The Fractured Mage

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The Fractured Mage

By: Aimdaqs OngoingFantasy

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"Who am I?" Waking up in an unfamiliar room with no past memories, an unfamiliar man greets him, claiming to be his new guardian, Ifeus Lero, who then tells him... "Your name is...Topaz Oriole." A world of Magic and Monsters, where those who wield Magic are known as Mages. Every Mage, without exception, falls under one of eleven Classes, each with their own unique forms of Magic; Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, Space, Physical, Support, Tamer and Sneak. As for Topaz, his amnesia isn't his only concern. His Class isn't one of the eleven established Classes, something that's completely unheard of. The Wrath Class, a mysterious Class absent in the history books. Advised to keep his abilities hidden for the time being, Topaz avoids using his Magic in front of others. However, Ifeus's secrecy soon becomes a growing point of frustration for's clear that Ifeus knows about his past, but refuses to tell him anything about it, along with hiding the real reason why it's imperative for Topaz to keep his Class hidden. Even as Topaz settles into his life post-amnesia, forming friendships, rivalries and romance, the dark shadow cast by the mysteries of his forgotten past continue to haunt him. With flashes of fragmented memories, and some common sense, Topaz comes to the conclusion that, whatever he went through pre-amnesia, was likely far from pleasant. And unfortunately for him, the dark, broken past he has no memory of isn't the only issue to contend with. An organization bent on world domination makes its presence known, and operating in the shadows, is a dangerous cult determined to resurrect a powerful, malicious entity who nearly destroyed the world centuries ago and was sealed away. And at the center of it the Fractured Mage, Topaz Oriole.


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Chapter 1 - Who Am I?
Huh...? What's going on? Everything's dark, and I...I feel so drained and worn out. I can't even open my eyes... Wait, who...who am I? I...I can't remember. I can't remember anything. My head, feels so foggy and cloudy... . . . . "...-42 and subject 43. You're up next."Huh? Whose voice is that? A memory? But it's unclear, I can't see anything-... . . . . . Huh? Is this a different memory now? It's unclear again, everything's so blurry...but I can just about, vaguely, hear what's being said to me in the memory... "You defiant little-...! Cooperate or die, we can make good use of your corpses if you prefer!"I...I don't remember this, but feels familiar, the emotions welling up and taking over my senses, they feel painfully familiar. I can feel a sense of immense fear and blinding rage surging inside me... . . . . . "It's no use, the result is a failure after frustrating, we were so close too!"Another different memory. I-I can feel
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Chapter 2 - Topaz Oriole
"That...that sounds like a fake name. Is that a fake name? It's a fake name, isn't it? Yeah, it's definitely a fake name. What's my real name?" I frowned suspiciously. "What? No, that's your name, I swear," He responded with a shake of his head, firmly meeting my gaze with an earnest look in his eyes.Hm, I don't think he's lying this time...I mean, if he was capable of lying this effectively, I wouldn't have caught on to his initial lies to begin with. And since he's refused to tell me about my past, there's no reason for him to lie about my name, he could've just refused to tell me if he didn't want me to know what it is. But, seriously? That's my name? Topaz sounds kinda, I don't know, pretentious? Like, overly unusual or rare names feel sort of...gauche. "So, I take it you aren't going to explain anything to me?" I inquired, as I glanced at the man warily...he said his name was Ifeus, right? "Oh, not at all, I'll answer any questions you may have. Well, besides any
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Chapter 3 - Magic System(Part 1)
"Go on, introduce yourselves," Ifeus prompted the two girls, as they entered the room, staring at me with looks of intrigue and curiosity in their eyes. "Hello, it's nice to meet name is Iris Lero," One of them introduced herself politely. She had snow while hair tied up in a ponytail, a slightly dark complexion, and bright, dark green eyes. Ifeus said that I'm fourteen, right? She looks a bit older, maybe somewhere around sixteen years old or so. "Hi, there! I'm Lilac Lero, my name's a bit of a tongue twister...try saying it over and over!" Grinned the other girl as she introduced herself in a cheerful, friendly tone. Yeah, I'd rather not. She's a bit excessively upbeat, huh? She looked like she was a bit younger than Iris, with a similar complexion, dark purple hair tied up in twintails, gleaming red eyes and-...wait, what's that? Something's moving in her chest. Huh? that a snake? "Uh...," I muttered in bewilderment, as a green snake poked its head out of her t
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Chapter 4 - Magic System(Part 2)
I wonder what it could be? Well, only one way to find out. I then locked my gaze onto the display, focusing on it...I should be able to control it with my mind. It should display my Class, which Tiers I've currently unlocked, and the Arts and Traits that I possess, as well as any Arts or Traits that I haven't yet learned but am eligible for. And it should also display my Ether Capacity, Maximum Ether Output and Power Level, along with numerical values for my various physical abilities. The active abilities that Mages use are called Magical Arts, or just Arts for short. There are also passive abilities that can be unlocked by specific Classes, abilities that are constantly active, called Magical Traits, or Traits for short. As for Power Level, it's a value derived from a person's Ether Capacity, Maximum Ether Output, Casting Distance and their various physical attributes. I'm not sure what the exact formula is, though. Okay, let's see me my Class! The display then open
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Chapter 5 - Magic System(Part 3)
Oh, wow. Ignoring and setting aside the questions marks, the rest of my stats aren't bad at Maximum Ether Output is well above the human average of 10. And the average for all four physical stats are about 15, so I'm well above average with those too. My durability is especially high, interesting. Gotta say, wouldn't have guessed that's the case since my body is kinda scrawny and slender, guess I'm more sturdily built than I thought. It does make sense that my numbers are above average though, since my Ascended Tier is unlocked. That said, my Agility and Speed stats are a bit low for an Ascended Mage, while my Strength stat is just about a fraction below average. It also makes sense that my Power Level isn't showing up and displays '???' instead, just like with my Ether Capacity stat. After all, since Ether Capacity is the main factor in calculating Power Level, and my Ether Capacity isn't showing up, it's only natural that my Power Level can't be calculated. I should also
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Chapter 6 - Present and History
My name is Topaz Oriole, and I have amnesia. I'm apparently fourteen years old, born on the 20th of April, in the year 490 PA. The current year is 504 PA, and PA stands for Post-Apocalypse. I'll get to that later. The first memory I have is waking up in an unfamiliar room, before being greeted by an unfamiliar man who claimed to be my guardian, and who turned out to be a bit of a pain in the ass with all his secrecy. It's been a month since then, and I have to say, this place is pretty comfortable. It's a two-story house with a big garden out front and a backyard, with four rooms on the upper floor. Since Ifeus is a Guildmaster, he's seriously loaded. Possibly most importantly, the meals are great too. The bathroom here is massive, it even has a sauna and a jacuzzi, which I don't think I've experienced before...with trying certain things, I sometimes get a sense of familiarity and deja vu, which likely means I've experienced them before. Like with eating certain foods, and also my
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Chapter 7 - History, Continued
After gaining an understanding and comprehension over Ether, the Seven Gods pooled their newfound knowledge and intelligence to establish the Magic System that exists together, giving the people the ability to stably harness their powers and halting the widespread, rampant mutations. Apparently, the way the Magic System works is based on technology that existed before the disaster, the display that a Mage sees when they enter their subconscious was apparently created with the lost technology as a basis for its layout and functionality. However, simply establishing the Magic System wasn't enough to bring an end to the chaos and mayhem in the new, post-apocalyptic world...the Seven Gods soon realized that the core of the issue was that the people who had undergone physical changes were discriminating against those who looked different to them. That's when they decided to take on the role of Gods, appearing before the people with overwhelming displays of power to get their attention.
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Chapter 8 - Morning Person
"Ugh, so bright...," I muttered to myself as I yawned, dragging my my feet avorss my room and opening up the light box, squinting my eyes as a bright glow shone out of it. Oh, right, I mentioned before that all technology that existed before the Ether Apocalypse five hundred years ago no longer exists, let me explain what technology is like in the current era. Most things are powered using various forms of crystallized Ether, which are known as Vitrea. They're crystals with special properties that form under certain conditions, used for a variety of things, like lighting, heating, cooling, cooking and so on. For lighting, we use what's known as Light Vitrea, crystals that form in areas exposed to heavy sunlight, like deserts. They produce light indefinitely by continually absorbing Ether from the surrounding air. The only way to switch them off is to enclose them in lead, which blocks the flow of Ether. So Light Vitrea usually come in lead boxes that can be mounted on walls or ceil
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Chapter 9 - Traits
"Ow...that really hurt, I think it's broken...," I groaned, rubbing my nose gingerly as I got back up, rubbing the area above my upper lip as blood trickled out of my nostrils. "You have a bad habit of freezing up every time I go on the offensive, at least try to react in some way, anything would be better than not moving at all. You'd be dead if this wasn't a wooden sword," Responded Iris, pointing the blunt blade at me as I stood up. "Maybe go a little easier, sis, don't you think you're kinda overdoing it?" Called out Lilac from the stairs, watching us as she sipped on a glass of apple juice while her snake slithered across her left arm. "The harder I am on him, the faster he'll improve.""Yikes, sure glad you aren't training me, you overpowered gorilla...," Muttered Lilac wryly. "Hm? What was that? You say something?""Nothing! Didn't say a word!"A couple more weeks have passed, and before this, I'd been spending a couple of hours each day training by myself. One hour in hand
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Chapter 10 - Lilac(Part 1)
"Knock knock, I'm coming in!""There's no point in saying that after you've already barged in, Li...or rather, instead of literally saying 'knock knock', just actually knock on the door like a normal person, and then wait till I say you can come in before barging in," I sighed in exasperation, as I set down my book. "Oh, never mind all that. Come on, I'm bored, let's hang out," She grinned in response. "I'll pass.""Don't be like that, I mean, it's not like you're doing anything important right now, so let's do something together," Lilac replied as she pulled on my arm. "On the contrary, I'm in the middle of reading, and it was just getting leave me alone," I muttered wearily. About a week has passed, and it was currently early in the evening, a couple of hours after we'd had lunch. Iris and Ifeus were busy with the Magic Guild, so it was just Lilac and I in the house. Which sucks, because it means that all her attention inevitably lands on me. I spent a bit more time in
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