Blessing of Magus

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Blessing of Magus

By: UFI OngoingFantasy

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The youngest captain in military history. A former assassin. A twin sister. This is the adventure of four siblings in a new world. When one of them found an old book named 'Blessing of Magus' and managed to decipher it, they had an opportunity to learn something they always thought was a myth, magic. However, everything powerful will always gain the attention of the other powerful being. When they know the power the book can offer, they know many powerful enemies will come after them. They need to learn how to defend themselves from mages, warriors, elves, dwarfs, and a lot of the other races that they thought were a myth before. Can they survive in this new world?

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13 chapters
I - Captain Devin & Chimera
There is no sound on the field that is usually filled with a lot of military shouts. The only thing that can be heard was the sound of the wind blowing. Every soldier on the field is holding their breath, their eyes keep looking at one particular soldier that is just standing on the field. He is holding a machine gun with a firm posture, his eyes are still wandering around, trying to find the strategic spot for the battle.His name is Devin, a veteran war soldier from the Northern Alliance. However, despite being called a veteran, he is still 15 years old. He officially joined the world-war 3 when he was 10 years old because of the Northern’s loss against the Western Country.The first time he came to the battlefield, he surprised everyone by assassinating almost every enemy that he met and rescued the intelligent unit from being backstabbed by catching a traitor in that unit. After that moment, the world has known him as ‘the shadow assassin’ for his ability to assassinate quickly in
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II - Coming Home & Family
-- Devin PoV -- It has been just 15 minutes since I leave General Atalanta’s office, and I am just sitting on the bus. It has been a long time for me to be in the Northern Alliance's capital city, Moskva. The last time I have been here was when I got the promotion to captain in the military. After that, I spent almost all my time with my squad, either training or going to the battlefield. This time, however, I decided to ask for a break from the military. I didn’t have a plan to spend my rare holiday in this city. Instead, it is Khimki, a small city in the north of Moskva that I will go to right now. While Khimki is just a small city without anything interesting to attract visitors, this city is my hometown, the place where I grew up and honed myself to be the strong person I became right now. After the bus reached the nearest stop in the city, I walked for about 10 minutes before reaching a small old house. The house itself is just an ordinary building without anything fancy. The
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III - Andra & Blessing of Magus
His name is Andra. He is still 15 years old, just like me. However, unlike me who is tall and muscular, Andra has a very ordinary appearance. The only unusual thing about him is his round glasses and messy hair. If you didn’t know anything about him, you will assume that he is just an ordinary boy without anything special. The truth is, he chooses to have a very ordinary appearance to hide the fact that he is a trained spy and assassin from the South Region called Malaya. He is also the one who teaches me how to handle a lot of daily life things that can be used as weapons, from a simple kitchen knife to a handgun. He was at the orphanage one year earlier than me. He was found by Lieutenant Maxim, Mama’s late husband and our father, in the street near the military base in Moskva. At first, he acted as a street child to get the attention and sympathy of the higher-ups in the military. A few years ago, when the Northern Alliance was still not formed, a street child trying to get the
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IV - New World & Rescue
“What happened? And where the hell are we?” This question seems to wake me up from my shock. I try to keep my breath steady and calm. When I am looking around, I got confused because instead of the orphanage, I am now in the middle of a forest. But after thinking about what happened before, I start to curse around. “DAMN! Did we just get absorbed by a bloody book?! How the hell is that possible?!” “It seems so.” Andra just shrugged at my rant. I feel a sudden urge to smack his head. For someone who is the main reason for what happened to us, he is way too calm right now. Either he is still in shock, afraid of what will happen, or he has already calmed himself. I hope it is the latter. “So, what do you think right now?” I ask, trying to keep as calm as possible. As a soldier, I am trained to always calm down when I have to face an unexpected event, and while this is definitely at the top-notch of my unexpected event list, I have to keep forcing myself to calm down, at least for my s
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V - Sara & Explanation
-- Sara PoV -- ‘Is she awake?’ I can hear a small whisper coming from a little girl from afar. ‘Not yet. I think it will be soon.’ Another girl, this one comes from my side, returned the question. After hearing that conversation, I started gaining consciousness. I want to groan. However, I don’t have any energy to do that. I don’t know how long I have been asleep, but by how weak my body it is right now, I can estimate the last time I eat properly was almost three days ago. Then, a memory of three days ago struck my brain like a lightning. I can remember all of the torture that I experienced for almost three days in a row. And then, a name suddenly came through my brain. ‘Aliyya!’ While I cannot remember clearly what is exactly happened three days ago, I can still remember that my sister was also kidnapped with me. Just the thought of what would the kidnappers do to my little sister in the hand of the kidnappers makes my body sweat heavily and my heart beat faster. I tried to ca
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VI - Mama's Death & Departure
-- Devin PoV -- On the battlefield, a surprise attack is a common thing. There are a lot of cases when my enemies send a suicide attack at night. As a soldier, I trained myself to react with my instinct first and think later when the surprise attack happened, because you will need every little time you have to save yourself. I honed my instinct for almost five years to face unexpected situations like a surprise attack. So when a scream is coming from the other room, the room where we place the black robe man, I instinctively duck for a cover. I didn’t have to worry for Andra and Sara, because Andra is also trained in this kind of situation and he is closer to Sara, so he will definitely protect her. And a few seconds after the scream, our home exploded. A tremendous boom shook the building, shattered the wall, leveling our home to the ground just in a blink. ‘Cosma! Nina! Mama!’ My mind is screaming, begging for me to move quickly to find them. After looking around and seeing Andr
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VII - More Explanation & Andra's Condition
Okay, it is official now. This day is the worst day ever. From the destruction of our home to Mama’s death, I thought this day could not be any worse. But I am definitely wrong. Here, in a cave, the source of our problem talked about Andra’s death casually, like it is something that happened daily. I really want to slap her face right now. However, much to my disappointment, I took a deep breath and tried to control my emotion. It will be no good to lose my calm right now, especially to the only source of our information. After I get a bit calmer, I look at him coldly and said, “Explain, now.” She gulped a little bit. “As I have already told you before, I have a suspicion that Andra is a mage. Do you remember about it?” I nodded. “Well, the book that he held confirms my suspicion. That is Blessing of Magus right?” I keep silent, not confirming or denying her accusation. “You don’t need to tell me anything, because I know what the book is. It also answered why Andra could use magu
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VIII - Talk with the Twins & Talk with Sara
“Okay, let me get this straight. So both of you are able to read the book that even Andra’s program could not decipher, and somehow it contains information about Andra’s condition. Is that right?” The twins nodded while looking at me cautiously, as if afraid that I will not believe them. I just sighed, trying to keep my sanity in this complicated situation. “So, what can you tell me?” They looked surprised, and I cannot help but feel a bit hurt at their distrust of me. “Look, I can guess what both of you probably think right now. You are wondering, why do I believe your word that seems irrational, right?” They nodded. “To be honest, I am tired of all of this superpower stuff that Sara explained, and I don’t know what to believe. But I know for a fact that I can always rely on both of you and Andra, so you can tell me whatever ridiculous thing you read, and I will still believe in you. After all, family always sticks together, right?” They lowered their head, ashamed of their though
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IX - Information & Wandering Around
“So, do you have a lead to Amasia?” Sara didn’t give me an immediate answer. Instead, she just stared at me with calculating eyes, trying to figure out if I can really back my threat up or not. ‘She didn’t believe my threat but decided to take it slow and carefully. Good. At least she will not do anything reckless that can be dangerous.’ I nodded, pleased with her reaction. After our little ‘throwing threat’ session, Sara is looking at me and the twin’s room cautiously. She may not believe my threat, considering she didn’t tell me anything important about mage, so she probably thinks I am still in the dark. But by the way, I throw my threat full of confidence and calmness, it gives her a little doubt about it. This is the real purpose of my threat, to make her think about it carefully, so it will give the twins time to learn anything from Blessing of Magus and confirm what she has already explained. I still don’t want to think about what I would do if she lied to me. I know it is
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X - Dwarf & Sarfak III
“Hhhhh…… Hhhhhh…….. Hhhhhhh………..” My breath is starting to get heavy. My clothes are wet already, full of sweat. I still don’t know how, but the last ten minutes suddenly turned out to be a disaster. The gorilla is still chasing me with an abnormal speed and agility, while the chimera is behind the gorilla, trying to catch up with us, but having a problem with the forest terrain. To make it worse, here is a strange guy that blew up my plan to avoid any confrontation with Gorilla, keep following me while keep doing something idiot that makes the two beasts chase us. Honestly, I have managed to distract the beasts twice with my gun, shooting random beasts while running in the opposite direction. But this idiot keeps shooting his arrow at the beasts to make it turn its direction back to us. When I glared at him, he just grinned sheepishly, as if he did nothing wrong. ‘Urgh.. When this is over, I will beat this idiot to death..’ I vowed inwardly while increasing my pace to leave the go
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