"Shadowed werewolf zone: Level 0"

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"Shadowed werewolf zone: Level 0"

By: Ketu Moon OngoingFantasy

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Michael is secretly a 0 rank. He is one of the weakest werewolves and everyone dislikes him. In another world, he was a billionaire, but now he is useless to everyone. In this game you given a level/rank in a socaiety Level 3 - A leader 10% or Lycan/alpha Level 2 - a middle-class member 12%/Beta or Omega Level 1 - a slave 78%" Omega/Slave Michael must survive inside a game "Shadowed zone: Level 0" or he will die and never return back home. When he finds a chance to join the party with loner girl Wanessa, he finds it amazing. Another few high rank females starts to notice him and decides to join his team as his unexpected origins are here to help him out!

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    Nice book.

    2023-12-08 07:33:21
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32 chapters
0. Prologue: Trapped inside a game
AT THE THIRD PERSON'S POV:A man wearing a rich-looking costume was walking down the street. He just turned 25 years old and he was a CEO in a pretty rich company. It was called "Moonshadow Remedies", specialising in medicine. The media painted him as a titan of industry, but he knew that his empire rested on a precarious precipice. Market fluctuations, competitors lurking in the shadows, and the ever-present threat of scandal were constant reminders of the fragility of his success.Each day of his pretty borring began with the same routine: a personal trainer pushing him through grueling workouts, followed by a chef preparing extravagant breakfasts that he could hardly taste anymore. His wardrobe was a sea of tailored suits, each one more expensive than the last, yet they all felt the same against his skin. He has dark hair and matching dark eyes with a quite masculine body. He had nothing interesting to do so he decided to check out a new game shop. He heard some pretty good commen
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1. Game rules and ranking ceremony
AT THE SAME TIMEAT MAN'S POV:I saw how Glitch smirked. It was time to hear those rules. "Say it."I said and nodded."Listen up, kid. Welcome to the ultimate test of your survival skills. In this unforgiving wilderness, you'll need every ounce of wit and grit to make it out alive."Glich said with concentrated voice. "First rule: fire is life. Learn to make it, keep it going, or you won't last long."He said and I nodded. "Water's your lifeline out here. Rule number two: purify your water. No one wants to deal with parasites when they're starving."He said with a laugh.It was not funny thing at all."Rule three: forage and hunt. The forest's got food, but you've got to know what's safe to eat and what'll turn your stomach inside out."He said again."I heard there is town close by."I said."There is one, but you need REACH it."He said. "Rule four: tools matter. Learn to make 'em or find 'em. This knife could be the difference between dinner and becoming dinner."He said."And lastly,
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2. Safe ground and house walls
THE NEXT DAYAT MICHAEL'S POV:As soon as I woke up I went down to meet other memebers of Lunar guild. It was so weird to be around woman, but I be just fine. I knew that I had to find that 'safe zone' if I wanted to survive around here. I started to look around here. It seems that everything going on pretty strange. As I continued my journey through the enchanted forest, I stumbled upon a hidden, abandoned spot deeper within the woods. This place was even more secluded and untouched by civilization. Tall, ancient trees with twisted roots surround a tranquil glade. The air is heavy with a sense of mystery and wonder."It seems I found something useful here."I thought. I kept looking around and I understood almost instantly that since I am omega I am not going to get best treatment. I need to find a way more about this ranking thing. I decided to make this secluded spot his temporary refuge, spot where set up a campfire to keep warm. The flickering flames cast eerie shadows on the mos
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3. Bonfire and berry tea
THE NEXT DAYAT MICHAEL'S POV:When I went downstairs I saw others eating breakfast. It was simple food, but it was good food. I needed to find those items for a bonfire, so I should head out soon."I can help you."I heard female voice. As I turned around I saw a female with sun colour hair and even more beautiful green eyes. I never met a woman as beautiful as her before. I can not believe that someone as her is omega. "I am Wanessa."She said."Michael."I said."I would like to help you since you are strong. I am a bit stronger than you."She said with a shy tone.I like an idea of having teammate, so I don't mind it at all."Sure thing Wanny."I said with a grin and she started laughing. So cute. Did I just said 'cute'?"Great. What is your task?"She asked."Bonefire."I said."So 5 of wood, stone, grass and rope. I guess you out of rope?"She asked."I never had in a first place."I said."Let's check a notice board. You ALWAYS can find something useful there."She said and I nodded as
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4. Garden, toolsmitch and a hoe
THE NEXT MORNINGAT MICHAEL'S POV:I woke up pretty late. It was time for some food. Today I be working on garden and it seems I need to check notice board after breakfast because I need money first. As soon as I finished eating I got to the notice board and it seemed that the easiest way to get money was to gather flowers for some points. Damn, these tasks can be pretty boring. It is going to be annoying, but it seems that I have no other choice. "What's wrong?"I heard a voice and I saw Wanessa who was looking at me."I was looking at the board and only one task fitted is a flower shop order. I can make it work, but it sounds so borring."I said."I will help you. We are teammates after all."She said."I am so happy that I am not alone here."I said."Me too, Michael."Wanessa said and nodded.-----In a few hours find myself and Wanessa standing at the edge of a vast, lush meadow, as far as the eye can see, colorful flowers sway in the breeze under a radiant sky. Each step I take brin
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5. Furnace and needed fuel - coal
THE NEXT DAYAT MICHAEL'S POV:I looked for some information and it seems that everything was going pretty well. Furnace seems like a good idea but now I need get blueprint for it. I think I should ask in guild for it. I need also take a look in town and find when and how I can get a bed to restore my health since its really necessery thing. Right now I was wondering how I could make a bed. Now I should look for some blueprints after I done eating. I wonder where I can find it. I might have to ask a guild leader. Surprisingly I even get a task about it.Build a furnace and get coal. It will keep you warm."You look curious about something."One of members said."I need blueprints."I said."Try the tavern or merchant shop."She said. "Easiest don't cost more than 15 copper coins."She smiled."Thanks."I said."We team here, so of course."She said and I nodded.It's good to see that all of us are working for same thing. To survive in this game."I am going to do it soon."I said.----In le
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6. An adventurer guild and bronze rank (F)
THE NEXT DAYAT MICHAEL'S POV:I was excited to see adventurers guild, but first I decided to talk to Wanessa. I am sure that she is able to help me. It took me a while to find her, but it was time for me to visit the adventurer's guild. I found Wanessa heading there too, so it should be an interesting experiance. "I see you are going there too."I said."I want get a new task from them."She said."I want to get a rank first."I said."Let's go then."Wanessa said and I nodded.-----It took me a few hours to reach this guild since I stepped through the grand doors of the adventurer guild, the familiar scent of polished wood and parchment greeting me. The main hall stretches before me, bustling with players and NPCs alike. There are long wooden tables covered in maps, scrolls, and quest documents. Adventurers huddle together, deep in conversation, their bodies adorned in a variety of armor and stuff. It's an old building and I happy to see it. I approach the quest board, where a series
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7. A bed for recharge and wasteyard
THE NEXT DAYAT MICHAEL'S POVAs son as I was done with my food I went to look for any useful task. Now I can see adventurer guild ones and it seems they pay more. Looks like that I could cut some trees for wood company. I think I just got idea."I accept it."I said."Here you go, it's close here."An oc said.I packed needed items and left. It was time to get that wood. ---As soon as I reached that spot I saw an oc who was cutting tree."I am here for a wood task."I said."You need to chop those 5 trees. I give you an axe to work this out. When you done we can talk about reward."He said."Can I cut more for bigger reward?"I asked."I don't mind a skillful worker. All that needs to be cut down."He said.I could tell he was happy to hear that he don't need to wait an another adventurer for it. I nodded and left while smiling. Everything is going on how I have planned it. I can earn enough materials just by doing tasks and soon I have a bed.I kept working for needed items and it took
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8. E rank at adventurer guild
IN A FEW DAYSAT MICHAEL'S POV:It seems that everything is going pretty well. I still needed to find some things to make my life more comfortable. I was happy to have a steady supply of food and water and a roof over my head. I felt like I was missing something that was important to my happiness. I think it was time to start working on more harder tasks. I wonder what I can use to level up to E rank faster."I think I should get going to adventurer guild again."I thought.As soon as I got that idea, I left there. It took me a while, but I was pretty happy to see a notice board with stuff like this. I needed some things to update better blueprints. I wonder how long it takes to get an E rank. I checked the notice board and saw some tasks.Task to gather 20 flowers in the forest for 20 coins.That doesn't sound too interesting. I might do it while doing other tasks.Catch 5 rabbits in the forest. Each fur is worth up to 50 coins.I wonder what is the smallest amount for it. It sounds l
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9. A sewing mashine and leather armour
THE NEXT DAYAT MICHEL'S POV:As soon as sun rise up I went to my guild. I went there to look for Wanessa. I wanted to go with her again to a wasteyard. Weridly she was nowhere to be found. As soon as I got there I noticed that someone is already here. I knew because I could see some step prints on ground. I was sure it was a woman, but I knew that it was NOT Wanessa. I noticed that she had dark hair and almost black color eyes. I had never seen a woman having such dark hair before. I saw how she started getting closer and I was confused as to why such a beautiful woman was interested in me. "I see you are here again."She said."I came to get a sewing machine. I do not see why you should be so upset with me."I said."I am not upset. My name is Ophelia and I can help you."She said."It sounds like a good idea."I said.I smiled and started following her. It took us less than an hour to reach it. I had a needed blueprint to fix it so I felt really happy. It seems that now I just need to
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