EternalVerse Saga

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EternalVerse Saga

By: Tumbleweed OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The war of different dimensions is about to begin. A terrible threat from ancient times is coming back. The call of the universe is in need of a guardian. Alex and his friends must unite to protect their universe. Before everything collapses and it's too late.

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My Strange Dream
In Alex's dream, he came to a mysterious place. It was a place he had never seen before in his life. The gray ground stretches as far as the eye can see. Strange mountains that resemble monster teeth. The rainbow-colored northern lights sway along the peculiar mountain. The purple sky is covered with millions of stars. A cold wind blew from the mountain pass that he could feel that it was like the breath of something. There is nothing but emptiness here. He had never dreamed of seeing anything that was this fantasy before. Usually, he dreams that he is going on a date with a girl he likes or driving a luxury sports car on the streets. Sometimes he would dream of Mr. Kovac, his imaginary friend. They tend to party hard in their dreams and bring some random girls at home. But this time, it was beyond imagination than the fantasy novels he had read in high school. It was something new for him. " anyone there?" He asked stupid questions hoping someone would answer. He didn't me
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Morning Monday
Alex opened his eyes and woke up in shock. He found himself back in his room. There were no more people who looked like him or that mysterious place. There was only the ceiling of the room and the morning sun shining through the window. He sat up and examined his body to see if it was normal. No traces of stabbing. It was the worst and most confusing dream he had ever dreamed of. He probably couldn't say that it was a nightmare."What kind of fucking dream did I have last night?!"He scratched his head in suspicion and did not understand what he saw in the dream. There were so many questions in his mind that he couldn't sort them out and ponder each one at this time. What Ivan in the dream said remains a mystery. Everything happened so fast. On the other hand, he remembered every detail deeply. He thought that maybe he was watching a movie or playing a game too much.Alex Moore is a slender man. Tanned, muscular, and square-faced with dark brown eyes typical of the handsome man of any
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My Friends Teased Me All Time!
After a tedious history class. Alex walks out of the room in annoyance. He hates being present in front of the class. He had to present the history of Rome in half an hour. Moreover, Mr. Kim gave his gaze as if trying to catch the mistake. Fortunately, he had some knowledge of the period of Rome. Whether it's from a manga or a video game. Those things allowed him to survive and make him speak and present without any problems. He's still silly with Penelope for opening war with him. He must find a way to get her back somehow.Josh, Ryan, and Ivan walked towards him standing in the corner of the hallway. They have been friends since the seventh grade. They are always going anywhere. Their relationship falls under the category of close friends. They all belong to the fighter club. They have been involved in many tournaments. After every victory, they would hang out at the bar behind the college. Josh and Ivan carry his drunk friend back to the dorm every time. They had a lot of fun toget
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At Cafeteria and Meet Girls
The cafeteria during the day is crowded with people. Usually, they don't come here very often. They mostly go to a restaurant off campus or a cafe somewhere on campus. But don't know what inspired them to come here today."Oh my god! The row is crazy long!" Ivan said with surprise when he saw many people in the row."I think we should go to Sweet Chill Cafe," Ryan suggested."I agree with, Ryan. I don't want to wait for that much," Alex said."Come on, bro. I think once in a while we will eat lunch here. Wait a minute, it won't hurt. Besides, we don't have afternoon classes either." Ivan said with his friends."This guy is so chill!" Josh said."Sometimes waiting isn't always a bad thing," Ivan said."I don't want to wait! I am hungry!" Ryan said."Whatever you say, Ivan. But I think we should find food elsewhere." Alex recommended."I want to eat here. Change the atmosphere a bit, dumbass!" Ivan insisted on staying at the cafeteria."Why do you want to eat here?" Josh asked."Yeah, W
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At that moment, Alex accidentally stepped back and bumped into someone."oh! sorry..." Alex said for pardon.He found out that the person he accidentally bumped into was a woman. She is a girl with short brown hair on a diamond face shape. Those big eyes of hers were brown too. She's a tanned, slightly white person."oh! me too." She said."Nora?""Abby?"They embraced each other with happy smiles as if they knew each other and hadn't seen each other for a long time."oh, my God! I had no idea you would be here. I remember that you went to England, didn't you?" Abby said with exiting."Ahha...I decided to transfer my studies back to America. At first, I thought that I would have to go back as a freshman. Luckily my mom made it possible for me to come back here without having to go to college again in the first place." Nora explained her story.Actually, her mother was a professor here. She, therefore, received the privilege plus the talent that she used to create work for the college
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Bookworm Club
Bookworm Club members are helping to unload the cardboard from Darren's pickup truck. Inside there are many books for sale on the day of the book fair tomorrow. These cardboard boxes are not lightweight. Especially the cardboard with red tape that the inside contains a hardcover book. The Bookworm Club has unity. It didn't take long for them to put all those boxes down in the storage room behind the library building. "Phew! It's finally done." Simon sat in a corner of a storage room full of cardboard boxes. He used the back of his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead. He had to rest for a moment. Simon Smith is a skinny man. Leftover light brown haircut on a slim oval face and blue eyes like crystal. Overall, he was quite handsome and charming. Even though his figure looks weak If compared to other young men in college. In fact, he was a rather strong and tough man than his appearance. He is one of the regular members of the bookworm club. On the other hand, many people tend to re
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To The Far-Reaching Light and The Everlasting Darkness
They looked at each other with doubtful eyes in their heads. This book is no ordinary book. They don't even know the source. The name of the author of this book is as bizarre as it is not from today's generation of people and they believed that this was not an ancient name. Not only that, The title after the author's name is also fantasy as if the writer was obsessed with the imaginary world. Curiosity mixed with surprise continued to pour into their minds non-stop. Simon opened the first page of the book. It was a white page with a single sentence written all over it: To the far-reaching light and the everlasting darkness. "What the hell is this?!" Darren knit one's brow. "Maybe poem or hint." Simon guessed. "What hint? What is about the far-reaching light and the everlasting darkness?" "The sun and the moon?" "Uhm...I'm blanking." They let the doubts in that sentence hold. Simon opens the next page and finds the text: Chapter 1, the Origin of the Universe. He continued to turn
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Bookworm Meeting and New Members
All club members gathered in the video media room at the library. Many young people from freshmen to seniors are invited to attend tomorrow's preparatory meeting. The presentation slides are already showing on the projector screen. This work they must do to their fullest. The result must be perfect. This event must attract people from colleges and outsiders to pay attention to this activity. Simon and Darren enter the meeting room. They found that the other members were waiting for an opening meeting from their club president. Caroline is preparing a presentation. Her expression was serious and of course, she was wearing her favorite pair of eyeglasses. They thought that this meeting must have been intense for many hours. On the other side of the room, Emily is talking to the member about the three people in charge of organizing the book booth. Her expression was as serious as Caroline's. Even though her position is only vice president. Her job is to keep order. The main duties are m
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The Arrival of The Power of Life
Mike Miller is always sitting on his favorite bench. His boring afternoon went on like every day. He was holding his pencil sketching a tulip garden behind the college. This area is rarely crowded. If it's not an evening when people come jogging or walking for exercise. His gaze shifted between the sketched paper and the tulip garden in front of him. At least he found something to do to relieve the boredom after the morning class. He was a tall, muscular body. He has light brown eyes, under the eye is a small mole under the right eye near the cheekbone on a square face, and light brown long faded hair cut. He was classified as a charming-looking man. Many people think he is an athlete. That's partly because he likes to play basketball. But his favorite thing is drawing. He had loved it since he was a child. So it was like something that helped relieve his loneliness very well. He has many sketchbooks at home. Those notebooks were full of sketches and he paid attention to every detail.
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