Born to wicked

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Born to wicked

By: House of M OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Jane was reborn with a gift from the god to make up for it. He asks to keep all the memories from his previous life. And he reincarnated as Lucia, the daughter of a noble in the world of magic.

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Last one standing
I'm Yeager Jane, twenty-six years old, a former low-level employee in a real estate company. Just over a month ago, the company suddenly cut staff and of course those who have no dedication or low productivity will be fired. Among them was me, a security guard who neither excelled nor had original ideas.When I was in elementary school, I was often mistaken for a girl from appearance to timidity, even gestures. Because I was young, my friends didn't treat me to the point of seeing me as a different person. By the time I entered middle school, my appearance hadn't changed much from before. When it was time to introduce themselves in class, the girls sitting around me looked at me with questioning eyes, or reacted like they didn't believe in my gender. So during my life in middle school, I only had two or three male friends, not a single female friend or a lover to guide me. And in the long run, one of my friends still considers me as the opposite sex, because my health is quite poor an
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"Lucia!! Wake up, are you okay? Lucia!!!" I was violently awakened, by the strong voice of a girl. Not only that, I also felt like that girl had just patted my cheek and called me by some unfamiliar name.Forcing myself to open my eyes while still a bit hazy. I looked in the direction of the voice and let out an exclamation. "Wow." I regained my senses immediately after making that sound and rubbed my eyes thinking. Who is this western beauty girl? Her eyes were as blue as the sky and her skin was white as if nourished by milk, plus her silver-gray hair was tied in a tangerine style bun that matched her face very well. Why would such a beautiful girl appear in my apartment? However, it seems that this is not my apartment anymore, from where I am lying I see a very strange scene. And this girl's way of dressing is equally strange, cosplay? But also my voice just now, it doesn't feel right, maybe it's because I just woke up, so my voice isn't normal. Such a series of thoughts
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My lady
When the princess's discussion was over, a soldier came to the room where I was staying, and invited me to go over there to meet the people who had discussed me before. I wonder how I will be dealt with, work for the royal family or die for disobeying orders? I'm not sure if my fate is to be like that, if this is an autocratic country then there really is a possibility. But thinking too much can't solve the problem, we have to go there and see how the situation is."My lady." The soldier holding a spear blocked the door as I was about to leave the room. "Princess has orders, you must change into other clothes because you cannot wear pajamas to meet the duke."What did he just say? Duke debut? That princess has been gone for a while and already plans to sell me to some noble man? Is this what they call a political marriage? And I don't belong to anyone either, how could something like this happen... Wait, I need to calm down and think for a bit. Things may not be the same as I thought,
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