Reprisal of the Abase Son-in-law

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Reprisal of the Abase Son-in-law

By: Palos Verdes OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Kind and humble Gabriel Sigmund got disowned by his family due to some misunderstandings, which results in him landing in the hands of his vicious in-laws. . The one young man who was born with a gold spoon in his mouth becomes an unpaid slave of his mother-in-law. They make him do all the work and beat him like a stray mule. . Disowned and labeled a murderer. How will Gabriel get back his conglomerate? And how will he fall the people to his feet who wronged him?


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40 chapters
AT ROMANO MANSION:The sound of the orbiting of clothes in the washing machine filled the whole room. Gabriel was gazing at the circular movement of the clothes absentmindedly. They are moving in a cadence, in a perfect cycle. And his life? Gabriel's mind meandered to his life, and what he has become. He was tired, both mentally and emotionally. It's his life to do all the chores of the house and still not be enough to gladden his in-laws. Not only that but he is always been humiliated by them at every given chance. Even the maids at this mansion get some respect, but him… Never. It's like he is also the maid of the maids in this mansion. They would insult him every then and now. Gabriel is the free maid of the Romano mansion. He has been for the last three years. Despite doing all the chores with lullness, he never gets a penny nor a word of appreciation. The double slide door to the laundry opened, and a lady decked in a pricey dress walked inside. Her aura screams cash-on-hand
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After the mother-daughter talk, Olivia called for a family meeting. Olivia and Amelia were seated in their sumptuous living room waiting for the other family members to join them for the meeting. Olivia was stroking her kitten that was resting lazily on her lap while Amelia was busy on her phone. Although a barrage was brewing in her mind, she kept her face void of any emotion. Olivia Romano was known for her viciousness and lavish-obsessed life. She has always been an egocentric person. Her family repetition and her luxurious life is everything to her, and she would do anything to keep it that way. Gabriel put the teapot in front of her along with her favorite snacks. With a snap of her finger, she dismissed him. Gabriel was about to walk away when Amelia's cousins arrived. They glanced at him with revulsion and walked past him. Gabriel took a deep breath and took a step to walk away. “Hey, you clean my room. I will stay here for a few days,” Amelia's cousin, Adam, said. “Yes
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Gabriel shouted, entering the living room. The tray fell from his hand with a loud thud. His heart was thumping wildly, and his hands were clammy. He didn't sleep a wink since last night. His eyes were heavy and foggy due to his lack of sleep. He has spent the whole night, tossing and turning in bed, feeling restless. A heavy feeling has sunk into the pit of his stomach. His entire body was on fire, But his heart was paining the most. He has given three years of his life to this marriage and family, but still, they never considered him anything apart from a free servant. What hurts him the most is Amelia's acceptance of this marriage proposal. He knows that their marriage is not based on love, but he still loves her with his full heart. And hoped, that one day she will love him the same. He knew it would take time, but he was willing to wait for her. “What did you say prude,”? Adam disparaged him.“ I don't agree with this marriage,” Gabriel said slowly, gazing at Amelia. He rubbe
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Olivia dragged Gabriel with her all the way to the other living room. All the family members were following closely. Tristiny and Kyla had an evil smile adorned on their faces. Amelia's face was expressionless, not a single emotion was shown on her face. Olivia jerked Gabriel harshly, and he fell on the floor near her foot. He hit his head on the pointed edge of the marble table. Hissing in pain, Gabriel closed his eyes and took a deep breath to subtle the pain. Touching the spot, Gabriel looked at his fingers to see blood on them. He gazed at them and saw they all had made a circle around him. “This is where you belong,” Adam said, smirking evilly. “In our foot,” Tristiny said, and stood on Gabriel's hand with her tapered heels. He screamed in pain and tried to take his hand away, but Tristiny pressed harder. Tears streamed down from his eyes, not only from pain, but also from opprobrium. Gabriel gritted his teeth and pushed Tristiny away. Not expecting it, Tristiny stumbled ba
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THREE YEARS AGO: AT SIGMUND'S MANSION:It was Gabriel's birthday when his life turned upside down. Elijah pressed his hand to his chest in pain. Gabriel was giving him medicine when someone hit him from behind.Gabriel grabbed his head and looked back. He couldn't see his face, covered with black covet. He fell to the floor and his vision went blurry. Furthermore, he saw that man putting something in Elijah's mouth, and then everything went blank. Gabriel woke up with a gasp as a bucket of water was splashed over him. He lifted his foggy eyes to see that all his family members were standing before him with murderous glares. “Grandfather,” Gabriel whispered. “He is alive. You did your best to kill him, right,”? Gabriel's cousin, Noah, sneered at him. “I di-didn't do anything,” Gabriel said, standing up. “Tell me why you did it. For property,” Gabriel's uncle growled at him. Accusations were thrown over him from every angle. They didn't listen to anything and kicked him out of the
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Gabriel's forehead scrunched in confusion. He couldn't understand what she was implying. “What do you mean,”? He raised a question. “Inside, I was fighting for you and here you are celebrating your freedom,” Amelia yelled at him. Gabriel still couldn't understand what they were saying, but his eyes went wide when he finally took hold of the meaning behind their words. “No, no, listen…,” Gabriel started but stopped when a force collided with his face. His face turned to the side and his eyes brimmed with tears of humiliation, but he refused to let them fall. By now all the guards were watching the free play. Gabriel's eyes turned hard, and he glared at Olivia. No matter how much they degraded him, he couldn't hit a woman. “How dare you glare at my mother,” Amelia yelled at him. Before he could say anything, Amelia yelled for guards, and they came towards them. “Throw this garbage out of the mansion,” Olivia ordered. The guards took hold of Gabriel and started dragging him outside.
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Gabriel watched as they both were cracking up at him and pointing toward his scooter. Gabriel quickly moved towards his scooter and pick it up. He was looking for any ruin when he felt eyes wearing on his back, but he choose to ignore it. By now, people have amassed around them and were attending the free show. They were gossiping and pointing toward Gabriel. He ignored the nasty looks of the people and went on with his work. His shoulders were hunched in fatigue and humiliation. Although he doesn't need this scooter anymore as he has millions of dollars fortune of business in his name, he still can't let it go. He can't forget where he has come from and what's his reality. Gabriel has always been a firm believer that all humans are made of soil, and that we all are equal. We shouldn't discriminate and never forget our genealogy. He has lived by this belief. “Oh, Is your Tesla defaulted,”? Kyle taunted. Sasha laughed out loud at her boyfriends' utterances. “Oh honey, you are so f
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“But sir, maybe he needs some help,” the intern said slowly. He was veering around from one foot to another in nervousness. Although he was dead scared inside but seeing the way they all were accusing Gabriel, he couldn't help himself but voice out his opinion, Oblivious to the warm gaze on him. Gabriel was tired, mentally and emotionally. And the starvation for days was also not helping him. But he was grateful that at least someone believes in him. He knows that the day, people know about him being rich, they will kiss his feet. But, this gentleman was siding with him without knowing anything about him. “Sasha is right, he is some salesman or a delivery boy. I mean, look at his cut-price clothes,” Kyle said, wounding his feelings for Gabriel more.“He isn't even allowed near the premises of this company, and you let him in,” Kyle turned towards the receptionist and lashed out at her.“If you want to avoid bidding goodbye to your job today, then kick him out,” Kyle said smugly. “
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“I'm Gabriel Sigmund,”. A voice yelled, causing everyone to freeze. The voice held authority and an inferential thread. Kyla and Sasha's heads snapped toward the source of the voice. Mutterings commenced erupting from all around them. Sasha's eyes were went-wide. She hunched her forehead in confusion but deep down she started comprehending what Gabriel meant. While Kyle looks at Gabriel as if he has grown two skulls. “For someone who is in Kyle's position, Kyle surely is dopey,” Gabriel thought as he rubbernecks straight at him. “Yes, and I'm the President of France,” Kyle laughed and dramatically clapped his hands, but when no one laughed with him, Kyle quickly sobered up and fixed his tie. Clearing his throat, he walked towards Gabriel. “What are you still doing here? I guess you only understand the hands' language,” Kyle laughed and asked while taking powerful steps towards Gabriel. Sasha tried saying something, but he totally ignored her. Gabriel watched as Kyle tried to e
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“Please, sir. I apologize for bullying you for all those years. It won't come to pass again,” Kyle said pleadingly. His eyes brimmed with unshed tears that were imperiling to fall any second. His shoulders were hunkered down in affliction. The people on the staff look at him with empathy, but some were looking at him with grimaces on their faces. “I was foolish. And, it was just a mistake of my immature self,” Kyle continued pleading.Gabriel chuckled at his words. They think he is doing all this just because they bullied him. Gabriel was never someone to hold grievances against anyone. Despite how people behaved toward him, he would always exonerate them and treat them with utmost respect and kindness, but now he is not the same old Gabriel Sigmund. “Please Gabriel…,” Kyle began, but Gabriel raised his brow at him. Quickly gulping the Saliva, Kyla corrected himself. “Sir,” Kyle mumbled, and Gabriel rewarded him with his signature smirk. “Please sir. Forgive me,”. “Please, sir. Do
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