Áz - The Battlefield

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Áz - The Battlefield

By: Kairos Zero OngoingFantasy

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Hundreds of years ago, the first Battlefield of Áz took place, in that war between Lords almost everyone died, only the next holders of the Sins Authority remained alive. Now, hundreds of years later, the Empire has fallen, no one else can become Emperor, and the True Kings are in conflict. War is raging across the continent's various kingdoms and Áz, the planet, is in danger of being driven to destruction. Whether human or the few that show themselves among vampires, witches, or dragons... no race can escape the fate of their planet. In the midst of a dangerous abyss, a meeting between two people from different times becomes the ignition point for something that can change the course of everything. But this meeting Battleground Selection is about to call everyone again.

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Prologue - First Battlefield of Sin
As soon as he realized where he was and could see what this was all about, the Thieves Lord noticed that his chances of getting out of that "battlefield" alive were almost nil, whatever that might be. who had brought all the Lords to that place had only said one thing... "Only the next Sin-keepers would leave that place alive."— Gods... What have we done to deserve this? — he asked himself, looking at all that stopped after having left the forest where he was before.In the skies, a fireball with a human silhouette inside it fell towards a wave of water moved by an old man with a long white beard causing huge clouds of steam to rise to the heavens, in the center of the city that was on fire, where it was not seen. no more signs of normal human life, huge pillars of crystals came out of the ground growing as if they wanted to devour someone and soon after something they cut those crystals as hard as jewels to the top.❖✴❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖✴❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖✴❖— Yes, But... Why
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Don't Look Down Now
Age of Sin. Year 1027. The end of the dusk took over the sky in the horizon ahead, the weak rays of sun that passed between the trees together with the silence of the insects and animals of the forest left everything in full and absolute silence. A painter faced with that forest could find a striking inspiration of late autumn, if it weren't for the sound of two people running between the trees desperately for their lives everything would be perfect... Or would there also be beauty in that scenario? Only the Paint Lord and great painters perhaps knew the answer to that. Hand in hand with the other girl, at the front was what appeared to be a royal guard, wearing light metallic armor in gray clothes with a long sword attached to the scabbard at her waist, a young woman with white, half-tanned skin with long black hair. who looked to be about 20 years old was running for his life. Being pulled by her as a younger girl, she would appear to be about 17 years old with her curly hair and
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Inside The Aven'Nath Abyss
Life in Aggron wasn't that bad, despite the constant friction with the nearest kingdom, being in the south of the continent which is relatively far from the more central kingdoms Aggron could maintain itself without many wars, to the last real war with another kingdom it took place 300 years ago with the victory of Aggron few were alive to implant discord, however it still occurred… About 5 years ago strange movements began to occur in the neighboring kingdom and were almost at the point of a new war after that. Probably the assassins tasked with killing them were hired by collaborators of the sorts of people who wanted the kingdom at war, yet she didn't care too much about it, she just wanted to be in her mother's embrace again, like a good daughter seeking warmth. Familiar. The cold she felt made her want to curl up for more warmth, where was her quilt and pillow right now? She still wasn't really awake, she could feel herself standing on a hard, wet spot, could feel her skin bein
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Dragon Heart Ritual
Ba-dump… Ba-dump… Something was knocking, that she knew for some reason and thanks to that she managed to wake up little by little, waking up she noticed her closed eyes were bothered with a glint on her eyelids, could they have died? Was it all a dream maybe...? It would be too good to be true, soon the pain in her shoulder, as well as the pain in her left arm, returned to torment her. Opening her eyes she noticed that everything was kind of clear in white color and a green light came from a nearby wall, coming to herself she saw Illye clinging to her, she seemed already awake and all that light was her active barrier around them. Was his authority functioning normally again? That was a gift- — Noell! You woke up... Finally! — With a clear joy in her voice despite her state where she had to create barriers being injured Illye spoke to her. — Where are we...? — Noell asked, looking around. What she could mostly see was water, like a sea below the ground whose rivers of water fell
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The Man Lost Over The Abyss
She had been waiting for a few minutes now, leaning against the wall, she waited for any sign that Noell would come back alive and well because for Illye nothing else mattered now. Remembering her mother using Noell to fight, it reminded her of something that had taken place eight years ago, but now it was her mother who appeared. Her father and uncle never explained anything about what happened to her where they only said that it could end up happening again, that they should be careful, and in the end it did. — It wasn't that bad... It could have been worse. — She said when looking at the beast in front of her. In fact after she started to wait there another monster appeared aiming to attack,luckily this one was of another species being something that looked like a huge blue lobster, this and next to the other one they tried to attack her and luckily their barriers were resistant to the enough to last a little longer. The problem was that the more she wore was something that helpe
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The Cardinal of the Blue Temple
South of the Continent, North of the Salt Desert. Nothing made sense. When after so much pain he was finally freed from that cursed place, he was told that a lot of time had passed, and now what would he do? Who would know what to do? He didn't even know. After starting to fly towards the City of Azzaria, told by Illye which seemed to be the closest city to Aven'Nath Deep, Kamaell passed over a forest a few hours ago at high speed. He had already passed through there, probably, the forest that was once clear full of trees and leaves with shades of orange now looked dark and full of huge dry trees with no apparent life. Time seemed to be cruel to everyone, not just him. Nothing looked the same, nothing else looked the same as before. The young woman in his arms, known as Noella or Noell according to Illye, seemed to be fast asleep, even with the sound of the wind rushing past them she had no sign of waking up. The muscles in his body were almost torn apart from doing something they
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The Agents of Truth
Having spent about half a day, ordered by the lord of Azzaria, a messenger on horseback traveled as fast as he could towards the capital, just as a letter had also gone by way of a bird, better to use all possible alternatives. This messenger was heading to the capital and had now arrived at the nearest city of Azzaria looking to continue his mission after changing horses and letting the night pass, having entered the city and talked to the guards saying that there was something important to be delivered in the capital. the messenger arrived at the post where he would rest. On the way in a four-story building on the ground floor, a man watched the local commotion among the guards and listened to the conversations of the messenger leaning against the wall in secret. — It seems that something happened in Azzaria… — The man reflected as he left the place after understanding enough. He knew the princess had been missing for about four days and that was probably the work of the place he
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The Worry of Flowers
Capital of Aggron, Dellaria, Silver Palace.A Colored Palace was the second symbol of a kingdom's power. A kingdom could only be considered a true "kingdom" if it possessed one of the Throne of the Seven Colors, so around it the rest in the eyes of many were just remnants fighting for power, with no right to any choice on the continent.From unknown times when the Thrones came into being, the place that contained them was called a palace. The palaces were defined by their magnitude, normally it was the tallest and widest building in the kingdom and with the passage of time in addition to the residence of the royal family it became the place where all the administration of the kingdom took place in every way it could be considered a of the pillars of a kingdom.The Silver Palace itself was not made of Silver, but the Silver Throne within it emitted an aura that over time changed the color of the entire palace to an almost white silver hue, just as all the other Thrones did with their r
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The Pursuit in the Middle of the Night
Rushing out of the Silver Palace, Laylla first went to the Blue Temple because before she left there was someone who had to warn.   As she rode through the wide stone streets, the main ones of the capital of Aggron, many could see her hurrying. The girl who normally lavished joy and happiness on the townspeople now looked hurried and worried.   Arriving at the Blue Temple, she entered in a hurry, the priests and others who were there did not stop her, they just thought it was strange that she was in such a hurry.   There was usually a certain distinction between the people who worked for the Blue Temple and those who worked for the Aggron Kingdom. It was more a matter of priority besides the fact that every Cardinal, Chief Priest and Deputy Chief had to be a Stage 4 or 5 Lord. Laylla had been a Priest under the Chief Cardinal of the Blue Temple until five years ago, but due to her disagreements with the temple rules by a
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The Help of Force
South of Aggron, Callua City. At a guard post near the south gate of the city of Callua, a girl in a dusty red dress was slumped over a bench, sweat was running down her forehead and neck, her once tidy hair now looked more like a cat's nest. tied by a cyan colored ribbon. Beneath her closed eyes, large dark circles spread across her face, with an equally exhausted expression she rested as long as she could, which wasn't much. A guard approached her carrying a brown leather bag, such a guard looked at the girl with pity and even then he couldn't do anything for her, she told them she didn't want any escort so she wouldn't be disturbed despite being dangerous. — Miss Laylla. Here are the groceries you ordered from me. — The guard commented with extreme calm as he offered her the bag. Opening her eyes quickly Laylla looked in his direction and took the brown bag, opening it she checked everything inside and then closing the bag and hanging it on her back she got up slowly. Further
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