Tiger In The Street

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Tiger In The Street

By: Zuxian CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Machli was apprehended by a wildlifer who loan him(Machli) to an extrinsically rich man, who wants to rear a tiger. He gets into the street when the man's only daughter made a mark! And the city was basked in tension. In the street, he must not kill, neither must he be killed. What to do?


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134 chapters
"That's it. I'll be off and back in few hours"     His pulsing paws heaving salient breaths on the earth beneath. He did a stealthy look at the lofty empress, as he let his limbs agree with the willing waist. Off he went giving his eyes a sight before his limbs sited.      The summer was quite betraying as the airy antelopes hid in tuning thickets of fear of a ferocious pounce - a malady equivalent to the rhythm the forest played to them.      The saucy sun kept the vociferations drooping as the taunted trees bowed in rhythmic sway to the jazz of the whooshing wind. The sway paged a ray on the eerie earth as the latter embraced the force melting to fiery heat beneath a sane sole.     Machli spotted a d
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   "I got this"     The last syllable heaved an halt on the succeeding ones. He looked around like a passionate orchestra, complementing his muse with the large vine yelling at the spanking breeze. Had he own a paradise on earth?, the halted had their reincarnations in thoughts.     A brief path led to the entrance of the magnificent three storey building with gold laced on the lips of the four edges of the building. A speos was at an isolated spot in the compound. He led a comfortable life with a daughter. Clara, his wife, was in a haste to meet death.      He fixed the landline into its seat and resumed the grilled lamb steaks with mashed potatoes, complemented by an iced whiskey. Despite being warned how injurious iced whiskey is to heart, his choice of meal was
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"Mom, where's Dad"    She would ask herself same if the betraying gaze could sustain the surge squashing the restless capillaries transferring weariness to every nooks of her consciousness.     That was the third time the innocent-but-curious cub would ask. At long intervals though. And like hell, she was done serving confetti of hope in a broken tray of smiles to her and her young brother. Where's Machli, that could escape her larynx in a scrunching shriek.      Idea would not suffer her a stance in its territory. She was spent in thoughts. She was done thinking. She believed that he wasn't in a good state. He'd gone one in a blue for a day and return with felon feasts of carcasses. Carcasses with fresh blood dripping like nectar from a saucy beehive.Read more
MACHLI     Jumpy jaw like the fist of hay. His jaw extended such that it accommodated contractions of confetti. Jaws trained on mutton, Joey like the cwtch seeped in trivial orangeade. Lusty limbs like the cleft of a moaning rock spanked by saucy wind. Though not as thin as the cheetah's that could make the four meet at a lurch, thereby enhancing a gigantesque dive into the callous air, yet they foster havoc. Gritting teeth as edible as the sole of a sane sequoia. Combination of all these qualified him for being a breadwinner and overseer of the park that stretched to the death of the jungle tantamount to the lawn of hell. He was just twelve but wiser than the tosses of the nocturnal nature. He almost divorced his empress before the self-made coronation of his emperorship (if there's anything like that), but consequences gnawled at him. It happened when he accosted an Indian tiger on one of his a-day tours. But he
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 "I'm scared to death"   His heart popped almost out of his chest. He wanted it. And now? Would he reject this and mock Lambz' effort? That would be a slap in the latter's face.     The jolting jaw of the seemed to be taunted or felon tiger traced a repining surge through his capillaries, squashing his courage, cowardice dripping till an ocean drown his acumen. He sure should make a decision. He had no choice. He didn't, actually. And he needed it ASAP. Worn brain bracing bounty dread.      "What do you say?"         Lambz was becoming to be impatient. Patience was spent, bankruptcy gnawled at him as impatience drooled, lurching determinedly towards the lanky wildlifer. He needed to b
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  "Hey Dar, Over here"    He wasn't sure if that was genuine, but keeping her isolated was the last thing on his mind. She joined them over the boxes of pizza. Their friend's birthday, Sea, was peeping from the rear of time as well as their last day in the high school.    Confetti of pride contracted into her acumen as she emerged from the restroom adjacent to the large tree in the heart of Lillyville High School along the suburbs of Michigan, Detroit. The serious look melted into a thin smile fleshened by the goggle of her from-day-one-crush feasting on her professed covetures.      "Hi."      She felt very happy wielding the sassy smile. She watched him waved her to the seat close to his that he'd spared for her, but she took the one o
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     The intervaled fading of the felon florescent light tossed sundry ideas pride squashed. She didn't want to be negative. Not a day before her birthday. But everything around her proved negative. Her dad, though gotten all the needful for the celebration of her 18th, was fastened-to-hell sick. Her friends hadn't called nor showed up and twas  evening. Not even Dreg. Probably, he was yet nursing a grudge against her. But she knew him very closely, he wouldn't have been ignoring her for the sake of attributions relative to crushes. She was convinced. But what was really wrong?      She had gone to check her father in the hospital, and was just returning. She'd taken bites of the leftover pizza she ate halfway earlier that day. She washed its confetti lingering in the eerie esophagus with the bruised bottle of Pepsi. She tried resting on a side, but oddities kept gnawing at her peace. She wasn't a soothsayer. But s
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    "Cheer up, babes."    There was no escape root for her. Her glottis had shrunk that severed syllables fought their damped way out of the punctured pharynx. A need of being their saviour arose as she stayed the oddities in the cleft of the taunted tongue.     It was a great day. Her 18th birthday. Everyone was there. Everyone she'd ever interpreted the concept 'love' to. Or suiting to say, everyone she thought the concept 'love' suit. But her father wasn't. The gaunt smile of Dreg kept her in the hollow of reverberating thoughts. But wanky worries picked her out of the worn path - the longing for her father.     She pretended to be fine. She had been pretending since the convocation of her friends. Her emotive hug hoisted her seductive pleasures when Dreg squeezed her into feeble particles, at arrival.

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  "Woohh. At last!"    The sassy smirk broke into smithereens of sigh as his porous paws complemented the stimulus scaffold. He'd been starved of freedom since the day that man with the moving carriage worked his felony voluptuous voodoo on him. Ideas were tottering. He'd only bitten into that creature's face. He didn't yank it off. He had no business with her. Only two assignments gulped his acumen. He would go for that man, then his family. Ideas had been conceived, plans to bring them to delivery mocked the contracted acumen.       The sassy smirk came alive once more. He was too smart for the rest of those creatures to had apprehended him . He'd dug sundry gores in the flesh of whoever came his way. He felt the breath of the fresh blood tickling his pulpy paws. If he could, he would have sho
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    News had been greeted by the tip of the hay. Hoisted hankering severed in sassy smithereens as worries gulped gaunt emotions.   Both the local and national TV. stations had accosted the bewilderment seeped in nature. Taunted turmoil heaving haughty sigh  in the hemisphere of the city. Felon fear tottered and possessed the sanity of reservation.    The news of an evil tiger that had escaped the house of a bewitched real estate manager. Lanky lust peered, vying voluptuous verses tragedy hummed in the dark street, dripping and dribbling cramped cusses on tarred tongues of airy but worn acumen.    " All the citizens are expected to stay indoor until further notice from the federal government".     Quoted the blond broadcaster as a noise edged towards her from the re
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