The Secret Heir Son-In-Law

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The Secret Heir Son-In-Law

By: Moon Gray OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Javier was determined to reclaim his family fortune in order to protect Blaire, his wife and unborn child. Despite Blaire’s family's demands for her to abort the baby and leave Javier, he used his advantages to secretly help his wife reclaim her family position and become the CEO. His mother-in-law and sister-in-law despised them for it, but Blaire had already successfully taken over a large portion of her family's business.

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  • Rizna Sri Shamsyar


    good story! it’s so interesting

    2023-12-23 03:28:19
  • Moon Gray


    Hallo guys! Thank you for reading my book and please leave a comment and review, I would really appreciate it!

    2023-10-27 18:20:04
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111 chapters
01. Mysterious Call
"Jav, it's already 9am. Let's get up! I'll make you breakfast." The sound of a woman's voice woke Javier up instantly. After the voice stopped, the sound of footsteps was heard and slowly disappeared from inside his room."I always wake up late, I should have gotten up earlier and helped Blaire clean the house," Javier mumbled as he stretched his body and got out of bed.Javier left his room and went to the kitchen, when he entered the kitchen, he could see Blaire's body from behind. His wife was busy chopping vegetables for their breakfast, Javier smiled at how beautiful his wife looked despite the shabby clothes she was wearing. Javier thought that his wife didn't deserve this kind of life because before marrying him, Blaire's life is different from the life she lives now.Blaire came from a rich family, unlike Javier who was poor and didn't have any wealth. He didn't even have a job, but Blaire never questioned that. Blaire accompanied him and chose to live like this with him, so J
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02. Help, I'm Being Kidnapped!
"I have to go home soon, Blaire will be waiting for me. I have to tell Blaire about this no matter what;" Javier said, he was about to walk home because he didn't have the money to take a taxi."It's not that far anyway, I can walk." However, his cell phone rang again and someone called him again. Javier had to check it again and thought that the strange number was calling him again."Oh, it's not that strange number..." His sister-in-law's name appeared on his phone screen, Blaire's older sister Bella. Javier was a little confused because Blaire's family never contacted him. He kind of hoped that they would bring good news when they called him."Did mom tell Bella and this time she's going to give me a job?" Javier wondered with excitement. He quickly picked up the phone for fear that his sister-in-law would be waiting a long time."Hello, how are you, Bella? I'm surprised that you called me!" Javier said as he picked up the phone."Did mom tell you I was coming?" Javier asked again.
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03. The Secret Heir
"I told you not to take him roughly!" the old man shouted again, Javier continued to stare at him in confusion."They all bowed to him, those scary men didn't even dare to look at the old man or reply to him.""Who exactly is this old man?" Javier wondered again. He was the only one looking at the old man."And why did he scold them?" Javier found it strange that he was the one kidnapped but the old man didn't do anything bad to him, instead he scolded the man who brought him here."You told them to bring me here?" Javier finally got the courage to ask and the old man finally looked at him. At first Javier was afraid that the man would scold him too or do something bad, but the man smiled when he heard Javier's question.The old man sat in front of Javier in a very polite manner as if Javier was someone he respected."What's with this old man? Strange man," Javier muttered."That's right, sir. I told them to bring you here, but I should have told them to be polite and nice to you," th
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04. CEO Of The Family
"But why am I the last surviving heir of the Linford family?" Javier asked."Because no one else can be the heir of your family, Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Carol passed away long ago and you are their only heir. Don't you want to take what is already yours, sir?" Javier was silent for a while, if he was indeed the last heir of the Linford family, that meant he had to take back what was his."Of course I have to take it back," Javier replied."So you're going to do it?" With a slight hesitation, Javier nodded his head. This was his chance to make Blaire and his son happy, then take what was already his. "That's great, sir! I'm glad that you're finally back and willing to take it back. I've prepared everything for you, so you just have to worry about nothing else," Adam said, Javier could only nod and this time he listened to what Adam was saying seriously."I'm going to introduce you as the young Mr. Linford and you're going to be the man in charge of this town after all these years of the
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05. The Bet Javier Made
"Oh you're home?" Blaire just realized that Javier was standing in front of his room, Javier immediately entered the room and approached Blaire."Mom, I have to go. See you later!" Blaire quickly hung up the phone and Javier sat down next to Blaire. Javier took his wife's hand and held it tightly, he smiled and kissed her cheek briefly."When did you arrive? Why didn't you call me?" His expression looked worried, Blaire was probably afraid that Javier would be hurt by what his mother had said."I heard you on the phone with your mom earlier, Blaire," Javier said."Ah you don't have to listen to mom! I'm sorry I couldn't get her to stop saying bad things about you." Blaire looked guilty, even though it was her mom's fault."No, honey. It's not your fault. Your mom is right, but I'm not going to let you go or divorce you." Javier smiled as he gently stroked Blaire's cheek, Blaire smiled too, they both loved each other so much but the Watsons always tried to keep them apart."And about y
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06. The Day Of The Declaration
The day of the declaration arrived, Blaire was nervous and fearful of the outcome of her bid. Javier noticed this, he walked over to his wife and took her hand. Javier smiled at his wife, trying to calm her down."I know you must be nervous and afraid that this plan won't work out, but don't worry, Blaire," Javier said to Blaire, but Blaire still looked nervous."Of course I'm scared, I don't want to be separated from you, Jav! What if....""Blaire, do you trust me?" Blaire nodded his head, he trusted Javier but he couldn't get rid of his fear."Then don't be afraid, I won't leave you. I'll take care of all this, so you just need to shut up and trust me, do you understand?" Sighing, Blaire nodded her head again."Yes, I understand and I will trust you with everything," she replied."Now let's get everything ready, your family will be here any minute." Blaire went to the kitchen to make a meal for her family while they were at her house.Soon, the doorbell rang, the Watsons had arrived
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07. The New CEO at Ford Group
Her mother and sister-in-law had left an hour later, and Javier, who had just dropped them off at the front of the house, had been detained by Blaire. The expression on his wife's face had been worried since their conversation."What's wrong, Blaire? What are you thinking?" Javier asked. Blaire lifted his head and looked at Javier."Why are you so sure of what you're saying? Aren't you afraid of losing me, Jav?" Javier smiled and realized his wife's anxiety."Of course I don't want to lose you...""Then why did you dare to make that bet with my family? You even agreed to let me marry Mr. Albert," Blaire cut him off, seeing that he was really scared that it would happen."Blaire, I did all of this for you. You just have to trust me and see what happens." This was the second time Javier had to calm Blaire down like this and he could only continue to make Blaire believe him about his plan."Okay..." Blaire sighed and nodded his head. Javier looked at the clock on his hand, and he had som
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08. The First Plan to Destroy Albert
Jay left Javier's room after receiving orders, he went down to the lobby and saw that Albert was still waiting with an annoyed look on his face. Albert immediately got up from his seat when he saw Jay's arrival."What took you so long? I've been waiting for this!" he shouted angrily as he kept waiting for almost half an hour to meet Jay."I'm sorry, sir. Our new CEO just arrived earlier so I had to meet him first." Jay's words made Albert furrow his brow in confusion."If he just arrived, that means he came at the same time as me. But I didn't see him..." he muttered to himself, he only met Javier earlier and he never thought that Javier was the new CEO of the company."Then let me meet your new CEO, I'll talk about the offer. Hurry up and take me to his office!" She asked haughtily but Jay didn't follow her request."I'm sorry, but about the offer we've already discussed it with the other bosses and it's confidential," Jay replied and Albert just chuckled."I will make you a big prof
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09. Albert Lost It All
"Wait a minute, that must be a misunderstanding..." Albert continued to deny the latest news even though he knew what was really going on. However, he still didn't want to lose the Watsons' trust in him."What's the misunderstanding? It was announced directly by a representative of the Ford Group!" shouted Anne, the middle-aged woman looking absolutely furious."Mom, calm down." Blaire who saw it all tried to calm things down, she approached her mother but her mother immediately brushed Blaire's hand away."Why is it that none of my plans ever work out? Blaire, you've made my life complicated and now you." Anne gave Albert a contemptuous look, very different from the look she usually gave Albert. It made Albert upset, he didn't like being treated this low by Anne."I'm doing everything I can but I'm working with a loser like you," Anne insinuated Albert again."Loser? Hey, watch your mouth! If I hadn't helped you all this time, you wouldn't have gotten anything." Irritated, Albert sho
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10. Javier's Mysterious Plan
Javier was still in his room which looked very large and luxurious, he continued to look around in awe. Javier never thought that he could have a room like this all to himself. It seemed impossible for someone like him, and now he could be the new CEO of the biggest company in his country."If Blaire knew this, she would be very happy. Blaire also doesn't have to worry about my work now, she just needs to focus on her pregnancy," Javier said to himself with a smile that had been widening ever since."And her family won't be able to insult me anymore, but... I can't tell them now. I have to keep it a secret for a while." Javier nodded his head, agreeing with her thoughts."If the Watsons knew, they certainly wouldn't believe it or they would take advantage of this. After all the bad things they've done to me and Blaire, I don't want to be used by them," Javier said again."And I won't let anyone separate me from Blaire." That was Javier's goal, he didn't want to be separated from Blair
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