Doomsday Awakening

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Doomsday Awakening

By: Stherie Night OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In the doomsday, where humans one by one turn into zombies or are endowed with superpowers to survive. Luca Edgar, an ordinary man who works as a civil servant also becomes an ordinary man in the doomsday. When the people around him have superpowers and can fight against the zombies, he just hides behind the backs of his friends and becomes a weak, protected object. Because of his pride, Luca didn't want to constantly depend on others. He secretly strengthens his body and sharpens his instincts, trying his hardest to be able to protect himself even without superpowers. Instead, he is attacked and clawed by a zombie. Ruth Allyson, a girl who has been following him, reaches out to heal him with her healing powers. This in turn awakens Luca's rare superpowers.

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1. The Nightmare
Luca Edgar ran with the group of people to the warehouse and slammed the big door. A gigantic monster chased behind them like a hungry beast. The one who looked the stronger of them all called the group leader, held down the barn door, and shouted commandingly, “Go hide and find a suitable place to surround the zombies!” Everyone ran in all directions, following the group leader’s instructions and preparing to carry out the attack together. Only Luca, who didn’t know what to do, carried his helpless body to a corner of the shed. Crouch like a chicken. He didn’t know what was going on, nor did he have the ability to help deal with those monsters called zombies. His face was pale as if it had no blood and cold sweat was seeping down his back, his hands were trembling and his legs were limp. “What happened? What happened? What happened?” he muttered frantically in a low voice, his eyes blurred, and his brain working hard to come up with an answer. The monster from outside hit the do
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2. Ruth Allyson
Luca’s face was full of shock. He lightly laughed at the girl’s attitude, moreover laughing at his silly self.“What do you believe, huh? My nonsense?”The girl, Ruth Allyson, nodded heavily. Straightened her posture and looked at Luca earnestly, like a little soldier who trusted his master selflessly. Her voice was firm as she replied, “Yes, I believe your words about doomsday. It’s not nonsense!”Luca was dumbfounded, slightly disturbed by the girl’s conviction. He pushed back the hair that covered his eyes, looked into Ruth’s eyes, and couldn’t help but be convinced. The girl before him believed his nonsense about doomsday being predicted only through nightmares.Luca let out a long breath, leaning against the wall. With indifference in his tone of voice, he asked, “What is your reason for believing me?”Ruth followed Luca’s actions and leaned against the wall next door. Her slender fingers tapped her chin twice, eyes fixed on Luca’s figure. It made Luca feel a little self-consciou
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3. Preparation
Water splashing against his face, Luca was stunned before realizing the situation. It dumbfounded him to see a girl leaning her body against the wall. The water ran through Ruth’s hair and onto her face, making the beautiful look a little sexy.“This... this is ....” Luca stammered as Ruth lifted her face and looked at him. There was a sharp glint in the girl’s eyes that left Luca stunned, even if only for a moment.Ruth immediately let go of Luca and patted her wet hair, snorting coldly before smiling widely.“What about my reaction earlier? Wasn’t I fast enough?”“Ah?” Luca still hadn’t come back to his senses. After rethinking the events of the past few moments, he was completely at a loss for words.The longer he was with Ruth, the more new things he learned. That girl was not only fast and had good instincts but also strong. Tell me, what girl could kick a gallon of water with her slender calves? Luca thought only Ruth could. Well, at least for now.“Ahh, sorry... I’m sorry!” Th
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4. The Blood Sun
Unable to sleep, Luca stood on the balcony. Takes out a cigarette and lights it. The sky tonight is completely dark, the full moon is covered by clouds, and the stars are hidden.Thinking back to Ruth’s question, Luca felt that his life was about to take a 180° turn. His hard-earned job would have to be given up just to do something ‘crazy’. However, his recurring dreams and Ruth’s attitude made him feel that this doomsday was coming quickly.It was clear that this was the craziest thing he would ever do!He exhaled the last of his cigarette smoke, pressed the wick into the ashtray, and entered his room. Staring at his reflection in the mirror, Luca undressed, seeing a lean body with no muscles and no fat.Too skinny, he thought.If he wants to be strong, the first thing to do is to pay attention to his body condition. He should start exercising more.Despite going to bed late, he woke up very early and put on gym clothes. Do some light stretching before leaving the room.Hearing the
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5. People with Special Abilities and Zombies
Luca was the last to rise from his chair, so he saw Ruth faint and swiftly caught her body. Cold sweat was seeping down the girl’s back as if she had taken a shower, her face pale and slightly hot. Luca took Ruth to her room, laid her down, and took care of her. He patiently wiped away her sweat. In the evening, Ruth still didn’t wake up and her body had a severe fever. It was so hot that it could cook a sunny-side-up egg. The sunlight did not change, it became more like blood day by day. More and more people fell ill, and the chaos intensified. Luca stayed at home. He monitored the situation on the monitor, watched the news channels, and took care of unconscious Ruth. Fortunately, there was an IV that could help her. As for Luca, from his dreams, he knew he was just an ordinary person. That’s why he tried hard to train his physical strength, agility and accuracy of attacks were also necessary. Tired of having no one to talk to and not knowing what to do, Luca turned on his lapto
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6. Jade Stone Pendant
Ruth remained silent and continued her work, as if reluctant to answer. This made Luca even more curious. “Tell me, how do you know General Hugo?” Luca asked again and would ask until he got an answer. However, Ruth didn’t want to answer. She just clenched her mouth and walked into the living room. Luca followed along like a chicken, but his mouth kept making noises. “We were comrades in arms before and until the end of the world came, but you kept secrets from me. This is outrageous!” Ruth stopped walking, turned back, and looked at Luca. The expression on her face did not look good. After a few moments of staring at the man, she let out a light snort, then said, “You’re so noisy, like a woman in heat.” “Hey, what are you saying?” Luca interrupted irritably. If it weren’t for his curiosity about Hugo, he wouldn’t have said so much. Turning her face away and resuming her steps, Ruth said, “Didn’t I tell you that I can predict the future, and this Hugo is in it?” “So you don’t k
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07. Dash’s Appearance
Luca and Ruth are two people who are always cautious in their actions, especially in a world full of dangers, like the world they live in now. Through the surveillance camera, they saw a familiar man standing outside the gate. It was Dash, Luca’s friend.Although they wondered why Dash had gotten here, they didn’t discuss it right away. There was still time to ask about it, anyway.Ruth let out a long sigh of relief. “It is Dash. Come on, go down and check it out!”Nodding lightly, Luca responded, “Bring weapons. We don’t know what’s going on down below.”They got ready to go down and check on Dash. In fear of zombies following Dash, they decided to dress up with weapons. Luca took his M16 rifle while Ruth carried a pocket knife and a pistol.They walked out of the house carefully, ready to face the danger. The streets around their house were quiet and dark, with only dim street lights illuminating the streets.“Dash!” called Luca.Dash, outside the gate, heard his name being called by
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08. First Small Attack
He could hear the sound of fast and noisy footsteps in the distance. A crowd of ferocious-looking, blood-soaked zombies were rapidly approaching their base.“The zombies are coming!”Luca, who was inexperienced in dealing with zombies in the last days, looked a little nervous and worried. Fortunately, he kept his cool, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to survive for long if the zombies made it in.Ruth looked very calm, as if she was used to hearing Luca’s words. She rushed out and looked carefully in the direction of the settlement in question.In the distance, she saw several figures moving slowly and irregularly. They looked human, but there was something strange about their movements, which were too stiff and staggered.“Pretty fast. I thought they would come in half an hour,” Ruth muttered, trying to justify what she saw.“Unfortunately, reality speaks otherwise,” Luca replied, raising his weapon. “We must be prepared to face them.”Luca pressed a button, making a hole open in
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09. Jade Space in Forest
Luca carefully looked around, but stepped recklessly. He didn’t know if this was the space inside the ancient jade stone called Ruth or not? All he saw was a dense forest, with no land for houses, gardening, or anything else. Looking around again, Luca felt that something was wrong with the place. It may not actually be a space in the jade stone. As he walked, something fell right in front of him. He looked down and saw a rolled-up piece of paper. Luca examined the rolled-up paper and opened it. There was writing on the ancient paper roll. Paper Roll: This is a truly private and relaxed place, just for you and your partner. You can customize it as you please and make it your own. Frowning and casting a mocking glance. “Is this a joke? Do I have to handle it myself too? I’ve had enough dealing with madness in my life!” Doesn’t anyone behind the paper roll know that the world he currently lives in is already filled with exhausting chaos, and he has to manage this place too? “Okay,
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10. The Crystal Core
Ruth frowned in annoyance, but then breathed a sigh of relief. She asked once again, "Why are you sneaking around, huh?Luca, who was a little behind Ruth and couldn't see clearly in the dark, asked, "Who's there? I can't see very well.""Who else? Your friend Dash, huh!" Ruth's tone was filled with complaints.Dash hobbled over to them, wide-eyed and with his hands clutching his flat stomach. He had a tired and slightly pale face as he said, "I'm starving. You guys left no food on the table."Hearing that, Luca lightly patted his forehead and chuckled, "Ahh, I've eaten everything. I forgot there were still people here.""Hmm. Come on, I'll make something for you to eat. Luca brought a lot of vegetables earlier," Ruth said as she led them out of the storage room and into the kitchen.They sat at the dining table while Ruth struggled with the vegetables and cooking utensils."Where did you get vegetables in the midst of this world chaos?" asked Dash, looking at Luca in confusion.Luca
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