The Demon of Lust: Keep me entertained and you shall live

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The Demon of Lust: Keep me entertained and you shall live

By: InstaMoist OngoingHarem

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Hadrian Von Kaiser is a prince from one of the strongest empires in the Heilig continent. Because the promised time that will change the entire world is approaching, all empires, small kingdoms, and even the mythological creatures that still survive are preparing to welcome the future. Can Hadrian survive amid chaos and stay alive from creatures stronger than him, who can even destroy an empire overnight? Follow Hadrian on his journey to unravel the mystery of the promised time.

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Unadorned Animals
- Pov of the Mysterious Woman -The quick sound of footsteps was immediately followed by the sound of people talking to one another.A person who was dressed in a maid's uniform was standing in front of me. However, because of the dim lighting in the corridor, it was difficult to distinguish the individual features of her face.The sun was about to go down, and one could see a reflection of the rays that it had cast in the glass panes that lined the hallway. On rare occasions, however, it was possible to make out the light coming in through the window panes because it reflected off her short white hair.Because I had reached the point where I could no longer tolerate the silence, I finally broke the silence with an agitated tone of voice."Then, what exactly is he trying to find?"Because I do not have a choice but to comply, even though doing so goes against my innermost desires."Did he take into consideration the fact that I had just arrived home from working late and that I was co
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Have you arrived to greet me?
A couple of days earlier, in the territory of Klein Kingdom.-- Random Maid Pov -'thud-thud'A soft knocking sound was heard in the quiet room."enter"I waited to hear a response from the person who was located inside before slowly opening the door.My breathing is erratic, which is one factor that contributes to the pitiful appearance that I give off. Another factor is the sweat that is dripping down from my forehead.After closing the door and giving myself a moment to catch my breath, I got ready to relay an important message that had just been given to me today.The figure behind the table that was covered in stacks of documents startled me just as I was about to begin reporting the messages.Even though I am aware that the majority of nobles have a blessed appearance, I must clarify that this is not the same as common nobles, who are only slightly more refined than commoners. The scene that I was seeing at the time was perfect for taking a picture of and putting it on display
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Emilia Von Kaiser
Klein's royal capital-The horse carriages that can be seen along the busy streets of the capital are distinguished from other horse carriages by their stately appearance and the various symbols that are engraved on the sides of the carriages."Many carriages have been seen entering the vicinity of the palace. Is there a significant person who will soon be arriving?"A comment was made by a pedestrian who was having a conversation with the owner of a food stall."That could be the case, but who is this mysterious guest who can bring together so many high-ranking officials and noble families?"But then the food stall owner and the customer he was speaking with just stood frozen on the spot, surprised expressions on their faces, staring at something.Not only the two of them but everyone who passed by a horse carriage engraved with the symbol of a horned lion's head came to a halt and could only stand there stunned, with some also showing frightened expressions.Even the palace gatekee
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hahahahahahaha... stop... just wait... hahaha... stop not there..
Return to the present.-"Alright, now it's time for me to tell you the tale of the unfortunate queen," A male voice was heard, and hearing him speak was calm and comforting."As you may have learned from the book, this continent is home to eight empires, or rather seven empires and one small kingdom inhabited by people of various races," He wasn't talking to himself because a young girl was sitting on his lap who was attentively listening to what he had to say every so often. Then, out of curiosity, the girl would lift her head slightly."Are you able to name any of the world's races?" Remarked the man as he tenderly stroked the head of the young girl sitting on his lap."Oh, let me think about that for a second," The girl's exclamation came as she was delightedly receiving a light pat on the top of her head."Humans are the ones I meet the most often, cute beasts, demons I've never seen, angels are old geezers who like to wear robes, and finally, fairies, if I'm not mistaken, they l
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So, where did we stop?
In a room, there are multiple people, but the one that stands out the most is a man seated on a chair behind the table. In front of him are two women, one taller than the other.They all have the same characteristics. White hair, blood-red eyes, and almost identical faces. So yes, there is no doubt that they are siblings.- Hadrian Pov -As you are already aware, one of them is Emilia Von Kaiser, my older sister. I told her to come after she had just gotten home, which is why she is still wearing her armor, and it is understandable why she is upset.She looked like a goddess of war who was ready to slash the person in front of her with the sword around her waist, proving that the rumors about her being domineering beauty were absolutely accurate."Emilia, I am so happy to see you home! Please take a seat. I do not have time to waste because I am now swamped," After giving her a cordial greeting, I told her to take a seat even though I didn't care what she thought."Also, Alice, you do
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- Hadrian Pov -*knock *knockI was jolted awake by the sound of someone knocking, and I also heard another sound, but it wasn't very distinct.After lying in this cozy bed for a while, I've concluded that I should take it easy. However, I find it amusing when I think about the people who toil away from early morning until late at night only to be dissatisfied with the results of their low accomplishments.I couldn't help but chuckle as I considered this and realized it must be an innate talent.I was listening carefully when suddenly the knocking stopped, and I heard someone slowly open the door.Someone walked towards the window, and as soon as they did, the previously dim room was suddenly illuminated by sunlight."Good morning, young master," she said.When she spoke, she did so with a smug smile on her face, her smile engulfing the sunlight in such a way that it was impossible to look away from her.I awoke while still wrapped in blankets and looked at her."Come Sucht."After he
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Alice Von Kaiser
Upon arriving at the training ground in the palace area, I could see how expansive and magnificent this place was. However, a particular site allows you to customize the kind of practice you wish to engage in.After that, I went to the building with the high dome dedicated to practicing magic. As I approached the entrance, I could feel the powerful magic surrounding this place, and as soon as I entered, my body began absorbing the energy that had been amassed in this location.I could see Alice practicing magic in the middle of the vast field, accompanied by several maids and a middle-aged woman who appeared to be giving her direction.I can tell that Alice is exerting a lot of effort based on how she struggles to breathe and the fact that the maid occasionally wipes her sweat off her face.As I mentioned this morning, one of the things that give me pleasure is watching a person who is not talented put in a lot of effort but is ultimately unsuccessful. However, whether it all ends in
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You just can't put up with my charm, can you?
There are three horse-drawn carriages going hand in hand through the forest area. Their journey appears to be uneventful, not only because they are safe from bandits but also because the roads they travel on are flat and made of a material similar to stone but not actually stone. These roads are not the bumpy ground typically found in remote areas.Because this region is still relatively close to the Zeitgeist imperial capital, all of the roads that lead to the city that is located nearby are kept in good condition and are guaranteed to be safe.There was only one way out of this region for anyone who broke the rules, and that was to die a horrible death in its entirety.Two people can be seen riding in the majestic carriage in the middle. Their identities are Hadrian Von Kaiser and his younger sister, Alice Von Kaiser."Hey brother, what's up with this trip?" Alice inquired eagerly, unsure how often she had already asked the question.I, who was feeling idle at the time, responded by
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Keep your voice down
Everyone is aware that these individuals have nefarious goals in mind.As the passengers became aware of the precarious situation in which they found themselves, some of them appeared hopeless, while others maintained faith in the six soldiers who belonged to the merchant union.The people who were traveling to the capital came from a wide variety of places, but unfortunately for them, they were about to experience some bad luck. The trip they had been on for the past few days would only result in the discovery of a corpse in the middle of the forest.-Merchant Union Soldier Pov-"Don't you realize that the choices you've made will eventually lead to your demise?" I said that in an effort to wake them up in the hopes that it would make them retreat.Because I am a member of the Merchant Union, I am accustomed to the role of a delivery person. Accordingly, I have delivered humans, rare goods, and rare plants that can be traded in the capital.When I need to get to the capital, I always
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In a condescending tone, the female guard who had cast the magic spell earlier added, "Keep your voice down, and if you disturb the young master and princess, I will immediately cut you off." The guard had been referring to Hadrian and Alice.My head began to spin as soon as I heard the guard's voice. The aura that she exuded was extremely menacing. The atmosphere that the bandit had just encountered was nothing compared to the aura emanating from the guard standing in front of him at that very moment.The young man froze in place and ceased his conversation instantly, displaying an anxious expression. The young man had no choice but to wait.Soon after, a number of guards exited their carriage and began walking toward the carriage that was located in the midst of the group."young master," stated one of the female guardsAn individual who was inside the carriage remarked, "I've heard your story.""Despite the fact that you've had a string of unfortunate events, you've also had the go
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