Magic Kingship

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Magic Kingship

By: Azuzur OngoingFantasy

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In this world, Magic does exist. A 19 year old unemployed man is thrown into a conflict between mages, each of then fighting over the throne. With a new teacher, and a impossibly great potential, Kay must find a way to win this war, or to at the very least, survive it.

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    good read!!

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43 chapters
That one Day I've became a Magic King Cadidate, part 1
It was rainy morning. That much, together with the cold air and the blue sun, whose light one could see behind the clouds, created a unique and sad atmosphere.Kay didn't knew why, but he was feeling particularly hopeful that morning. It was a strange feeling, however the youngster was familiar with the bizarre. He came from a mage family, after all.Kay had jet-black hair, with amethyst eyes. He wore a blue shirt, with a black coat, to protect himself from the cold. He also wore black pants and blue shoes. His skin was tanned from working under the sun, he had a scar under his right eyebrow and he was a bit more muscular than what you would expect of a mage.He was also 19 years old.Seeing that rain became more fierce, the young man steps turned into fastpaced strides. He didn't expected to rain today, thus didn't picked a umbrella."Damn Weather. It was sunny a couple minutes back!" After those words, the rain became a storm. It was like things were naturally going wrong for him. K
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That one day where I became a Magic King candidate part 2
The hall grew quiet, as three of the four people present observed the black-haired beauty, as if she grew another head.The receptionist and the executive's eyes soon fell on Kay, who was with a serious face up till now. The fat man soon grew angrier, as he thought the woman was mocking him."Mistress, I never saw that man's face in any noble family. You wanted potential, and my son is one of the most talented mages of his generation! What could a commoner such as him have that my son doesn't?" The man said, breathing erraticaly. He knew far too well that he can't lose composure in front of this woman. His entire family treasures and history could be wiped out in a whim if so she desire.However, he was a prideful man. And among the things he took more pride in, was his son. He was a prodigy and worked harder than any other child in his classes. So having that woman saying that she didn't want to met his son, and only came here to talk to a commoned... it angered him.He was Ashira Ri
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Training Begins! Dominate the Dungeon! Part 1
"Although, I'm still confused." Kay said aloud, in the same place he had been sitting throughout the whole reading. "You said that we were going to fight on a Battle Royale to decide the next king… if so, how the bloody hell no one remembers such an event?"The woman, Zera, hummed and smiled in satisfaction. Looking towards Kay, she answered, pleased by the inquire nature of her new disciple."Well, that's quite simple. After the Battle Royale the winning team, composed of the apprentice and the Arcana, both use a powerful artifact to erase the commoners memories of the battles that will take place in the entire kingdom."Kay's eyes widened."What the hell?! The royals always had such a thing?!" He yelled. If they really had a way to erase an entire kingdom memories of an event, the things that they could do and get away with it… Kay's gulped just by thinking about it."Don't scream. The landlord here hates all kind of rattle." Zera scolded him, sensing a chill run down her spine when
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Training Begins! Dominate the Dungeon! Part 2
"That… that…" Kay mumbled a few curses for the last thirty minutes or so, while trying to regain his bearings. He soon decided to think about what his master told him. "Knowledge is power… I wonder…" He then begun to try and read the runes that illuminated the wall, with hopes that it could give him some source of directions.He stared at the shiny letters on the wall for a couple more minutes until…"Dammit! I can't understand a single word!" He cursed aloud, and as expected of his bad luck, it attracted… something.Kay begun to hear steps and a couple of shaking noises. The dimly illuminated cavern, whose only source of light was the bluish runes, became even more scary after, a couple of meters ahead of Kay, a Skeleton Soldier appeared.The Skeleton Soldier is a low level monster, who appears often in the early floors of dungeons. It is made of weak bones, none reinforced by magic, and have as weaponry a cutlass sword and a shield made of copper, with a spike in it's center.It's e
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Training Begins! Dominate the Dungeon! Part 3
"I… I… I DID IT!" Kay suddenly beamed with energy, running around and jumping like a happy fool, leaving the dark elf completely shocked.'How can this be? The last human who could use Runecraft died alongside the four ancient noble clans… how can this man possess it?' Those where a few of the questions that rummage through the elvish woman head, searching desperately for an answer, all the while Kay was drawing the rune she taught him everywhere, making the mist become more and more dense and almost impossible for any normal human being to see in it, which caused Kay to slip in one of the rocks on the ground and fall face first."Seriously kid, how the hell can you use Runic magic?" She asked more to herself than to Kay. The youngster, however, heard her and decided to explain what he knew about how a unique magic is formed."Well, when two people love each other very much, they have a child. This child has 75% of inherit either one of the parents magic. The child also has 24,5% of g
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Training Begins! Dominate the Dungeon! Part 4
Zera was walking towards her room, eager to see how Kay was doing. She knew, for a fact, that the boy had potential and she knew that, with his charisma, he could convince anyone.For that reason, she placed him on the area where Liria was, hoping that he could learn a thing or two from the elf. Those are, after all, the last Runecrafters in the world.Yes, she knew. The truth behind the elves seclusion and why there are so much bad blood between the two races. It pained her to see things like that, after all… some of her best friends are elves.She kept marching forward, when someone called for her."I see you decided to place your chips on a weaker one." Came the voice of Jupiter Wald… the Arcana twenty one… and the strongest between them all."This does not concern you…" Zera said, not looking towards him. It didn't matter what kind of hide he had taken to see her, she couldn't care less at how her older brother looked like right now.She kept walking, however, her brother wouldn't
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Training Begins! Dominate the Dungeon! Part 5
The monsters were crawling towards the youngster, which made him sweat a little. He, however, still held his ground, and smiled shakily. Drawing a Rune in the air, the image of electricity crosses his mind, and thus he spoke, in a calm voice."Za'azu'a" After those words left his mouth, Kay extended his right hand towards one of the monsters. It was an immense dog, who seemed to have a horse's head and eagle paws. With his target on sight, the boy's hand erupted in light as a spark of a lightning left his hand.His target convulse with a shriek of pain. As soon as all the skeletons soldiers saw that, they, along with some kind of really big spider, attacked the boy, who kept the smile on his face. Writing a new rune, he began another chant, the image of wind striking a mill making itself present in his mind."Ruakh!" Kay exclaimed, and a very strong gale threw his opponents off balance, making them fall on they're feet. His hand danced on the air once more, and a new rune formed itsel
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The Truth about the First Floor! The Foolish Candidate is Born!
Kay and Liria, after a quick analysis about the youngster fight and magics, where walking towards the end of the first floor.Kay was wearing the hide of the dog he skinned, with Liria wearing another type of fur. Somehow, Kay thought, she seemed even more beautiful in that silver cloak. It was like the coat highlighted her skin and hair.Looking at his own hand, Kay remembered the talk he had with Liria."Your main affinity is fire." She had said, a couple minutes earlier, lowering the hand that was in front of his face."How do you know that?" He had asked in search for the answer."It's a little trick that the Runecrafters had come across a couple of centuries ago." She begun, with a nostalgic smile on her face. "Fact is, when using a spell, the element you used will mix in your Jing, and for us Runecrafters, we deterrence some of that Mana, with the characteristics of that element we just used. That is where lies our affinity." She finished the explanation."What is in your mind,
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The Mysterious Blacksmith
Kay woke up to the sound fire burning metal. Looking up, what he encountered was a tad unexpected.What was ahead was a two-headed blacksmith. One was a scarred, bald, human male, with a mighty auburn bear. The second was a Draconian, with red scales and a scar on it's left eye. It was breathing fire on a piece of iron, a formless sword."Finally 'waked, eh?" The dwarf-like head spoke, while the flames ceased and it's arms took the forge and bathed it in cold water. "Y'er gave us quite the spook, kiddo. Almost lost ya.""Who are you? Where am I?" He winced, his hand found it's way to one of it's many cuts, one particularly nasty."Easy there, kiddo. I ain't a nurse, ya know?" The sound of boiling water filled the place, the steam filled the cavern. "Still, y'er quite lucky. If I was a minute late, you'd be a goner."'Lucky, huh…' His thoughts went back to the woman who gave her life to save his, a frown marred his features and a deep sadness caved it's way into his heart. 'I guess… sh
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Blood runes
Only after getting out of the blacksmith cavern did Kay noticed that he wasn't in the first floor anymore.Where the first floor was made only of chiseled stone, with runes illuminating the place, this one was made of jagged rocks. The runic power have faded long ago, with only a dim light stopping the everlasting shadow to completely engulf the place.Kay inscribed the runes that he saw back on the first floor and used they're power to navigate on the place, marking where he already went to.In that trek, he discovered a fountain, with some vegetation, mostly spice, growing alongside.After walking for a couple of hours, he run into a group of skeletons, that he dispatched with some effort, and felt his stomach groan. Sighting, he noticed that his throat was as dry as sand.While he knew that he could just go back and drink something, the fact that he found no meat begun to irk him.'Not only that, but my wounds are also beginning to hurt.' Turning back, he went towards the place whe
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