Forbidden Sphere

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Forbidden Sphere

By: Matisyahdu CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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When Arran decides to become a mage, he quickly discovers that magic can be more dangerous than he had ever imagined. Soon, he finds himself hunted for powers he never knew he had. Helped by a mysterious mage with secret motives, he sets off on a journey to escape his enemies. But where will he run? And can he trust his helper? Pursued by mages and monsters alike, he knows there is only one true road to safety: to become stronger than his enemies!

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  • Brian


    Great story well written just unfinished.

    2022-11-30 14:24:48
  • Pamela


    Enjoying the storyline.. Well written.

    2022-11-09 01:06:10
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156 chapters
Chapter 1
Arran awoke before dawn, his body stiff from sleeping on the cold grass. There had been an inn a few miles back, but three months of travel had drained most of the coin he had inherited from his father. Now, spending several coppers for a warm bed seemed like a luxury he could ill afford.Yet despite his sore body, this morning found Arran filled with excitement. Today, after three months, he would finally arrive in Fulai City. Today, he would finally have a chance to join the Academy and become a mage.When the first light of dawn appeared Arran broke camp in a hurry, eating a tough hunk of stale bread as he packed his bag. After months of travel the time to eat breakfast properly would not make much of a difference, but with the end of his journey in sight, his patience had long since worn thin.Heart filled with excitement, he set off.By late morning the cottages and farms along the road grew more frequent, and Arran knew he must be nearing the city. Each new hill he climbed saw h
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Chapter 2
Adept Song cursed under his breath as he hurried through the halls of the Academy. There were over a dozen Adepts testing hundreds of applicants each day, and he just had to get the one with a forbidden Realm.And not just any forbidden Realm, at that. That blond-haired freak in his office had actually managed to crack the testing disc!A shiver ran down his spine as he thought about it. Whatever kind of foul magic the young man possessed, he did not want to know about it. The sooner the little monster was locked away in the dungeon, the better.Panting, he reached his master's office. He took a few moments to catch his breath, then knocked on the door. A moment later, it swung open without a sound.Inside, a handsome man with sharp features and short black hair sat behind a desk. At first glance, he seemed to be about thirty years old, but a closer look revealed an ageless quality in his face, as if his body had stopped aging at some point in the distant past."Master Zhao," Adept So
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Chapter 3
Arran sat in the common room of the Blue Angel, playing a game of stones with one of the girls, a cute brunette with a freckled face."I win again," she said with a giggle.He handed her a copper. "Another game?" he asked, and she nodded eagerly. Few of the girls at the Blue Angel would object to earning an easy copper or two.The first day he had spent in his room, afraid that being seen would allow the Academy to find him more easily. Caught between fear and boredom, he had spent the day filled with fear and worry, and before long the small room had felt like a prison cell.Eventually, boredom had won out over fear, and he had headed down to the common room of the inn.The next few days he had spent playing games of stones and cards with the girls. He lost all but a few of the games, but he welcomed the distraction — not having to think about the danger he was in was easily worth a few handfuls of coppers.It had been three days since his visit to the Academy, and Master Zhao had st
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Chapter 4
Arran stared at the blond man in front of him. He was certain he had never seen the man's face before, yet there was something strangely familiar about him."Who are you?" he asked again.The man smirked, and his image suddenly grew blurry. When it cleared, Master Zhao's grinning face appeared.Arran was astonished. "So it was you…" Although he had seen the man change like this once before, at the time he had been too shocked to give it much thought."Why did you draw so much attention?" Arran asked. "After tonight, there is no way we can escape unnoticed.""I've always loved a good bit of theater," Master Zhao said, a sly smile on his face. "But more importantly, this was the best way to hide you."A puzzled expression appeared on Arran's face. Drawing attention was the best way to hide him?"You failed to get into the Academy, then spent half a week at the biggest brothel in the city, before getting hauled off by your uncle." Master Zhao grinned."Nobody would act that way while try
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Chapter 5
Arran suppressed a yawn as he walked.He had barely slept a wink the previous night, instead lying awake as he thought about the many things Master Zhao had told him. When he fell asleep it was near dawn, and true to his word, Master Zhao had come knocking on his door right at the break of dawn, once more wearing the disguise of Arran's 'uncle' Derrin.Somewhere, the man had acquired a large cart drawn by two horses, filled with who-knows-what. Not long after sunrise they had left, Master Zhao riding the cart while Arran walked beside it.He cast an annoyed glance at Master Zhao. When he had asked if he could ride on the cart instead of having to walk next to it, the man had refused, telling him that physical exercise was crucial to being a mage.Apparently, that did not extend to Master Zhao himself. Comfortably sitting in the driver's seat of the cart, he showed no sign of wanting to trade places with Arran."How much farther before we rest to eat?" Arran asked. It was near midday,
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Chapter 6
Standing on the road before Arran and Master Zhao were six men. They looked like soldiers or mercenaries, carrying swords and axes, and wearing battle-scarred armor.Arran tried to control his fear, but only partly succeeded. "Are they from the Academy?" he asked, voice shaking."Just some common bandits," Master Zhao said dismissively. "Deal with them." He did not seem the least bit concerned."Deal with them?" Arran's eyes went wide. Even if the men weren't from the Academy, there were six of them, all armored. And Master Zhao expected Arran to deal with them?There was no time for Arran to object. Already, the men were in front of them."We'll take the cart and the horses, and any coin you're carrying." The man who spoke was tall, with a bald head that bore several deep scars. "Hand them over, and we'll let you leave with your lives.""We can't do that." Arran had drawn his sword and was standing in front of the six men, alone."Kill them." The bald man said the words calmly and wi
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Chapter 7
Several days had gone by since their encounter with the bandits, and despite his earlier words, Master Zhao had still not begun teaching Arran magic.Each time he asked Master Zhao when they would begin training, the answer was the same: "Soon."After a week, Arran was beginning to lose hope.Then, one morning, as Arran was starting his morning practice with the sword, Master Zhao unexpectedly stopped him."Not today," the man said. "Today, you set your first step on the path to becoming a mage"Arran immediately felt an eager grin appear on his face. "When do we start?" he asked, barely able to contain his excitement."Right now," Master Zhao answered. He produced two scrolls from his robe, which he handed them over to Arran. "First, study these."Arran sat down, then picked one of the scrolls and unrolled it.Immediately, his face went sour. The scroll was filled with writing, but it used peculiar symbols he had never seen before."I don't know how to read this," he said. He half ex
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Chapter 8
Arran stared at his outstretched hand, amazed at what he saw. From his palm surged forth a small stream of fire.For a moment, he worried that his hand was burning, but he felt no pain, and his hand remained untouched by the fire. Oddly, it barely even felt warm.After some moments, the fire dimmed. Soon, it had disappeared entirely."How did I do that?" he asked. He knew he had produced the fire, but he did not understand how."You used Fire Essence to create fire," Master Zhao said."Why didn't it burn me?" The fire in Arran's palm had been real, yet it did not burn him like normal fire would have done."The fire was created from the Fire Essence in your body," Master Zhao replied patiently. "It's as much a part of you as your hand itself.""So I can control it?" Arran asked."Magic wouldn't be much use otherwise," Master Zhao said curtly."How?" Having tasted a small bit of power, Arran already longed for more."First, close your eyes and concentrate, then try to sense the Realms a
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Chapter 9
Arran stifled a yawn. He had not slept at all the previous night, instead practicing his use of Fire Essence until the break of dawn.By now he could form a flame in his hand almost instantly, and each time he did, a big grin appeared on his face.To Arran's surprise, Master Zhao did not chastise him for his overeagerness. Instead, he merely looked on in approval."The more you practice your magic, the stronger you will get," Master Zhao had said, and Arran was only too happy to follow the man's advice.Halfway through the morning, Arran was once more waiting for his Fire Essence to replenish. As he walked beside the cart, he looked at their surroundings.It had been several days since he had last seen any sign of other people, and not a single farm or cottage could be seen amid the low hills that surrounded them.Arran did not know which part of the Empire they were in — nor, truth be told, did he know what parts the Empire even had — but it was clear that this region was more sparse
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Chapter 10
Arran looked at the town ahead of them with some excitement. It had been months since they had last visited anything bigger than a village, and he missed the feeling of being around people other than Master Zhao."I almost forgot," Master Zhao said. He tapped two fingers against Arran's head, and the seal that covered Arran's forbidden Realm disappeared."Why did you remove it?" Arran asked anxiously. With the seal gone, he immediately worried about being discovered by the Academy."There should be no Academy mages nearby," Master Zhao said. "And we're about to visit someone who could help you hide."The words did little to reassure Arran, but he had no choice but to accept them.When they entered the town, Arran was reminded of Riverbend. It held a few thousand people at most, and the houses looked old and cozy, with smoke wafting from stone chimneys.They followed the main street for a time, passing by houses and stores, with the townsfolk
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