The Outstanding David Martinez

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The Outstanding David Martinez

By: Doudou Falie OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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David Martinez was the son-in-law of the Arturo family, whom everyone humiliated, belittled, and insulted. He had been married to Rena Arturo for four years, but after her rapid ascent, she filed for divorce from her seemingly worthless husband, David. Little did she know that her rise to success was secretly aided by David.

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53 chapters
Inside the quaint café, the atmosphere was charged with tension as a man dressed in plain clothes sat across from his wife's mother, Beatrice. She handed him divorce papers, her tone dripping with arrogance."David," Beatrice sneered, sliding the papers across the table. "It's time Rena ends this charade. She deserves someone who can provide for her, unlike you."David's heart sank, memories of his past sacrifices flooding back. He recalled the days when Rena's company teetered on the edge of bankruptcy, and he had worked tirelessly to help her recover. The bitterness of those memories resurfaced, reopening old wounds."You know, mom, when Rena's company was drowning in debt, I was there. I pulled her out of that dark abyss," David said, his voice carrying a mix of anger and sadness.Beatrice scoffed dismissively. "And what exactly did you do, David? You're nothing more than a worthless loser, a burden. Don't delude yourself by calling me mom. You're not my son; you're just a useless f
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The ring
David's phone buzzed when he was out of the restaurant. He looked at the caller ID and was surprised to see Finley Maslow, the president of Phils Consortium, it was a company with higher status than the Cloud Group."David, I heard about your divorce," Finley's voice echoed from the other line, filled with concern. "I hope you’re holding up okay. But I have a favor to ask of you."David, still reeling from his confrontation with Rena, managed to respond. “What is it, Finley?”“It’s about the grandfather of the Frederico Family. He's fallen ill and needs your help. I know you have experience with traditional medicine. His house contains an extremely rare medicinal plant that you need - the dragon's blood grass. It could help you prolong Alfred's life.”The Federico family from the mobile city of Tremont. Tremont was a region directly under the jurisdiction of the regional governor. The families there were particularly powerful because they support the regional governor, and the Federico
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Miranda Frederico
Richard had never seen David like this before. The transformation was startling. The obedient and calm demeanor he had always displayed had been replaced by a primal intensity that emanated from every fiber of his being. David seemed like a different person altogether. Richard immediately looked around, searching for help. "Security! I need help here," he called out, hoping for someone to come to his aid.Soon, the Cloud Group's security guards gathered around them. One of them, named Mike, asked, "What happened? Richard, why did you call for help?"Richard hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to explain the situation. "David... he... he attacked me. He dared to lay his hands on me," he stammered, pointing accusingly at David.Mike, the security guard, scowled at David. "You've got some nerve attacking Richard. You think you can just get away with it?" David, still in the midst of his primal intensity, glared back defiantly. "I don't answer to anyone. Richard had it coming."Richard
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Miranda's grandpa
Before Beatrice could answer, Rena's concern for her brother took precedence. She urgently said, "Mom, we need to get Richard to the hospital first. Let's talk about David later."Beatrice nodded, understanding the gravity of the situation. However, she couldn't help but express her anger towards David's actions. "Rena, beating someone is absolutely wrong, not to mention that David hurt your brother. I can't believe he would do such a thing.""I can't believe he would hurt Richard like that." Rena said."What David did is inexcusable, and we need to hold him accountable for his actions. We can't let him get away with this." Beatrice shouted angrily.“Don’t worry, I know what I should do.” Rena said now angry.After Beatrice went to the hospital with Richard, Rena took out her phone and called David. At the same time, David was sitting in the black sleek car and was confused when he saw the call coming in. Despite his reluctance, he still picked up."David, I need you to explain to me w
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Will he die?
5Chapter 5David's diagnosis of Viviana's condition left the room in a stunned silence. "Mr. Martinez, how... how did you know?" Viviana stumbled over her words, her mind reeling from the surprise.David looked at her, his expression calm. "It's part of my training. I've learned to read the subtle signs the body gives off."Miranda, who had been watching the entire exchange, felt a surge of relief. "Viviana, you see? He knows what he's talking about."But Viviana's stubbornness prevailed. "Just because he got lucky with my diagnosis doesn't mean he's qualified to treat grandfather."Undeterred, David moved towards Miranda's grandfather, his expression focused. He began to examine the old man, his hands moving deftly over the frail body. A sudden realization dawned on him."He's been poisoned," He announced, causing an abrupt uprise in the room's tension.Miranda gasped, her eyes wide. "Poisoned? But how?"David ignored her, his mind working rapidly to identify the poison. "It's a rar
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David saved his life
Chapter 6The room was filled with tension, as Miranda turned to the chief physician, anger flashing in her eyes. "You're useless!" she spat, "My grandfather's life is hanging by a thread and all you can do is stand there!"Dr. Harrison bristled at her words, his face reddening. "We did everything we could, young lady! If anyone's to blame, it's your so-called 'healer' who interfered with proper medical procedures!"Miranda's hand shot out before she could process what she was doing, slapping the doctor hard across the face. "Don't you dare blame this on Mr. Martinez!" she exclaimed, her voice filled with venom. "You're the one who dismissed his advice!"Stunned by her outburst, Dr. Harrison could only sputter in disbelief. Miranda took advantage of the silence, pulling out her phone and dialling David's number."Mr. Martinez, please, we need you back here," Miranda pleaded into the phone, her eyes never leaving the chief physician's shocked expression. "My grandfather...he's not doing
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Rena discovers Richard's deception
Chapter 7The room was filled with an eerie silence as everyone stared in shock at the patient on the bed. The doctors were particularly aghast, their faces pale with disbelief. "Unbelievable," muttered Dr. Watson, rubbing his eyes as if doubting his own vision. "I've been in this field for more than two decades and I've never seen anything like this."Dr. Harrison swallowed hard, his gaze lingering on the spiders crawling out of the jar. "This... this is impossible. It defies all medical knowledge."David stood by, expression calm. "This does happen, doctor. Science doesn't hold the answers to everything.""Thank you, Mr. Martinez," Miranda said, her voice choked with gratitude. "You've done more than any of our doctors could."David was humble and what he did was just a small thing, but the chief physician felt very uncomfortable. Compared with David, the chief physician was a waste.David waved away her thanks. "I merely did what I could. Your grandfather is a strong man; his will
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Chapter 8Miranda extended a bank card towards David, her eyes filled with gratitude. "Mr. Martinez, I can't thank you enough for saving my grandfather's life. Please take this bank card as a token of my appreciation. It has 10 million dollars on it."David looked at the bank card and shook his head, a gentle smile on his face. "Miss Frederico, I can't accept this. I didn't help your grandfather for money. All I need is some dragon blood grass."Miranda looked surprised. "Dragon blood grass? Why do you need that?"David explained, his voice filled with determination. "Dragon blood grass has unique healing properties that can save lives. It's not something that money can buy."Miranda nodded, understanding his perspective. "I see. Well, consider the dragon's blood grass I have as a gift from my family to you. And the bank card, that's a gift from me in my own name. Please, take them both."David hesitated for a moment, touched by her generosity. "Thank you, Miss Frederico. I truly appre
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At Cambi Building
Chapter 9David was at a loss for words, unsure if Miranda was joking or being serious. He decided to play along, hoping to ease the tension. "Oh, is that so? I suppose I'll have to be extra careful then."Miranda laughed, realizing that her comment had caught David off guard. "Oh, come on, Mr. Martinez. I was just teasing! But I do appreciate your dedication to keeping me safe."David smiled, relieved that Miranda was not actually proposing marriage. "I'm glad you were joking. But I promise to do everything in my power to protect you, Miss Frederico."Miranda nodded. "But in all seriousness, I need you to protect me closely at the business party held tonight by my Family at Cambi Building. It's important for me to be there as a main organizer and ensure everything goes smoothly," she said, her tone turning serious.David was hesitant. He didn't want to spend too much time with Miranda, but he couldn't ignore her plea for help. "I don't know...""Mr. Martinez, think well," Miranda impl
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Chapter 10Loris watched as Rena made her way towards David, a slight smirk playing on his lips. He decided to observe her from a distance first curious to see how the interaction would unfold.Rena's heart sank at the sight of Miranda standing beside David, her mind racing with a mix of emotions. "So, it's probably this woman whose mother was talking to me, the one who came to take David." She thought."David, I'm glad I found you," Rena began, attempting to maintain her composure. "How are you?"Miranda, her gaze fixed on Rena, interrupted with a cool tone, "And who might you be?"Rena, feeling the hostility emanating from Miranda, and was a bit embarrassed. Miranda intimidated her a little, she who was always sure of herself no longer felt as much, Miranda was much more elegant and had more curves and shapes than her. David took a deep breath and replied, "She's miss. Arturo, my... ex-wife."Miranda's eyes widened, and she shot a quick glance at David. Rena could see the curiosity
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