Mage Academy For The Gifted

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Mage Academy For The Gifted

By: Writefreak_001 OngoingFantasy

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I'm Daryn Coldwater. My normal life is boring and complicated. A few weeks ago, I got kidnapped and was taken to a magical academy. At first, I thought my dreams had come true, but it just turns out that I'm living a nightmare. Now, I'm stuck here, trying to learn magic while figuring out how to cope in the academy.

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Welcome to the academy
~Daryn~My life as an average teenager has always been a mess. Raised by a single mum, I at times feel very lonely whenever she's at work; I have no friends to visit, I don't do parties and other stuff you might refer to as 'cool'. Often times, I also get bullied at school. Most times I just wish I could have the adventurous life I've dreamed of since I was a child. Find magic if it really exists, sail across the night sky upon a dragon's back, and save the world together with my team of magical superheroes. But again, all these fantasies can only exist in my head and not in the real world. ********It was 8:00pm at night, and my mum had not yet returned from work. As usual, I just finished having a nice cold bath and was about to watch some TV, dressed in my bathrobe; I would then probably fall asleep on the couch like always, until my mum came back from work. However, things took a different turn when a sudden knock was heard on the door. I wasn't expecting any visitor, not at su
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Headmistress Lyra
A sudden silence filled the enormous room as we all witnessed something strange.The ground beneath the well raised position split into two halves with a loud rumble, and then, a young beautiful girl ascended from underneath the ground. She was dressed in a long white robe, and had neatly arranged black hair with a few white streaks. She had the looks of a young lady in her early twenties or so. With a sudden loud thud, the ground was sealed back, and it looked very normal. I was lucky enough to see everything because my tall height was an advantage. The young girl waved her hands in a beautiful gesture, with a brilliant smile which was impressed on her face. "Welcome to the mage academy for the gifted". Her voice sounded more matured than her looks could tell. "I know you all are very confused at the moment, and I promise to clarify you as soon as possible. "But first, I would like you to know that I'm Headmistress Lyra...and this is my personal assistant, Tabitha". She poin
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A talking mirror
I appeared in a big and well lit room which had silver curtains, and two beds. The floor had criss crossed silver designs, with some repeating circular patterns. Its walls were painted with blue and silver colours, and it had a sharp and attractive contrasting light which made the room look more colourful. My gaze swept around the whole room in fascination, as I couldn't realize the source of such warm lightning. I eventually noticed the brown wooden table by the corner, which had a bowl full of tasty snacks upon it.My stomach growled. I was hungry, and craved for some snacks, so picking at least one biscuit won't hurt. "Stop it Daryn!", I whispered to myself. I can't trust the school yet, after all they kidnapped me and dozens of others whose families would probably be worried about. I paced around the room until I got to another door. 'This should be the bathroom', I thought. My gaze met with the silver wardrobe which stood opposite the second bed. I was probably not going t
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Supernatural test
~ The Next day ~The whole atmosphere was saturated with whispers and indistinct chattering, as all the academy's new recruits converged in the test room. The room was a very large one which was capable of containing twice the number of crowd it already held. It had neatly patterned gold walls and it's floor had gold and silver colours which didn't mix. Just like the room I slept in last night, it had warm lighting from a source I couldn't see. Dressed in a new outfit which mysteriously appeared upon my bed, I found myself amongst the noisy crowd, but remained silent and unable to ask any of the questions I had in mind, simply because I was too afraid to do so.Instead, I observed most things around me, taking note of people's names and faces as they interacted with one another. I stole a gaze at the girl who asked the same question I had in my mind earlier; she was standing beside me, but didn't notice me...or so I thought. "This is just so stupid...I wonder what test they're g
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It's complicated
A lot of time passed, and with five people before me, I was next in line for the test. The test hall was getting quite empty, since most supernaturals were teleported to the fabrication room, while the others were sent back home. Tiny beads of sweat rolled down my face as I felt really anxious for a reason I couldn't understand. I exhaled lightly before stepping forward to touch the orb in front of me. As I touched it, its bright yellow glow grew paler and paler until it turned white. There seemed to be a small explosion within it, which caused it to shine with a sudden bright white light. I noticed the startled look on everyone's face, but I couldn't really understand what happened. The headmistress was puzzled. "What just happened?", she asked. I took my sweaty palms off the orb before it assumed it's yellow glow again. But there seemed to be a problem - the magic screen didn't display the kind of supernatural being I was, even though the orb confirmed that I was a supernat
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Such a loser
It was dark and almost completely silent in a thick forest. The dry leaves rustled as the wind swept back and forth. The footsteps of a masked stranger caused the ground to shake with violently rumbling sounds. The stranger's appearance was smoothly concealed, as he was dressed in black like a ninja. With both hands facing the quaking ground, he began to chant a spell;"Arklash irvum sri"The rumbling noises grew louder alongside the violent earthquake, until the ground cracked open. A long sharp sword ascended from underneath the ground. It was almost completely covered by a visible mass of dark energy which seemed to disappear soon after the ground's cracks sealed close. The loud rumbling noises suddenly ceased, and the forest became silent. With nothing but an outstretched hand, the sword flew right into the stranger's hand. He let out a silent gasp as he felt a rush of the sword's dark energy surge through his whole body."The legends are true...the sword really possesses g
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A magical wardrobe
~ Daryn ~I managed to find my way back to my dorm, after spending hours walking around the academy in search of it. The academy was truly vast in size, and one could get lost without being careful. I dashed into the room without quickly noticing that a new person had replaced Henry, my former room mate. "You must be Daryn Coldwater"I felt a bit creeped out at the sound of the anonymous voice, especially because the lights were turned off.I took some steps backwards until my back met with the door. "Who are you?", I asked. "Geez, relax dude...I'm Daemon Weathers, your new room mate", said the person. The lights finally came on, and as I could guess, it amused him to see how frightened I was at the moment. He tried all he could to hold himself back from bursting into laughter, and his face looked red and swollen from all the holding back. I felt embarrassed. "What? You shouldn't have startled me that way", I blurted with a slight frown. Then without any warning, he finally e
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The Dean
~ Daryn ~Hundreds of the academy's freshmen converged in a very enormous hall called the arena.The arena was illuminated with colorful lights, and the atmosphere was saturated with the pleasant sounds of music. Daemon and I walked into the arena, both dressed in matching blue dazzling tuxedos. My eyes scanned through the crowd in search of one person - Zora. I wondered what she would wear and how she would look, and it felt weird when my eyes finally met with her. I stared so much that I almost lost track of my surroundings. She looked so gorgeous to behold in the purple sleeveless dress she wore. The unique purple shades of her eyes were seen for the first time, since she wasn't wearing her purple glasses. Her long ebony black hair was neatly pulled into a bun, with only but a few curls left to fall freely. I snapped back to my senses immediately I felt Daemon's hand on my shoulder. He smirked at me with a slightly raised brow;"You should dance with her tonight", he sugge
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The dean's test
"You love staring"On hearing Zora's words, I stopped staring at her and awkwardly shifted my gaze to the other side. "Um....I'm sorry, I just--""No, it's're handsome", she said with a beaming smile. "Thanks... You're gorgeous too", I replied and smiled back, still staring deep into her eyes. We started dancing again. Her cheeks flashed with a bright red tint as I gently pulled her close to me and let her fall into my arms.She was great at dancing just like I was. I was amazed that she was able to flow with my dance steps. I tried so hard to not stare at her, but it seemed futile. She was just too breathtaking. Trying to make it seem less awkward, I decided to start up a conversation;"So, um...what supernatural being are you?", I asked. "I'm a"I frowned slightly. "The truth is, I don't really know...for some reason, the headmistress and her assistant are hiding something I can't tell", I replied. ", it's complicated...""Yeah...can you by
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First kiss
~ Daryn ~I peeled my eyes open, not wanting to look down from such a tall height, and my hands tightly clutched one of the monster's thick brown vines, refusing to let go. Meanwhile, I could see that Zora's gaze was fixed upon me. She must've been crazy for trusting me to do something so dangerous as what I was doing. My heart pounded heavily as I let go of the thick vine in my hand and instantly grabbed another one. Beads of sweat rolled down my face as the vine swung close enough to the monster's chest, allowing me to finally let go of it. Shit! I groaned as I felt my back hit the ground, and then rolled sideways in slight pain. My eyes popped open, and I pranced up on my feet again. "I'm alive!"I stumbled as I approached the bright crystal and seized it, not giving a fuck about the violent quakes which resulted from the monster's movement. My heart pounded on hearing whiffing sounds, knowing exactly what next to expect. My legs trembled as I felt the thick vines beneath me
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