The princess of darkness

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The princess of darkness

By: Adeyemi David OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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the revered princess of hell ran away from home and found herself in a new world where she experienced different kinds of hardship. it's now up to her to do what she must to survive this strange world. let's watch her transition from an ant to a big figure. will she be able to survive?


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6 chapters
The mysterious big brother
Chapter 1: the mysterious big brother.Hell, is the home of chaos and suffering, as described by the westerners. It is a place where sinners were punished after living their whole lives on Earth; a second life for all sinners.It was said in all those stories that hell was created for a fallen angel “ Lucifer “ it is a prison created for him, to keep him and prevent him from further leading the humans to the path of destruction. Hell they said, is a world blazing with fire, and cries of the Damned was like music to the soul of the devils…Some of the stories were true, others were a product of the people’s imagination.Hell, as it is now, is a place filled with life and entertainment, nothing like the punishment hole as depicted in the Bible.Hell is divided into seven Continents, each Continent is separated by an ocean of blazing fire. A powerful devil ruled each Continent…they’re the guardians of the Continent. They were seven guardians in total.The first guardian, “ Samael “ he’s
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shameless monk
The Bald Buddhist was lecturing the little bat monster on their way to the mission board. “ I smell human blood on you, you reek of it. Though you were not yet born when big brother roamed this land, I was even a little kid by that time but I always listen to all his teachings and followed the righteous path… “ the bald demon was about to continue bragging when the bat demon cut him off. “ how do you explain This “ The bat demon said while pointing to the bowl in the righteous demon's hand. The Bald demon smiled, revealing his thirty-two sets of pearly whites. When you look closely at those teeth, you’ll notice a pair of sharp and pointy teeth at the upper part of his mouth, they were the sharp incisors used for sucking blood. These two demons were both vampires, but this particular vampire in the Buddhist robe was claiming innocent and righteousness before the little bat, when he couldn’t take it anymore he sighed and pointed out the obvious. “ This bowl of alms In my hands was
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Escape from hell
my Lord, this is the place where we're building the portal that'll lead to the human world. it'll be ready in about a month before the competition for the princess's hand in marriage starts, and that's what will make it perfect,.. " two silver-horned demons were walking down a long charred path, following behind a handsome young man while acting subservient to this little man who was not even half their size.the two demons belong to the same race of silver-horned bulls and they both look alike with a minute difference that'll be very hard to notice. they are currently in their humanoid forms. the only difference that can be noticed between these twin demons' bodies is that one of them has a wider bull-like nose than the other and the silver horns on his head are a little bit shorter than his brother's ( about two centimeters)." Okay, you can work at your own pace but the portal must be completed before the competition and it must be a strong and stable portal that will be able to t
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the grand tournament
Chapter: *The* *Grand* *Tournament*A blinding light erupted from the brightly clustered crystals, the light was tinted with a hue of red, it shot towards the dark clouds and parted it, it seemed as though it had pierced into the vault of the skies. Almost immediately, an incredible amount of energy rumbled, the deafening sound transversed hundreds of kilometers around the portal. The demons in charge stared wide-eyed as the portal glowed for some minutes and it slowly died down, the brightly colored crystals lost it's lustre and dimmed, it looked like it had lost all it's energy and vitality. The sound and light couldn't escape the young man and his silver horned bodyguard, the man turned back and his brows furrowed, an immense deep crevice could be seen in between his brows, before his subordinates could react, his body had vanished from his spot and appeared before the crystal portal. "What just happened?" His voice was low and calm but it was evident, it contained a hint of an
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what world is this
What world is this? 2 Sapa nation, clink village. Deep in the strange stander forest, known by all the people of the neighboring villages and towns as “the forest of doom” because no mortal man had come out of the forest upon entry into the inner region. A young boy was running through this thick forest, he used the short sword in his hand to create a path as he ran into a thick bush. Even though his assailants had stopped running after him, the young boy continued to run until he heard a loud howl coming from the deeper part of the forest. He stopped running and hid behind a large acacia tree. His handsome face was covered in blood as blood was flowing out of an open wound on his forehead. He tried holding his breath for a while but his wildly beating heart rebelled against his wish of staying quiet. His dancing legs couldn’t be controlled as he looked round the forest for the source of that strange sound. The short sword slipped out of his hand as he slumped to the root of this
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what world is this 2
What world is this? Solim was busy bandaging his wound when he saw a big monster hand him the last strip of clothing he was searching for to complete his bandage. The big fellow was looking at him with curiosity-filled eyes, quietly waiting for his next move as if the little boy was a famous magician who was about to perform on stage.“ Thanks… eh?? Aaargh!!!” solim shouted at the top of his lungs but no one was there to come to his aid. He jumped up from the root he was sitting on and started running towards the entrance of the forest. The wolf ran after him, but it always left a space of 10 meters and it wouldn’t cross that boundary even if the boy stopped to catch his breath.Solim soon realized that the monster was toying with him, but there was nothing he could do than to continue running, with the hope of getting a miracle.Suddenly, the night sky was filled with lightning. Everywhere became hot all of a sudden, the ground they were standing on was scorching hot to the point o
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