Adventures in Nirvana

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Adventures in Nirvana

By: Seyed Umar OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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The story focuses on Elisa O’Sullivan, a boisterous hot-tempered girl who was spoiled by her grandparents. After being sent to a boarding school by her mother, she vows to create trouble and chaos at the school while staying on top as an act of revenge. However, everything changes when she discovers a machine that transports her to a digital world called Nirvana. When the Fallen, monsters created by a virus infecting Nirvana, start attacking the school, Elisa is forced to protect the school alongside her new classmates, whilst trying to learn the secrets of Nirvana and the school.

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Chapter 1: A stroll through paradise
It was beautiful. The sun was shining overheard in the clear blue sky, its light filtered through the thick canopy of leaves. The trees were tall, thick and strong, unmoving against the gentle breeze that rustled the leaves and grass. Song birds and butterflies flew to and from the trees, a beautiful diversion from the flowers and leaves on the forest floor. A natural path wound between the trees towards a clearing bathed in sunlight, and on this path was a little girl. She was about 7 years of age, a small child with long, straight, jet-black hair that reached her shoulders, eyes as red as the brightest rubies, a cute little button nose, and a pale face with the loveliest smile. The dress she wore was as black as her hair, with white frills, reaching past her knees towards her knee-length socks. It was simple yet elegant, perfectly complementing her beauty. She was running on the winding path towards the clearing, laughing as she held out her arms at her sides like an airplane. As
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Chapter 2: A spoilt child
Elisa looked up at her ceiling, then at the alarm clock on her bedside table. It was eight a.m. in the morning. No wonder her mother's been shouting for her; she overslept! She sighed, then proceeded to get up from bed. She was still tired from last night's event and wanted nothing more than to crawl back under the covers, but she knew her mother would simply come up to the room and throw off her covers if she did. Best to just get up for the day. "Elisa!" "I'm awake, OK! I'll be down in a few minutes!" She yelled back at her mother after opening her door, closing it almost immediately after she was done yelling. She let out a frustrated sigh, then turned and walked to a dresser on the other side of her room. As she reached for her hairbrush, she looked at the bedraggled girl clad in striped dark blue pajamas, who stared back at her from the mirror on the dresser as she combed her hair. Looking at her reflection, she could see the effects of last night's party on her tired face a
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Chapter 3: The Scheme
Elisa stayed in her room for nearly thirty minutes, still exhausted from last night's party. She passed the time mostly by reading through a few of her favourite books, and taking a small nap. She ate a few granola bars she'd hidden in her room to make up for not finishing her breakfast. The Rogers open their doors to visitors at about 8:30 am. Since Elisa had woken up at 7:30, thirty minutes later than usual, she had over an hour before her mother called her down to deliver the dishes back to the Rogers (half an hour after taking the time to relax). That gave her some time to calm down and think. First there was Harry. Even if he doesn't tell her her, he would still pester her to keep the promise she made last night. And the more pestering he did, the more of a pest he becomes. It also meant that mother would get involved, and since Harry is a terrible liar, she could easily get the truth out of him. And then Elisa would really be in trouble, the kind that her grandparents can't save
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Chapter 4: Shock and Straw
Elisa stepped into the Rogers' home, looking around in awe. No matter how many times she came here, the art and beauty always took her breath away.The Rogers family were all natural born artists, although, their art was rather....unconventional. Still, it was stunning and had a lot of charm.On either side of the front door hung a canvas of a bullseye target, one being made out of confetti, the other being made out of drinking straws.On the wall next to the stairs hung three more canvases, each depicting a flower. One was made out of candy wrappers, the second was made out of various seeds, and the third one was made out of bottle caps.On the opposite wall hung three more canvases, these ones having a more traditional touch, but still unconventional nonetheless. One was a painting of what appeared to be a swirling galaxy of colours, but looking closely, it was actually a bunch of mathematical figures and formulas. The next one appeared to be a pencil sketch with tiny splatters of p
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Chapter 5: The punishment
Elisa sat curled up on her bed, brooding. She wrapped her arms around her knees and hugged them to her chest, staring into empty space with a weak glare.Ten minutes have passed since the fight. When she had lunged on her younger brother Harry under the assumption that he had split on her regarding the secret of last night's party. It had taken all of Mrs O'Sullivan's strength and patience to pry her children apart. Elisa had fought like a wild animal, first pummelling Harry on the floor (while he did nothing except shield himself), then struggling in her mother's arms, trying to get at her brother. It was only after her mother had managed to get her under control did she learn the truth. Mrs O'Sullivan had received a call from a friend just before she went to clean up the backyard. It was this friend of hers who told her everything about the party and Elisa's prank items (which she had received as a prize). However, to make sure it was all true, she sent Harry to look for Elisa's pr
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Chapter 6: Battle in paradise
Elisa was in the backyard, almost done cleaning up the mess she made. She made a face as she scooped up the last pile of fake poop with the garden trowel and put it away in the garbage bag in the other hand. Although she knew it was fake, it didn't help in the slightest due to its realistic look and smell. As much as she tried to avoid it, she had gaze upon each pile to pick it up, and everytime she always got a whiff of the smell that made her want to gag and throw up.After Mrs O'Sullivan dropped the bombshell about sending her off to some boarding school, she revealed that wasn't Elisa's actual punishment. Her real punishments were cleaning up the mess in the backyard and not being allowed out of the house, except for whenever her mother needed to take her shopping, until school started. AND she had to apologise to Harry for giving him a terrible beating, which gave him a few big bruises.The first punishment was for her prank and horrid behaviour this morning. The second was for d
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Chapter 7: Dreams and facades
Elisa has getting strange dreams like the one she just had for the past two years. In every one of them, she was her seven year old self, prancing around and having fun with a group of imaginary friends that she couldn't even see, for the most part. The setting was always different, sometimes a grassland, other times a large valley, and once she found herself in a cave, but the one thing they all had in common was that they gave off a heavenly feeling. Indeed, these dreams often came whenever she was feeling really unhappy or dissatisfied with life, and it always cheered her up (somewhat) in the end. Right now, she definitely felt a little better after having that dream.However, it also left her confused, like right now. These dreams weren't frequent, and there was no pattern or schedule as to when they would appear, except for whenever she felt really negative about life. What's more, she couldn't remember everything in the dream, only small fragments here and there, but all in very
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Chapter 8: Fresh start
It was about one and a half hours later when Elisa got out of her room to go to the kitchen and refill her water bottle for the second time. During the time she was in her room, she continued to watch videos she had downloaded on her phone, played a puzzle game on her phone, fiddled with her straw figure that she got from Joseph, and finally, just half an hour ago, Harry had come in for the first time since he was attacked by his sister. Although he had received an apology from her, he didn't believe she was really sorry (she wasn't) and so he didn't accept it. Although he slowly began to warm up to her when she started acting friendly, he still didn't truly trust her. Even now, he was very cautious as he entered her room. Elisa looked up to see him hanging nervously by the door. She smiled a welcome and gestured to him to come inside. After he came in, they spoke for a while, having a much friendlier conversation than usual, Elisa apologising once again, this time with a little more
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Chapter 9: Off to school
For the rest of that week, Elisa O'Sullivan did everything she could do to change her mother's mind. She did more chores around the house. She became friendlier and more polite towards her family. She rarely made a fuss or lost her temper. But ultimately it was all for nothing. Two days before she was to be sent off to Eastwood Academy, and she hadn't made any progress whatsoever. To say it was frustrating is a severe understatement. It was the second time that a plan to get the better of her mother had failed. The second time she had beaten by her; only this time, it had all been her mother's own skill. She may have been oblivious for the first few days, or more likely hopeful, but now it was obvious that she saw through Elisa's plan a few days back, possibly before they had that conversation about the school. The fact that she failed to outplay her mother took a real blow to Elisa's confidence. She had managed to trick her mother before, several times. But now, looking back, she
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Chapter 10: Eastwood Academy
Elisa took what Joseph said to heart, and decided to undertake some research on Eastwood Academy. After receiving approval from her mother, which was surprising to Elisa, she was able to use her mother's computer to complete her research, under her supervision of course. It turns out that the school is located in a small town close to Grimsby and the coast, a place called Wolfden. It was the kind of sleepy town that most people would miss on the map, but at the same time would love to visit if they knew about it. The school appeared to be its pride and joy, along with an asylum for the mentally ill (for some reason). After undertaking the research and learning what she needed to know, she went back to her room and sat down on her bed to think. There was no getting out of boarding school at this point; she had to accept that and move on. The main issue now, is what she is going to do once she was there. It was something Joseph had said during their conversation that gave her inspirat
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