Blacksmith Assassin

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Blacksmith Assassin

By: Campoccino OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Zeke Elwood is forced into a death game. Going against other humans under the same situation as him, he now has to do his best to survive in the world of Ragna. Facing demons, monsters, and other creatures with his powers as the unique Blacksmith Assassin.

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108 chapters
Forest of Trials
Zeke Elwood found himself deep inside a forest. There is nothing around as far as the eye can see. He’s the only one there and, this wouldn’t be as weird if not for the fact that he was in school a couple of seconds ago. Specifically, he was about to fall from the top of the school’s building.He then pinched himself and tried hitting his head on a nearby tree. Zeke moved his body and felt everything. It’s real. All of this is real. But that just makes it all the more inexplainable.“What’s going on here.”[Congratulations!}This suddenly appeared in front of Zeke, making him tumble to the ground. A game like window that popped up in front of him.[Mission: Kill the Goblins][Class Specification]As soon as the quest windows popped up, there is another thing that suddenly appeared. A dagger. Tw of them as well as a broadsword and a full set of a bow and arrows. These all lay on the ground waiting for Zeke to pick them up.“Okay. Let’s calm down for now.” Zeke said as he breathed a dee
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Forest of Trials II
Zeke sat on the ground as soon as he finished. Now that the fight is over, the adrenaline running in his body died down. The pain from the fight began to sharpen as his fingers trembled and his body became warmer by the second. Daemon faced the sky, his eyes wide open as he began to assess the damage that’s done to him. Specifically, to his face that burned the most. This is the part that’s been hit by the goblins.“Damn, is this gonna kill me or something?” He said out loud as a smile spread on his lips. Zeke doesn’t know why but the thought of dying to such a small wound just struck him as something funny. Even though it is his own death that it may cause. Though that will never happen.[You have cleared the First Part of the trial.][Assessing results…]These things showed up in front of Zeke. The one thing that he followed in order to make sense of things is now showing up again. He remembers something about a [Class Change] being mentioned. Though that doesn’t seem to be somethi
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Forest of Trials III
“This is just great.” Zeke muttered to as his back faced a wall.Twenty goblins surround Zeke, covering every possible route he can use to escape. The monsters were easy to deal with at the start. He’s able to shave off a total of ten of them. But it didn’t take long before the goblins seemingly adapted to his fighting style. Learning all of the holes and lapses that can be found within it.This led to his inevitable situation, where he is forced into this fight with the goblins that surround him. All of which are using lethal weapons. Short spears, blunt axes, and daggers. These are the only things that they are making use of – though this is also more than enough for them to be much trouble for someone like Zeke.“Can’t you guys attack one by one? I don’t like being ganged up on.” Zeke added jokingly.The goblins don’t seem to understand or they probably just don’t care at all. They attacked right away. Running up and pouncing on Zeke from all corners all at once. Zeke responded in
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Forest of Trials IV
Out of nowhere, and in a speed that sliced through thin air, Zeke got assaulted. He got assaulted and now his shoulder is pierced right through with a projectile that he can’t even take out. Not without his flesh suffering through more. A sting came soon after, the same that he’s felt from all other projectile inflicted wounds that he has on his body.Even with the pain, as soon as this hit, Zeke moved his body and dashed towards the opposite direction where the arrow came from. Sure enough, other arrows flied towards this and, towards him to be exact. Arrows continued being fired as Zeke made a run for his life.The screams of the goblins got stronger by the second. This can only mean that they’re closing in as well. Another thing that Zeke doesn’t want to face at the moment. Yet this isn’t something he can control. All he can do is keep on moving across the forest as fast as he could and try to find a spot where he can hide, rest and, hopefully, heal.Then another arrow hit his leg.
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Forest of Trials V
[Name: Zeke Elwood][Level 8 Assassin]These are the things that appeared in front of Zeke as soon as he finished the second part of the quest. He wants to celebrate his victory as much as he could but, his body is just not in the right shape anymore. After all the fights he went through, he’s inevitably beat up. Even though leveling up replenishes some of his depleted stamina as well, he’s learned through experience that it doesn’t do so completely. His heart is beating faster and faster – louder and louder. His fingers trembled and his throat felt dry. His legs and arms weighed thrice at the moment and, he can barely move an inch from where he’s standing as well. That is how bad of a situation he is currently in. That’s why it’s a good thing that, the goblins are actually positioned close to the river. Zeke went towards it, disregarding all of the notifications popping up for the moment. And as soon as he’s right in front of it, he shoved his face on the crystal-clear water.Zeke
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Forest of Trials VI
A day’s worth of exploration. That’s what Zeke took to clear out the missing parts of his minimap. It’s a dangerous task with a lot of risks involved. He encountered kobolds which, are basically stronger versions of goblins. He also fought against sprites – monsters of pure element which made it tricky for him to actually hit them.Yet even with all the difficulties he encountered against these said opponents, he still managed to win every time. That’s right, no matter who, or what, he faced, Zeke is able to win within that day. Something which he didn’t allow to get into his head. Instead, he continued pathing to finish this new mission that’s been given to him. The mission of making sure that he finds the base of the ogres.“Where are they supposed to be? There aren’t even clues left in the mission.” Zeke complained. “Did a retard make this quest or something?”The only logical thing that Zeke can think of is that the base of these ogres should be nearby to where he is. Tha’s the on
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Forest of Trials VII
Zeke’s eyes slowly adjusted back to normal. He can feel his whole world spinning and a ringing is left in his ears. Then came the tremors on the earth beneath him. Getting stronger by the second…tremors…TREMORS! Zeke’s senses came back sharply – making him move his body to the side just in the nick of time as an axe found its way digging deep into the soil where he was a couple of seconds ago. He should already be dead. But through some stroke of luck, he’s able to regain his senses just before his body’s cleaved in two.But he can’t rely on luck to get him through this fight. In fact, if there’s one thing that he can’t rely on for this fight, it’s this very variable. That’s why he needs to think of a way to win. Fast. Because as far as he can tell, he’s being played by the monsters he needs to defeat.“You guys are starting to piss me off you know that?” Zeke said as he got two more daggers from his inventory.If there’s one thing that makes matters worse, it’s that one of the two
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Forest of Trials VIII
A crimson-colored room. Scarlet curtains, a red rag with golden linings. Acid black chairs that are finely hand crafted, and cushioned by velvet seats and back rests. These are only some of the things that Zeke Elwood saw when his consciousness returned to him. He can’t remember much. That is the truth. He knows that he’s been fighting against a great ogre after killing off all of the monster’s subordinates but, other than that, he can’t remember anything else. There is a big haze covering up the remainder of what he needs to pick up. Though one thing is certain, he’s now safe from any danger…for now.“Congratulations!” The voice suddenly made Zeke jump up and look at the direction where the voice came from. He could’ve sworn he’s the only person in that room. Yet there he is, looking at another individual that is there, in the flesh, just like him. A tall and slender man with a predominantly black blazer, with bits of crimson red being added to it. This is the first thing that Zeke
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Zeke’s consciousness didn’t fade completely. In fact, it remained in tact before it glitched out for five seconds. When it returned to him, he’s no longer in the crimson room where he talked with the god of the forge. No. Zeke is now in the complete opposite of this room.He’s in a completely empty space. There is nothing inside of it. Though Zeke is sure that it exists because, he can still move his body. To a limited extent that is since he seems to be going on a downward path. Evident by the way the breeze is hitting the back of his body more and, evident in the way that he can feel gravity pulling him down. This feels odd and uncalled for. Unless there’s something he needs to do in this place, then it would be better for him to just have been thrown straight towards the kingdom he’d be affiliated with. Thankfully, there is a purpose for him being caught in that state and, this came out right in that second.[Hello master.][I am your system. I will be your guide and helper throug
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Forge Kingdom
The sound of metal being hammered down spread across the four corners of the poorly lit room. Each strike resonated with the silhouette formed by the forge fire. Flames that are strong enough to burn those that have not been trained in the art of crafting weapons and armors. Within this space, there is a single person. A broad-shouldered man who has his long white hair tied to a bun. His eyes fixed on nothing else but his craft and on the repetitive hammering of the metal that lay before him. Heated to a point that it would seem like it holds magic. Yet it doesn’t. Not yet.The focus of the blacksmith that’s making the weapon seem to be scared. Something that nobody should ever invade until the hammering of steel is finished. Then, and only then, can a person speak. And that is precisely what happened as soon as the glowing metal is placed on water.“My lord.” A female voice said coming from the entrance of the room.“You have five minutes.” The blacksmith replied, not taking his eye
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