Rise Of Ethan Nathan: Ruling the World

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Rise Of Ethan Nathan: Ruling the World

By: Michelle Raphael OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Son?" His face brightened. He was an orphan, despised by everyone in society. The only one that he thought he loved betrayed him on their wedding anniversary. Turned out that the wedding ring that he was supposed to deliver was meant for his wife. He was at the tip of his suffering when he could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. The heir of the richest group in the city came to his rescue. But it turned out that he recognized his birthmark. "Son?" He exclaimed at the sight of it. Knowing that it could only be his long thought dead son.

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  • Kolapo Oluwafemi Emmanuel


    Just started reading this and loving it already,......

    2023-12-18 02:43:00
  • Michelle Raphael


    Interesting piece, loving it day by day .......

    2023-12-17 01:26:05
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163 chapters
Just when he thought that all was lost for him, he got a message from the delivery office that they needed an emergency delivery that night.And as the company's junkyard, who else was fit for the job? But that didn't matter to him anymore.He knew that such jobs were instant pay. His wedding anniversary with the person who meant the whole world to him was just a few hours ahead.And the bracelet that he wanted to get for her was about 50 bucks and after all his savings, he could only get forty-nine."I can't allow what happened last year to repeat itself." He said to himself"He pulled off swiftly from the point that he laid and got into the only shoe that he had. That was open-mouthed at the tip."When he got to the company, it turned out that it was an engagement ring for a couple that had a party that night but lost the ring"Must be pitiful." He thought. "I have to get this to them as soon as possible before it's way too late." He thought in his headSighs."I wish that I could g
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The bright ray of light flittered into Ethan's eyes after what seemed to be like forever as he opened up slowly.He lifted his body upwards after Lying on the same position for what seemed like ages."Where am I?" Random thoughts ran through his head.The door cracked open and I noticed an old man walking into the room slowly with his clutch."Ethan." He heard him saying to his utmost surprise He turned around slowly and his eyes met with an old man. And for the first time, he noticed the bodyguards outside.And his face was familiar too."Now that is it, leader of the Geftan group." He recognized him immediately"Good day sir." He greeted me, about to get off from the bed but he stopped Ethan.."Don't." The old man noted."But what are you doing here sir?""And how do you even know my name?" The thoughts rang in his head and from the last time that he checked, the voice that he was hearing at the Moment was different from the last one that he heard."I can't believe that you are saf
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For a while, he was a little bit startled and did not know what to do.Random thoughts ran through his mind almost immediately. "Could it be that I had been deceived?" He thought in his head but he shook the thoughts off from his head almost immediately."It certainly cannot be possible." He reminded himself."Hey, mister. See for yourself now how foolish you can be?" She growled at him with so much hate and disgust in her voice."See, I think that this was all a mistake." He tried to see but they would not give him breathing space to spit out a single word out from his mouth."A mistake you Said?" Evelyn returned a glare at him."I hate people of your kind so you. They already caught you. Why don't you say the truth and just fuck off?" "Hey, mister. You have to leave now you will be forcing me to get the security. And this time, I will have to tell you that I am not joking."The noise that rose from the desk became so much that it attracted the attention of a prominent person in th
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So it was his grandfather's doings but how was he even aware that all of this was even happening to him?Then he remembered the words of his grandfather, I Know everywhere in the city and I have eyes distributed all around. Such a thing will never happen again, understand my watch.His voice re-echoed in his head.Soon. The phone of the manager beeped and he read through it. Streams of sweat flowed down swiftly from the corner of his face and his palms were sweaty."What the hell have you done?" He yelled turning over to the receptionist who was already shivering hard with so much fear like someone that just caught a cold."I don't understand sir." She could not help but return, now that she was already shivering with so much fear and cold shivers running down her spine.The manager turned around towards Ethan with dread in his eyes and he knelt before him."I am sorry Sir. I didn't Know that.." He could not get himself to say anything as his words broke into multiple shivers and his
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Nobody to cuddle but it was better than cuddling a wretched Beast who confesses love only to stab you from behind.A slight sigh escaped from his lips.It was morning already and the sun's ray was already forcing themselves through the Window"This might be the last time that I will be lying to you." He tapped his bed slightly.Seeing his phone lying there brought back the memories of the previous night back to him.But whatever it was that was behind what had happened the previous night, he was certainly going to find out from his grandfather that day.He rose from his bed. And for the first time in years, he got a proper dose of sleep.Staring at his wall clock, he noticed that he had just a few hours left to get set.He stared at his worn-out shoes that were already opened at the tip and his tattered clothes.Wishing that he could get to the mall and do a quick change, a slight sigh escaped from his mouth knowing too well that he did not have enough time to do that.And he didn't w
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Meanwhile, Marcel and Nancy gained a quick pass into the building and since they already knew what they were for, they Walked swiftly towards the manager's office but first, they had to meet with the secretary and tender their request."Good day, ma'am." Marcel greeted the lady who was behind the Deck and was putting on a white glittering suit.Pairing away from her computer after what seemed to be like ages, he blinked her eyes for a while and returned her glasses."Good day to you too Mr. Marcel. How may I be of help to you?" She inquired, staring right into his eyes.Nancy brought the documents that they were holding and offered them to his brother who also returned them to the secretary.As a busy person, her eyes could only blink through the important details and afterward, she handed it over to them."This would be a really difficult request since we will be getting new management soon so I think that you should discuss With Mr. Blakes properly." She noted pushing its bottom on
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Ethan stood outside for a while staring right into space and looking forward to what was going to happen nextThen he could see them from afar being dragged away as a dark smile hovered on his lips, waking gradually towards them."Guess who just got kicked out." He laughed his hands folded and seeing him, Marcel tried to control himself and made it seem as though it was nothingDusting his hands, he returned his gaze to Ethan who raised his eyebrow."And what do you think is going on? I am just being escorted out as a VIP that I truly am and nothing other than that." He responded but Ethan could already see through his lieThe way that he gripped your hands, it didn't say so I have to say." He responded and walked away from the place while Marcel gnashed his teeth.He got towards the guards and was about to show him the invitation card that he got to see the manager"Hey, this is not a charity organization, please step aside." He heard the person that was in charge of the queue saying
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Everyone around stared at what was going on in astonishment. "Who could this poorly dressed man be?" Ethan could hear the whispers filter into his ears like murmurs of bees."But sir. I was about to get him out of this place." The security officer named Mr. Austin tried to say, still clutching hard to his aching face that seemed to want to pull apart."Another word from you and I am going to make sure that I cut off your tongue. I guess that slap isn't enough for you already right?"The security officer shivered on the point that he stood, knowing way too well that he was on the verge of losing his job if Ethan was anybody important.But a part of him screamed out that he could never be anyone that big.It's clothes, cheap body spray. Everything about him spoke of a low key life.Mr. Blakes walked towards Ethan swiftly to apologize on behalf of the mishap."M...." He was about to say but Ethan shot a stare at him, not ready to reveal his identity yet."Don't do that. For now, I am ju
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His words broke into stutters as he tried to find his words but he found it difficult."Sir please I need this job. I'm sorry for what I did to you. I don't think you were just a bagger and all I did was for the best interest of the company." His eyes moved erratically, threatened by fear.Ethan's eye blinked knowing way too well that the security officer was trying to manipulate him.But it was somehow interesting and he wanted to find out more about this man. And thanks, he had the best more than knew everything about him."So Mr. Blake, can you tell me more about Mr. Austin here? What's his name and why did my grandfather make him so immune." He outlined the details of every single thing that he wanted to know about him.Mr. Blake stammered for a while and his hands skimmed through his head as he did not know much about him."Sir, I don't know much about him." He replied.His face flushed With disappointment. "How can you say that you do not know anything about him?" He inquired.
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The act that he just put up made him remember his past. Deceitful and manipulative people who thought that they could use people as much as they wanted to and thought that they were still loyal pissed him off so much.His teeth gnashed against each other as the image that stood before him was replaced by that of the betrayer."But sir." Mr. Austin was about to say but he would not allow him to spit out a single word from his mouth."One more lie from you and I am not only going to make sure that you leave this company but you will leave this city for lying to me." He said but he decided to pretend as though he knew nothing about what Ethan was saying."I don't understand sir. What has to be done to get you angry?" The words on his lips shook."You want to Know don't you?" He inquired and the only thing that he could do was nod his head."Yes sir. And Also make it up to you." He replied.Ethan nodded his head, a dark smile hovered on his lips as he loved the game that the security off
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