The Cursed Chaos

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The Cursed Chaos

By: Jeremiah OngoingFantasy

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Unbeknownst to the modern world, the realms of magic have been at war with each other, each vying for dominance. Utahi Toshiba, a powerful but unfortunate wizard, succumbed to the ancient magical force known as Chaos. Driven to the brink of death, Utahi used his last strength to imbue a newborn child with this chaos magic. That child is Kai Kikuchi, a mortal that had no known knowledge or connections to magic, a perfect hidden vessel. For thirteen years, this power of chaos dwelled within Kai, never manifesting itself until Kai’s anger got the better of him. While being bullied at school, Kai tapped into the power of Chaos on accident. However, a mage hunter sensed Kai’s power and brought him before the Hokage, the headmaster of a magical academy known as the Magesterium. Knowing that the power Kai possessed was dangerous, the Hokage chose to teach Kai control over Chaos and hide the true existence of this power from everyone. However, as Kai delves into this new world of magic, he quickly learns that chaos is something that might never be controlled. As the world that Kai knew of crumbles around him, he realizes that power and strength are not what make a man, for his own personal abilities are nothing compared to the magical realms that seek to consume him. As Chaos begins to swallow him whole, will he choose to try and master control over the Chaos, or will he choose to become the villain and let the inner desires of the Chaos lead him deeper into its temptations? Follow along now with Kai and his friends to find out!

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  • Jeremiah


    Let's say something about this wonderful book filled with adventures and magic.

    2022-08-13 11:53:57
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40 chapters
The air was hot that evening, blood was wherever splattered like paint, and seeing dead bodies on one another was a slaughter, a bloody slaughter.Clamours of men were heard outside and every one of them ran towards the room with blood, wherever their feets stepped intensely on the steps as they run with yells and they generally gripped their weapons.WHERE IS HE?!!!Their voice however out of resentment yet was waited with dread, and anxiety toward being demolished. Utahi using his katana with a twofold sharp edge, blood drops from his body as though he was perspiring, the blood of the bodies he previously slaughtered.He's a man against many yet won't withdraw, a lethal human who can kill without feeling sorry for, he doesn't recognize what he kills, his heart is cold and dull that he was unable to feel agony or despondency, he has lost every one of his feelings for anything.The men all at the entryway continue beating on it planning to separate it, Utahi with the feeling of this w
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The mythical strike
The mythical beast methods were the most dangerous procedures a katana wielder would have, a strategy requires a lot of consideration and expertise while striking, it includes utilizing two katanas simultaneously, the principal edge is to beguile your rival from seeing the second sharp edge which is the central thing, the subsequent edge does the killing and it fights against eminent loss striking the rival to death yet the more youthful man didn't foresee that the cutting edge will strike the core of Utahi.Torment drifted around Utahi's heart, his body shivered and he felt weird interestingly, he was struck at the fundamental organ, his heart was his main flimsy spot yet no man has at any point arrived near to strike it in all the fight he has experienced until this day."You fool" Utahi reviled the dead body as more shiver goes through him, he was blacking out and he knew it, his chaos power was at that point darkening down. He turned and took a gander at the dead body once more."
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Feet continue to trample the floor of the hospital.WHERE COULD HE BE?!I SEE HIM!One of the men cautioned the others when he saw a dead body of a youthful medical caretaker, the calls of the infants were heard surprisingly."He killed her," The more seasoned ace said as he checked the body of the young woman and it was at that point cold. His heart starts to thump quick, his breath stifled on him, his vex was unqualified and he felt frustrated with the death of the youthful medical caretaker."You mischievous soul, Utahi!" The old expert yelled as he drew his katana."Where could you be? Utahi!" He strolled into the room with fury and dread, as he moved into the faint room he staggered on another dead body."Ugh, what number will you kill Utahi!" He peered down yet he was unable to make out the individual on the floor because the light in the room is faint."On the lights" The more seasoned ace shouted.At the point when one of the men needs to on the light, another youthful medical
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Rinnnnng!!!" Seems like our examples will stop here, we will go on tomorrow and I need you all to gain proficiency with the essentials of the present illustration," A female educator said as she stuffed her books and left the class.It was summer in Aomori, The Hibiya middle School is as of now upbeat to praise the renowned Aomori nebuta matsuri celebration which happens each mid-year in japan.Matsuri celebration generally helps Kai to remember his birthday, that was his thirteen birthday, his folks will continuously let him know that he's brought into the world in the hour of valiant champions and that is a gift to him.Kai never took any of his folks' words that serious, he's consistently a person with less discourse. The vast majority of his companions mock him due to his white hair in some cases they menace him, Kai is fragile and thin so he's every school bully target.He got used to putting on a face cap since it causes more trouble for him when it is exposed. At the point whe
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"Kaaaaai sensi!"Kai's face went obscured when he heard the minuscule voice shouting his name."Kaaaaai sensi!!" The voice rehashed as yet banging at his door."Come in Anko" Kai's voice was powerless, quickly the door opened up, and a kid of six years of age with unpleasant earthy coloured hair stowed in."Gozaimashita Kai sensi," Anko said as he knelt, Kai definitely knew if he didn't answer him he would stay there.Anko is someone else that sees Kai as a warlord due to his white hair, he generally lets Kai know that white hair implies he'll one day be a boss or an incredible Hokage that will save the whole world."Daijobudesu" Kai answered him looking unconcern, the hello part, at whatever point he meets Anko, nauseates him. Anko stood up grinning timidly allowing his white teeth to be apparent."What do you need Anko?" Kai asked him."Here!" Anko raised a piece of paper, waving it with the goal that Kai will see."Damn," Kai said discreetly, he realize that Anko was up again gathe
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The dark mare
"Kai! Help me!, Pls help me!""Kai!!, Don't allow me to die!""Who's that, mum! father!?" Kai's breath was weighty, he's been running for like 60 minutes, he continue to hear voices that calls him for help, he was unable to make out what their identity was."Kai!!!, Pls!" Multiple voices were repeating his name.Kai was at that point tired, his head pulsates as though he fell on a stone, his eyes sting him because of the soggy in the air, wherever was dull and he was unable to see a thing, the voices continue reverberating and they were penetrating Kai's ear like it believes him should go hard of hearing."Who's...there?" Kai constrained himself to say something cause he was breathing exceptionally quick and vigorously, all his body was at that point tormenting him, he tumbled to the ground attempting to get hold of his breath.Unexpectedly everything went quiet, Kai was done hearing the voices once more, he was shocked, and he glanced around trusting he would see a person or thing ye
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New mercenary
Early that day, A dark Mercedes limousine drove into a warehouse. It stopped before an enormous structure that seems to be a lobby, a man descended, he went to the opposite side of the limousine and opened its door."Great day sir," He said as he held the door wide."Great day," Detective Doylestown answered as he ventured down from the limo, he checked out the warehouse and shook his head in dismay."The most terrible spot to get together" He murmured.Soon after certain minutes, one more man approached him."Hi detective, individuals are as of now in the lobby, satisfy along these lines," He said amiably.Detective Doylestown followed him into the structure, the walls of the structure were seeming worse for wear, and the composition was at that point tumbling off.The man took the detective to a specific floor, he drove him to a room."Here we are detective, the duke is coming," He said as he opened the entryway for him.Doylestown was astounded, the construction of the room is fanc
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In Shinjuku......."Ladies and gentlemen we invite you to this extraordinary event, this evening we will welcome our extraordinary Hokage" A voice reverberated from the hall of the party, wherever was humming with people, everybody wearing exemplary clothing, and stewards were guided out when the populace began to increase.Extravagance vehicles were all the while driving in, a gathering of people in fighter clothing were outside guiding individuals in, the greater part of them was wearing red kimonos with dark fixing while others blue kimonos with a silver lining, the ones in red are fire mages while the blues are the water and ice mages, some other s-rank mages were available however not many of them.The hall was currently loaded up with people chatting, lifelong companions from far places were embracing themselves.Not long the Hokage showed up, the authorities came to welcome him in, and they knelt as he gets out of the vehicle.The Hokage was seldom seen, he just shows up at sig
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Dead man attack
"I don't have the foggiest idea why individuals call me an earth magician rather than a geo summoner," Goeth asked anticipating that Amon should say something however he didn't."Earth magician is weak" Goeth kept on meandering, "Yet do you think geo summoner is more extravagant than earth magician like contrasting the two?" Goeth asked Amon once more."I'm attempting to gather in controlling my....""Your manikin" Goeth blocked Amon with a profound snicker, "Sorry I know about that" Goeth continued to giggle.Amon scowled at him."I don't think you know that" He murmured unobtrusively."Who knows whether the gatekeepers would try and let a stupid man from damnation inside the hall, well I'd figure Iselin would be abandoned at this point" Goeth derided." Earth magicians such idiots" Amon moaned."What did you simply say?" Goeth snapped quickly as he heard what Amon said."Will you just quit the joke?" Amon was starting to get annoyed."C'mon, I ought to be letting you know that," Goe
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The sceptre: Lost? or protected?
Amon and Goeth were at that point in the Shinjuku however at the external part. They saw individuals hurrying out of the hall and zooming off in their vehicles."Seems like Iselin is driving them away".Amon gestured, he have no chance to chat with Goeth. Goeth saw the quiet treatment " Do you disregard me now?"."We should simply do this thing and leave" Amon answered discreetly as he and Goeth approached the entryway driving into the compound of the lobby. They concealed close to a wellspring at the door, they watched the watchmen clearing individuals in a rush."Can you raise numerous dead manikins?"Amon nodded."Presently, see how we will respond. occupy the watchmen with your multitude of dead manikins, I'll go through the corners and block the evacuation of the sceptre"Goeth went off leaving Amon to do his thing, not long groans of dead men were heard, many of them."He will crack these individuals out" Goeth jeered."Iselin, what's your business with this event?" Botan fumed.
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