Return of Kevin Steve the son-in-law

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Return of Kevin Steve the son-in-law

By: bilkisu72 OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Kevin Steve is the live-in son-in-law of the Godfrey's family. He was dispised and humiliated by his in-laws and friends. Danger Lurks around the curtain when Kevin fell prey to a friend in disguise. When all hope was lost, Kevin recieved a deposit of $1,000,000,000 from his late dad on his 25th birthday. Hence, Kevin's life turn around as he become the latest whizz in Milltown.

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  • Jiggy jiggy


    Interesting story with nice plot twist. I hope the author would update frequently, can't wait to see him deal with that cheat Emily.

    2024-01-13 19:44:16
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Chapter 1: Sandra
"I don't like you! I hate you, as a matter of fact I hate your dog, you know what? You are disgusting. How would you put my number on block? How could you not take my f*cking calls, how could you be tossing me around?" Emily yelled angrily immediately Kevin picked the call after the fifteenth time. Kevin had initially ignored her calls because he can't afford the dress Emily requested before he left Godfrey's villa. The dress cost a whopping $2,000 dollars while all Kevin has including his savings is $500. "Emily." Kevin said after her yelling."What Kevin? I must attend Sandra's birthday party with that dress, you must get it for me by all means! Get me that dress or it's over between us." Emily said. Out of desperation to get Emily her desires, Kevin was ready to offer her all his money including his salary."I will send all I have to you later. Beep." Kevin said immediately hanging up the phone. His heart rate started beating fast because he was disturbed on where to source for fu
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Chapter 2: The Plessance Renaissance Resort
Kevin arrived at The Imperial Dinner in a jiffy. The Imperial Diner is the top rated restaurant in Milltown with excellent customer service. Kevin had recently got this job which is by far the best job he had. His job was door step delivery and today was his payday. However, he is always late to work due to his other job. Kevin quickly parked his scooter in the lot. Without hesitation, he took out his uniform top from his bike carrier and began wearing it while walking to the entrance.Arriving at the restaurant entrance, Kevin was still thinking about Emily when he noticed Mr Adrew, his boss. He immediately came to a standstill because he had plan to sneak in."You are late again you smugface." Mr Adrew said while Kevin was still trying to button up his uniform. Mr Adrew is a well stocked man with big mustache. His appearance exhibits authority."I'm sorry boss. It was due to traffic." Kevin stated immediately bowing his head. No staff dare to look Mr Andrew in the face. "Traffic ev
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Chapter 3: A dress!
The man was younger than Kevin from his appearance. His hair is very black with a muscular physique, depicting hours spent in gym. With a night costing a whopping $25,000, Even if Kevin works for a year he won't be able to afford it. Did Emily did this because he was poor? Nonetheless, it wasn't a reason for Emily to cheat on him."Hey, come have this little tip. It means alot to you I know." The man said handing Kevin some pieces of dollars. This time around Emily eye's met Kevin as he stood still without responding.Immediately Emily pushed Aaron away. She quickly rap her self in the hotel's duvet. Aaron, Emily's new lover, wasn't ready to let go as he dragged Emily closer showing possession of her. This broke Kevin heart even more. Since him and Emily have been together, he had never been close like this with her.The room was filled with the smell of sex confirming Kevin's fear. All he want to hear right now is Emily's explanation. All he had done was love her without conditions,
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Chapter 4: Brain Turmoil
Meanwhile unknown to Kevin, Aaron was trained in karate as he quickly jump up to defend himself. He approached Kevin giving him a hard kick. Kevin landed on the floor as if he was weightless. Due to the nature of his jobs, Kevin was fit even though he had spent little time in the gym.Kevin retaliated by holding Aaron's clothe to dragg him over to the ground not minding his attack. He began to direct several punches at his face. Emily quickly got up and gave Kevin a very hot slap. "Pa!" The slap landed on Kevin's face with prints of Emily's hand on his face. Kevin was surprised at Emily's defense of Aaron.Emily's intervention gave Aaron the chance to get up.."What are you doing Kevin? Have you gone totally mad?" Emily questioned."What?" Kevin was stunned. "Do you who you are punching. You are going to rot in jail you poor peasant." Emily said angrily."Who is he and is that even a reason to cheat." Kevin asked wondering what was wrong with Emily."He is the son of Holland. The he
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Chapter 5: $100,000 Delivery
After a few minutes, the door was opened and the radiologist walked in with the scan results. She placed it on the doctor's table and left. Th doctor brought out the scan placing it under the desk lamp. Kevin and Naomi on the other hand tried to peep to see what the result were. "Its a Glimoas cancer. It's already in the crucial phase as we need to conduct the surgery as soon as we can. I will advice you to head right away to the account section and make a deposit so that we can commence the surgery." The doctor urged Kevin and Naomi. "How much will the surgery cost doctor?" Kevin asked with his eyes locked on the doctor's own. "With chemotherapy, it will cost between thirty five to seventy thousand dollars. Depending on how she responds to treatment. I would advice you to deposit atleast forty thousand dollars at first." The doctor replied. Naomi cired out immediately. She knew even if they sell all their belongings they won't be able to come up with that amount. Kevin summoned c
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Chapter 6: Happy Birthday
"I'm going to help you because you are my friend since college. There is this file that needs to be delivered to some top Dawgs. If you can deliver this file, you will be paid one hundred thousand dollars." Mike said assuring Kevin of a solution."One hundred thousand dollars?" Kevin was surprised what kind of file is that."What is in the file?" Kevin questioned as he became worried."It is confidential, you do your part and be paid. What inside the files is none of our concern. Can you do it?" Mike asked Kevin of his decision. Meanwhile Kevin who was used to delivery was determined to do whatever it takes to save his mom."I will do it. Are you sure I'm going to be paid?" Kevin asked curiously."Immediately you hand over the package, you will be paid cash. Be rest assured. When you are ready just let me know." Mike assured Kevin of payment after delivery. "I'm ready right now. Where is the file? Let me deliver it." Due to his job at the Imperial Dinner, Kevin was ready for a timele
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Chapter 7: Young Master
Am I dreaming? Is it a message for someone else and not him? Series of thoughts ran through Kevin's mind as he opened the message. It was actually a deposit from his late dad. How is it possible for a dead person to make a deposit? Kevin was worried where it came from as a result of his experience today. "Beep. Beep. Beeep." Kevin phone rang. It was an unknown number. Kevin reluctantly picked up the call. "Hello youngmaster." The voice said immediately the call was connected. "Youngmaster? This is a wrong number. I'm not your young master." Kevin replied immediately."Yes you are sir youngmaster Kevin . Please allow me to introduce myself I'm Micheal by name your new butler. Happy birthday young master." Micheal said. Kevin was surprised he even knew his name and his birthday."Who are you and how did you find out about me?" Kevin questioned Micheal."Young Master you are my new master today. You are heir to the Steve family and today being your birthday is the day I resume my job.
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Chapter 8: Micheal Stones
"What! Let head there right away youngmaster." Micheal said. Kevin let out a long sigh as he felt his body was changing. He was pleased to have this opportunity to save his mum. He is the latest whizz in town as he will no longer be humiliated because he was poor. As the new heir he immediately directed Micheal to head right away to the hospital. Micheal ordered the crew to the hospital. …..Arriving back at the hospital, Kevin and his new entourage entered like a royalty. Even though Kevin looks odd within, one could easily tell he was being guarded with the way the crew followed behind him and the man in white suit. "Wait for us outside." Micheal ordered the crew. Meanwhile, Kevin directed him to the cash register to make a deposit of $50,000 then he should meet him in the doctor's office. Micheal did as instructed while Kevin went straight to the doctor office. Before entering the doctor's office, the receptionist notice Kevin and felt disgusted by him again. She looks stunning i
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Chapter 9: Subsidiary Owning
"Yes, Micheal Stones. Your late husband butler." Micheal finally spoke up after he had been mute since. "I thought you died in the ambush as well. How are you still alive?" Kevin mom questioned. "No I didn't, it was all your husband planning. He made me promised not to show up untill Kevin is 25…." Micheal said. This remind Naomi and her mom that it was actually Kevin's birthday today. "Krrrrr." The door sounded arresting their attention. It was the doctor in his theater uniform as well as some few nurses with the emergency stretcher. "Sorry to interrupt your discussion but we are ready for the surgery." The doctor said directing the nurses. Kevin and Naomi gave space and the nurses lifted thier mom on the stretcher. Without wasting time, she was taken to the theater room while Kevin and Naomi followed behind them escorting her to the theater. Afterwards, Naomi and Kevin found a corner to sit as Kevin started briefing her on the latest development. "Dad had opened a company in o
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Chapter 10: Happiest Birthday Ever!
Kevin and Naomi entered The Plessance Renaissance Resort enthusiastically, they were overjoyed as a result of the heavy burden that had been lifted from their back. Kevin skipped inside as the familiar sensation aroused in front of him. "I can't do this anymore. You are too poor for my liking. I have found someone who can take care of me. It's over between us!" Emily's voice divorcing Kevin rang through his head as he walked down along the brightly lit water fountain in the entrance of the hotel. Meanwhile Naomi was lost in her euphoria as she couldn't hide her joy. She breathed in the fresh air of the hotel while they were walking down. While Aaron and Emily, who had been blocked by their escort, wondered what was the cause of their joy. "This is one the yield of the investment. I can't even hide how joyful I became when it was rated the best hotel in Milltown." Micheal said "How did you come about this? This is really good. A job well done." Kevin said while holding his sister
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