Life Of Marquess Adopted Son

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Life Of Marquess Adopted Son

By: Neru angi OngoingFantasy

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Arditian, who had just died, opened his eyes and woke up in the body of Myru, a noble child of the Marquess family. But being an adopted child is not that great. More importantly, the original Myru has a nasty personality that is despised by many and famous as a troublemaker. Ignoring that, Myru intends to live peacefully and enjoy the wealth belonging to his adoptive family. At least until he knew that he would soon die at the beginning of the story of the novel Journey to Defeat the Demon King, where he currently lives. Myru was the first person interacted with by the main character Colim and ended up dying tragically at the beginning of the chapter. "I just wanted to live in peace. But it seems like God hates me" This place will be wiped out at the beginning of the chapter due to the appearance of mystical creatures. Unfortunately, the hero will arrive when things are too late, and everything is burnt to the ground. There is only one year, before the mystical creature loses control and destroys his home. In that time, Myru needs to build a good relationship with the main character Colim! But... on the way, he falls to the bottom of the eternal abyss during a bandit attack. Seriously? Hey god, can you please just make my life easier for once?!

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Chapter 1: New Life (1)
"Oh shit, it's me?" Arditian stared at her appearance in the mirror. Although her hair and eye color looked ordinary, her face could be said to be handsome. A pure white face, smooth without any cuts and scratches at all. A body that was not too thin but still looked muscular with good posture. Arditian held his chin, noticing the face that was very different from his scarred face in Indonesia. The water reflected from the silver container and the wet face. This is not a dream, if it was how could I possibly feel the sensation of that water so tangibly like this? Arditian glanced at his room. A large and magnificent room, it was almost 10 times bigger than the rent he had rented in Bandung for Rp.700,000 (about 50$), a small one-bedroom with no bathroom and narrow air circulation. The door clicked, making Arditian avert his eyes. He saw a man with fair hair who was quite old, the man's clothes were layered with a vest and vest and tie. His clothes seemed to have a long tail beca
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Chapter 2: New Life (2)
"What do you mean marquess?" Myru wiped her lips with a napkin and looked at the Marquess. Next to the Marquess, a woman with lustrous pink hair who still looked beautiful at around 40 years old replied. "Why are you dressed like that?" From the looks of it, the clothes Myru was using at this time were inappropriate for nobles. Of course, he ordered Ben to change his clothes immediately with the plainest clothes, besides that the materials used were not high-quality materials making the color of his clothes like a commoner. That loaded Marquiss and Marquise stared at her son, wondering what sort of thoughts and ideas her son was going through... "Don't act strangely, we won't lift your punishment for going out. Just stay inside the mansion and don't go anywhere, wherever you go all sorts of trouble keeps popping up. In addition to your age this year being 18 years old, why do you continue to act childishly and even get drunk ruining the public buildings and businesses that shoul
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Chapter 3: The East (1)
"Did you find it?" Myru picked up her own food because he told Ben to get a couple of books and news and other information about this world. Ben always explained to him about the ins and outs so that Myru didn't have to be tired of looking for it himself. Still, he was quite curious about some of the other topics. The book that Ben had just brought was a book about non-human beings. Myru needed this information to find out about what types there were. "I'll walk around for a while, you rest." Arditian didn't want to admit this. However, if he was destined to die in this place, it was good to know more about this world. The novel "Journey to Defeat the Demon King" it did not explain much about the Velreidom family, surely because the family had already been destroyed and almost wiped out at the beginning of the story. For now, he learned the basic information about the kingdom of Hex. The territories and the lords in each territory were detailed. In the first volume, it was briefl
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Chapter 4: The East (2)
Taking a rag that was lying around, I put my hand into the statue's mouth, took the hand that was inside, and adjusted the red liquid so that it wouldn't spill out. "I didn't expect the pranks of my two younger siblings to be so clever." Yes, it was Roni. He was always curious about everything and made references to children's horror stories become real. Myru knew because he had seen Roni several times carrying a fake hand that he had made from a twig. If you were a scared person, you would have thought it was a skeleton hand. My brother is a genius. Myru then took his brother's magic wood and put it away. He stopped for a moment when he heard a strange sound from the direction of the trees, his eyes kept searching but found nothing. I finally turned around and almost jumped in surprise when I heard the shadows in the distance watching him. Since when was that old man there?! Myru narrowed his eyes at his servant."Didn't I tell you to rest?" "There's no way I'm letting the young
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Chapter 5: The East (3)
If I'm not mistaken, the original Myru had always not wished to go there because it was a place where memories with her parents flowed.If indeed there is a precious place and at the moment Myru still feels heavy because of the departure of her two biological mothers. Then it could be predicted that he would still refuse until all the issues were completely resolved.But he's not Myru.Leave that issue aside, my life as an Arditian won't matter much either. Not having a mother and father and always living alone made me independent since I was a kid.I don't remember how my childhood was as an Arditian, but as far as I knew, I had always been alone. That's why my situation now isn't too tough. If the current Marquess and Marquis were my biological parents it would be quite strange.I've always been alone so it can be said that this is a normal thing even when people in the mansion stay away because they are scared of Myru's trashy nature. It wasn't a burden on her mind at all.I raised
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Chapter 6: Bottomless Valley (1)
Day two in the morning. Myra woke up in the guesthouse that Velreidom had reserved. Quickly getting ready with Ben's help, Myru then went downstairs, towards the lobby as well as the dining room.Seen there, the knights were sitting together with the other guests, there... the Marquess and Marquis were sitting together along with the twins.Myru thought that he might as well go there."I'm so scared, Last night our brother's carriage was broken in the middle of the road and his treasure got taken away under the bandits. Fortunately, my brother's life is safe and he is now resting."A customer vented, sadness filling his face. Another person spoke. "Hah! That's why I told you and your brother to hire a knight! Your brother since yesterday has been stubborn. He keeps thinking that the Boundless Abyss region will always be safe, even though there have been three cases three times in that place and its surroundings!"I glanced at Ben. "What is it?"As expected of Ben he answered quickly a
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Chapter 7: Bottomless Valley (2)
I raised my head when the carriage stopped. Looking forward were Somi and Roni who were both staring at me. The heavy voice of the vice-captain made us all look outside. The vice-captain now opened the door and checked on the state of everyone inside the carriage. The person who was usually laughing full of jokes now looked serious while still smiling. The long sword that was always in the side area of his waist was now at arm's length on guard. "Yong master, young miss. Wait a moment, our knight will take care of this." Just from the open door, Myru could see a group of bandits surrounding our party. "Khahahaha! Hand over all your treasures you noble blood!" They looked numerous and also enough to make a large circle outside our sizable party. Their clothes looked dirty, the bandits' faces were typical of people who hadn't bathed in weeks, laughing loudly and various weapons were around them. I asked. "Can you guys handle it?" The vice-captain laughed lightly. "Young master,
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Chapter 8: Bottomless Valley (3)
"Don't come any closer, if you guys don't want this girl to get hurt, haha haha!" Somi's face, which had been strong, was now tense. She must have been scared because there was a real knife approaching to hurt her. I looked around, the knights didn't dare to come closer because every time they came closer the knife was getting closer to Somi's flesh. I was the only one within a few steps of them. I pushed Roni away. "Run away," I said softly. "We'll just be a burden," Roni nodded and ran away. The bandit's laughter returned. Khahahah! Weak nobles, why did you run away? ah... You didn't?" Myru took a deep breath and held her small bag. " Sir, wouldn't it be better to ambush an older child rather than a little kid like that?" The bandit looked at me in surprise. "Hmm unlike the little kid you're holding, I don't have any magic or swordsmanship at all, the point is I'm similar to an ordinary person. It will be difficult for me to fight you. And even if you fail, at least you can
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Chapter 9: Fabled Object
Ah crap, it hurts like hell.I know it's not the first time I've died but... the pain of being crushed made Myru's body motionless. This body was ready to slowly die until it finally ran out of blood and was lifeless.Myru coughed a few times. He held his chest-beating weaker and weaker every time he breathed.The thick liquid spread to various places. The ground, as well as the rocks near Myru, made the place like a pool of fresh blood.After that, Myru closed his eyes completely.The flowing blood was still absorbed into the ground, passing through the stonework. Except... one stone that was pitch black next to his head. The stone magically lapped up Myru's blood, sucking it up like a hungry beast. When Myru closed his eyes
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Chapter 10: Human Trading Village
Myru looked at the land and wondered. " A magic circle?"Stone of eternal misfortune quickly replied. [This is not a magic circle, magic cannot be used here.]Myru thought, whatever it was he couldn't find the answer. Stone of misfortune released its radiance again, this time the light traveled towards the center of the circle, moving there. [Myru, come quickly!]Myru's feet stepped lightly there. right in the center of the circle, there was a painting of three triangles that twisted and shaped like a center. With the help of the Stone of Eternal Misfortune, Myru sat cross-legged right between the triangular images...[I need a lot of energy but... I'm sure with this we can get out of here!]"Are you sure we can make it out?"[Of course! I've slept for thousands of years, meaning my power is even greater than that of the dragons! But I'm a bit worried because I'm not too familiar with the outer world].Well, of course, I'm not so surprised if there are Dragons in this world however, t
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