Overknight Hero

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Overknight Hero

By: White Rover OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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How would you feel, if you can cross the borders between worlds by sleeping for the night? Would you enjoy the experience, or would you try your best so that it would never happen again? Is it a blessing or a curse? This is the story of Xaviel Mobius, an 18-year-old University Student, who was transported to another world after his failed experiment. Every time he sleeps, he is transported to a fantasy world of sword and magic. It all started as his way of taking a vacation from reality, but a series of events suddenly raises the stakes to a live-or-die situation. Instagram:overknighthero


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34 chapters
Prologue : The Dark Knight [Uni]fication
"Hey, why are you dozing off for Hero?" said an average male in his twenties. "No reason." his friend replied, with a straight face. "Let's go then." The two men then walked through the forest after gathering firewood. They chatted their way to the town, where they put the firewood inside a small shack and proceeded to get payment from an old man. "Thanks for the payment as always, Mr.Woodland." "It's my pleasure, Krey-boy." said the old man. EEEEEEEUUUUUUUU!!! EEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! "This is..." "Krey, get Mr.Woodland to the safe zone !"
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Chapter 1 : Kirzig Village
After the misunderstanding between Xaviel and Serena had been dealt with, she and Mika guided him through the woods. On the way, Serena expressed her interest on how Xaviel managed to enter the forest in the first place. Xaviel then replied with a simple chain of “I don’t remember, I don’t know”. Mika trusts his words, though that action just made Serena doubt him even more.(If by any chance, this man who proclaims to be called Xaviel is lying. I wouldn’t hesitate to stab him with my poisoned arrow), thought Serena. By no time, the three of them had successfully exited the forest and made it to the entrance of Kirzig Village. “Halt!” said a man in his thirties. The Man who said it was none other than the Village gatekeeper. He was dressed quite similar to Serena and Mika though with a bonus of using a chest plate.“Mika and Serena, who is the man you’re with?” said The Man. “Big Bro! This is Xaviel! Mika found him while playing in the forest!” said Mika to The Man, accompanied with
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Chapter 2 : Phantom Armament (1)
(Shit! That man just stole my wallet!) Serena said in her mind whilst falling to the ground. A hooded figure ran away from her to the swarm of crowds in the marketplace.Xaviel noticed Serena’s tumble, but he didn't understand what the situation was. Serena said, “Viel! That hooded man just stole my wallet!” Xaviel who hears that suddenly moves very fast. He was running in pursuit of the man, but the volume of the crowd at the marketplace made Serena wonder if he would be successful or not. (WOW!! HOW AM I RUNNING THIS FAST?) Thought Xaviel as he ran through dozens of crowds. As Xaviel runs through the marketplace pursuing the figure, he analyzes his surroundings.(The marketplace road is moderately wide. Even with this much crowd, I still managed to get through without hitting anyone. From what I can see, the marketplace seemed to be in the form of a portrait rectangle. The rectangle is divided into 5 lines from the top to bottom. The odd-numbered line is then filled with vendors,
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Chapter 3 : Phantom Armament (2)
The pebble that was flying towards The Helper suddenly became invisible and went through him. Then, The Thief suddenly stumbled and fell headfirst onto the marketplace road.“What just happened?” Xaviel asks in confusion. The Helper, who was pursuing The Thief, binds them with a rope. Xaviel climbs down swiftly from the watchtower, not forgetting to give his thanks to the keeper, and joins The Helper.   “Mister Xaviel was it? It seems we have succeeded,” said The Helper to Xaviel. In response, Xaviel smiled as he performed a body check on The Thief searching for Serena’s wallet.“Woah!” Xaviel is surprised to find a satchel, hidden in the shirt of T
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Chapter 4 : Phantom Armament (3)
Tap..Tap..Maru, who was carrying The Flicher’s unconscious body, was walking towards a medium-sized building. The building’s primary material was stone, while its roof was made out of wood. The building had a sign that said “Village Guard Outpost.” Maru then opened its door.*CreekMaru entered the building. The room was filled with four chairs spread out across the room, and at the center area of the room, there’s a front desk. It purposes as a workplace for a receptionist to do administration work. Exactly left of the receptionist’s table, there’s a metal door. Maru found another man dressed similarly to him sitting on a nearby chair. “Heyy rookie, help me open the cell, will yo
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Chapter 5 : Phantom Armament (4)
Hoff Crestia brought Xaviel to the backyard of his house. Then, out of nowhere began attacking him by throwing a knife. Xaviel managed to block the attack by throwing a rock back at the blade. The real question on Xaviel’s mind is, how many more attacks can he survive without getting any injury.FYUHHoff charged toward Xaviel while swinging his knife.At the last minute, Xaviel managed to evade and took steps away from him.Shit. That was really close, Thought Xaviel.“Impressive! Very Impressive! But you still lack what I need,” Hoff said while caressing his own blade.“Conviction?” Xaviel asks.
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Chapter 6: The Fault (1)
“It’s all your fault..” “If you never had mess with the device, we could’ve….” (No. I didn’t intend…) “Search him! Maybe he’s carrying substance.” (It was all just …) “Xaviel Mobius, by the right of the campus board. We hereby ban you from the
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Chapter 7: The Fault (2)
"Xaviel, I know you're secret," Hoff said.(What? My secret? Does he know?) Thought Xaviel...."You have a Forte."Read more
Chapter 8 : The Fault (3)
(My stomach, I feel so hungry) Thought Xaviel Xaviel opened his eyes."What the?" "Where am I?" Light blue wallpapers colored the room as electric lamps lighted the place. Books regarding yoga and self-relaxation are scattered on the cream carpet. A computer with black and blue casing still running, making noise hearable from the bed. "How am I here? How?" Xaviel said repeatedly. He is sure that all the things that happened to him weren't mere dreams. "Shhhh!!!" He silenced himself. Xaviel searched and opened his phone swiftlyClick++ 25 May 20XX11:50++ "I knew it…." (Think, Think, Think)Xaviel put bot his index finger on his head, thinking heavily about what had happened. (I woke up in forest yada yada yada, woke up next day goes to a basement and..) Xaviel then remembered moments before he woke up, -~ "…Then experimented on the sap to create medicines.
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Chapter 9 : The Fault (4)
"Have you called Hoff Praya Crestia?" a neatly dressed woman said. "Yes, mistress... I have used my Forte to deliver your message," her servant replied."I guess it's just a matter of time before he gets here. Cylia, go and inform Zedafaust of the change in The Prince's plan," "Yes, my lady, at once," Cylia replied. She then joined her hands and closed her eyes, emitting a flash of violet light that dimly surrounded her body. Her eyes opened as it glowed in violet as she chanted, "AmantraNa (Call)." The light then projected vertically through the room's ceiling
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