Infinite loop

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Infinite loop

By: Thane OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A story of Akatsuki. A messed up story. Really messed up. It revolves and revolves. This story is looking for a second chance. I hope the kind author will give this story a chance

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76 chapters
A man who failed in life. His only wish was to live in peace. But what he wished for was impossible. In this world, there was no peace. The humanity was barbaric. They were a warmongering race. So peace was impossible. He was caught up in a war between races. The humans were fighting against the demons. So every human kingdom unified and started to attack. So many innocent civilians were sent to the front lines. He was also sent and killed by the demons. As he was dying, he wished for peace. That was his only wish. And his soul left his body. When he opened his eyes he found himself in a white room. Nothing was there. But he should be dead. However he was standing. So he thought he was dreaming. But a voice told him,”You are not dead. You have been chosen by us. We will bestow upon you the title of Hero.” “No thanks.” He refused bluntly.“Why refuse? Do you humans not want power and fame?”“Maybe everyone but not me. I only value my peace. So I will be happy if you send me to heaven.
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Chapter 1
“I am tired.” Said a girl. She flings her hand in the air and said. She is clearly worn out from work. She has black hair and red eyes. A cute face and small frame. But she was not ordinary. She is an adventurer. A highly capable one at that. Returning from finishing a job she said that. “Don’t say that. We are all equally tired.”Said a girl from behind. Another girl nodded. She was not alone. She is in a all girls party. There are 3 of them. “But I am especially tired today, Belle.” Said the black haired one. She called the one who retorted Belle. “But this job was your choice. You chose to exterminate the 30 tiger wolves. So it’s your fault.” Said Belle. The third one who was sitting quietly said,“Yeah. But we got almost killed too. So be a little careful, Aisha.” She called the black haired girl Aisha. “I will.” Aisha made a blank face. “By the way aren’t you a little too calm today, Leah.” The quiet girl was called Leah.“I am thinking about something.” Leah said.“What? I
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Chapter 2
They entered his house. They all had a similar thought that it’d be a terrifying place. But when they looked around,they were surprised. More like let down. They thought that he would live in a dungeon. But it was a normal house. A completely normal house. Just that it was underground.“Make yourselves at home. I live alone here. But I should call her too. For you girls can take it easy.” Jacob said and went into a room.“Is it really his house? It looks totally normal.” Aisha said.But Leah had a different approach.“No. Everything here is made from or with magic. The furnitures have a protective spell cast on them. It is indestructible.”(l)“What? The furnitures are indestructible. Let’s check it.” Belle said and unsheathed her sword. She took a attack stance and swung her sword at the chair in front of her. But much to everyone’s surprise it was unscathed. The chair didn’t even have a single mark on it. This annoyed Belle. So she kept attacking. But the chair remained the same. On
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Chapter 3
Aisha and Selene were looking at him expectantly. He was in a bind. Because he never told anyone about his previous life. He was thinking about what to tell them. But he said,”Why don’t we wait for them to wake up? It will be a bother if they don’t hear it from the beginning.”“That’s true. But I can’t wait. You are someone who I don’t understand. And you speak with a god as if she was your wife.” Aisha said that. But it was wrong. How did she get that idea was even a mystery for Jacob himself. Selene on the other hand was quite happy. “That’s just how I talk to her. But she’s not my wife.” He denied it strongly. Not even a sliver of hesitation.“You are too cold. Can’t you just admit that we are married.” Selene made statement with a big smile.“But we are not. Besides I am not into cuckolding. I don’t want other mans wife.” Jacob said.“How rude. For your info I am still single and a virgin on top of that. How did you get that idea?”“I thought you had 53 children with three men.
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Chapter 4
His parents house was pretty normal. A normal house for a four person family. It is common. But Aisha and co had never seen anything like that. So they were pretty hyped up. He didn’t waste his time and quickly went upstairs to his room. He told the others to sit in the drawing room. They sat in the drawing room as he went upstairs. He did not expect to find anything but when he opened the door his stuff was there. His books and manga collection were present. So he just took all of them and put them in his storage box. He created a space with infinite storage. He uses it to store things. After that he went downstairs and saw them chatting. “Well my work is done. What do you girls want to do?”“I want a full tour. I want to see this fascinating world. It’s too different from our own. So I’d like to see it.” Leah said it. Because she was a wizard, her scholar mind couldn’t stave off the temptation. Akatsuki didn’t say anything. Selene and the others didn’t say anything. So it’s likely
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Chapter 5
“I just healed my wound and cleaned the mess. What’s so wrong with that?” He asked.“No. But it happened too fast. Just how fast was it?” Selene asked.“Not much. I am probably out of practice. It would instantly heal the moment I cut it. But it was left alone for a long time. So I lost my edge.” He let out a wry smile and said.“I am amazed at how you can say such things with that straight face. You really are a blockhead.” Selene said.“Enough fooling around. Let’s go. But before that erase her memory.” He said to Selene.“What? Don’t you want her to know that you are alive?”(s)“No. She’ll be deemed mad if she tells anyone. So it’s better for her to stay out of this. Also I am not her brother any more. I have died twice. So I am a different person.”Mizuki was trying to understand the current situation. She was fidgeting. But she asked,“Are you my brother?”“No. I am a different person. I have been reborn twice. So I am a completely different person. You shouldn’t think about it t
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Chapter 6
“What are they talking about? I cannot go in because Selene is acting weird. She really scares the hell out of me.”This was his monologue. He was laying down on grass right next to his giant hole. He closed the hole and was lying down on the down. He thought that they would be talking for a while. So he slept.He was sleeping on the grass. Because of his aura, no monster dared to come close and humans don’t come in. So he had nothing to worry about.And the girls were just dumbfounded. Akatsuki did some really outrageous things that didn’t have any meaning. Selene was particularly annoyed with him. Mizuki and Momoko were trying to grasp the situation. Aisha and co were sorting out about what should they do. They didn’t talk for a while. But Mizuki broke that silence.“So in short, my brother was framed and then misunderstood by all and then murdered. That’s the gist of it.”“Yes. If you see it that way, that’s it.” Selene said.“But who killed him?” This was Momoko’s question. She
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Chapter 7
His remark made Aisha silent. That silence flowed for a while. It was awkward. The situation became awkward. “Anyway, Belle give me that sword.” He said. Belle looked at him and gave him the sword.“When you swung the sword a crack appeared in the ground. Do you want to see what happens when I do that?” He said with a smirk.It was something everyone wanted to know. Just how strong is he?“Hey Selene, this might hurt a bit. But I’ll listen to you later.” He said. His eyes were serious and also apologetic.Selene first didn’t understand. But then he pointed at the moon and she knew it.“Don’t do it.” Selene screamed.But he swung the sword in the moon’s direction. A violent gale appeared. Blowing everything away and a black slash could be seen.That slash headed to the moon and only a few seconds later the moon was cut in half.Everyone looked up at the moon and stared at with half open mouth. They had disbelief written all over their faces. However the moon was cut in half and Sel
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Chapter 8
With 7 Akatsuki standing in front of them, they were at a loss.All 7 of them looked the same but the air around them were different. Like their personalities changed.All of them were talking with each other and then they turned to the girls.“Sorry for confusing you. Let’s clear our the situation.” One of him said.“He went to Pluto’s place to talk with him. But that bastard Pluto, attacked him and split his mental consciousness.” Another of him said.So basically he was split. And Pluto did that.“So his mental consciousness or psyche was split?” Selene tried to understand the situation.“Well that’s the gist of it.” One of him said.But all 7 seven of him were exactly the same. So it was confusing for the girls.“So in that case who are you supposed to be?” Mizuki asked.“Well I am Superbia.” The one standing in right said.They made a line and stood from right to left. Superbia was the one in the most right.And all of them introduced themselves.From Superbia, there stood Invid
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Chapter 9
After listening to what he said just now, they were quite. They didn’t say anything. Even Selene was silent.But Belle made up her mind.“Why did you give me that? Isn’t that too overpowering?”“No. If you use that sword you’ll need my protection.” He said. But it was mostly Superbia and Invidia speaking to them.“Why? Is that something dangerous?” Belle asked.“No. But that adamantite drains a persons mental strength. So if you use it without my protection, you’ll eventually lose your mind and become a berserker or a mindless beast.” Superbia said.Belle was scared. After listening to that she looked at the sword she was holding.“Ok. I will. Thanks for the protection.” She said. “I can’t let you die. After all, you will be his princess maiden. So can’t let you die.” Superbia said with an indifferent tone.Belle let out a wry smile. “Selene, don’t speak of this to anyone. Not even the gods closest to you. You know why right?” Superbia looking at Selene said this.“Yes.” Selene repl
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