Teras: the deadly game of cards

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Teras: the deadly game of cards

By: Illo OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a world where the essence of life itself lies within the power of cards and mana, survival becomes a perilous game. Amidst adventurers, knights and kings who dictate the rules, a young boy awakens with a shattered memory, devoid of weapons, allies, and even the ability to use the power of cards Lost and vulnerable, he questions the purpose of his existence in a desolate reality where hope seems fake. Stripped of everything he once held dear, he faces the daunting task of uncovering his past, piecing together the fragments of his identity, and finding a reason to carry on.

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  • Illusation


    I can say that this series is a very underrated one, it has many action scenes and also is quite deep for an action novel, honestly if this series became a comic then I'm sure that it would have became popular

    2022-11-19 04:11:35
  • Illo


    I just discovered this series but I have to say that this is a hidden gem, even though the series lacks the rich vocabulary that other series have this series still manages to bring me joy! I strongly suggest it to shonen fans and action fans since this series is full of action scenes

    2022-08-31 19:48:34
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41 chapters
Lost soul
It started on a quiet night, in the middle of nowhere, a spark ignited, a boy opened his tearful eyes, all he could see was darkness "Where am I?" he muttered, his arms and legs were trapped in the roots of a tree "What is this place?" he said as he was trying to free himself, but he couldn't do anything scared and confused he tried one more time to free himself as hard as he could, he did it he freed himself, as he was falling to his knees he felt warm water "Is anybody here?!" he screamed, but the only thing he could hear was his own echo "Please someone help me!" but there was no answer he started to panic and started to find a way to get out of this place, it was hard for him since he couldn't see but with time he regained his sight, then he realized. "Is this a dead tree? How did I even end up here?" he tried to recall it but nothing would come up to his mind, he was clueless, he had lost his memories "I have to get out of here fast, this place could collapse at any tim
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Teras had spotted a sword on a desk while he had this whole conversation with Tokkou so when he had the chance he run for it, Teras grabbed the sword and tried to jump off the window, in a blink of an eye Tokkou kicked Teras across the room "Are you suicidal or something kid?" he said with anger "So you use the power of the cards too huh?" he said with a cracking voice "Which card was this? because this can't be the same that the one fatty used, your aura is more ominous " "You got good eyes I'm gonna give you that kiddo" he replied with a smug face "Look I don't use that stupid sword anymore so let's make a deal if you can even touch me in a minute this sword is all yours plus I'm gonna tell you about the cards, fair deal, isn't it? Teras looked him in the eyes and said "BRING IT ON!!!" "You have some guts kid, so here are the rules you have to strike me or even touch me within a time limit of 1 minute, if you can achieve that then you win, keep in mind I can use my ability
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The 4 deities
The next day came, Teras just woke up with the pain of his wounds nearly disappeared, the birds were singing a song full of happiness, the maids of Tokkou were already cleaning and tidying his mansion, when Teras got out of the bed he felt hungry, the only thing he had eaten were the berries he found on the forest he was when he woke up, he couldn't help but get lost so he went to Tokkou's room, because it was the only room he knew on the mansion, he opened the door in surprise because he found the room clean and tidy, it was like the first time he saw, even the hole on the wall was almost perfectly fixed, the only thing that was missing was Tokkou, the person he was trying to find 'This is a really big house for a single person like Tokkou' he thought to himself, Teras then decided to head outside, surprisingly Tokkou was enjoying a nice hot cup of tea in the back yard of his home "Tokkou what are you doing this early in the morning?" "What does it looks like? I'm relaxing, you kn
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Captured bird
"Becka come quickly I have to help him" he said in a panic, Becka was a bit confused but she figured out what she had to do quickly "Place him down, I can help him" Teras did what he was told, Becka's hands emitted a green light and the bunny was slowly getting healed, few seconds passed and the bunny was as good as new but it fell asleep "Thank you so much!" he said while kneeling down on his knees "Stand up kid you have a lot to learn, oh and kid for you it's Ms. Becka, if you call me Becka again I'm going to cut this tongue of yours, got it?" "Yes ma'am" "Good now come with me I will take you to hell" she said with a sweet smile that scared Teras, Teras then stood up "Let me take the bunny inside so it doesn't catch a cold" it was something stupid to do, at the time the temperature was really high even though the sun was set "Fine but make it quick" Teras then grabbed the bunny and ran to Tokkou's room, he placed the bunny on his desk and covered it with a blanket up t
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In the end, Teras got to his room and he decided to lie down on his bed, he slowly fell asleep on this dark and quiet night "What are you doing?" said a shadowy figure "You are wasting your time you have to find them, fast he will not wait for you, so quickly get back on your feet and don't stop you should find them and put an end to this suffering because only you can don't ever forget that!" Teras woke up, he was full of sweat he felt heavy the whole world was moving around for him "What was that?" he asked himself out loud, indeed, what was that? After what Teras saw he decided to go outside for a night walk so he could calm down from this event, he was really concerned about his dream, he felt pressure he had never felt in his life. As he was walking in the dead calm town he saw a person in the distance, he didn't seem to possess any kind of weapon but he had a fixed look at Teras "Hey what are you doing this late at night!!?" Teras screamed at the man, the man must have g
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Salvaged spirit
The night was about to fall, the stars had begun to show, a strong wind was blowing and Cromi was about to fall asleep inside his backpack of Teras, the 2 of them were traveling across a big forest with little to no idea of what's the environment is like, Teras was overly cautious about every sound he heard, the sound the leaves made, the sound of the branches hitting one another, he didn't leave anything unchecked, he was always using mana vision, so his mana was about to run out, he was feeling like he was being watched so he settled down as nothing happened, he took out his camping tent and started building it, about 4 minutes later he was done, he then placed his backpack and Cromi inside the tent and decided to scout out for danger. He searched around for a bit but he couldn't seem to see anything suspicious but he could feel something was off, annoyed he screamed "COME OUT I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!!!" There was no answer, it was like he was talking to a wall 'I have to stop and t
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Adventurers' exam (Part 1)
A new day began, the weather was lovely, the whole town was in a good mood that day, the guards arrested the criminals that Teras fought yesterday, they were well-known looters of the area, Teras woke up, he wasn't aware that the tall man was watching him all night, Cromi woke up too, she excitingly hopped around the room, she was thirsting to go outside, so did Teras so he quickly got ready and left the room, he then went back to the quest center, he once again asked the same young girl at the bar "What was I supposed to do again?" "You have to find a guard and tell him to guide you to the exam's location" he then thanked the girl and apologized for his forgetfulness and left the center, he then tried to find a local guard but couldn't, most of them had already taken a lot of other people to the exam, he then decided to go to his last resort, the entrance of the town, he quickly found a guard, unthankfully for him the guard was the same guard that he saw yesterday, the one that he
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Adventurers' exam (Part 2)
The sound of birds woke up the resident of both dorms, Teras had woken up before everyone, the reason was to take care of Cromi, he fed her and helped her sleep, he was in serious need of sleep, he tried to wake himself with an apple, it is said that an apple helps you wake up, he had gathered the apple from a tree near the dorms, slowly the guys approached Teras "You look horrible, did you not get any sleep tonight?" Har asked "Do I look that horrible? yeah, you guessed it, I didn't really sleep because I had to take care of my bunny" "You have a bunny? you never told us" Ronie commented "I forgot, it's not really important anyway, I will try to keep her in check so she doesn't annoy anyone in the dorm, I'm not trying to get in trouble" Teras responded "Your bunny was so quiet we didn't even notice that you carried one, so I don't think it will cause any problems" Har said "Guys sorry to interrupt your moment but we have to get going, I don't want to be late to our first les
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Adventurers' exam (Part 3)
Teras slowly walked to the field, he joined the class, he received a look from all the females students attending the class, in the other hand he had built up some respect among the boys, they thought his actions were brave 'dammit, just like that I became the center of attention when I least wanted it' Teras's reputation had completely been destroyed, he was labeled as a pervert, but he tried not to let these comments about him affect him "Let's start with some laps around the field so you can warm up your bodies" Recka told to the students, everyone ran in a group, after some laps, a lot of students had stopped, the heat was unbearable for them 'I thought most adventurers traveled this distance daily, but I guess we are still not adventurers yet' Teras thought, but still, he was shocked by the number of people that gave up early, the number of students was large, amongst those Cara had stopped too, Ronie seemed like he was about to give up at any moment too, it's not like Teras
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Adventurers' exam (Part 4)
After the battle Teras had with Recka he fainted, he had stressed his body, the mana overflow is something that shouldn't be used in combat or in any type of practice, mana overflow is a defense mechanism that the human body uses to increase the user's overall combat ability, it is normally used in a do or die situation against a monster, despite its great use at battle most people tend to avoid the usage of it, mostly for safety reasons, meaning what Teras did was very dull, his body was heavily damaged and his limbs were shattered in result "Quickly help me move him!!!" Recka told the others, they quickly came to help, all of Teras's friends were petrified they were shocked to the bone, it was their first time seeing someone getting this hurt over a fight, they just stood there watching Teras getting moved to Recka's building, her building was a basic house with a lot of equipment for fighting healing and much more, Recka dismissed the others and placed Teras on her bed, she then q
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