Foggy: Guardian Of The End

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Foggy: Guardian Of The End

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A boxer who won the world's heavyweight championship died on his way to the Netherlands in a plane crash and reincarnated to a world that scientifically can't exist. He wasn't a human anymore but a ferocious beast-like creature, in a magical world where he will have to fit in, fight battles to survive and to save the word from the end.

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Chapter 1. His last fight
The crowdy arena roared as the MC introduced Tyson Hike. Tyson Hike held the world heavyweight champion medal after various fights, and it had been so for the past months. The second uproar from the crowd also shook the place as the opponent, Lauthel Kaul was been introduced to the stage. He walked with style as he had been doing. He looked so confident as well as his opponent.Lauthel Kaul won many gold medals and was popular because of his philanthropic attitude and his love for his family. Lauthel came into the ring and smashed his boxing gloves together and sat at the edge of the ring, facing Tyson Hike.“Folks! Are you ready for the big night?" The MC screamed. "Yessss" the crowd cheered and some whistled. The atmosphere was tense."Y'all have been waiting for the two big lion’s battle, which you're going to get to..night...t. If you're ready let me hear you say, Hell yeah!" the Mc said. "Hell yeah!!!" The crowd chorused. Then the MC moved the microphone from his mouth and move
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Chapter 2. Bye bye love
Two days after the fight, Dyan got a call from Lauthel (On the phone)“Hey, babe” Dyan responded. “I just finished receiving my treatments, so I guess I will be get home by evening" he said. “I can't wait to see you sweetie, the children are impatient to see you as well” she said happily. In the living room. Lauthel's wife, Dyan, and the kids had been decorating the house since morning. She held a placard with ‘OUR HERO’ written on it. “Hey Cylas, you should make it snappy" she said to Cylas, her male son as he tied up balloons that where only the remaining three that were bouncing on the floor."Okay mum, I'm trying” Cylas answered her. “Mum I'm done with the sprinkles” Roseth smiled as she said, to her mum. She moved to her mum and her mum carried her to her arms."Okay Cylas, we're waiting for you, your dad is approaching” Dyan reminded him. "Okay mum." Cylas replied and before the tick tocked, car horns were heard from outside the house. Immediately, the mum put down Roseth.
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Chapter 3.
Lauthel laid on the bed made with feathers. It was soft and puffy and very relaxing. So relaxing that Lauthel frowned a little when he finally woke up. His eyes were heavy and he still felt very weak. The sunlight caught his eyes and he grunted then he tried sitting up in the bed but he seemed weak. However, he was eager to go and meet his family to tell them that he had survived.The bed was hanging above a hot, boiling pot filled with leaves not to far from the ground level. The puffy bed made with feathers didn't shrink an inch as the hot vapor smoked it. When he finally opened his eyes, he noticed that the everything was different, -- the room was different."Shit!" He cursed. "What the hell is this? Where am I? HEY DYAN!!" He screamed at the top of his voice, but there was grave silence, after he screamed and he kept calm, thinking about where he could possibly be. No one would bring a world champion to a shrine for treatment with all the best hospitals out there.“I'm surely d
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Chapter 4
AFTER SOME MINUTES."thanks to God, i am free from those maniacs" Lauthel said as he walked from behind the window, when the two left the room. He held window well at the bottom and crawled back into the room, his face were sweaty and his legs where shaky. He scoured the room quietly, as he started from the items placed on the walls. He quietly removed the plank on the top of a huge cupboard that was in the room, he thought it was a mirror and he threw it backwards as he found that it was an ordinary plank. He flung it backwards as resumed looking for a mirror, a large one. He looked for it sternly and luckily found an average height mirror. He grunted as he dragged it from under the stuffs that was jam-packed in a long, big box. "Finally." He said joyfully. Swiftly, he withdrew his head and wiggled it as he held the mirror farther. "Who is this? God! IS THIS MY FUCKING SELF!" He shouted and covered his mouth immediately, he quickly tiptoed to the front door and peeped to see if anyo
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Chapter 5
As they honoured him with another punch again, wind gusted from all the corners of the woods. And the birds screeched in reaction to the strong wind. The guys stopped and Seva, who held Lauthel by the neck startled and looked up as the other two looked around."When would you guys learn your lessons?" A voice from all the angles of the woods echoed. "Hey Kyar! Mind your business as we focus on ours." Torsè said loudly. "We don't want any fight.""Then you should humble yourselves, and save yourselves some injuries, by handling your victim to me." The voice of Kyar reverberated again from the woods, without appearing."Hey coward Kyar, why don't you just show up and prove yourself a warrior, by letting us add one more to our little pet here." Seva said again and they all laughed hard at it. "Well... You called for it, and I think your cups are full enough." She came into the base from all corners of the woods. She was all over the place, like her reflections were appearing on plenty
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Chapter 6
The female doctor placed her hands on the chest of Lauthel and Reylei stayed back, nervous about the situation. He stood back and moving to and fro. His two hands where clapped together, as he prayed to the higher gods. "Please gods, save Lauthel. He is the only man we have that can stand for us in this country. The unvarying world is almost unstable and we don't want our lives to be cut off, please gods""I'm sorry can you let me have the room to myself?" The doctor turned back, speaking to the praying Reylei. "Okay ma'am, I will do" Reylei left the room and went outside the room, still praying loudly but his words fainted when the door was closed by the doctor. "Hey boy, I don't know why you're still not waking up. This is the second time I'll be treating you this same week, you have made my life look like hell this past days Lauthel." She wept bitterly and softly.Lauthel in the new world had been in a secret affairs with the doctor. She tend to flashback as she sobbed. ******
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Chapter 7
"okay sir" Reylei answered Korth-ral, as Korth-ral moved out of the room, swaying the curtain behind him. "Oh... Doctor, what else could you think of, that might be happening to him?""Nothing" she replied "I shouldn't have brought him from the afterlife. This has become a pain in my ass, he can't even remember his own name." After some time, Lauthel woke from his sleep, and met the doctor and Reylei there, watching him. They startled and raised him up well enough. "It's okay, I'm fine" Lauthel said to them, making them leaving his hands and his back. "I feel like I'm very stronger than I was.""I wish you know that you get stronger eveeyday." Reylei said and smirked."Yes, we all grow stronger everyday and for you and your lineage here, you grow extra strong or develop another kind of power. It's a normal thing here, Lauthel" the doctor seconded."Oh, wow that's actually good, so when do you guys plan on taking me back home?" He answered with a weird smile on his frowny face."Yes"
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Chapter 8
Korth-ral, Lauthel, Reylei, the doctor and Kyar all sat in the living room after the meal at the dining room."Hey Korth-ral!" Reylei broke the silence among the people."Yes" Korth-ral answered "You said you wanted to tell us a story." Reylei said."Oh, yes" Korth-ral itched his eyes as he scrubbed it lightly with two of his cat-like claws. His appearance was like that of a werecat, a big cat with glowing face, he had scales on his back, that was strong like the shell of a tortoise. There were few strands of hair on his face and his eyes glowed blue colour, and that flamed when he gets angry. "I remember. I didn't forget, and I was about saying it too." He cleared his throats and started. "Lauthel here is suffering from the foggy curse truly, but it has to do with two creatures.""Two creatures?" The doctor asked."Yes" Korth-ral answered as he continued. "Lauthel Kaul that we all knew. He was involved in a battle for my sake and maybe the community's. In the fight, he was slaugh
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Chapter 9
THE NEXT DAYIt was dawn and when it was about 6am, a gong banged and the whole building shook, it was how the people get to know that it was time to wake up. Lauthel woke up, thinking maybe it was a war, that was about to start. He hid himself since he could only learn from his own perspective, and no one was present there in his room. After some minutes, Korth-ral walked into his room, he laughed as he saw lauthel hiding behind the wardrobe. "Hey boy!" Korth-ral called out to him. Lauthel winced as he heard his name and seeing Korth-ral laugh, fading away. He knew things was in other. He picked a fine cloak and changed it with is night robe. His muscular body showed from the tight cloak arms. As they were going down the stairs. Lauthel ripped off the rattling little irons, tied to the hem of his trouser, as a design. The noise was getting him annoyed, so he ripped them off."Ohh God!" He lamented ad he raised his head and stood to continue walking down the stairs. The staircase was
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Chapter 10
As Lauthel stood in the midst of the plate, in the dark and blank space. He sighed and frightened. He looked around, again and again, he began to see images of a life that wasn't his. He saw a man and a woman, welcomed a baby and he saw various images of the baby growing, when he was very young and became a kid, to learning how to fight, learning magic, learning how to turn into a human, just to distract the humans when they came for war. Obviously not from his own earth. Only astronaut travel from his earth, but the humans who came for war was not even wearing suites. He looked persistently on the image of the other Lauthel turning into a human. He learnt it and the image kept reoccurring, he tried it and retried it, until he finally got it. The other Lauthel (his duplicate) fought wars and as Lauthel saw how strong he was, and how he watched over the unvarying earth. Lauthel watch the other Lauthel (his duplicate) grow and how he was in love with the doctor, how he left Kyar for the
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