RE; Soul Bound

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RE; Soul Bound

By: Zorenico OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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I am Theodore, a man who was born in a high modern era. An era in which everyone could dwell in a new world, the world of a virtual reality (VR) games. Four years ago, a VR game called "New Life" was developed and soon became popular around the world. In this "New Life", magic, different kinds of monsters, and even various races from myths existed. I enjoyed so much that I only rested 2 hours a day. However, one day, the developer passed away, and the server was eventually shutdown. Just as every gamer like me was desperate to death, something unbelievable happened ...

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RE: Soul boundChapter 000: PROLOGUE Written by: ZorenicoI'm Theodore, an 18-year-old boy born in the high modern era. The world in which I lived changed after virtual reality games were developed where anyone could dwell in a virtual world with monsters, various races, and even magic existed. Just like this game called "New Life," which I used to play when I was 15 years old. It was enjoyable; you could select your class, hunt monsters, and level up to become a Ranker.It was fun and all but not until the developer of the game died due to being old enough to pass away. The game was inherited by his family but to only become a game that never had an update and was forced to server shutdown.I spend my entire teenage life to this game and become a player that seats on the top, hence, a Ranker. I even got a title from the other players, they called me a Hunting Freak. Yes a Hunting Freak, a player who never sleeps just to hunt a boss and loot a good quality items just to find out that
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001: The Beginning
After the New Life server was forced shutdown, I too shut myself in my room. I don't know what to do, what would happen to my family's debt? I was such a fool, if only I didn't stick to this game and sold my items for real money, then the debt of my family would be paid."I was such an idiot!" I cursed myself for almost an hour until I fell asleep on the chilly ground next to the bed.[10:46 PM, Sunday]"N-Noooooo!" I suddenly woke up from my slumber, sweating in fear while having reddish and teary eyes. "W-what just happened?" I questioned myself, peering out every corner of my room to see if it has been a dream or a reality."Ohh... A dream," I took a deep breath, gradually forgetting the scene from that dream.Tututut~ Tututut~ *Phone Ringing*"My phone?" I took the phone off the desk opposite the window after hearing a series of distress alarms.I hurriedly swipe down the notification bar and learned a shocking news that will change the world that I lived in.[NDRRMC: Isang napaka
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002: Time To Hunt!
If this was really the second chance that heaven gave me, then I will gladly take it!After learning everything that happened in just that spun amount of time, I immediately went inside our house and changed into a suitable suit."Theodore, what's with that get-up?" Mother asked as she was showing a worried expression on his pale face."Mom, sister, I need to go somewhere." "W-What? where do you want to go all of a sudden?""Yes, big brother, where are you going late at night?" Sister asked while grabbing the end of my shirt."No time to explain.. I will be coming back tomorrow." I responded as I hugged both of them at the same time and departed in a haste."Big brother.." Sister pondered."You've worked hard, Theodore." Muttered Mother as she saw me turn around while straightening up my broad shoulder."Sorry Mom, I am yet again giving you such a hard time.." I mumbled just as I disappeared from the approaching eyes of my Mother...[1:00 AM, Monday], [Location: Makiling Forest, Lag
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003: Leaf Boars
The temporary entrance that the Association created had already opened while players piled up from the front, waiting for the Association's signal. "Time to hunt!" I immediately dashed toward the end of the crowd and successfully entered the Makiling Forest which was characterized as the Windy Forest from New Life. "Ohh.. Though it was entirely different from Windy Forest, the feeling of nature was still there." I mumbled as I entered the forest. The players started to enter one by one while their gazes were similar to that of a predator who hunts everything that they see. I immediately went deeper into the forest and was relieved that the others were not in the vicinity. I first check my status bar to know more about my physical trait. [NAME: THEODORE] [AGE: 18] [LEVEL 01] [EXP: 0/100] [POINTS: O] [CLASS: NO CLASS] [STATS:] STRENGTH: 04 AGILITY: 07 DEXTERITY: 02 WISDOM: 09 ENDURANCE: 03 LUCK: 06 "Hm, my strength was four points means that it was quite low. Agility, ohh
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004: Let's go Shopping
I don't know what to do but if this decision of mine would make my two dearest families happy then, why not? [6:00 PM, Monday], [SM City San Pablo] "So what are we doing here, Theodore?" Asked Mother. "Right, brother? what are we supposed to do here?" "What can we do here? of course, to go shopping!" I answered with excitement. "W-What do you mean, Theodore?" Asked Mother, flustered. "Yes, brother? what do you mean?" "Sighed! here, look at this." I abruptly took my phone in my wallet and showed them the money which I earned in selling the 21 New Coins to the Player Association. "2..200 what? Althea, could you please tell me how many digits are there?" "Ohh okay.. Hm, 1.." "So how many digits are there, Althea?" "S-Six digits Mother.." "S-Six? Doesn't that mean that your brother has a hundred thousand pesos?" "There's no doubt, mother! big brother was a millionaire!" "W-Wait, it's just a thousand, not millions.." "Theodore! where did you get this money fro
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005: Mutated Purple Boar
After entering the Makiling Forest, I started to go deeper and deeper until I arrived at the place where a higher-level monster than Green Leaf Boar could be seen. I ventured to the second phase of the forest and found an intimidating leaf boar. "A leaf boar?" I walked closer to it in order to check whether it was the Green Leaf boar. "W-Wait, isn't it blue ones?" [MONSTER NAME: BLUE LEAF BOAR] [LEVEL: 04] [LOCATION: MAKILING FOREST, SECOND PHASE] [DESCRIPTION: Blue Leaf Boar, a monster higher level than Green Leaf Boar. They lurked upon the second phase of the Makiling Forest.] A blue leaf boar differed from a green leaf boar by strength and speed. Green Leaf Boar do have higher strength but doesn't much agility whilst this blue one has strength comparable to green ones but has higher agility. The Blue leaf Boar started to move, scratching the ground with its indestructible feet. I readied myself from its attack by using the same method I used when I was just a player of New Li
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006: Restless Tuesday
The second day of my hunt was quite the thrill. I don't know if it was because of my luck or curiosity as an old player but having encountered the mutated purple boar this early was beyond my expectations more so this persistent colleen bagworm.{Colleen Bagworm: An idiom word, meaning; A woman who keeps on pestering a single person.}"S-Say, how did you kill it with a single strike?" She asked, showing a curious expression on her face.I stopped walking and slowly pushed back her face, "Would you please stop for a sec?""O-Ohh, you're quite attractive there~" She said, her cheeks almost immediately turning scarlet."Do Russians speak with this much directness?" I spoke just as I abruptly took my arms back."Ehh? how do you know that I'm Russian?" She asked, taken aback."Just a guess." Though I know that she was a foreign girl since she used English quite a lot.I continued my hunt of blue leaf boar after battling with the mutated purple boar from earlier. "Hm, having an azure knife
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My family used to be a 'may kaya' or a well-heeled family but everything turns downfall one years ago.The company that my dad used to work for went bankrupt almost immediately whilst that time was not favored to us since my family had recently purchased a property that was a rent-to-own and needed to pay for the second month or else, the contract would be canceled and we would be kicked out, leaving my father with no alternative but to make a loan and eventually came to the point where he consulted a loan shark company.At first, it was good and all since my father used to know one of those loan shark employees but had been betrayed by him, making our family hardly indebted to that loan shark company.My father was offered a chance to do some amends, an amends where he needs to cast out all those precious emotions and do everything that had been ordered to him by the loan shark organization. You might argue that his life has been purchased as a slave, and by the time I wish to help m
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007: A Nightmare
At that point, I understood that the only people who could stop you from going crazy were your dearest family. They will be the ones to make you feel so relieved that you will almost immediately and helplessly put your head on their shoulders while forgetting everything around you. I told mom to go outside first and thankfully she agreed. "Hm, you're the one behind this right?" I walk closer to the supposed leader and asked if he was the one behind this nonsensical event. "Y-Yes.. Ah, no, I was just ordered by our boss. I even told him that this kind of situation would put us in danger but he didn't listen. P-Please let me just go.." He took a step back as he spoke. I abruptly took the azure knife from my inventory once again and threw the knife to the wall that was an inch closer to the supposed leader's scaredy face. "A-Ahh!" He yelled out of fear like a girl whilst his pants suddenly turned wet. "Did you just wet your pants?" I asked, slowly approaching him. "Tell, how did it
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008: Quite the luck ain't it?
After breakfast, I proceeded to Makiling Forest once again to hunt. "Hm, so it was already my third day of coming here huh?" I mumbled. Just as I was about to enter the forest, I suddenly heard a familiar voice, calling for my name. "Theodore! Hey!" I immediately turned away after knowing that the one calling for me was none other than Sasha. No, no, no.." I entered the forest and proceeded to go deeper and arrive at phase three of the forest where monsters higher than blue leaf boar can be found. "Why was he in a hurry?" She mumbled and left. [MONSTER NAME: GREEN BULLDOZER] [LEVEL: 05] [LOCATION: MAKILING FOREST, THIRD PHASE] [DESCRIPTION: Green Bulldozer, a monster higher level than Blue Leaf Boar. They lurked upon the third phase of the Makiling Forest.] The green bulldozer differed from the green leaf boar by a lot. its strength was much higher but not quite destructible like the mutated purple boar though, in terms of speed, they were almost equally the same. "It will
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