The NPC Got A System

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The NPC Got A System

By: aleyatoryss OngoingSystem

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What will happen if a random NPC got awakened and started to build his life instead of following the gamemaster script? That was what happened to Nash Ledger, an ordinary NPC in an open UVR game called ‘Heaven of Terraria.’ Terraria used to be a peaceful land, a place where all races and tribes lived in harmony. But one day, many huge towers suddenly appeared from underground and hundreds of monsters came from the inside, attacking villages and innocent people mercilessly. Nash lived in Camden village that bound to be destroyed by the beasts attack as a part of the game intro. The village was burned into ashes and nobody survived, which later create great chaos at Terraria. It lead to the born of future hero and warrior in Terraria, which must hunt down the beasts and destroy the tower by clearing all the floor inside it. Nash repeated his life as an NPC again and again. He died thousand times everytime a new player sign in to the UVR. But, that night, when Nash trapped and got buried under the roof ruins, waiting for his certain death, a strange voice came inside his head. [The host had been found.] [You have completed all the requirements of the hidden quest ‘Courage Of The Unseen’] [Welcome, Player Nash Ledger.]

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  • Aleyatoryss


    Wow, this is a great book. I will wait for next update.

    2023-04-25 12:05:11
  • aleyatoryss


    The shameless author here, please drop ur honest review toward this book, I'll be glad to read all of it!

    2023-04-19 05:29:40
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125 chapters
1. Not A Nightmare
“NOOOOOO!” Gasp! Nash opened his eyes in a hurried state and panted hard as he glanced around, just to find that he was still in his old and rustic bedroom. His chest moved up and down rapidly as if he was being chased by something terrifying. Nash jumped from the bed and limped straight to the oak window to see outside. Aside from the sun that rose over his birth village, casting a warm glow over the quaint homes and farms in Camden village, Nash could see some villagers that went out of their cottage to milk their cows or cutting logs with axes which the studs of the blades echoing through the crisp morning air. Other than that, nothing strange happened. People in Camden village were just doing their morning activities like usual. “It's there—the people, the village. All of them are safe." He mumbled with a trembled lips and a pale face. As he looked around the peaceful village, Nash began to realize that it was just his nightmare and not real. He dreamed that Camden village—h
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2. The Change
[Ding!] [Congratulation, you have reached enough level to unlock new skill ‘Ensnarement.’ The cost to unlock the skill is 2,000 HC. Do you want to unlock the skill?] “Shit, this game was a total bloodsucker. Yes, unlock it.” A man with tangled lock hair leaned on a tree trunk while scrolling lazily on his game window. He looked at his almost complete tree branch skills and grinned wide. Well, at least he did not spend all his coins in vain. When people said that Heaven of Terraria was another form of a capitalist game, he did not believe it at first, but he has been playing this game since one year ago and experienced it himself that this game was a whole capitalist thing. However, he could not avoid the addiction to login into this open-world game because the coins here could be exchanged with real money and if he could find a rare item, he could sell it to a rich player. So, this game became a good option for a total antisocial like him, that rarely ventured out of his dingy apar
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3. The Coming Attack
"Knock, knock." Nash stood in front of Chisato's house and knocked it three times. He was just returning from Mr. Jenkins after getting paid this month as a lumberjack. "Just open the door! My hand's full now!" He twisted the painted mushroom doorknob and went inside to find an old woman overwhelmed in her kitchen. Her figure was almost buried behind the pile of unwashed dishes. Nash approached her and stopped at the sink to wash his hand. "Need a hand, Grandma?" Chisato's grandmother, Gressida, rolled her eyes while shrugging her shoulder. She lifted the bowl that was filled with flour dough in Nash's direction so he could see better. "Can't you guess yourself?" "Hahaha, look like you need a hand. Let me wash the dishes." "Thanks, Dear." Gressida continued kneading the dough and cutting it into several pieces before putting it on a large tray in measured distance—so the cookies would not stick to each other later. Meanwhile, Nash busied himself with dishes and soap, trying to f
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4. System Appeared
“No—this couldn’t happen.” Nash stood frozen while seeing all the horrendous scenes with his own eyes. “MONSTER! THERE ARE MONSTERS EVERYWHERE!” “EVERYONE PLEASE RUN!” “WHAAAAAA!” “MAMA!” Nash did not even move from his standing place when seeing the village getting attacked by monsters. His feet were glued on the ground when the ugly monsters destroyed house after house, eating people mercilessly, snapping their flesh, and making their blood scattered everywhere. “M-m-m-m-monster! Monster! The monster has come and they’ll kill us! They’ll kill us!” Pierre, the little brat that lived beside Mr. Jenkins’ house, now cried like a madman, passing through in front of Chi and Gressida’s house and running toward the forest. His mind went blank when seeing all those nightmarish scenes. The village drowned in fire, and people ran back and forth to escape from the monster attack, kids cried because their parents died, and Nash still stood like a statue watching all of that. He remembered
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5. Nash's Decision
In Nash’s sea of consciousness… “Where am I?” White mist surrounded Nash and made him could not see anything except the endless mist. The area where he stood now was a clear sea, Nash could see his own reflection on its surface but did not have ideas how deep it was. Snapping from his amazement, Nash remembered that he had died due to blood loss, so it meant that he was in the afterlife now? He smiled bitterly and murmured softly, “I hope Chi and Grandma still alive. So my sacrifice would not be in vain.” Nash accepted his miserable death with an open heart because what was important to him was the fact that he was free from that pain and could meet his parents soon. “Alright, time to go.” Wooooossssh! When Nash tried to touch the mist cloud, it disappeared quickly in spherical, showing what was hidden there. Nash could not help but feel confused when he saw nothing there. It was only him and just himself. He tried to walk forward, it might be that he would find someone or so
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6. Meeting With The Thugs
A tingling sensation approached Nash’s pale cheeks, making them flush a dim red under the cast of warm sunlight even though it had entered the late autumn season in Terraria. Some of the sun light rays shone upon Nash closed eyelids, making it twitch a little. The eyeballs inside it move from side to side at a fast pace, as if they experienced a bad dream. Snap! Suddenly the eyes were opened and showed both jade pupils that grew wider from shock and fear. (What is it? Am I … really getting back to this world?) He could see a clear azure sky unfolded above him, with some hazy and pearl-white clouds painted on it. Nash tried to blink several times and looked closely at the sky, but the scenery remained the same. He did come back to life, even after his lungs got pierced by his own ribs and died alone because of blood loss underneath Gressida’s house ruins. Oh, right! Gressida! Chisato! Nash quickly got up and found that he was lying on the grass in the middle of the forest. Where
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7. They Werent Bad People
“Twelve, thirteen, fourteen. What? Is that all you have in your pocket? Just fourteen coins?” Slap! Nash, who was now sitting on top of those unconscious thugs, slapped their faces using empty wallet bag that Nash had taken from them. If someone saw them right now, Nash looked more like a real thug than the one that fainted beneath him. This might not be stated in detail because Nash was just a mere NPC with less exposure in Heaven of Terraria, but the real thing is—Nash was a total menace in his village. Of course he was an orphan, but it did not mean he would just stay quiet like a coward if another kid said something mean about his dead parents or Chisato. Nash beat all of them with his strength, and when he entered his adolescence era, no one in the village or neighbour village dared to insult him. That explained why Nash was an expert being a lumberjack, his arm strength was not a joke. “T-that’s all we have.” “Ughh, uhhhh—please let us go.” They groaned in pain with all th
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8. Siegrid and The Little Girl
Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! A person barged into a large room filled with two people dressed in shining armor and sat on a chair that surrounded a circle table. The old man that sat on the left, with long white hair and a vertical scar on his face, stood up to greet that person. “Welcome, Dimitri. What’s brought you here so suddenly—” “Cut it off, Joe. You know we aren’t in the situation to joke around like this.” Dimitri, a young man with platinum blonde hair wearing a noble suit that matched his hair colour, glared at Jonathan. “Relax, Dim. Joe just wants to welcome you.” Beside Joe was a beautiful woman, she wore a long red dress with a shawl made from phoenix fur. “How I’m supposed to relax in this fucked up situation, Merl? Tell me, how?” Merlene shrugged her shoulder lightly and continued sipping her wine from the cup while Jonathan sat back again and heaved a sigh when he watched Dimitri moving back and forth like some confused fleas. “Did the last group not make it again?” aske
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9. The Job Board
Morning had come. But Nash had not slept at all since yesterday. He kept overthinking about the fox girl that Siegrid was dragging last night. Nash did not know why he was feeling like this.Maybe it was because that girl’s appearance kinda resembled Chisato, a girl that Nash considered as his own little sister, so his brother feeling could not accept with the harsh treatment she received from Siegrid.Now Nash was lying on a damp haystack in an empty stable. Then he got up and looked around. The reek smell of horse’s dung stacked here made Nash unable to sleep and stay awake, but what could he do? Nash was similar to a beggar now, and a beggar was not allowed to ask for more.“I need to find money first,” he said while grabbing his empty stomach that had growled since last night. A potato was not enough to satisfy his appetite.Nash got up and walked outside the stables. He needed to wash himself first, because he smelled similar to those dungs now, and the clients probably ran from
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10. The Last Tower Remained
“Colin, do you believe gold really exists inside the tower?”A petite-looking man with freckles on his face looked up with a bemused expression while standing in front of a huge tower that emitted a chilling aura. He quivered from fear and trembled while holding his garden fork as his main weapon to defeat whatever was inside.“I doubt that too, but I saw so many people with shining armor go inside it and leave with so many golds and jewels! Emir, we need to go inside and find it!” Colin gripped Emir’s shoulder firmly and looked directly at his auburn pupils.Colin and Emir were brothers. They came from a poor family that lived in the slum area in Torrenfield.Even though they were poor, Colin and Emir never lacked of food. But since two weeks ago, things started to become worse and poor people like them starved for days because farm and barn were on the edge of chaos due to extreme weather that kept coming.So, Colin and Emir needed to think fast about how to find money in this chaot
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