Cultivator Battle Royale

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Cultivator Battle Royale

By: Smiles OngoingFantasy

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Every year, a group of the weakest cultivators in the planet is offered the chance to compete in the Cultivation Battle Royale, a chance for them to rapidly gain power as they defeat other cultivators and risk their lives for valuable herbs, pills, and techniques. Xing Wenghu, The reincarnation of the Immortal 9 Quadrants Chicken Wing Emperor is chosen to enter. Having failed the Thunder Tribulation of moving out of his parents house, he risks life and limb to overtake the other "Bizarre" cultivators he competes against. A satirical parody of many cultivation tropes, stories and characters.

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  • Jamiul Hasan Ayon


    Very Amusing. Feels like I am reading another A will eternal. But this one is more parodical, with its mention of usual xianxia tropes. A fun read. And I like how this uses the third pov story telling but still makes me feel like the story is narrated in 1st pov. Very skillful use of narration.

    2022-08-02 00:48:10
  • ChadGuy45


    Probably the most funny novel I've read.

    2022-06-11 13:34:14
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77 chapters
Chapter 0
Xing Wenghu stood on the roof of his parent's house, gazing into the night sky, replaying his final memories from his previous life and the cycle of reincarnation. This moment was his first moment in a new and fresh life. He was reborn, and now had a chance to start fresh, no longer bound by the fate of his previous self. It was a luxury few cultivators ever had the chance to earn.But he was the main character, the chosen one. The fated one, the special one. The Protagonist even dare he believe it. He had been reborn as a cultivator, with new powers and abilities. Xinghad been chosen by the supreme Dao deities to ascend and become one of the most powerful cultivators in existence. Xing Wenghu from a young age had been born with the Heavenly Daoist skeleton, and the Demonic Daoist Martial Body. A potent combination that only 0.0000001% of cultivators in the entire history of existence ever had.Upon Xing Wenghu's very birth, a gigantic flash of light exploded across every dimension,
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Chapter 1
Xing Wenghu turned to his training regime with a fervor. He could not shake the feeling that out there was someone who, through her unrelenting efforts, would soon come to beat him as bad as a young master in an average cultivation novel. In the front of his mind, he recalled every moment with his previous love and the vile jade beauty who had betrayed him. These memories kept him from giving his all in his training. Every day he kept saying "Tommorow...I'll just train tomorrow" and not doing anything relevant with himself. A sea of guilt raged within Xing Wenghu, encroaching on him with each passing day. But despite the gnawing guilt that tugged at him constantly, he remained determined to stay lazy. He laid around all day, watching TV and endlessly scrolling through social media feeds on his phone. No matter how hard he tried, Xing could never seem to find the motivation to train. His attempts would always end in failure as he struggled to lift even a single weight or do a sing
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Chapter 2
Xing Wenghu woke up early that day. The sun had not yet risen, but the birds were already singing. He looked out the window and saw the training grounds below. The sight of the training grounds made his heart race. Xing Wenghu imagined lavish chinese temples, filled with disciples training in various powerful martial arts. However, in reality it was just the sight of his ordinary backyard. This was it however. Today was the day he would be transferred to the Cultivator battle Royale. After a few days of failed training and overcoming the limits within himself. The young lad was excited to prove himself and become just like his past powerful identity. He got out of bed and began to get dressed. He had been training for this day for months, but he still wasn't sure if he was ready. He was still only 18 years old. "The body of this immortal daoist is too fragile! Will I do well in the Royale for sure!?" Xing Wenghu exclaimed dramatically to himself, practicing his new way of speaking
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Chapter 3
Xing Wenghu was flown via helicopter to the special facility in which all of the contestants for the Cultivator Battle Royale would meet up, It was a special isolated area that was indeed not suspicious whatsoever. Xing Wenghu was lieing back in his chair for the ride there. The betrayal of his mother stung, his injuries still hurt from the conflict with Sun Yaozu. He hadn't know what demonic tricks Sun Yaozu relied upon to gain the upper hand on him, but Xing Wenghu would not stand for this! He was already plotting his revenge against that foul Sun Yaozu bastard. He would break every bone in his body, and slaughter his entire bloodline!This was a mercy on Xing Wenghu's part, only such a chivalrous and kind protagonist was capable of such divine mercy on his enemies. The balding tall man from earlier was sitting across from him in the helicopter, "So Xing Wenghu. How are you feeling about the Battle Royale?" He asked with curiosity in his voice. He had been sent to several other c
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Chapter 4
Xing Wenghu laid eyes upon a woman who looked just like a loyal servant of his in the past. It was astounding to him! He recounted deeply his past passion for her, preparing a deep and dramatic monologue in his mind. The images fluttered in Xing Wenghu's head, almost as massive as his ego. It was a forbidden love, one that could never be permitted between master and servant. The world of cultivators was harsh and very unforgiving! The two could never be together, as they were worlds apart. One was a lowly servant who could do little but serve, and Xing Wenghu was a man capable of great achievements. Xing Wenghu knew how loyal her love for him had been and deeply regretted not embracing her in the past. His harem of hundreds of women unable to fill the hole in his heart. Despite his deep fondness for her, Xing Wenghu couldn't remember her name at all. Was this the curse of loving a side character? One so irrelevant, not even the author could name her? No matter how weak she was... O
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Chapter 5
Xing Wenghu split up from his group of companions. Fatty Wei had gone to preoccupy himself with the local buffet, while the Jade Beauty of his eyes wanted to be alone for unknown reasons. Xing Wenghu wouldn't pay much mind to his companions right now, as per tradition. He was the main character, and they were the side characters. Their entire lives revolved around him in the first place!Xing Wenghu was the protagonist after all. Believing himself to be better and more powerful than everyone else around him. And why wouldn't he think that? He was the protagonist of his own story, after all. As far as he was concerned, his companions were nothing more than side characters who existed to further his own plotline. They would never amount to anything on their own and were completely expendable.Just like the Manhuas he always read. That didn't mean he didn't care for them, of course. He just saw them in a different light than they probably saw themselves. After all, why should he worr
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Chapter 6
Xing Wenghu was currently with Feng Peng, the two having decided to vacate from the training premise. It was not good for your luck linger around trash like Lo. Especially one who defecated so horribly. It was said in the ancient archives of the universe, to be in the presence of such concentrated shit. Would curse one person for ten generations! "So he was using your sister to blackmail you, how despicable!" Xing Wenghu clutched his fist in rage. "Yes, you have to be careful Brother Xing. He will try to pursue revenge." Xing Wenghu only laughed at what Feng Peng said. Many had tried to get revenge on him, and now they were in a grave! The only bastard that was still living was that damn Sun Yaozu. The one foe Xing Wenghu could not take on right now. He had amassed too much power, likely from a hidden treasure. How dare he covet his mother... In time Xing Wenghu would rise and come back with a vengeance upon Sun Yaozu, and pay forth his revenge upon the man ten fold! But for now
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Chapter 7
Fatty Wei had gone off with Feng Peng to preform some special eating training together, in order to accumulate the necessary fat to preform the fat shedding technique. Xing Wenghu could only hope Feng Peng's stomach would be able to handle all of the food! "Feng Peng my friend, hold on. Your suffering shall soon pay off!" While hoping that Feng Peng would be able to endure, Xing Wenghu ran into the Jade Beauty that had captured his eyes Maria. However, he felt something was off. She was currently leaning against a wall, multiple women surrounding her. "Oh? What do we have here?" A woman was standing in front of Maria, taller than her and very cocky. With a arrogant expression upon her face. Xing Wenghu had recognized this classical scene, played out in several of the manhuas he read. His Jade Beauty was in danger! But this Heavenly King could feel no fear, a few women were of no concern! "Hmph. You think you can compare to me huh? Trash women like you could never hold a candle
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Chapter 8
Xing Wenghu turned to face Feng Peng, shocked by his sudden interruption. "Feng Peng my friend, what is the matter?" He said, a tinge of confusion in Xing Wenghu's voice. Maria looking at him with worry. "That bastard Lo is back Xing! He's brought some of his lackey's out and kidnapped Fatty Wei!" Feng Peng was a mess, covered in grease and sauces from the restaurant they were in. It was rather sloppy. "You have to stop him, please!" Feng Peng got on his knees and begged Xing Wenghu, who only smiled down at him like a god at a servant. "Hmph. If Lo wants to provoke me, then I will show him the wrath of Heaven and Earth!" He would have to handle this nonsense first, before he could hand his precious Jade Beauty the techniques she would need. "Feng Peng! Lead the way to him!" Xing Wenghu shouted, Feng Peng bowing with a nod at him. "Yes!" Feng Peng then led Xing Wenghu throughout the facility, the pair avoiding any encounters with the other "bizarre" cultivators that inhabited it.
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Chapter 9
Xing Wenghu began to concentrate, flexing his body in a weird and bizarre way. Dramatic music began to play, but only in Xing Wenghu's mind. Nobody else could hear the dramatic and cool orchestra accompanying Xing Wenghu's transformation. It was his personal battle theme after all, why did anyone else need to hear it in the first place? He began to breath deeply, in and out slowly. "Looks like I'll have to use ten percent of my power on you ants. Behold, the true might of a Heavenly King!" Xing Wenghu imagined white lightning bursting all over his body, Strength was flowing all over himself. His meridians were bursting with Heavenly Celestial Qi that had transcended all of the Daoists in the entire universe. This was his prime, his soul. The power of his regression, incarnation and of every ancestor rising within him. A massive white glow, only visible to Xing Wenghu exploded all over his body. One of the thugs stopped in place, "Hey what the fuck is he doing?" Another one sto
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