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By: Angelo OngoingFantasy

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A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on. In a world full of villains, one hero will rise.

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Chapter 1
Monarch, In Brynhild, Capital of the Sindirin EmpireIt was the year eight hundred forty-three and something peculiar was happening in the old country of Sindirin.Thee fresh northern skies mixed evenly with both warm and wintry colors, a brilliant magenta sky shimmering harmoniously with the stars until they stilled into one soft union, creating a calm magenta sky. However, just below this azure was the great and ancient capital, Brynhild, where calmness could not be said the same for. The ceaseless shuffling of feet, cheerful chats and enthused dancing ravished every inch of this bustling town. Lanterns were posted down every street and pathway by the soldiers who, too, shared in on the festivities and gaiety.Crowds upon crowds of people joined together in droves, all beaming at the mouths with toothy smiles that extended ear to ear, a sentiment that swept through all of the capital like some sort of contagion. Mugs and chalices which were filled to the brim with either rum or red
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Chapter 2
Embrace, Outside the Brynhild capital."Aye! Gate Bearers!" The Gate Ringer, the man who kept watch atop the wall, screamed loudly while shaking a brass bell in one of his hands. From several sections of the wall came busting out with Gate Bearers, all fierce in appearance, with bows and quivers locked into the curves of their glove-covered fingers. Their faces were lined with grave worry and sanded down with urgency.Armored men and women upon ironclad war horses had approached the gate. Their numbers were likely in the hundreds. They looked like soldiers and their colors were that of Ereignfall-red, blue, and white. The Gate Bearers took notice of that and even made out the sigil of the eagle which was being held by some of the soldiers. The distance from atop the wall to the ground was fairly large but the soldiers were shouting loudly, loudly enough for the Gate Bearers to hear. There was this panicky dread in their coarse yells. The men atop the wall understood that these were so
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Chapter 3
Vikings, Near the outer wall at the Mesfirian Kingdom.War cries from Deathknights rang out menacingly in the Colossal Snowpeak Woods."Gate Bearers! Soldiers! Prepare yourselves! The Deathknights are upon us!" One of the Ereignfall soldiers shouted, his veins pumping with hot red blood.He was nervous. The Gate Bearers and soldiers were nervous. They watched as the forest in the distance was becoming more and more engulfed by scorching hot fire and smoke.Trails of smoke, fire, destruction followed in the wake of those ghastly entities as they charged from our of the forest and into the open pasture. They were large fiery bodies of armor fashioned and interworked by otherworldly sorcery, an ominous collection of wrathful, sentient beings."Ready your bows! Under no circumstance can we allow them into Sindirin!" A Gate Bearer who went by the name of Tenniss Everwood shouted at the peak of lungs to his soldiers on the other parts of the wall!The Gate Bearers dipped the tips of their a
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Chapter 4
VikingsThe discord grew.The kingdom's gate began to shake.The curtain wall rumbled.Everything below became oppressed by an ominous black, cementing the dismal reality of this morose day. High in the sky were these colossal figures which flew down past the raining azure, eclipsing the little sunshine that still lingered. All the while, those mysterious thuds in the distance grew more and more loud and intimidating. Tenniss could hardly see past the hole. He rushed out of the room and looked up at the sky. His eyes widened and his jaw stretched agape in astonishment along with this unshakable and dominating sense of dismay that constricted him."Shadowbirds!" Tenniss shrieked with dismay, his dry bones vibrating underneath his numbed flesh. He had thought his vision was deceiving him, due to his age but they had not and he knew it. What he was witnessing now was fleets of enormous Shadowbirds that appeared to him almost as a sea of monotonous black.The other Gate Bearers wailed as
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Chapter 5
Maddened.Maddard's heart nearly leaped from his chest, his shaky ribs were hardly able to contain the soft red muscle. Every sensation in his being was overtaken by a ghastly amalgam of confusion and horror.A black suit of armor of Herculean proportion consumed utterly in hellfire and black fumes careened through the blazing forest behind their home and with a mighty leap, its mountainous body soared several yards. Maddard stood stupefied. There was not a word coursing through his mind that could rationalize what he was seeing. It was so large he could hardly make out its face. The mere sight of it caused him to stand paralyzed with fear. His mind was screaming for him to run, but his body was mute.To witness such a beast existing in the same plane, the same world, as himself was enough to steal his sense of significance and surrogate it with an unfatiguing, never-ending, and perverse sense of inferiority that was never again to leave his side until he was no drier and emptier than
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