Euthenasia no Euphoria

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Euthenasia no Euphoria

By: Yang OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Euphemia, the youngest daughter from Altair's Clan was caught in a tragedy, as their old house was turn into hellish pit of fire. After the incident she was shortly taken by the Chasseur to become a soldier of the great empire.  Many years passed, the young lady graduated from the Chasseur's school and descended to the surface. She was partnered with Sekki to do some job to the surface such as bounties and requests related to the Schatten, after awhile, she run into Haoxi, her childhood friend who was accomplices with the people who were against with the Empire. Euphemia was determined to stop him by formally joining the Empire force to track him down, and the longer she stayed on the same trail as these people, the closer she got to the truth she was looking for regarding Sabrie's tragedy.

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Chapter 1
Trigger warnings; This content can potentially harm the reader mentally, triggering stressful episodes, panic attacks, depression, and anxiety.***That day.She was there before me, carrying my older sister's lifeless body. My mother's eyes directly glanced at mine, and she made a devastating smile. The soot was swaying around, together with her hair lurching in the background.The reason?I would probably never know.Our household was in a pit of hellish fire, cries and begging were visible in my ears. Everything is burning, humans, furniture, together with our simple happy memories within. As for my mother who only stands there, doing nothing at all.She whispered a cryptic word. At first, I couldn't hear them clearly."...Li.." It was unclear, noises from the burning house were louder than her voice. I just stared at her, unable to say any words.To be honest, I want to ask her, 'why are you on the other side? And not here with me.' however, regarding how she smiles at me. My hesi
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Chapter 2
"What should we do?""Should we purposely make her fail the test? In that way, she won't be able to leave this place ever."The professor that was Euphemia's homeroom teacher was in the discussion room together with the other high rankers, currently discussing matters regarding the young girl who will take the final exam soon."...That'll be harsh."However, the reason was, that the professor disagreed with what they have come to mind. He was nurturing the girl for almost his life and came to a realization that the girl had dreamt about getting out in a prison school such as the academy. He couldn't endure so many delays for a girl's freedom, he has already grown a parental affection for her.The professor lifted his face high and mighty against the council. Revolting about how they would hold the girl's future in their hands, he couldn't simply idle on the idea anymore.Everyone turned over him. The unpleasantries are rising harshly, everyone was not agreeing on what he wanted for th
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Chapter 3
The white-haired young master made his way to the room exclusively only for the VIP Personnel. He is the very same person who laughed and had a friendly manner towards Euphemia before.He is the top, a very important person, and the owner of the exclusive companies built inside the empire. Seemingly, he was one of the emperor's trusted people who managed everything smoothly. No one can dare to defy him; he more or less got the level of emperor for himself.The appearance he possessed is more than just a porcelain white aspect, his rarity is beyond rare. That's why people also consider him an ancient person. Ancient people are actually what they've called Raksha's before.Raksha is once the guardian maintaining the balance of the world, however; up to these days, no one has ever seen them again. They became a myth, and mostly can only be found in some sort of children's book. Although the Raksha has vanished from the world, magic or commonly now called Magia still exists.The empire ma
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Chapter 4
Euphemia's perspective.The white person, I should call him that since he is all white. I never know his name, he wouldn't tell me, though, he seems familiar with me.That person approached me earlier, although I don't know what he wants. He asked me if I wanted to have tea with him. I rejected the offer since my limitation doesn't allow me to have a friendly start with anyone.As I said before, "That kid has been covered in a mysterious atmosphere himself." He was surrounded by the executives like they were all his slaves. I noticed how troubled they are, sweating most of them. Perhaps that kid has a powerful position in this place.I'm currently sitting on an unoccupied bench. Following the sight of the students who were with their friends."What would you like to have?""A parfait?""Alrighty! Hehe..."The two girls are acting like asses in front of me, it pisses me off."Why are they even asking each other like a motherfucking pussy...?...just get your asses out of here!" my burn
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Chapter 5
"Young Master Stale."Stale and the other important staff are now in the observation area, this area was certainly made for the VIPs, specially made to watch the students. The final exam will commence today, so everything is lively both for the supervisors and the students.That very same room is made of toughed tempered glass, it was made to shield the people inside from the Schattens, and students who are expecting will lose their insanity. The battle against the Schatten won't be going to be easy, now that Stale has decided to put the highest rank of Schatten in the examination.He is expecting that most of the students will die. Only the strongest will remain, and so does his pet."Everything is now well prepared, young Master." a female staff informed Stale, "We are only waiting for your signal.""Then, begin the examination.""As you wish, young Master."When the female staff received permission from Stale. She stepped out, informing the other staff about the signal that was giv
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Chapter 6
Euphemia's perspective.Everyone is on their feet, waiting for the fiends to come. We were locked in the huge dome, a place where will the examination takes its set. The atmosphere here is way more suffocating than breathing a miasma. The girls who are part of this examination are already crying because no one wants to team up with them. While the group made by most men were preparing for the worst.There are five sections of seniors who are taking examinations today. That includes our section, in fact, my classmates are here but no one really went to team up with me. It's not like I'm expecting one, I'm actually waiting for five people at least. But those stupid people think I'll be a hindrance."Don't worry. You actually got one." I told myself that, lurking a stare at this child who was looking at the others. His body is shaking, "So this is what you call 'Prodigy'? He looks like someone who'll pee here and now."I can't believe I have to babysit.I get back to observing people. Mo
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Chapter 7
Euphemia's perspective.The dust.***"Good luck, may God protect each of you." The proctor stated.Silence engulfed the whole area. Here we are, inside of this huge dome made of glass, as we witness how the light was slowly being tucked away by a small-scale black pixel. My mind envelops a common question in my head."Why?"It wasn't like this in the previous examination I had, everything is just not familiar as it was before. I can hear everyone's voiceless worries. It's deafening and fretting."Sister." the child goes sideways. I barely see how he is looking at me, he was stiff and seemed to be uncomfortable. However, I can't just let him be like that. I poked him, trying the best I could to cheer him up."Scardy cats usually end up dead.""E-ekk? I don't want to die!""Wait, did I scare him instead of making him calm? Ugh. This is why I don't babysit." I murmured to myself.A huge snap after, the next thing we saw was the dome was completely shut, there was no speck of light that
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Chapter 8
A young petite boy who possessed a massive red bush surrounding two wide green eyes was staring out the window on the second floor of his room. Silently, he was observing the people, including his family and his beloved older brother who soon will be taken away. The people who were dressed in military uniforms are sent by the Chasseur magia academy, to collect his brother, like he was a thing that pays off the debt of their family.It was given on their rules that every oldest son and daughter of a noble family would be designated for the empire. However, this family has twins. By means of twins, they were gifted with identical appearances that one can barely see the difference. In the way, their parents only picked the most reliable one, leaving the weak on the corner alone."Tch." This child can't measure his affection for his brother, they were born on the same day, grew up together, and are now because of the law. They are going to be separated for good."I wish they would take me
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Chapter 9
"Watch out!"We're in the second phase of the examination. The Ghost can easily possess the one who has negativity. Half of the examiners had already surrendered their minds to the sinister darkness."S-sister!" and we're being attacked by our own kind. Naturally, this will be nothing if I don't have someone who needs to protect.Creating multiple types of weapons at once is taking my vigour, and even pushing me to my limit. But I have no choice. While shielding this child from harm, the guy who helped me before is ruthlessly taking the life of the mindless students. The pattern of red dots unfurled across my vision by then. The dots hung there for a while, burying a sword in one's face doesn't seem to be a problem to him at all."A monster."Only a monster could do that. The students are begging for their lives, yet his ears were shut. He doesn't mind or probably he doesn't care at all.Although I'm not in the right position to judge him, he has done nothing but protect us so far. Ho
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Chapter 10
The drowsy atmosphere in this place was hounded both by fear and consternation. As the last opponent, we are facing will surely have the highest level so far. My eyes and the rest were staring at the entrance door where the Schatten would enter."Our final opponent will be a mimic.""H-how did you know that?"Surprisingly, the guy beside me can tell what we will be facing this time. I'm kind of doubtful of him."Why does he know? Did anyone tell him about it before? He doesn't seem like the guy who will have a long conversation with anyone." I snorted out of my thoughts.The steam from a newly opened door was released, and there was a momentary silence for all of us. Footsteps, we overhear a footstep that most likely was from the mimic. From the darkness, someone stepped in. The heavy sensation is, here again, what I can only do is stand firmly to my ground.A rough crackling laugh was the first thing we heard from the mimic, "Wahaha—!...The President told me that if I can kill each
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