholas Hawking, the darling son in-law of the fifth family. Always with a calm smile and a bold nature, being loved by the head of the family. But, this young dashing looking man isn't as he seems. There is more to the reason why he signed a three month contract marriage with the last daughter of the Auger's. Revenge. Three years ago, he watched his family die, murdered by the Auger's. Frustrated and depressed, he tried to kill the last daughter but was stopped by his godfather, the big boss. Three years later, he comes back to America but this time, a secret strong and powerful man who is feared in the underground world. Marrying into the Auger family, he vows to destroy them one by one and make them feel the pain they inflicted on him three years ago.


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129 chapters
Nicholas Hawking
The dinner hall of Mountain shark hotel was occupied with elegant and respectable people, all having a nice time talking to each other while waiting for the man of the hour to show up. Of course, the man of the hour who I have been waiting for and who my target is that night. The emcee announced the family I now dread so much, presence, and everyone stood up with a standing ovation. I looked towards the door and watched my enemy walked in, alongside his daughters and his wife, all grinning from ear to ear as the cameras and the attentions where all focused on them.Seeing their smiling faces and proudness made me cringe in anger. I tightened my hold on the knife I had securely hid in my pocket and I clenched the knuckles of my other hand into a fist.They shouldn't be smiling. They shouldn't be happy. They should be sad as I am. They should be frustrated. They should lose everything just like the way they took mine.I hide beside a wall as I watched them from the terrace. One of his
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Fifth Family downfall
Three years later......Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe sounds of cameras clicking, loud gasps, screams of admiration, and mutterings, filled the ears of Nicholas as he stood in the airport hall, occasionally glancing at his wristwatch and looking at the entrance door, not minding the attention he was receiving from the ladies and few men stopping to take a glance at him.Well who wouldn't stop to look at the heavenly and perfectly looking man before them? He looked like a god who lost his way and found himself on earth.Nicholas sighed quietly when his assigned assistant came running towards him, with three security men behind him. He adjusted his tie and glanced at his watch again. "Welcome Mr. Hawking. I apologize for been late, I was held back by a huge traffic." his assistant said through his unsteady breathes and smiled nervously, avoiding an eye contact with the man who he have heard off. "You made me wait and I hate waiting." he said flatly and digged his hand i
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Been cheeky
"I am Nicholas Hawking, the president of Kings power corp, one of the biggest oil company in the world and I am planning to expand the branch in this state, so I am here for a business, but I need a help." he said and leaned forward again. "I need a pretty girl by my side here and I think my search is over." he winked at her and relaxed back on his seat. Amira smirked and drank from her cup of coffee. "You think you can get anything or anyone you want? You are an American but you haven't been living here so you don't know how things work this days. Why do you think I will want to say that yourself, Mr. Nicholas?" He tapped his long fingers on the table and licked his lower lips before his eyes fell on her. "You look rich so my money and position wouldn't entice you, so why try been cheeky when it wouldn't work on you? I am been real with you here. I don't believe in love at first sight so I wouldn't say I love you. But why should I let go of a pretty lady, seati
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The handsome dashing man in black tuxedo suit.
Lex walked to him with his head bowed and his hands behind him. He stopped behind him and cleared his throat. Nicholas gulped down the remaining wine in his cup and handed the empty glass cup to Lex. He adjusted his robe and looked out through the transparent glass wall, at the same tower he saw when he was coming to the hotel. He folded his knuckles into a fist, causing his palm to reddened and his vein visible. He wasn't in Atherton yet but will be there in a week after completing his mission. "Boss, you have a call from big boss." Lex said and stretched the phone towards him nervously. Nicholas collected the phone and went to seat on the only chair in the room. He placed the phone on his ear and the baritone voice of the big boss resounded in his ear. After a few minutes of speaking with him, Nicholas dropped his phone on the bed and faced Lex. "I need to get the girl I met with last night to my side as soon as possible as I have no time here in Los Angeles." he
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Under the wings of her father.
The power and wealth Nicholas attained for three years was baffling to everyone who knew him when big boss took him in. Kings power corp was the least company compared to the other businesses and the big shares he has in other large companies. He has businesses all over the world which he bought and own a large share. He was able to achieve this with the help of big boss, who was known as a king in the underworld, where he controls the government and nations wealth secretly. The two were known in the business world as the top tier kings because of their power, but no one knew who they were as they kept their identities a secret, which they planned on keeping until they get what they want. Out of his other large businesses, Nicholas decided to use the least one, as finding out he is the owner of one of the successful and most populous business in the world will lead to suspicions from the head of the Augers. The man might be old, but he is smart and wise. Nicholas is just twenty six
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Always causing trouble.
Amira turned back sharply to vent her anger on who ever held her hand, but stopped half way when she saw the man before her, still holding her hand in place. "You don't have to waste your strength and time, sweetheart." he said having that gorgeous smile plastered on his face. He dropped her hand down slowly and looked at the three confused ladies before him. "My sweetheart is not in a good mood right now and you still dared to bother her? Do you know what will happen if the head of the Auger finds out about this? You should better pray for help cause I pity what will happen to you." He sighed and looked back at Amira whose gaze were fixed on him. She never expected to meet the man again, not in her state. She moved back, away from him and cleared her throat. "I am fine, I don't need the help of anyone." she said. "Oh c'mon sweetheart, let me take you to your room. You need to rest a bit." Amira rolled her eyes and glared at him. "I am not......" Nicholas butted in with a loud sig
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Have the last laugh.
Nicholas was going to help Amira, which was his plan, but he has other plans. Amira leaving the room will mean his plan failure, and so he dragged her closer to him and wrapped his hands round her waist. "What are you trying to do?" she asked with an arched brow. It all happened so sudden that she didn't quickly register what happened in her mind. Seeing herself so close to him again, her heart skipped. From a closer view, the man had beautiful features that she couldn't help but admire. His nose was pointed, his grey eyes were so beautiful. He had a perfect jaw curve. His lips were so alluring that she just wanted to kiss him that moment. The guy is a definition of temptation. He drew her more closer and she could feel his warm breathe on her face, this time giving her a more wanting feeling than when he was close to her on the bed. His scent....... He has the scent of lemon and mint, her favorite scents. His scent was really starting to drive her crazy. He bent his head, a
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What in the world happened?
Three days later....... Amira came out of her bath tub with a glass of wine on her hand. She wore her bathrobe and went out of the bathroom. Her manager was standing by the door, with a worried face, scrolling through her phone. "Ma'am, this is getting worst. What are we going to do? Your kissing scene with that stranger is all over the net and people are leaving bad comments." Amira sat down with a sigh and crossed her leg. It's been three days since her last encounter with Nicholas. Someone took a video of them and posted it in the internet the next morning. After she left the dinner party hall, her car got broken on the way to her hotel and after a hectic night, she saw the news all over the internet. She have been the most searched person on the internet and it's all because of the leaked video. Who did it? Who is trying to defame her? She don't know who to think of or who to suspect as everything happened already. "Ma'am, the press are calling for an interview
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Purposing a marriage deal.
Before Nicholas entered his car, he received a message from Amira to meet up with her at the hotel restaurant which he agreed to. He had a good feeling about the meeting. She doesn't have any option, anyway. He entered his car and drove off after having accomplishing his first goal. He drove to the hotel and went to his hotel room to get ready for the meeting which they agreed on meeting in thirty minutes. Nicholas picked out a grey suit and a black button shirt to go with it. He need that look that will make him look irresistible to the point where Amira wouldn't be able to hold on anymore. She must be so frustrated and will need a shoulder which he will give to her in exchange for her family. He got dressed, taking his time and did his hair. He was five minutes early to the time of the meeting when he was done. His manager, Lex walked in holding a file. He bowed to his master and handed the file to him. "This is about the wealth, investments, achievements, shares and the p
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Show the world our sweet romance.
"Yes...... We have to save my reputation and my inheritance with this marriage. We just need to stay married for awhile and then go our separate ways. We will both benefit on this. You get your license and I get back my reputation. After three months, we will make everyone believe we got divorce and then we won't see each other again." she answered, with her arms folded below her bosoms. Nicholas picked the document and carefully went through it.. ~The contract marriage between Mr. Nicholas Hawking and Miss Amira Auger will be effective after the signing of this document by the two parties. This marriage will only be effective for three months and at the end of that month, the two parties will go their separate ways and won't see each other again. The two parties are not permitted to fall in love or get involved in each other's business......blah blah blah.~ Nicholas dropped the document back on the table and sighed loudly. Three months will be enough for his revenge. Love? He will
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