My Spell Bond System

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My Spell Bond System

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Synopsis…. A weak one is criticized by everyone and a strong one is pampered by everyone,  Aryan has been criticized his whole life because of his weaknesses and drawbacks, even being the only heir of the greatest Sarvaan cultivator, he was nothing but trash in his cultivation school. His father, his family, his classmates, and his teachers, everyone around him thought him to be a waste. While providing cultivation methods to everyone at school he was unexpectedly selected for one of the methods involuntarily. It wasn't in his control it was his grandfather's spirit that made him get that method, for which he was annoyed and resented him for the whole day. That was because that method was not any highest range of cultivation, but a small spell book cultivation. Everyone started laughing at him making fun of him.  According to them, he was nothing but a librarian who can use small spells to show magic for fun, not to be called a cultivator, and was not allowed to kill monsters or participate in any kind of competition.  But the fact was different, the method he was given was unique, it was an extraordinary system that was activated by him, a level-up system of spell travel that lead him to the highest level of cultivation. Watch out for Aryan's wonderful journey in the path of cultivation. **************** The book cover image isn't mine. Thanks to the image author.

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  • Bookworm


    Very good story line. Adventurous . Loved the transformation.

    2023-12-28 23:47:29
  • Sumvit Prasad


    bro try to add chapters faster

    2023-09-13 01:07:40
  • WordLover


    Good work. Worth reading ...️

    2024-02-01 13:22:26
  • AbigailBermoy


    I like it ...

    2023-06-20 18:52:24
  • Sam B


    love this book so far. Good one ...

    2023-04-11 10:38:07
Latest Chapter
132 chapters
Chapter 1 Prologue...
Author's pov...Aryan is a seventeen-year-old boy, born weak with no self-confidence. He was the son of the headmaster of the great cultivation school, which gives out several incredible martial arts and cultivation practitioners every year. The moment Aryan entered the school at the age of fourteen, he was very enthusiastic as his family is in the highest range of cultivators. But as time passed, he realized that he lack talents and his body is too weak to be able to learn or practice any kind of cultivation method. He suffers a lot whenever he tries to practice any kind of method but never dares to tell this to anyone except his grandfather.According to the school rules, a student is trained for a year and after a year of training, he is eligible to select the method of cultivation to go to the extreme peaks of that to excel. Aryan had been in the school for three long years but yet he failed to get his fated cultivation method.He has nothing in his life other than a little supp
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Chapter 2 The method selection...
Aryan's pov...As I entered the school this morning, the whole building reverberated with the noise of the cheers coming from the students and the others around the arena. "Dhruva...!Dhruva...!"It irritated me when I heard that name, he hadn't got up yet and these crazy people are shouting their throats out cheering him, As I got up on the platform where all my classmates were standing, I saw Alia jumping in excitement, "Hey... Aryan...! see how enthusiastic, it's so good to see that isn't it?" said Alia holding my hand, she is my sister but was happier to see my cousin getting into the arena, it makes me jealous."What's the big deal? man...? it's just a method selection and they all are making a fuss out of nothing... disgusting...!!" I retorted, it was making me irritated, I envy him, he is the best among us." Dumbs like you should be disgusted with this, of course...!!" a gleeful voice spotted in my ears making me clench my fist, Ryan,"You dare call me that....!!" I held hi
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Chapter 3 Acceptance...
Aryan's pov.Wasn't that enough for me to have that rubbish method, it was like an insult to all, I will be humiliated, I wanted to run away from that place, I don't want to go back for the acceptance, it was better for me to die rather than get ridiculed by those taunting monstersWhen I left the tomb, I prepared my mind to get out of this mess as soon as possible, I have no place to go or nowhere to hide but no matter whether a forest or a river it will be better for me than that arena where everyone around me will be ready to laugh at me and my father will be ready to make me accept that ridiculous method of cultivation. I rushed out of that tomb in anger and rushed towards the mountains, but within just a few minutes I heard the fluttering sounds of wings and a screeching shout of a garuda, it was him...! I can't escape from him, My dad was the Garuda cultivator, he can easily find me no matter where I hide from his keen eyes.Soon I found my legs parting from the ground and s
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Chapter 4The first day...
Aryan's pov...I forced myself to get ready for school in a hurry because I couldn't bear to get any punishment on the very first day of my school, especially when my strict father is my teacher and a girl I have a crush on is my classmate. I ran to the class but before I could enter, I heard someone calling me from my back, "Aryan...!"I turned back to see who that was, I saw my second uncle standing in front of me, and bowed to greet him,"Aryan... come with me...!" he commanded to follow him walking towards the stairs and I did, "Where are we going, sir?" I inquired, yesterday father told me to obey him and now he was asking me to follow him, my father is a specialist in all the five junior levels of cultivation and he is the only garuda cultivator, the highest among all the other cultivators in this school, whereas my second uncle also excels in all the five junior levels and he is a panthoraas cultivator but among these extraordinary teachers I couldn't understand where the he
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Chapter 5 You can't do that...
As the platform flew over to the sky I felt amazing, there was a feeling as if there were thousands of butterflies fluttering in my gutt, the scenery that I saw was astonishing and so eye-catching that I couldn't believe that I am flying in the air. Almost everyone was surprised as this was their first time too except two, Dhruva and Nira, they have been through this last year too when they cleared their lowest levels and now they are here with the higher levels.When we reached the level Mountain, the platform was placed at its peak. Father grunted before starting his announcement, "Ahem""It is a virtuous day as we are here to train the new blood, if you all are here that means that you all are unique and powerful", his words were so wonderful that I was filled with confidence, though I don't know if I am allowed to enter the leveling system.Using his magic he pointed towards the ground, showing us the levels to be cleared, there were three partitions on the ground, and in front o
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Chapter 6 Secret hideout...
I ran towards my library to avoid my father's confrontation, it was horrifying, especially at night but it was way better than my house where that garuda will be ready to feed on me. As I reached the corridor, my heartbeat paced by just looking at that view, all those things that happened before slipped out of my mind for a second and my mind went blank, "Are you sure doing this Aryan?" I asked myself patting my heart again and again, here the flood comes, a grunting sound from my back decided for me, "Find him...!" a command from my father which was surely for his best students to find me, My legs automatically moved forward to the huge doors of that library, and in no time I opened the lock, it was terrifying to look at that place at night my heart slipped into my mouth, "Should I just get caught by my father?" for once my mind was forcing me to think about the consequences of entering this damn place, "Aryan...!" someone called out, it was Dhruva...!I jolted in and closed th
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Chapter 7 System Activated...
"Where am I?""Which place is this?""Anyone here....!" I yelled in panic, that place was filled with wires and blue lights, as if I am in an electronic device. {Welcome to the world of systems}That voice continued, "Who are you? and what is this place?" I asked out raising my chin as I couldn't see anyone around me.{You are selected for a cultivating system}It announced, "Which system and what cultivation? is that a dream or some kind of prank??" that's unbelievable, what system?what cultivation?it's nothing but a prank, I am sure someone is pulling my leg, "Hey... who the hell are you, man? come out now... stop playing with me... my life is already sucking so stop sucking me... ok?" I screamed in frustration, I was freaked out by that voice, and this place as well, it was definitely some kind of ghost that was playing games with me. {System request :-}{Want to continue :-}{Yes}{No}{Please select an option}An announcement was made and I was puzzled, could it be real?I
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Chapter 8 Level one...
{Task completed }{Congratulations on successfully completing the task with a merit grade}Those wounds are worth it, "Did I complete mission two completely?" I asked as it was a merited grade, I doubted if I did.{Task 3 and Task 4 completed successfully}{Congratulations on completing the mission and thus clearing level one successfully}That announcement made me jump with happiness."Yes...I did it...!" I was so excited that I was about to cry out, now that I have successfully completed level one, there must be a reward for me, {System Initiatied, please extend your hand, }an announcement was made again and I was dying to get what I just won, According to the system, I was about to get power. I extended my hand and I saw a light rotate around my hand and then it went into my smallest finger, it jerked me but I was sure that it won't harm me anyway.{Level one cleared:- Power Granted}{Instuctions:- Spell of Reversing attack allotted, the candidate must press the last finger th
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Chapter 9 Satisfaction...
I pushed my butt up with great difficulty, I don't know why but I felt my weight increase so much in an instant, just by thinking about that vast campus and those creepy eyes glaring at me and making fun of me, while I will be sweeping there, "Uhh...! I wish I could just disappear...from here...!""Will there be a spell to disappear as well? I heard no one could ever master such kind of magic other than that old man...!" I mumbled while talking bath, and my eyes fling opened when I saw myself in the mirror, I gained muscles...!I was always so skinny...all my life...!But I can feel my body growing a little, was that because of that system?Is that possible? I will confirm that when I go into that system today. It was making me smile as I couldn't take off my eyes away from the mirror in front of me, Will that be a help for me?Let's see if I could lift some weight or not, I strode out of the bathroom filled with excitement and wanted to see if my strength increased, and with tha
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Chapter 10 commands went wrong...
Aryan's pov.That view in front of me was so horrible, I couldn't sort out what to do when I saw those all books floating out from the library shelves, "I. I w..was w..wrong pl....please g...get b..back y....your p...places" I stuttered a command in fear, there were thousands of books floating in the air and targeting me, Are they going to hit me?Did I do anything wrong?I was confused being blank for a while when I saw that but when I got back to my senses, I felt someone commanding me."Aryan... command in a bold voice asking them to get back to the shelves" I took a long deep breath filling all the fresh air there into my little lungs, then emptying it again, as I felt somewhat better after doing that few more times, I was ready to take command again, "Books... go back to the shelves immediately," I yelled at them, and they trembled and then go back to their places, Hoo....!That was a close call, would they have hit me?I don't think so, but they would have forced me to
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