The Thorn Chaise

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The Thorn Chaise

By: Seafoam OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After being abandoned by her parents, Mansurah is discovered by a kind man named Lucas Wood, who is on a mission to defeat the mighty Cave Queen, a beastly flower-like creature who has taken the lives of thousands. Together, they embark on the quest of retrieving the Cave Queen's lifeblood in order to revive Lucas' wife, Mary, who has fallen into a 3-year-long sleep.


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9 chapters
Chapter 1
A barrier of rain engulfs the little village atop the mountains. All its’ inhibitors have found stability within their residences. There is only one creature outside during the downpour: a sobbing child. Or at least this is what the reflection in the puddle is telling me. My reflection is crying, yet I don’t feel the supposedly warm tears damping my skin. I guess the rainwater refuses to let my trembling body get any heat.I look down at my hands, their dark hue matches the rain cloud that hovers over me. My fawn-colored palms sit shakingly on my bruised knees. I can see my veins, they’re quivering too. Restless drops turmoil the puddles adjacent to me, yet I can still catch a relatively clear image of myself: my coily hair, once in neat puffs decorated with variegated clips proudly sitting atop my head, now disheveled, being stirred by the cruel wind who purples my skin. My nose is heavy with snot, and tears feel weighty in my eyes; they redden my sclera. My vision blurs more and mor
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Chapter 2
Night falls upon us like a soft blanket. The serenity of our surroundings puts me to sleep before I can even unfurl my thoughts. My lashes fall heavy, and before I know it, I’m asleep. My dreams are just replays of today. Today was full of silence, but not like the cruel silence from the village. This quietness was peaceful. For the first time in my life, I allowed myself to drown in tranquility. How quaint. I want more of the life Lucas is offering me. An unexpected loudness disrupts my otherwise harmonious sleep. I awake, full of contempt. Only now do I realize I’ve fallen asleep on the very pillow I’ve first seated myself on. The colorful one. My first instinct is to search for Lucas, who is nowhere to be seen. I arise to my feet and begin taking steps towards where I think the noise came from. I take a few steps forward, only to find Lucas behind a tree, with a dead boar in hand. The animal seems to have fallen into a trap laid by him. I wasn’t aware there
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Chapter 3
For dinner, Lucas cooked another boar. I could never get used to the unique succulence of these animals.The dining room is dignified. Filled with the allure of the upper class. I am seated next to Lucas, despite the table having enough spots to fit a congregation.“I’ve been meaning to ask you.” I shatter the quietness with my words. Despite the silence, there’s no hint of awkwardness or discomfort. “What material is the big doll house in my room made from?”“Plastic.” He looks at me confused. “I’ve never met a child so interested in building materials before.” His confused look gradually vanishes, being replaced with a hearty smile. “I’ll have to show you my shed sometimes. It’s full of all things under the sun.”“I’d like that.” I smile back.After dinner, I help Lucas wash the dishes. He thanks me, and pats me on the head. I’ve never been praised like that before, or I don’t remember it. Either way, I could get used to this cozy lifestyle.Next, I take a bath in Lucas’ guest bathr
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Chapter 4
I get up early, excited for the day ahead. The sun has settled over a pink sea of clouds, not yet risen to its apogee. I shower, get dressed, and head for Lucas’ room, where I gently knock. My knocking doesn’t elicit a response. Unsure of what to do, I sit on the floor outside his room, hoping he would come out soon. He exits the room several minutes later. “Macie? What are you doing here?” He asks me, full of surprise. “I was waiting for you to wake up. Good morning.” “Good morning, Macie.” “When are we heading out?” “After we eat.” Lucas pats my head. Breakfast is uneventful. Or maybe I’m simply not paying attention to the world surrounding me. I’m too busy thinking of the Cave Queen, the Twelvemonth Blossom, and whatever other nicknames it has. At the end of the day, it’s just a creature like the rest of us. I want to see it with my own eyes even if it’d mean I’d lose my sight. We only
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Chapter 5
The cave is emptier than I expected it to be. The entrance leads to a long hallway full of nothing. The walls are harsh to the touch. The darkness inside the cave isn’t anything similar to the darkness I’ve grown accustomed to. This one is raw, almost painful. My heartbeat quickens as my eyes meet the obscurity of the grotto. Lucas pulls out a match and lights it using the cavern’s walls. In turn, he lights a lamp with it. The blankness dissipates. Now that I see better, I notice the cave is not empty at all. It’s full of little flowers scattered around every surface. Lilies, roses, peonies, and daffodils surround me. They’re all conspicuously smaller than they’re supposed to be, and they look like they’re hanging on for their dear life. Their stems catch my eyes; they’re all tawny brown. There’s no tint of vibrance in their hue. I must admit I feel bad for the poor flora of this place. “I thought they were supposed to be moving.” I turn to Lucas, who seems fo
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Chapter 6
After we treat our wounds, we embark on the journey home. Though the difference is not noticeable, nature seems to be healing. The grasp of the Twelvemonth Blossom has loosened; now all that’s left is a space that will surely thrive…in time. On the outskirts of the ruined city, there waits Morning Star and Chocolate. Their eyes lighten when they see us. I brush my hand gently on Morning Star’s mane. Lucas does the same to his horse while smiling from ear to ear. The way home is serene, full of nothing but peace. On the way home, Lucas tells me stories about Mary. “Mary’s mother has never liked me. She always thought I’d be the downfall of her daughter.” His eyes lower. “But the father’s opinion is all that matters in our society, so I was lucky he liked me.” “Why didn’t Mary’s mother like you?” “She thought of herself as a witch. A witch who could foresee the future. She predicted that her death will be my culpabi
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Chapter 7
I return to Lucas’ mansion to pack supplies for the trip. The living room is empty. My curiosity gets the better of me so I go to his room to check on him. There he lays, dormant and corpse-like, in his bed. I wonder if he’s asleep, yet I do not approach him. I let him sulk in peace while I get leftovers from the pantry. I pack some clothes, food, and feed for Morning Star. In my head, I’m debating whether to tell Lucas about the trip or not, but the chiefess’ words ring in my head. Maybe Lucas’ presence might upset the tribe since he’s not native to these lands, or maybe he was rude when Esme first took him to the healer. Who knows? Is it worth mulling over something I can’t know right now?Before I depart, I go to the shed Lucas showed me. Inside, buried under a pile of tools, I find a bow and a set of arrows. Though I have never held a bow before, I take it with me, just in case I need to hunt for food… Or to defend myself.I check on Lucas again to see if he’s asleep. He is. The s
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Chapter 8
The next morning is quiet. Too quiet. Lucas sits on the opposite end of the table, looking dully at his food. I try to speak, yet the words are caught in my throat.“You don’t realize how dangerous this forest is.” He mutters.“I do! There’s nothing but a barren world beyond this point!”“What if you got hurt?!” He yells quietly.“It would have been worth it! Now we know the true cure for Mary! We need to return to-““No, WE don’t! I’ll go alone. I made a mistake bringing you the first time.” He eats the last crumb on this plate and retreats to his room before I could protest. At least he’s willing to trust Sarki’s words. That’s somewhat of an improvement.As he gets ready to head out, I do the same. I don’t plan on staying home and doing nothing. Lucas mounts Chocolate and sets out, taking another path than the one we originally traveled on. I wait a few minutes then depart as well, walking on the original trail.After a while, Morning Star comes to a halt and begins examining a smal
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Chapter 9
Dazed and confused, I awake in my room. Well, not exactly my room, but the chamber Lucas offered me when we first arrived at his mansion. Panic seeps through me as I realize where I am. By my side, Lucas stares through my soul with his glossy eyes.“Thank goodness you’re awake! I was waiting for you to wake up so we can revive Mary together.” He coos.Scared out of my mind, I back away, which greatly displeases him.“Is this about Sarki? Because if it is, I was simply avenging my father-in-law’s honor.”“What?” I mutter, trying to wrap my mind around his words.“Sarki and Esme, my mother-in-law, used to be engaged before her family arranged a marriage with my father-in-law. Any decent person would break off the relationship, but she continued to cheat on her husband until Sarki got married to another woman.”“And you killed them both!” I lash at him, spitting fury against his dumbfounded face.“Macie…”“DON’T CALL ME THAT! MY NAME IS MANSURAH!”“Macie, Esme is a whore. If she can’t be
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