Onslaught: Dawn of chaos

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Onslaught: Dawn of chaos

By: Yung Sci OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Humans seem helpless when their greatest enemy of all time reappear after thousands of years to cause chaos, and wipe them out of existence. Would humans survive the ordeal. Humans has been granted one last hope, a human that would lead them through the onslaught and the dawn of chaos, would he succeed?.

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  • Muhammed Olasunkanmi


    A very interesting and educative story

    2023-07-08 08:45:28
  • Daud Aisha


    it's a promising novel

    2023-03-12 12:52:50
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12 chapters
Chapter 1: Prologue
Prologue The star beasts are a very ferocious creatures that inhabits a star like domain, as their name implies they're no way different from beasts but their savage behavior wildness is ten times that of an ordinary beasts. They are gifted with intelligence just like the humans, but they lack orderliness in their society which results in the use of the jungle law; survival by all means. It's pretty much clear that no one wishes to die which makes all star beasts to strive in other to increase their strength but all efforts prove futile. All star beast are all equal in strength, no one is higher than the order in terms of rank, yet thousands of star beast died daily to the hands of their fellow comrades, due to some petty mistakes. There's no reason to why they're using the jungle law, but because they can only survive by devouring each other. . . . A ripple appeared in the atmosphere of the star beasts, it was strange but it seems like an invisible portal that could suck in eve
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Chapter 2: Reincarnated
In a domain void of cloud nor sky, there was a man who was wandering in the darkness that shrouded him, he wander aimlessly in a dark abyss. He was Drake, the chosen, the one that was specially selected by the almighty among billions of humans to put an ultimate end to humans suffering and also end the war between them and the Star beasts race. "Am I in purgatory?" Purgatory, a place that a human would arrive at for a while before going into the underworld. That was the first thought that entered Drake's mind. Though, darkness was an entity Drake despised the most, that was his last hope and also his last resort, been a nuisance while he was alive, Drake never took the mission that was assigned to him by the almighty to execute on earth seriously, being someone with a feeble mind, Drake distanced himself away from whatsoever mission he was to execute on earth, or any prophecy that was related to him, but he realized that if he doesn't accomplish his mission as fast as possible, he
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Chapter 3: One Vs four
The town of Brion has always been a peaceful domain since the beginning of time, since it was a town that was mostly inhabited by warriors, mages, adventurer's and so on, it makes it a peaceful place that is less targeted by beasts, monsters, bandit and other entity that has a strong will of malevolence.The town of Brion is a peaceful town and a place where heroes spawns from, the town is divided by a very large forest which is in the middle of the town, the forest is a significant symbol because of it uniqueness, the first part of the town which is the western part was where the inhabitants mostly lives, while the other part which is the eastern part is known as a mining ground, and also known for a special region which is used by mages due to the special quality it has, "Abundance of mana," a very rare phenomenon in the whole of the Zeus empire.The Zeus empire and the Poseon empire are in war against each other, a war that will decide whether one of the empire would be ruled by t
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Chapter 4: Hunting expedition
On a plain open vast land, up to one hundred and eighty students were lined up in a distinct manner, they were donned in their full combat gear, and they were all armed with weapons that shouldn't be seen with someone of their age.The students were lined in a coordinated manner, they were not older than age of nine and they were not younger than the age of seven. The students all wore a solemn expression as the hyped themselves up for the beasts hunting expedition they were about to embark on.Five master mages from Brion mages academy came to the front of the students and they began to draw circles on the floor, a very large circle of 60 inches radius was first drawn on the plain ground, which was followed by the drawing of smaller circles in the big circle.After that has been done, triangles were drawn in the circles which was followed up by the illustrations of some infernal symbols drew on the diagram on the floor. The five mages sighed after they've completed the diagram, tho
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Chapter 5: Hunting expedition
Bloodclot forest. Bloodclot forest was once a kingdom in the past, a Kingdom were human greatest warrior originates from, it was said to be a kingdom specifically blessed with abundance by the almighty.Blood clot forest was actually called "The Eternal Sacred Kingdom." But it loses its dignity after a war broke out between human and the star beasts, humans were actually fairing well against the so called star beast and they were closed to winning the war before the change of events start to occur, no one could explain what happened, but it could be said that the four generals that were leading human in the war disappeared overnight, they all originated from Eternal Sacred Kingdom.The ruler of Eternal Sacred Kingdom was thrown into a frenzy when he heard about the incident, he had to blame the rulers of other saying it was a conspiracy against his men and his kingdom to rip it off it's glory. He waged war against and killed thousands of soldiers of each kingdom demanding back for h
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Chapter 6: Beast horde
The atmosphere has become tense, students were chasing after their prey(Beast), while some were busy retrieving crystals from the dead Beast the had managed to kill.A particular group of four who seems to be walking around aimlessly fixed there gaze on a hunting hound, after some minutes of murmuring, the four of them separated deeper into the forest so they can catch their target without alerting it."Let's plan a sneak attack on the beast that seems to be munching some yummies over there." A boy among the group of four said with an imperious tone as he point his little index finger at the beast that was quite a few meters away from them."Ahooow." The beast seems to be enraged by the little four punny that were staring at him from afar, he let out a very furious roar before he sprang up into the air aiming for the four students."We're never taught that low tier beasts are this sensitive." A boy among the four said as he held onto his sword tightly which has a dim red flicker aroun
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Chapter 7: Rescue and revenge
When humans are in danger, they tend to think more about saving themselves, but when they are entrusted with something more precious than their lives, they make sure its protected and safe at all cost. The masters could have fled for their lives when they sense the impending danger looming over them, but they choose not to, not because they can't, but because the fate of the students lies in their hands. “All activities should stop right now, all students should kindly move to the teleportation circle now.” Mr. Geo yelled atop of his lungs, he materialised from the thin air and landed on the ground. The sudden fear of death makes the student feel numb; some can’t even get themselves composed to move their legs, thoughtless of running towards the teleportation circle. Despite the far distance of the incoming beast horde, their savagery and terrifying aura has already occupied the vincible section domain which makes the student shiver in fear, and lose their sense of thought. “Phys
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Chapter 8: Revenge and Rescue II
Whilst the chaotic scene was unraveling itself rapidly, Drake, Han and their respective subordinate were far away in the forest, far from the vincible domain section.Han alongside his three subordinate were quivering in fear when they realized that a horde of beast are coming towards their direction, the tingling sensation of fear spreads through their body to the depth of their souls. Han directed his gaze towards Drake, Harry and Harry's sister to check their condition, but was fear stricken when he saw them smiling, the trio were standing boldly with no fear written on their faces, despite the danger that was impending. Even if they all chose to run, they would still end up as minced meat.Drowned in the sea of confusion Han somehow realized that Drake is connected to the cause of horde of beast marching towards them, which explained why he was self confident. "Hey, you what did you do?" Han yelled at Drake as he stammered due to fear. "Well nothing much, but I triggered the be
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Chapter 9: Punishment
The setting sun had its dimmed rays shone on the horizons of Brion town, students were threading the path between the fields back to their parents’ home. After experiencing, and escaping what could be their doom at Blood clot forest, most students were slightly mentally unstable since its their first hunting expedition, its normal for most of them to be scared out of their wits when fighting or attacked by a beast for the first time, but not when they are faced with a horde of beast which could easily trample a town down; they’re bound to experience psychological issues, except for a few among them, whose parents are either hunters, adventurers or are serving in the army. A group of figures stood round a luminous circular diagram with different types of shapes drawn in it, the figures stood round the teleportation circle with a pale face as they tried their last attempt to activate the teleportation circle. They all clasp their hands together as the take in a deep breath, channel
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Imperial Envoy Selection
He made terse grunt as he picked up his sword supporting himself as he stood firmly on the battle ground wobbling as he struggle to hold on firmly to his sword, he stare firmly at the enormous beast that towers over him, its menacing eyes bore trough him like drill, his body quiver as make a firm resolve within himself. “I am going to end this.” He muttered to himself affirmatively as the mana within him surge wildly, the last bit of Qi he had in him also combined with it, forming an invisible canon ball on his left hand, with his sword also coated with the invisible energy. “Did you think you can kill me? I am the doom of mankind, the begining of another era for the star beast,” “with me, ye.all shall perish.” The beast roared, his voice revbrating far into the battle field.It lunge itself into the air, its am wide apart, its body glowed as its body as it descend on the tiny figure on the ground..”Magic can’t kill me he growled.” The canon ball in his hand became visible as it
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