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By: Kyotara Daiki OngoingFantasy

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In a fractured world of psychic prowess and fading alliances, "Arsenal" unveils a riveting saga. Former vigilante Kyle Rodriguez battles haunting memories amid a city veering towards chaos. Amidst personal demons and revelations of a mysterious psionic ability, "Arsenal" promises a gripping tale of rebellion, redemption, and the shadows that eclipse the path to a new world.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 1DRIP! DRIP!! DRIP!!!The rain poured heavily. Armed men in suits stood behind a barricade of cars, all aiming at a single person dressed in an all-black suit. With floodlights pointed at him, his platinum blonde hair stood out under the light."Stand back! You are outnumbered!" a voice shouted from behind the barricade. He pranced towards them."Don't let him come near us! Where the hell are the espers?" another man asked fearfully, his lab coat covered in dirt and smoke, with broken glasses."Doctor Michael, your time ends here." He said "Don't get ahead of yourself, Arsenal. If you kill me, you're starting a war against Paradise, and even you won't be able to handle that by yourself."Arsenal stared at him, his light blue eyes sending fear into the people present.Sound Manipulation…Arsenal threw himself backward to evade an energy attack aimed at him from above. Three masked people dropped from a helicopter."The espers from Paradise are here, Doctor.""You see, Arsenal,
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2A young Kyle walked along the sidewalk, lost in thought, his clothes torn and covered in dust. The scene of the murder of his parents played over and over in his head. Absentmindedly, he bumped into a man and fell to the ground. The man smiled at him and offered his hand."Come with me."Kyle and the man sat opposite each other in a restaurant. Kyle devoured his food, and the man watched and smiled at him. Kyle paused."I'm sorry," he mumbled with his mouth full."It's okay," Sinclair said, still smiling."Why are you helping me?" Kyle asked "There's no harm in helping a helpless kid on the street." Sinclair responded "No, I know you. You've been monitoring me for a while now.""Perceptive, I see. So why did you agree to join me?""I know you want something from me, and you wouldn't poison me. Besides, I was kind of hungry," Kyle said with a flushed face."Well, since you know this much, there's no need for small talk, is there? Yes, I know who you are, Kyle Rodriguez, the
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3Sinclair entered his office, followed by two other people dressed in black suits, holding a small envelope."Back already?" he asked, lighting his cigar."Extermination complete, sir," one of them answered."Good. This world has one less bastard in it.""I know it's not my business, but Kyle's development is crazy, sir. He has completed high-level assassinations all by himself.""He has even garnered the name 'Arsenal' from his colleagues," the other one added.Sinclair smiled"It's all because of how you trained him." He said a bright smile graced his face "I don't think it's just that. You all work because you don't have anything you want to achieve. Kyle is driven by pure revenge. And also because I trained him that's why make him powerful."+Kael sat in a lotus position, covered in aura on top of the mansion's roof. Lana walked towards him holding a pink lunch box "You've been taking your training seriously, huh?" she asked."Of course. You don't know how much I want
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4Arsenal and Lana stood behind Kael, who was working on a laptop in front of him."What did you say you found?" Lana asked."While you guys were busy chasing around images, I saw that. By the way, it was really funny," Kael giggled."Okay…""I took the liberty of going through Mr. Hemsworth's stuff, and guess what I found out." Kael punched some buttons on the laptop and brought up an image."Calvin Ricardo, another member of the Mind's Eyes team. The last time he and Hemsworth spoke was just a couple of minutes before he was killed. Apparently, he was also a target of assassination on two occasions, but he successfully escaped both of them.""Probably an esper?" Lana asked "I don't know because it doesn't state here that he is an esper." He responded, his hand on his chin"Can you find out where he lives?" Lana asked."That won't be a problem." Kael continued typing."How about I tell you where he is now." Kael said +A jazzy tune played on a car radio, and a man in his mi
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Chapter 5
**Chapter 5**A young Sinclair, covered in blood and soot, walks with determined strides down a hallway adorned with portraits of prominent figures in the country. With each step, he sets fire to the pictures and the luxurious red carpet that lines the corridor. Smoke alarms blare loudly, and seven people, all dressed to match their powerful status, rush out of a room."You bastard!" Sinclair shouts."What are you doing, Sinclair?" one of them asks."How dare you use me like I'm some kind of tool?""What are you talking about?" another inquires, fear coloring her voice."The people you sent me to kill, they didn't do anything wrong."They all burst into laughter."Do you think this is funny?" "That's what you were made for, Sinclair. You were created to take care of people we see as a threat to our country," the leader says. After understanding the situation, he stands up and dusts off his dark blue tuxedo."Now come on and stop this act. Don't tell me you feel sorry for them?" He gi
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6A younger Arsenal stands in front of Sinclair, both of them standing on an open field just outside of the mansion. Other children and members of Reapers watch both of them as they take on each other, each assuming different battle poses."Don't you think the boss is giving this kid a little too much attention?" one member of the audience said."Rumors have it that he is the boss's kid, who he had with Miss Raven," another added."No way, Miss Raven won't ever fall for such a man.""But that has to be true because the gap in power between him and his peers is too much for him to win this year's Sparring contest and at the same year of officially becoming an esper. It's just too insane.""Well, before you guys start spreading false rumors, make sure to notice that The boss's hair is Black, Miss Raven's hair is jet black, and Arsenal's hair is platinum blonde," another said."They could've dyed his hair that color also.""Oh God," she slams her hands into her face.The match of
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Chapter 7
**Chapter 7**Kael swiftly dispatched the last of his attackers. "That was easy. I wonder how Lana and Arsenal are holding up," he pondered as he hurried into the mansion.Lana gracefully evaded energy blasts unleashed by Raven. Closing the gap between them, they engaged in a rapid exchange of punches. Each of Lana's blows affected Raven significantly, freezing the areas they connected with. The final punch sent Raven tumbling, unconscious."I'm sorry it had to end like this," Lana whispered, gently propping Raven's bloodied body against the wall. Kael stumbled toward them, struggling to comprehend the scene before him."Are you all right, Kael?""Let's go find Kyle now," Kael replied. They both rushed towards Sinclair's office."We're on our way, Kyle."Sinclair's voice boomed, "What are you waiting for? Kill me!" Arsenal's trembling hands clutched the gun, but he couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger."I can't." He dropped the weapon to the floor. Sinclair's disappointment was
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8Arsenal slowly opens his eyes and finds himself staring at the white hospital ceiling. He turns his head, noticing the IV bags hanging from a steel pole. Despite the white bandages across his chest and arms, he struggles to sit up.His gaze fixed on a lady sitting beside him. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. I don't want you to hurt yourself more." She said Confused, Arsenal asks, "Who are you?,What are you doing here?"She responds, "Can't you tell? I saved you.""Why?" Arsenal questions.Eloise ponders, "Did you really want to die back there?""Yes," Arsenal admits.Eloise she smiles,as she walked towards the window at the far side revealing her brown hair styled in long dreadlocks and deep green eyes with a small mole under her lip. "I guess there is no need for this anymore." She flings open the windowArsenal turns away, frustrated. "What makes you think that makes any difference?""I want talking to you to be a lot easier, Arsenal." "Don't call me that; I am no l
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Psionic Guide
Kinda like first data book.😒😕Psionic Energy is a phenomena that allows people to generate psychic energy from the brain after one faces through trauma forcing them to get the need to evolve, or both parents are already espers, (Espers are people who can use psionic energy)Psionics or Psionic abilities differ from person to person with only a 0.1 chance of people developing or getting the same psionic ability.Espers are divided into two categories Awakened Espers Natural Espers Awakened Espers are those that awaken Psionic energy through trauma, The Quantity and Quality of their psionic energy is equal to the amount of trauma they face.Natural Espers are those who are born with psionic energy, the quality and quantity of their psionic energy is mostly the average of both parents.Quality and Quantity of one psionic energy influences the amount of times they can use the techniques and how strong each technique is. I.e the higher the quantity and Quality the higher the frequency
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9Kyle is ushered into the Tower by Casimir, who had a big smile on his face. Kyle instantly became immersed in the beauty of the tower; the interior painted in white, stairs intertwined beautifully, the front desk a huge wooden table sat directly opposite the door between two large white vases. The tower was filled to the brim with people as they pranced to and fro."Captain," a timid feminine voice called from behind him. He turns towards where his name was called, a lady dressed in corporate attire stood there, her black hair braided into two big braids."Dionne, fancy seeing you here.""It's eight in the morning, and I work here, so... you must be Arsenal. Nice to meet you," she extends her hands. Kyle accepts the gesture."It's Kyle, ma'am.""My apologies. So, I would take you to where you would meet your colleagues, okay?""Sure," Dionne leads him."Casimir," Eloise called."Eloise.""How did you manage to convince him to join?" She asked folding her arms"Well, we had a
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