The Dead Vampire

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The Dead Vampire

By: Ludovic OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The birth of Castro was prophesied by a monk. It was prophesied that he would be birthed with a nefarious fate; he would kill the president of his country, marry all the daughters of the president and kill his guardian. The president ensured that he was killed at birth with his mother, alas, destiny can never be rebutted - Castro was risen by the monk who predicted his birth and nurtured. He learnt of the president’s evil act and vowed to seek external power, won his heart and devour him. Amidst that, he contracted Vampire venom. The president and his accomplices began to run helter-skelter when death became their sole subordinate.

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59 chapters
Chapter One
Humphrey the president of Carten learnt about the prophecy made by monk Pat that had gone viral. The first minister of his cabinets to learn of it was the minister of information, Hemingway. There had been murmur in the society concerning it too. Humphrey never took it that seriously until he began to grow concerned as the rumour kept spreading. He was seated in solitude in his bedroom with the thought beating in his heart.“He will kill the president, marry his daughter and kill his guardian? That’s unbelievable. This might be true. Everyone is clamouring already. No! It can’t. I did rather see the end of the mother and the child,” Humphrey said.He was prepared and his toe knitted on a black suit and black shoes. He held his briefcase in his right hand and signalled the maid as he was leaving. His wife and children were abroad for their studies. His driver had prepared his favourite car, Bugatti Veyron and when he saw him walking out with the briefcase, he strode to him and collecte
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Chapter Two
Sir Herbert left the mayor's office and his men directed him to the monk’s residence. His house is built near a forest and the natural ventilation of the environment was second to none. Monk Pat was having his usual prayer when they touched down at his residence. The Carten’s police were stopped from interrupting him by the men of the Mayor who them to his residence.Monk Pat was one of the most respected men in the city of Vatice. Some of the local inhabitants referred to him as a god and they did visit him anytime they have a problem because he wasn’t only spiritual but wise and intelligent. They stood opposite his temple where he was praying until he was done.The men from the mayor bowed their heads as he went on his toe approaching him. “You guys seemed to be from the higher authority,” Monk Pat said.“Yes. I am here on behalf of the Mayor who ordered me to bring these men here. They were the Carten police sent from UltraDope to you by President Humphrey.”Sir Herbert saw the n
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Chapter Three
Minister Hemingway went on his way to the president’s office immediately. He wanted to see if he could convince him after he had been turned down by Sir Herbert who was already convinced that the president wouldn’t withdraw his order.“Good day, President Humphrey,” Hemingway greeted.“Good day, Minister. You can have your seat. I hope there is no problem.”“Not at all. It is concerning Monk Pat. I got some info from Mr Darlington enquiring about him and I haven’t given him feedback yet. I did plead you get in touch with him so you can discuss better concerning this situation.”“Which situation?”“Concerning the monk instead of locking him up in the prison.”“Do you want to join him?” Humphrey asked.“No. that’s not what I mean.”“Get out of my office or I ordered the security to take you to join him.”Minister Hemingway went on his toe gently and paced out of the office dumbfounded. President Humphrey had a number of times likened to a dictator who had turned a blind eye to those who
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Chapter Four
A few weeks later, President Humphrey’s fear was growing. He had begun to have a different kind of nightmare concerning the prophecy. He was eager to know who the mother of the child was. He thought the Monk was aware of the whereabouts of the mother probably because he had known his intention toward the mother.Humphrey had turned a deaf ear to the protest of the people that he even sent his men to disperse the protesters with tear gas when it was brought to UltraDope. It left Mr Darlington heartbroken and saw the people’s passion towards him. The protest even left Humphrey scared of harming the monk because he knew it might be his end either hence the thought of killing him never crossed his psyche.He walked out of his office twirling his eyes around. He ordered his men to go and bring the Monk from the prison where he had been locked for weeks.“Go and bring the monk and also invite Sir Herbert here,” Humphrey said.The police walked out of his presence and went to deliver his mes
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Chapter Five
- 7 months later -The monk had grown older and looked shorter in the environment. No environment could be likened to the natural ventilation he receive living near the forest where he did perform his ritual activities with maximum communications with the gods. It had been a terrible lots of months he had lived and endured in the prison. He kept seeking for the blessing of the gods to reveal who the mother of child was.The monk was sleeping when he had the revelation that it was time he met with the mother of the baby who was coming to the world with a nefarious fate. It was a tense afternoon as he woke up with his reddened eyes. There was no way he was going to meet the woman without being out of the palace and that might left the child in danger of other predators like the president who might have seen or heard about the prophecy and would have made further research.The monk saw an impending danger on the child and there was no way he going to prevent it. He walked to one of the s
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Chapter Six
“She gave birth in the Aeroplane?” Humphrey asked.“Yes. She has been taken to the medical department,” Sir Herbert responded.Humphrey walked out of their presence and headed to the medical department. He wanted to set his eyes on the baby. Sir Herbert and few of the chosen police paced behind him as he walked rapidly through the corridor. He asked for which theatre he was admitted and they went to check up on her.When Humphrey left the theatre, he ordered the release of Monk Pat. This time, Monk Pat wasn’t glad with the release, he was wishing to leave UltraDope with the mother and the baby. He had been having diverse thought on the plan of the president towards the child. He was glad that he had built a good relationship with Sir Herbert in the twilight of his stay in the prison and he would bank on that to be getting information.Humphrey returned to his office, this time in deep thought about what to do with the baby and the mother. He had plans to execute them but kinda not com
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Chapter Seven
Monk Pat and Sir Herbert spent a few minutes on the temple while he was ordered to have his eyes closed. A great revelation was made to him during the short period of their eyes closed. Sir Herbert was surprised with the revelation. Monk Pat talked to him and they had a plan on how to go about everything. It was later in the day that Sir Herbert was released to go home and he board the flight back to the capital city.The subsequent day, Sir Herbert returned to work at UltraDope. A few minutes after he touched down in his office, his phone rang. It was a call from the president. He already knew what he wanted to discuss with him. He walked into his office.“You will be the one that will execute the child at the court tomorrow. I have talked to the nurse. Concerning the mother, they will take care of that,” Humphrey said.Sir Herbert looked into his eyes without a reaction. He never knew that he would be killing the mother too however the statement already confirmed that. Humphrey gaze
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Chapter Eight
Late in the night after everyone had vacated their duty post. Sir Herbert went to the graveyard where the corpse was kept. He dug the ground and made it seemed like the child was buried. He eloped the UltraDope with the baby. The monk had been booked in an hotel at the jurisdiction of UltraDope. Sir Herbert walked in to the hotel room.“Monk Pat. Let’s go. The baby is in the car. He needs immediate attention at the moment.”“What of the mother?” The mock asked.Sir Herbert sighed.“She had been killed. I saw a stretcher being pushed out of the medical department. But I was leading the police after dropping the child at the grave where he was to be buried and I wasn’t chanced to check up on her. I am having the feeling that she had been killed.”The monk nodded and led the way to the exit. They went into the car immediately and the hotel attendant bills was settled by Sir Herbert. The monk was already at the entrance waiting for him. Forthwith the bill was settled, they paced to the ca
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Chapter Nine
Castro had come off age and gotten used to the environment. A lot of Monk Pat’s sojourners did refer to him as a mysterious child. There were some uncommon trait that he did limn that it had restricted the in flow of people into the temple. Sir Herbert had been one of the secret father of the child paying monthly visit to the temple and also consult the monk on some personal issues. Sir Herbert’s life hadn’t remained the same since he knew the monk and a lot of personal problem had been solvable.Monk Pat was done having his morning prayer and he ambled down the steps up to his temple. Castro walked up to him. It was his birthday and there was a long time promise the monk made to him. It was a day he had been looking forward to. The first thing standing up from his bed was to go to the temple because he knew that where the monk would be. There were a lot of things he had heard from people who had come around the forest and was eager to know more.Most of his questions had been turned
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Chapter Ten
A week later after Castro’s birthday, Monk Pat took a lengthy stroll to the forest as usual leaving Castro behind to look over the temple. Castro had had the long time plan of having a look at the city of Carten. He had lived all his life near the forest with the monk who seldom go out of the temple jurisdiction, his farthest visit had always been in the bush. The first time he entered UltraDope was when he was apprehended. When he returned to the temple, he saw everywhere quiet. He was expecting to see Castro running about and throwing stones at the birds of the sky as he always did.He wasn’t that concern when he didn’t see him at first, he thought maybe he went to the bush to pop or get something. Few minutes later, the concern was exacerbating in his psyche. He walked around and asked the forest sojourner if they saw him and none could give an answer. Some even avoided answering the question because Castro was like a plague due to some inhuman trait they had seen in him. “Where
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