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"He who lives by the sword will surely die by the sword." Wu Huan watched his parents die at a young age in the power struggle for the throne and vows to get revenge. Unfortunately, he loses his memory and gains a new purpose. To bring light to the dynasty. But, things are not as easy as it seems when he realizes the people he has been fighting along side with all have secrets.

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(Past) It was night yet the entire place looked like it was daybreak. This was because every solider was holding a flame stick. Whenever this happened, everyone made sure to stay in their houses in order to meet misfortune or be identified as one of the criminals. This time they were gathered outside of Zhou Wu Tang's house. Zhou Wu Tang was one of the king's brothers. He had been given a dangerous post as the head of the dynasty's Finance Bureau. His wife, Madam Zhou had not liked the promotion at all and claimed it was one of the emperor's ways of getting rid of him. Being the youngest, Zhou Wu Tang had admired his elder brother the most and did as he was told. A few days ago, petitions had been filed against him for embezzlement. His wife had just been confirmed pregnant so he had thrown a lavish banquet to accept the well wishes of those who wanted to congratulate him. Now, he was being accused of embezzlement. “Come out. There is no where for you to hide, Your Highness.” Ying F
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Meanwhile, Madam Zhou had followed her husband's instructions running through the hidden passage. It was so well hidden and the other side came out in the forest. The forest was big and vast. There was no way they would find them plus all their servants were good and loyal, no one would dare betray their lord and his wife. Glancing around, Madam Zhou searched for the stone her husband had talked about and found it. Using all her might, Madam Zhou tried to lift the rock but it was too heavy. “Mother, let me do it.” Wu Huan said arranging the bag that had been hung round his shoulders. “No, Huan'er. You are still a child. This stone is going to be too heavy for you.” Madam Zhou said. “But you are weak and fragile. There is no way you can lift the stone. What if you hurt little sister?” Zhou Wu Huan asked thinking for his mother. “Fine. You and I will lift the stone together. Huan'er is so cute. He is already thinking of his mother." Madam Zhou said patting her son's head. In the en
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After Zhou Dong's marriage, he was promoted to Grand Military Prince. A rank that made him not only second to the emperor politically but also in the military. The state was doing well and everyone believed it was heaven blessing Zhou dynasty because of Zhou Dong. Meanwhile after so many months, Madam Zhou was finally almost ready to give birth to the child. Zhou Wu Huan stood watching as people came in and out of the room. Since he was a male, he wasn't allowed to go inside. Over the past few months, his mother and the other maids had survived by relying on each other. His mother told them that she didn't want them to treat her as Madam Zhou but as one of them. This way they had gotten closer. All of them had relied on the money they got from doing small works like cleaning and transporting wood to the capital. Since his mother would be recognized if she went there, she did the work of washing the clothes they brought back and the next day, they would return them to the owners. The
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Wu Huan adapted quickly to his new life. Madam Dai had adopted his sister as her own though he was still allowed to see her. With their new names, they were safe for meantime. Back at the palace, the emperor had gotten very sick after hearing the news about the death of Madam Zhou. Although he tried not to show it, the Empress knew. Many physicians rushed in and out each day trying to restore his health but it was furtile. The head physician came out looking at the Empress as he shook his head. The emperor's condition was getting worse. Entering inside the room, the empress saw the emperor sitting on the ground with a jar of wine. Walking up to the emperor, the empress hit the jar of wine of his hands watching as it fell to the ground and broke . “What are you doing here?” The emperor asked staggering as he stood up. Nevertheless, he could hold his liquor well. The emperor fell to her knees immediately seeing the emperor's anger. “Your Majesty, please punish me. But you cannot g
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The brothel was very busy full of people going up and down. Music was being played on the stage while on the side was a gambling table where all the nobles would come to gamble. Running up the stairs, Wu Huan didn't notice that some of the girls had seen him. Glancing at themselves, they looked worried as they saw Wu Huan run up. Since Madam Dai had introduced him, they had all take a liking to him. Not long after, the news reached Madam Dai's ears. Trying not to show any expression since she was attending to a customer, Madam Dai nodded her head before glancing at Dai Chan. Just like Wu Huan' s sister whose name became Dai Zhao Yao, Dai Chan was found when she was a baby. Madam Dai adopted her and raised her. Receiving Madam Dai's glance, Dai Chan immediately knew what to do. Excusing herself, Dai Chan smiled at the rich noble she'd been playing the zitter for before heading upstairs. Meanwhile, Wu Huan had holding his sister tight playing with her. He had remembered every word his
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Wu Huan stood hiding at the corner watching Zhou Dong and the crown prince. Staring at the crown prince, Wu Huan finally realized that the crown prince liked Dai Chan. “She's a performer? Crown prince, anybody that works at the brothel is a prostitute. You are the crown prince. You shouldn't be found at such a place. Do you want your mother to be worried about you?” Zhou Dong asked angrily. “Uncle, don't be so angry. After I watch Dai Chan perform, I will go back to the palace and you will never see me come out. I promise." Crown prince (Xing Ming) said holding up his three fingers up making Zhou Dong sigh in defeat. “After you watch Dai Chan perform, you will go back?” Zhou Dong asked as he stared at his nephew knowing he couldn't refuse the teenage boy. He was probably infatuated with the prostitute. “I promise. Thank you, uncle." Zhou Dong heard the crown prince say and turned catching a glimpse of Wu Huan. Realizing he had been seen, Wu Huan took off immediately and Zhou Dong
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At the palace, a eunuch entered the emperor's room carrying his meal when he saw the emperor lying on the ground. Throwing the tray out of shock, the eunuch shouted falling to his knees and bowing down. Few minutes later, the head physician examined the Emperor while the Empress and the other concubines stood waiting. The Empress was very anxious as she didn't yet know what the Emperor had told Zhou Dong. Without a formal decree from the emperor, Xing Ming couldn't ascend the throne even if he was crown prince. The only way would be to offer a sacrifice to heaven hoping they would reply. Then, Xing Ming would become the official son of heaven. This method was quite stressful as she would have to make a plan B should heaven fail to reply. Being anxious, the Empress stood posed but rubbed ger hands together. No matter what she had to either get a formal decree from the emperor or find out what exactly the Emperor told Zhou Dong. “Your Highness, you look deep in thought. Don't tell me
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Wu Huan stopped clenching his hand round his cup as he heard what one of the girls said. Indeed, the brothel was the place to know everything.“Are you sure?” Madam Dai asked stopping what she was doing as she stared at the girl.“Very sure. This was said right from the mouth of one of the soliders that was sent to the Grand Military Prince's manor yesterday.” The girl said.“He who lives by the sword must die by the sword. It's what he deserves.” Dai Chan said briefly before turning back to the mirror.All the older girls immediately turned staring at Dai Chan. Wu Huan noticed it and pinched Dai Chan lightly on her leg giving her signal. Turning back, Dai Chan gazed around innocently.“Did I say something wrong?” Dai Chan asked staring back at everyone looking at her.Wu Huan watched as everyone turned looking at Madam Dai who got up from her chair. Suddenly, Dai Chan became scared watching as Madam Dai approached her. Before Dai Chan could react, Madam Dai slapped her hard across th
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Wu Huan stopped after hearing what Zhou Dong had said. It was hard to believe. Was Zhou Dong really defending him? “I have been at the boarder and I have seen many things. Many people suffering. The capital is blessed. Here, we don't have sandstorms or flooding. The land is rich. If we see someone being alleviated, shouldn't we happy? You said that this boy stole his money but there is no prove. Just because he is poor and is holding a big amount of currency, is this how this place treats his people?” Zhou Dong asked scolding the waiter. Letting go of Wu Huan's hand, the waiter fell to his knees immediately. “Your Highness is right. Please forgive me. I've made a very big mistake." The waiter said. " I! I was the one that stole the money.” A thin looking boy said coming out from a corner with the pouch in his hand. “See?” Zhou Dong asked. “Please forgive me. I…I wanted to return it but I was afraid with the way he was scolding the boy so, I dared not come out.” Wu Huan hear
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The empress chuckled when she saw Zhou Dong getting angry. Indeed, he was jealous. Unknown to him, she meger had any plans of sleeping with the emperor. That's why she had sent her maid to him. Who would have thought he would go to the extreme of injuring himself to stop her. “How is your injury? I think you're the one who careless." The empress said pointing to his shoulder. “None of your business." Zhou Dong said still angry. " And you? Haven't you consummated your marriage yet?” The empress said and the mood suddenly became silent as Zhou Dong raised his head. “Why ask when you already know the answer?” Zhou Dong asked. “Can I trust what you are saying?” The empress asked. “The both of us have our own ambitions. We are willing to do anything for that ambition. Anything except betraying each other. No need to go through great length to find out something from me again. I will tell you. The emperor gave me a decree. He asked me to take care of Xing Ming in the future." Zhou Don
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