Crusader: Champion of the Dark One

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Crusader: Champion of the Dark One

By: Frederick Bonsu OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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This story is more of a hobby and this is my first time writing so don't expect too much also English isn't my first language. Jason is a 16-year-old boy trying to get through life with a father who expects him to be perfect and a school where everyone kind of hates him and bullies him with the exception of his two friends Jessica and Isaac. When he is falsely accused of beating up a student with the only witness to the crime Jessica his friend testifies against him and is expelled from school. On his way, home feeling betrayed and thinking about how to explain this to his father he is summoned to a dark cave where a being offers for him to become the champion of the Dark One

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13 chapters
On a cold dark night a scream of terror is heard, a scream filled with so much fear and despair it makes your stomach curl. This scream is actually coming from a town on the outskirts of the kingdom of Dawn. Fire is seen raging in the town as the copper smell of blood fills the air, people running helter-skelter as corpses fill the streets, sounds of fighting are heard as Knights and Templars along with the town guards engage skeletal monsters and monstrosities from the abyss that are only thought to exist in nightmares.As people run as chaos reigns, friends and family once thought dead rise and attack the living without any remorse for their once precious ones, a knight stood leaning against a building panting heavily, his former shinning silver amour was now dented in many places and dyed in black and green blood, his sword chipped lay beside him as blood pools at his feet. There were numerous scars on his face with some of his hair singed, blood dripped down his nose and as he rai
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Chapter 1
“Beep, Beep, Beep” the alarm rang. Jason opened his eyes with a groan and got up from his bed, Mondays was the day he loathed in the whole week as this was the one day his dad was home.“Michael”, his father was a lawyer in one of the biggest firms in the city. Though he wasn’t rich he was well off enough. If Jason was to describe the relationship he had with his father, love wouldn’t be the word for it, and although he didn’t hate his father or anything like that he wouldn’t say he liked him very much. You see his father was one of those types who didn’t care about your opinion once he made up his mind about something, he was more of a control freak” do this”,” don’t do that”, “wear this”, he cared more for what others thought about him than even his son’s happiness. So although his dad didn’t beat him up or anything with a dad like that, he couldn’t say he was happy.Anyway, Jason hurried down the tree-lined sidewalk at a brisk jog on his way to school. He spent too much time in the
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Chapter 2
Time skip: Lunch TimeIt was lunchtime and Jason was headed to the cafeteria. He had finally calmed down from the events of the morning and just wanted this day to be over with.“Jason”, someone yelled from behind him.“George, haven’t seen you all day”“Yeah just got in”“Lucky you’re rich and not a welfare student like some of us otherwise you’d be in for a talk down”. Jason grumbled“Yikes, what’s with the mood”. George asked“Nothing just got a run-in with Mrs. Amelia and Alex being a jerk, you know what don’t wanna talk about it”. Jason said as he grabbed his food and started to walk towards their usual table only to freeze in his tracks as he saw Alex with a couple of his friends sitting together with Jessica at their table chatting.“Woah, since when was the ‘King’ of the school friends with Jessica?” George whispered to Jason“ Don’t know but I guess he must really like her since he’s been giving me threats since the morning, telling me to stay away from her”. Jason replied“
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Chapter 3
Jason sat in the principal’s office with a swollen cheek. Ms. Amelia sat there staring at him without flinching as if she was trying to bore a hole in the middle of his forehead, making Jason squirm a bit in his seat. This had been going on for about 15 minutes till Ms. Amelia finally opened his mouth and asked.“Why’d you do it?”“What?”“Why’d you attack Alexander like that?”“Wait a minute I didn’t attack anyone, he attacked me.”“Your classmates reported that you attacked Alex in the lunchroom because he was sitting and chatting with a girl that if I understand right you like and declared as yours”“But that’s not true, he was the one who attacked me because _____”“Silence, and please pray tell, why would a star student and athlete like Alexander randomly attack someone of your particular social standing in a crowded cafeteria?” Ms. Amelia interjected harshly. “Besides I do not need to hear anything from you since every one of the students on the table already testified about how
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Chapter 4
Ms. Amelia stared at Jason in shock as he turned about to leave, she immediately shouted out after him“You’re expelled Jason, expelled!!!But Jason didn’t turn back as he continued walking forward but if he’d turned back to look he would have seen a hint of guilt in Ms. Amelia’s eyes.He walked out of the office, head held high and with a calm look on his face, he grabbed his bag off the secretary’s desk and stared into her eyes which were filled with shock before leaving, she must have heard everything that transpired in the office. The secretary felt a shiver run through her when she stared into those eyes of his. As Jason walked down the hallway he saw Alex and the gang along with Jessica staring at him with a smug look on their faces, other students were whispering as he walked, he wondered how the news of his expulsion traveled so far. He walked toward the exit but stopped and turned toward Alex and stared in a cold whisper barely above a whisper“One day I’ll be back and I’ll m
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Chapter 5
Jason packed all his belongings in a bag and slung it over his shoulders. He didn’t have much, just a few clothes, a laptop and that’s it. He took his savings and walked downstairs, he saw his father drinking again but didn’t mind him as he headed for the door. Just as he opened the door and was about to step out he heard his father say,“Walk out that door and you’re no longer my son”“I never was”, Jason replied and slammed the door as he stepped out.The air was chilly as he stepped into the evening air, the sun was setting over the horizon. He boarded the bus to a cheap hotel close by to sleep and think about what to do going forward. His savings could probably afford a week’s stay at the hotel but then what, just as he was still deliberating he remembered the voice and wondered where it was now and if it was still watching.‘Impressive, you really are gifted and bold, you finally stood up for yourself without wavering under the threats of your father’[ What do you mean gifted]‘
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Chapter 6
Jason opens his eyes to a dimly lit cave, he immediately sits up and checks himself to find that he has no injuries and that he was fine causing him to let out a relieved sigh. He looks around himself to see that the cave he is in is a little damp and narrow and that there was only a single path that leads downwards. Jason with little to no options decides to move forward along the path slowly, he noticed how the cave seemed to widen and become larger as he continued forward and as his eyes began to adjust to the dim lightening in the cave, he began to notice more details on the walls of the cave. It was unclear whether anything lived in the cave and so Jason moved slowly and carefully afraid of making too much noise. He tried talking to the voice in his head but it was unresponsive and oddly silent. After what felt like hours of walking, Jason noticed a glow ahead and as he approached it he could make out the sound of water dripping, and the cave gradually opening up into an enormous
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Chapter 7
"And who are you, old man" Jason inquired in an even tone, sclera still black as night as he stared at the old man."I am known as the dark one, the God of all that is dark and shunned in this world by the so-called light, and my followers follow the path of darkness", the old man asked as he bowed slightly."I sense in you a yearning for power, a hunger to control and not bow to another. Those that walk my path certainly find it""Huh, so you are some evil God in need of followers, offering a devil's deal?"" My followers are often treated as villains, with no moral code or compass, but one must know that just because one follows the dark and lives for oneself and desires does not make one inherently evil, it's just a matter of perspective. One is not good just because he is a hero or said to be a priest of light, why then must my followers conform to the rules and so-called social norms that others set. Every human in this world desire something, no one is perfect not even the so-ca
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Chapter 8
The world snapped into existence around Jason and he found himself standing in a town.It took him a moment to get his bearings, as his head stopped spinning. He noticed the medieval look of the city he found himself in. It kind of reminded him of fantasy MMORPG games. He could feel a gentle breeze on his skin and could make out the noise given off by the activities going on in the city. Looking up into the sky, he could tell by the position of the sun that it was around midday. He looked around him to realize he was standing in some kind of alleyway between two buildings. He took notice of his simple brown trousers and cloth shirt he wore and as far as he could tell he had no weapons on him.Jason exited the alleyway to a courtyard of some sort that had a single exit and a burly guard posted on each side. The two guards wore leather armor and their faces were obscured with metal helmets. Each guard held a spear and had a leather belt around their waist that held a dagger sheathed int
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Chapter 9
Jason entered the tavern to see countless people inside with violent laughter erupting among the patrons from time to time as they went about their conversations. There was music playing and drinks being served in mugs as waitresses moved among the patrons delivering food and drinks. As Jason stood there in the doorway observing the place, a heavy hand landed on his shoulder. He felt like his legs were going to buckle from the weight alone when he heard a voice behind him“You’re small,”As Jason turned, he saw a giant of a man with a huge barrel on his shoulder staring down at him. He wore sleeveless leather armor with a huge battle hammer slung across his back and Jason could swear the man was at least seven feet tall.“Don’t mind Tom. His etiquette leaves much to be desired, but he means well.” A smallish man said from Jason’s side as the now identified Tom moved past Jason. Jason turned to get a better look at the smallish man who had spoken to see him wearing clothes of varying s
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