Mythical Rising

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Mythical Rising

By: Simon 1982 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The world isn't what it seems. Edward had no idea that Elves goblins dragons unicorns in fact anything other than human was real. Being sixty and fit as a man in his early twenties didn't ring any bells with him to his true identity. All that humans call beasts have been imprisoned and now is the time for them to rise. To take back what was once shared by all.

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9 chapters
Mythical Rising 1 The air was still but cold as I sat in my little rowing boat. Rod propped on the side. A light mist over the lake in the early morning light. Nothing ever bites at this time of day, not even the insects. It’s not the fishing that brings me out but nature. It’s like it talks to me.On days like this, I know that the trees are happy. Flowers will bloom. Bees will collect the nectar and plants will get pollinated. No matter what people do to the world life will go on.Nature has always been a huge part of my sixty-five years of life. My dad used to bring me into forests and leave me. From the age of eight, I was able to hunt kill gut and cook a squirrel. I could tell you what animal made what tracks and how long ago with a glance by the time I was ten. At eleven I was making weapons and shelters. By the time I was fifteen I was able to live for days in the wild with nothing but the clothes on my back to start.  Schoo
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Humanities crime 2I was tired up and gaged with some kind of strange rope and thrown into the back of a van. It was strange in that every time I moved it tightened up. I couldn’t see my bindings. My arms were behind my back. But every move made them get tighter.The van drove sensibly. No excessive revving of the engine. Smooth left and right turn. Easy breaking no sudden stops. After being in the back of the van for so long I started to get drowsy. It was an effort to stay awake. My mind worked overtime though. Fear and confusion making sleep impossible. It felt like we had been driving for at least six hours but not having a watch or the sun to look at I had no idea. Eventually the va stopped and the driver’s door opened and closed.The back doors didn’t open for minutes. I got to my feet and thought about making my escape. When the doors opened I was going to run at the man hopefully knocking him down. Then run. Run as fast as I could for a
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 When I opened my eyes there was no change in the light it was still dull. Not having a window or anything was giving me no idea of time. Nothing looked any different and to my disappointment, I was still in this cell.Voices we’re still chattering on around me but at least the one in my head was quiet. When I heard one of them shout.“The new guys awake.”How the fuck do they know that there is no way they can see me. I’m going to ask they don’t seem to care about asking questions.“How did you guys know I was awake?”It seemed like everyone had something to say all at the same time. Every voice at the same time shouted something. None of them made it to my ears it was too loud like trying to listen to every conversation in a bar at the same time.  I never liked being in loud places my ears couldn’t cope with it. Someone shouted for them to be quiet.Then one voice came to me
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 Opening my eyes I found I was back in my cell. I didn’t want to call it my cell but it was looking more and more like it was going to be. Tossed on the floor was a small manual. On the front it simply said rules.“Hey you up?”The girl in the next cell called to me. I’ve just opened my eyes and they are talking to me already. How did she know I was awake.“Yeah. How did you know?”“ There is a telepathic unicorn here he knows when your awake if he wants.”“Oh ok. I forgot about him. What’s your name anyway?”“Susan.”“Susan?”Who the fuck has ever heard of an Orc called Susan. Don’t they normally have names like Mursha or zoguz? Weird things like that.“Yes, Susan. My parents thought it might help hide us if we took human names. Most of us have them now. To be honest it is easier to have a human name than a
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M.R 5Time passed by. How much I don’t know and it was playing havoc with my mind. I wanted out of this place. I needed to get the Gnome to speak. He was always in the back of his cell in the darkest part. I had been trying to get him to talk for what felt like hours. Over and over I called to him always being polite. No matter how frustrated I got I refused to use bad language or raise my voice in anger. The others were getting mad at me but I would not stop. Susan even told me to stop.“Hey Eddie.”“Yeah.”“Shut up.” I have never known anyone who will never answer you if you don’t stop poking at them. Eventually they will give in. They might not give you the response you want but you will get one. At least there were two sets of bars and a hall way between us. So he wouldn’t be able to get to me. If it went the wrong way. Not that he would be able to punch me above my thigh. Gnome was th
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M.R6The Elf started to walk with me. I had never listened so intently to anyone in my life. His voice was rough and raspy like he smoked heavily and had for many years.“Many years ago. Roughly three thousand to be closer to the point. That is what I should say. Humans and all other beings lived alongside one another. For a long time, we managed to keep peace. That is until a king took over the Humans. He preached that humans were the master race. That they had great numbers and better weapons. That they should not have to breathe the same air as none humans. That we were nothing more than animals that should be used in such a way. Slowly other humans began to start thinking like him. The way he did it was incredible. The way the story goes he rallied an army. An army so big no race could defeat them. They marched and rode across the country attacking any village they came to. No mercy was given. They gave no warning of their attacks. Before any of us knew what
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M.R 7Time passes by so slowly when your locked in a tiny cell with nothing to do. But I don’t have nothing to do. I have plans to make and plotting to do.Having guards on a regular routine help. They don’t always get the guards attention but it was possible. One of the guards seemed a little different from the others. He or she would call us by name and not just bark orders at us. I don’t know if it is a man or woman because of the robotic voice. The figure again was indecipherable thanks to the uniforms. All the padding and array of weapons that I didn’t know the capability of.I was fe”eling like I was missing something. Something important. Then it hit me. My health was suffering. I could feel myself getting out of breath easier and I was just wanting to sleep all the time.This place was starting to get to me. It will not break me. I will not let my body become weak. Did the others in here feel the same and do the same
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M.R8My exercise routine was rigorous and relentless. With no distractions and nothing better to do I worked out. I ran on the spot. Crunches touching knees with my elbows. Holding plank position. Press ups. Squats. Its amazing the amount of exercise you can do with no equipment when you out your mind to it.I will not let myself get out of shape. No one has ever escaped here until me. My determination was doubled. Now I had to figure out how to convince the others to work out.Nigel was watching me intently through the bars. I pushed my self harder. Watching him slowly creep closer. Inch by inch he got. It was like trying to catch a wild animal. Ignore it let it think you haven’t seen it wait until it is close enough to catch. Then pounce. That’s what I was doing now waiting to get Nigel in a position that he can’t get away from without losing face to the others.If I judge this right he will have no choice but to start working out. He
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M.R9There was an atmosphere since our last outside exercise period. The guards were rougher and shouted more. You know like someone higher up has come down on the underlings. Now they were coming down on us. It’s true what they say shit rolls down hill.The guards were making more patrols than the days or weeks before. They seemed to be walking up and down the hall constantly. There was no distinction between them. So I had no idea if the softer one was ever near.On one of the guards passes a note was tossed into my cell. I was up off my bed in a flash and palmed it. When I was a sure as I could be that there was no guard near I read the note.“The boss is suspicious of you. We have been punished for not paying attention. She thinks your trouble. We have been ordered to keep a close eye on you. Keep a low profile. You are one step away from death. Don’t make any more moves until things calm down.”For some reason, I could
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