Yu Bin. Immortal Of Water Land

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Yu Bin. Immortal Of Water Land

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When everything resumes to love there is no space for more. We need love to be born, love, to grow up, we need love to win against fate. The story that I will tell you, it's not just about love though, because it's starting with the desire of vengeance, with manipulation and betrayal. When the king and the queen of heaven realm are murdered by the royals of the fire realm, two kids are brought together in water realm and raised by the royals there. The royal family of water realm is murdered by one of them letting the princess of the water realm to live in despair... The princess will die thinking that her soulmate is the killer. One thousand years later the princess, her master and her soulmate reborn. Is her soulmate the killer or not? In this story, I'm not promising you a happy ending because we don't know what the day of tomorrow will bring, but we have hope…..


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A Lesson To Remember
"Is she dead? ""That's what I heard" "Hey did you hear? That evil woman died""I heard, that's good, she should've died a long time ago ""I heard she killed the queen and the king""I heard that too, what kind of kid was she, to kill her parents""That's incredible ""I heard she killed Bao Fang too""Wasn't Bao Fang her master?"" yes, I heard she trained her" "I can't believe this woman, she killed her parents, her master and I heard before she committed suicide she killed the prince of heaven too. "" I heard she took out her own golden core""I told you she is a demon" "She suicided knowing that she can never be reborn again.""Even if she will reborn she can never be immortal again "" That's good, that's good, it's better to never be reborn, after all, she was a sinner, she was a demon ""Are you sure she is dead? ""I am, I know from someone I trust that her body got burned by the Princess.""Poor Princess to think that her sister killed their parents""Yes you are right Mi
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Was Just A Dream
"Miss, miss ... wake up, wake up miss." An unknown voice was heard and Yu Bin woke up confused. "What happened?" Yu Bin asked opening her eyes and in front of her was a ticket collector"Miss, you have reached your destination ...." He said, making Yu Bin realize that it was just the usual dream she had for a long time. If you were to say how long ago it started you would have lost count"Oh, thank you, sir." She said coming back to reality."With pleasure, you look tired." The old man said, smiling tenderly at her."I am," Yu Bin said, smiling back"You should rest more." "I'll try, good night sir ... Thank you for waking me up." Yu Bin answered. It was nice to see that there are still nice people in the world."You are welcome dear ..." the old man said tenderly and she got off the bus, lost in her thoughts."Resentment is born of inflicted pain. Love can turn into hatred, and hatred can be melted by love."Sighing wearily, Yu Bin thought,*I just dreamed of someone saying that, bu
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A Mother's Love
You have a point here. So I'll take care of that boy and you both go talk with his mom ..." "yes boss" "Okay, boss" They both said and left in a hurry. They only had six hours until the trial, so they had to move fast. On a normal day time will seem to pass so hard but today it was looking like time is passing faster than usual. Four hours passed in a blink of an eye. Yu Bin became anxious, there were only two hours left and she could not find the boy anywhere. *Where is he, did he leave the country? * Yu Bin got more and more worried. If she could just figure it out faster. A normal day would go by so hard, but today seemed to go by faster than usual. Four hours passed in the blink of an eye. Yu Bin became anxious, there were only two hours left and she couldn't find the boy anywhere. *Where is he, has he left the country? * Yu Bin became more and more worried. If only she could have realized it sooner. After looking for him everywhere and finding no trace of him, she passed
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Why Did You Do It?
" Mom ... do you hate me now?" Only that thought hurt him already, saying it out loud was hurting ten times harder, no, millions of times harder. What if his mother says yes? he is a murderer, after all, he deserves it if his mother hates him. Mom ... do you hate me?" "Why would I hate you?" "Because I ... because .... " The boy couldn't speak anymore, tears were running down his face and the hiccups were starting to get heavier every moment. "It's okay, don't worry, mom is here. I will protect you. She said, hugging him." That's why she didn't want to see him. She knew full well that her son was going to be hurt. She knew that once he saw her, he would blame himself even more. "And who will protect you? Who will protect you, mother? Do you think I'll be happy you'll take the blame? Mom ... I'm dying from so much pain, Mom, I don't want to see you here, Mom it's too painful." The boy cried out in pain. *How can she take the blame? Why? What kind of mother is she? Why does s
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Nothing Is What Is Seems
"No, I don't love you, I hate you, you killed my beloved master" Ah, how much he wishes he can change the past but how can he? The terrible incident already happened so many years ago. Yu Bin made him smile, Yu Bin helped his wounds heal but in the end, he is the one at fault for Yu Bin's pain. " I'm Sorry..." "I hate you" "I love you ..." "I hate you, Xian Chen" "I love you, my princess, my Yu Bin, my life." "I hate you," Yu Bin said, crying painfully. "I know, I am sorry...I'm truly sorry." "I hate you ... " Yu Bin said, sobbing and gripping him tightly. "I know, I am sorry. " Xian Chen replied tenderly, his voice quivering in pain. He loved YuBin, he loved her. He realized it too late, but he did it. He wanted to be able to go back in time, but it was impossible and that made his heart tremble in pain. After Yu Bin stopped crying, Xian Chen carried her back home. "Xian Chen..." " hm ..." "I love you" "hm ... I love you too " "I hate you" "hm ... I know. I'm sorry
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A Case That Break Their Heart Part 1/2
Ah, another dream. I wonder what these dreams are ... and more importantly, how did I get home? Yu Bin thought, getting out of her bed. This master from her dreams…. She could remember everything she said but she can't remember her face. Her voice though… seems so familiar to her. It seems as if she has heard it many times somewhere, but where? Leaving her thoughts aside, Yu Bin took her clothes and the towel from her wardrobe and left for the washroom to have a bath. Getting out of there she was ready to go to work. She found her jacket down so she remembered about last night. But just fractions or maybe it was just a dream. Xian Chen was crying, saying sorry. Why was he crying? She couldn't remember the reason. One thing is certain and that was that Xian Chen was looking so cute last night. This was Yu Bin's last thought and that startled her for some reason. She put on her shoes and rushed out. Reaching the bus station just in time she entered the bus and took a seat watching
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A Case That Break Their Heart Part 2/2
Closing the door behind her, Yu Bin took her phone out and called Xian Chen. "Hello, Xian Chen, did you find anything?" "not yet boss." "Looks like they died eight or ten years ago, so look at the disappearance of two children from eight to ten years ago." "Okay, boss." " Is Moon there?" "Yes, he's on his computer trying to restructure the image of bones. Looks like it's almost over. Boss from what I've seen so far, they're both boys." "Yes, I know . one is five years old and the other is twelve. Anyway, see you there. I'll be there as soon as I can." "Okay, boss. Bye" "Bye ." **** "How is it ?" Yu Bin asked, entering the office. " Boss, there are a few missing children, but none of them match our data." "continue to search. We need to find something. Someone should have reported the missing kids. Moon, what did you find out?" "I restructured the bones, made an image from everything I had and they should look like this. Well, almost, you know we can't be sure if they are
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Sea Of Pain
"I love you, " Xian Chen said, his eyes full of deep sadness. "I love you too, " Yu Bin said with a tender smile, but the next moment she jumped up from her chair. "What happened? " Xian Chen questioned her, trying to touch her. In a way, he knew their loving time finished, Yu Bin remembered the bad things and now the painful time begins. "You, you, you, ... you killed her. You used me to get to her. I thought we were going to be a big family, but you killed her, and my parents and ..." Yu Bin couldn't talk anymore because of crying "Yu Bin ...?!" "Why, why did you do it?" "Yu Bin..." "Why ? " she asked, grabbing his shirt "Yu Bin ... I've never used you, I've always loved you. I know I realized it too late, but I always loved you. " Xian Chen also answered with a shaking voice. "Why? why did you kill ... how could you?" "Sorry" " You said that we will always be together, you said that you, me, and master will always fight for the well-being of our people, you said that
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On The Trail Of The Criminal
Awakening from her sleep, Yu Bin got up from her bed somehow melancholic. Did she just dream of Xian Chen crying again? Something must be wrong with her. The thought *he is cute when he cries * is more wrong than everything. Yu Bin took her clothes and the towel and had a hot bath trying to clear her mind. After she had the bath she dressed and left for work. Coming down from the bus she expected to see Xian Chen but to her disappointment, he was not there. Reaching the office she looked for Xian Chen but he was nowhere to be seen. "Good morning, Moon." Yu Bin said seeing Moon doing something on his computer. "Good morning ma'am. How are you?" Moon answers looking at her curiously. The things that happened last night were coming back into his mind. The fact that his boss last night was looking in so much pain and today she was ok, made him somehow surprised. But, thinking that she was extremely drunk it made sense. "I'm fine, but where is Xian Chen?" Yu Bin asked curiously. Usually
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Remembering The Past Part 1/2
"Xian Chen ..." Yu Bin said, panicking more, her eyes big and voice trembling. Her gaze was fixed in his direction. " I know I took it, but where did I lose it?" Xian Chen was still mumbling and thinking but couldn't remember anything "Xian Chen ..." Yu Bin tried to make her voice audible for just Xian Chen "Where, God, we have to leave this place, but how to leave without a map." "Xian Chen ..." Yu Bin tried to make her voice audible for just Xian Chen "Where, God, we have to leave this place, but how to leave without a map." "Where did I leave it?" "Xian Cheeeennn..." Yu Bin cried out in desperation "Where? Where? "Xian Chen for God's sake, stop and listen to me ..." Yu Bin shouted, making Xian Chen hear her, but not just him. The noise made by her attracted the uninvited guests too. "What? Yu Bin, what is it now? please let me think, for God's sake. " Xian Chen replied angrily. "There ... What is that? " Yu Bin said, pointing behind him, her voice trembling in fear.
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